ISIL Sustains Casualties in Clashes with Hamas in Gaza Strip – Farsnews

by Newsstand

Heavy clashes erupted between Hamas and the ISIL in Sheikh Ridvan district of Gaza after the resistance group’s security forces tried to apprehend a notorious Salafi commander earlier in the day, the Palestine Today news website reported.

ISIL’s fans have intensified their activities in the Gaza Strip recently and reports show that Hamas is confronting the Takfiri terrorists by all means.

On Sunday, the ISIL killed a Hamas commander named Saber Siam in the Gaza Strip.

ISIL militants placed a bomb in the vehicle of Saber Siam and detonated it.

Hamas launched a crackdown on the Islamist extremists following a series of bombings by the ISIL against its senior commanders.

The Palestinian resistance group has arrested dozens of ISIL supporters in recent weeks following the terrorist group’s takeover of the Yarmouk Palestine refugee camp near Damascus.


*Plato’s Editor Note:    And whom pray-tell benefits from arming, enabling and  supporting ISIS in Gaza?  You bet yer white cotton socks it’s the israelis.  They want to busy up Hamas and Islamic Jihad with their talmudic head-chopping mercenaries  so that the Palestinians get distracted internally while israel steal more of their land externally.