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Raging War Under Raging Stars

In the past couple of weeks, while the global Zionist media has been looking into Syria’s trash can for any rot and filth to publish on the beleaguered nation, the Syrian army alongside its battle-hardened ally Hezbollah have been systematically annihilating hundreds of terrorists in the four corners of Syria. They have been doing so with gusto but also with no media fanfare, preferring instead to focus solely on changing the facts on the ground to their strategic advantage. Preferring to conduct a raging war under raging stars without the need for publicity or the sunlight of official statements.

This is a new PR strategy for Syria who’s been bending over backwards trying to defend its narrative and legitimacy in the eyes of the world for the past four years. We can attribute this change of behavior to Hezbollah’s influence and how it operates: fight hard in silence, and only if it absolutely and strictly benefits the cause, release an occasional statement or two to keep your own supporters informed. In other words: fight away and utterly ignore what the Western world thinks – fight away and fuck what the Israelis and their global Zionist media do with the information vacuum.

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