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Israelis Vote For War and Deeper Global Isolation – Taxi–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9ZmlsbDtoPTYzNDtpbD1wbGFuZTtweW9mZj0wO3E9NzU7dz05NjA-/

The racist israeli Likud party, headed by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has won the israeli elections.

This clearly means that israelis in their majority want their country’s fate determined not by the path to peace with the Palestinians and a Two State Solution, but by the path of war. A war many experts predict will lead to the end of the zionist state as we know it.

Also, by voting for Netanyahu to rule them for another term, the israelis have chosen a bolshy Apartheid, a furthering of isolation from the global community, and a deeper estrangement from its only ally, the United States of America.

The biggest winners in this voting result are the ziocon warmongers in Washington. But this victory is a temporary and Pyrrhic one as American voters are showing signs of tremendous hostility to the ‘Donkey Felators’ in congress and the senate, and these ‘feelings’ will subsequently begin to translate into ‘anti-traitor’ votes at the next USA elections in 2016 and further into the 2020 elections.

Sadly, the biggest losers are non-zionist American jews as they will be bundled in with the loathsome israelis by your average Joe, whose new-found hostility to all things isreali will be projected onto ‘the jews’ as a group.



      • Thanks pal! Just started it a few days ago. Got it up in its basic minimalist form – I’ll add more widgets as I get the hang of it better.

        Needed another (uncensored) outlet that was not soooo jew-centric in its POV and direction.

        There’s much more to the middle east that what American jewry tend to discuss amongst themselves. Thought I’d post up some other kind of ME articles for discussion that MW probably wouldn’t put up. Plus I get to post up a (minimalist) article myself whenever the mood takes me. Plus I get to hear other people’s uncensored views for myself, judge them for myself without third party interference..

        Glad you visited. Come and philosophize and gun away (with words) anytime!

  1. The Axis of Resistance in the Levant plus the Iranians are very happy about the results too. Because they know that the Likud potion is the slow poison that the israelis have chosen to digest for the next four long years.

  2. I knew those rubes would reelect their guy when he screamed ‘no two state solution’. Sad part is most of the American politicians will do whatever their reelection coffers tell them to do. And whether it’s Pelosi or Boehner, they will all support the coming decades of apartheid because of Jewish power and capitol which pervades the d.c. beltway.

    • Yeah Chu, me too – had the very exact thought about the “rubes”. But I really don’t think this state of affairs with israel and its usurping of our political oxygen will last “decades”. With mainstream headlines all over boldly stating that israel is now in “grand Apartheid” mode, I have no doubt that brand zionism will soon become toxic and every politician attached to it will be seen as an untrustworthy racist loon.

      The USA will find it very difficult justifying its support and defense of an Apartheid state at the UN soon enough – abstention will be about the best card it can play. And that’s not even considering the backlash from the civil-rights generation and the African-American community as well.

      Nah, Chu, life will never be the same again for isreal and for isrealis. Let’s all try and use our votes to get the message to our political representatives this coming elections – loud and clear; NO MORE AID OR SUPPORT FOR THE APARTHEID STATE OF ISREAL.

      I see aipac and their dark money becoming toxic and undesirable by 2020 elections. If israel lasts that long – I mean it could last 10 months or 10 years, but a future in the middle it does not have.

    • Yeah I thought the headline showed off his messianic schizophrenia. He tends to do that every now and then.

      The ‘jews’ as a single one tribe in the 21st century is a myth and propaganda swindle and it’s wild that Phil goes there.

      I think Phil is a great guy actually, but his genius is trapped in the folds of his self-imposed identy as a jew.

      I think he once said that he considers himself not a religious jew but a “cultural jew” – whatever that means to him.

  3. A common idea among the outermost liberal Jews is that the only “just” solution is a country where everybody gets a vote. They think that letting all these millions of Jewish accomplices off the hook entirely is “most just”.

    Justice would probably look a lot like Gaza, or Warsaw.

  4. “Sadly, the biggest losers are non-zionist American jews as they will be bundled in with the loathsome israelis by your average Joe, whose new-found hostility to all things isreali will be projected onto ‘the jews’ as a group.”

    I disagree. I think most of those “non-Zionists” feel secret pride of the Israeli guns bouncing off those hips. Just like Weiss, who published an article saying that Adelson wasn’t a big part of the problem.

    To be Jewish is to circle the wagons around Jewish interests, which Adelson serves. To be Jewish and be revolted by Jewish nationalism is to be a former-Jew. Because Jewish culture is 100% nationalist. Which is why Weiss refers to all Jews as “my people.”

      • Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t. All I know is that my non-zionist jewish friends won’t deserve it. They want nothing to do with either zionism as a political movement, or judaism as a religion – never did ever since they can remember. They have zero resonance with either zionism or judaism.

        But they’re stuck with jewish surnames.

      • Your friends are free to denounce Judaism/Chosenism/Supremacism any time. When they do, they’ll have my support. But there are many more and worse victims that that handful.

        Chances are a lot of those friends of yours are a lot like Weiss, who you would have vouched for two weeks ago probably. When the chips are down, the youth indoctrination kicks in and they usually circle the wagons against the eternal goyim. Weiss showed all the signs for years. All his life.

      • You’re better off judging a duck – I’m positively sure you know more about ducks than you do my friends. No, dear, they are NOTHING like Phil Weiss.

        Mostly, I find that dissecting anybody’s ‘jewishness’ to be an absolute bore of a pastime. It can all get so tedious and convoluted and we’d end up calling Phil a ‘cross-dressing zionist’ and my friends will be labeled as ‘non-jewish jews’.

        Pepsi, don’t be the worm in the apple. I hope you know what I’m getting at – past experiences and all. Stick to the topic of the thread, give us your unique shot of pepsi, don’t repeat yourself and don’t repeat the obvious – some of us have been in the I/P business since 1967. Life is too short for repetitions – know wadamean?

        You should know that I will not censor anyone’s thoughts here but I will block posters who bore me.

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