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Red highlight in above map indicates the area of historic Palestine Hezbollah intends to liberate, as per Nasrallah’s speech

A group of young Lebanese filmmakers is currently working on a movie depicting a fictitious invasion of Israel’s north by the Hezbollah terror group in 2019.

It is yet unclear when the movie, titled “The Day,” will be released, but a short promo already was broadcasted on the Lebanese Al Mayadeen and Al Manar websites, both said to be Hezbollah mouthpieces.

“This is a movie that simulates the scenario of the collapse of the Zionist entity, beginning in the Galilee,” the announcer says in the piece published on Al Manar, followed by a speech of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah in which he calls for an invasion of Israel’s north.

“This speech had a big impact on us as an idea,” explains Lebanese screenwriter Mohammed Fahas. “Under its premise we tried to show the world how it will look when Israel will be obliterated and how a takeover of the Galilee will affect the enemy militarily, politically, economically and socially entity enemy, as well as the reactions here in Lebanon.”

“The film talks about 2019, but by then we may already see our movie in theaters in the Galilee,” the film’s assistant director says.

“Invading the Galilee is possible as long as there is a clear strategy, a strong belief and the will to victory”, an analyst told Al Mayadeen.

​Responding to the question why the movie chose 2019 as a date for a Hezbollah invasion, Kazem Fayyad, chief director of the film, said “we’ll leave the answer to the movie itself.”

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