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Who Guards The Dog?

The American pro Palestine community is divided. Clearly, there is an aggressive attempt by a certain Jewish camp to dominate the narrative and set the boundaries of freedom of speech within the community. On the other hand, there are the resistors to this attempted domination.  I will not go into parsing the details of the JVP-Weir wars here, as they’re already known.  But I will say this:  to question authority using the sword of reason is healthy and in fact it is a necessary activity.

The pro Palestine community has two kinds of infiltrators:  the despicable antisemite and the despicable anti-gentile.  A Jewish contingency within the community, more specifically JVP, has taken it upon themselves to weed out the antisemite amongst us using McCarthy-like tactics and their fault-susceptible broad definition of an antisemite.   I understand the absolute necessity of weeding out undesirables – but it has to be done for non-personal and legitimate reasons – and the ousting must be agreed upon by both Jew and Gentile groups, and not just solely by one side.

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