Ireland Businesses Reveal ‘Pro-Palestinian Policy’ to Reject Israeli Products But Work With Iran, North Korea (VIDEO) |- (*The ever whine-n’-whinge)

by Newsstand

An Irish businesswoman admitted to practicing biased business against Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

Businesses in Ireland were caught on video revealing biased practices against Israel but having no issue working with Iran and North Korea, Fox News reported on Thursday.

Contributing reporter Ami Horowitz secretly videotaped his talks with businessmen in Ireland. When he told one business owner “we prefer to work with companies that do not work with Israel,” the latter admitted to having a “pro-Palestinian policy” of not doing business with the Jewish state.

Another businessmen shook his head to imply “no” when asked if his company does business with Israel. The same person then admitted that he has no political objection to working with North Korea.

A businesswoman told Horowitz, “We’re not very comfortable with stores that sell Israeli products.” When asked if she has a “political or cultural issue” doing business with Iran, she said no.

There are hundreds of companies in Ireland boycotting Israel, Horowitz said during his appearance Thursday on Fox & Friends. He believes there is an “obnoxious, dangerous, political thought” of rejecting Israeli products that is circulating throughout Europe in connection with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which has infiltrated college campuses and businesses both in Europe and the U.S.

“It’s this poisonous thought and I made this video to get that poison out so that we can lay bare the hypocrisy of all this,” he said before Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy chimed saying,”it is outright antisemitism.”

Horowitz argued that there is just cause to criticize Israel, but there is a “certain line” that when crossed becomes antisemitic.

“When you single out a country to the exclusion of all the other countries in the Middle East that are cutthroats and dictatorships but you exclude Israel – who is a democracy, has women’s rights, minority rights [and] Arab rights – to me, what else is there to say that antisemitism.”

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