Illegal Israeli settlements lose $6bn in two years of European boycott – MiddleEastMonitor

by Newsstand

The European boycott campaign against the Israeli settlements’ agricultural products caused Israel’s economy a loss $6 billion in the years 2013 and 2014.

According to the data of the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, obtained by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the losses resulting from the boycott will rise to $9.5 billion by the end of this year.

The paper said that Israel is trying to compensate for these losses through increasing Israeli exports to the United States, as well as increasing US investments in Tel Aviv.

via Settlements lose $6bn in two years of European boycott.



The more the zoinists lose money, the more they lean on us and our tax dollar.  This MUST stop!  Immediately!!

The BDS campaign in the USA MUST go into higher gear, especially NOW while the  presidential election campaigns are starting to kick in.  The timing is opportune.  Please do your best to spread the BDS message amongst your family and friends NOW.  And please ask them to spread the message around their community circles too – so on and so forth.  EVERYBODY must pull in together to warn all presidential candidates that any monetary support or aid to Apartheid israel will lose them vital, collective votes.  Threaten them with the ballot box, shame them in public – do what you must to stop the zionist leeches from sucking our veins dry!

THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.  We can only rely on ourselves.  So please, pretty please – act on this golden opportunity right now.  Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with a new president who will continue to put the needs of the despicable Apartheid state of israel before our own for another 4-8 years.

Enough is fucking enough!

This is WAR!

And the zionist fuckers ain’t seen nothing of the real effects of BDS yet!  Let’s show them.

AMERICANS ABSOLUTELY MUST join forces and practice PERMANENT BDS good and LOUD!

WARNING:  Expect the worst smears from the anti-bds zionist fuckers in our midst.  BE PREPARED AND FIGHT THEM WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!


SINK THAT FUCKING APARTHEID ISRAEL SHIP AND SINK IT FAST.  Either we drown or it drowns!  We have no third option!  We must win this – and we can.  There are more of us than there is of them.

(*apologies for my tone but I’m mad as fuck ‘about my taxes going to israel not only to kill unarmed Palestinians, but to save the gruesome racist, criminal settler fuckers too!)