A new flotilla is on its way to Gaza; Islamic Jihad threatens to end ceasefire – JerusalemOnline

by Newsstand

A Swedish flotilla consisting of anti-Israel activists is on its way to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the naval blockade. The Islamic Jihad threatened that if Israel will try to stop it, they will resume the rocket fire. Israel is closely following the developments and is preparing for the boat’s arrival.

Following the Mavi Marmara affair, an additional flotilla is threatening to cause difficulties for the State of Israel. Channel 2 News has reported that a ship that departed from Sweden is making its way towards Gaza in an attempt to break the naval blockade, which has been jointly enforced by Israel and Egypt.

After departing from Sweden, the flotilla is expected to pass through a number of European ports in order to permit additional anti-Israel activists to participate. Standing behind the initiative are several organizations, including the Free Gaza Movement that works to de-legitimize Israel’s existence around the world.

The Islamic Jihad is closely monitoring the flotilla and hopes that it will cause a major crisis for Israel within the international community, as was the case with the Mavi Marmara scandal in 2010. Islamic Jihad terror leader Khaled al-Batash has threatened to end the ceasefire with Israel if the latter attempts to stop the provocateurs.

Channel 2 News received an image of the vessel shortly before its departure in Sweden. Israeli security and diplomatic officials, as well as the media, are closely following the flotilla’s progress.

via Israel News – A new flotilla is on its way to Gaza; Islamic Jihad threatens to end ceasefire – JerusalemOnline.