BDS activists call to cancel Israeli film festival in London – JerusalemOnline

by Newsstand

The Israeli Film Festival is expected to begin this week in London, but now its existence might be in danger after over 40 British artists and film-makers protested its existence because it is funded by the State of Israel. Due to this connection, BDS activists claim that the festival should be boycotted.

“The festival has already existed for four years and the BDS campaign has been boycotting it since its first year,” Anat Koren, one of the organizers of the event, told Israel’s Channel 2 News. “We have cinema houses that have already surrendered to the demand but there are cinemas that stand by our side. There is pressure on movie houses all the time.”

The Israeli Film Festival, which was held for the first time in London in 2012, has expanded and is also expected to take place in Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester. “The government supports the festival very little as most of the support is from external organizations and associations but nevertheless we are cooperating with the Israeli Embassy,” she stated. “Everything Israeli operating here faces opposition and we are just another opportunity for them to convey their message against Israel. We are proud of our connection with Israel and proud to present the different views that exist on Israel.”

via Israel News – BDS activists call to cancel Israeli film festival in London – JerusalemOnline.