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In Praise Of The Brave And The Visionary

Qaboos bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Oman started it all.  He was the original initiator and architect of the Iran rapprochement.  Almost three years ago, he ingeniously set up the initial peace meetings between the USA and Iran.  Secret meetings that went on for six whole months right under the radars of the Mossad and every other intelligence agency on the planet.  Without Qaboos’ peace-seeking visionary initiative to break the hostile ice between the two foes, America and Iran would not be here today celebrating a golden victory for peace and international diplomacy.  All praise and gratitude should first go to this man who worked of his own volition; worked quietly and humbly throughout to bring an alternative to war in a region already ripped by non-state and state terrorism alike.   Against virtually insurmountable obstacles, he calculated and worked on behalf of peace.  He is a brave leader in a region full of narcissistic and despotic leaders.  Even though I am an anti-monarchist, as I’m sure practically everyone who reads Plato’s is, I must here give credit where credit is due. Qaboos behaved honorably for the benefit of not just his country, but for the people of his region as a whole – for humanity.  He is a true universalist.  He is a Peace Hawk.

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