An open letter to the U.S. Campaign and other Activists for Justice in Palestine

by Newsstand

As active participants in the struggle for justice for Palestinians, coming from a variety of ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds, we call for an end to internal attacks on fellow activists and organizations. These only impede the work for justice.

We appreciate the important contributions to that cause made over many years by If Americans Knew, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

In that light, we are dismayed by the recent unfounded attacks on one of the top organizations working on this issue, If Americans Knew, and its dedicated leader, Alison Weir, by the leadership of Jewish Voice for Peace and the U.S. Campaign. Many of us are members of these groups and are unhappy at these significant actions made in our name but without consulting us.

We recognize that important differences among these organizations exist – each has its own constituencies, approach, and style, as is the case with the scores of other organizations that together make up the solidarity movement. Some may disapprove of taking the Palestinian case to people who don’t define themselves as “liberals” or “progressives.” Others may disapprove of working with Zionist groups and failure to state that Zionism is racism, etc. We have no problem with any group articulating such differences and even making principled criticisms of another’s work – that is part of the life of any healthy democratic movement.

But we believe strongly that secret dossiers, ideological inquisitions, double standards, misrepresentations, spreading innuendo, and attempting to excommunicate groups or individuals one disagrees with from the ranks of the movement sow unnecessary divisions and distract from what must remain our primary focus: building the broad united front that’s necessary to change United States policy in the Middle East and to help Palestinians obtain justice in their homeland.

We also believe that the vitriolic, ADL-like accusations that Alison Weir is “anti-Semitic” and/or racist are scurrilous and without foundation. They are based on guilt-by-association arguments through which numerous committed activists – including the leadership of the US Campaign and JVP – could equally, and also incorrectly, be called “anti-Semitic” and/or racist.

We are painfully aware that there are well funded opponents who spare no effort to undermine and divide this movement for justice and human rights in Palestine. We therefore expect those who sincerely share our goals to be mindful of the potential to fracture the movement and be judicious and principled in their critique of groups and individuals who make significant contributions to the movement.

We call for these attacks to cease and for those initiating them to return to their main task, working for justice in Palestine.


[The Undersigned]


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Affiliations for identification purposes.
* = US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation Member Organization
** = Chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace

Richard Falk, Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton University, and former Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestine, UN Human Rights Council.

Hedy Epstein, Holocaust survivor; St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee*; Jewish Voice for Peace – St. Louis**

Samia Khoury, founding member of the board of Trustees of Birzeit University and Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre, author, “Reflections from Palestine: A Journey of Hope” (descendant of Birzeit University founders).

Ann Wright, retired US Army Colonel and former US diplomat turned peace activist; passenger on 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla; co-organizer and passenger on Gaza Freedom Flotillas 2011 & 2015; co-organizer of 2009 Gaza Freedom March.

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Professor, Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities, Co-Founder Al-Awda-Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

James Abourezk, former Senator, South Dakota, founder of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)

Pete McCloskey, former Member of Congress (R..Calif. 1967-83) and Co-Founder, with Paul Findley, of the Council for the National Interes; and Helen McCloskey

Ray McGovern, Retired CIA officer turned peace activist. Co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

Rita Giacaman, Professor, Research & Program Coordinator and founder, Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University; active in 1980s Palestinian social action movement.

Edward Peck, Americans for Middle East Understanding, Former US Ambassador to Iraq & Mauritania, Participant in the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Abbas Hamideh, National Board Vice Chair, Al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition, son of one of the few survivors of the massacre at Deir Yassin Palestine on April 9th 1948

Philip Giraldi, Former CIA Officer turned anti-war activist & journalist; Executive Director, Council for the National Interest*, member, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

Cindy Sheehan, anti-war activist and former presidential candidate, Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

Joe Meadors, USS Liberty Survivor, Past President, USS Liberty Veterans Association, Participant in three Gaza Freedom Flotillas, Free Palestine Movement*.

The Rev. David W. Good, Minister Emeritus for The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, President: Tree of Life Educational Fund

John Erickson, NorCal Friends of Sabeel* — Co-Chair

Sunaina Maira, Professor of Asian American Studies at UC Davis, USACBI

The Reverend Canon Richard K. Toll, former Director, Friends of Sabeel* , Retired Episcopal Priest

Dr. Samir Abed-Rabbo, Professor Emeritus of International Law, Director of the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies

Donald A. Kruse, Retired Foreign Services Officer, Consul, Consulate General, Jerusalem 1976-1980

Lawrence Davidson, Professor Emeritus, West Chester University

Elizabeth Murray, former Deputy Intellignece Officer for the Near East, National Intelligence Council

James Petras, Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

Joel Kovel, author of “Overcoming Zionism,” “White Racism,” “Red Hunting inn the Promised Land,” and other books; editor; former psychiatrist; Bard College professor emeritus

Ernest Gallo, President, USS Liberty Veterans Association

Ronald Kukal, USS Liberty Survivor: Petty Officer in Charge of the Body Recovery and Identification after June 8, 1967 attack

David Rovics, Folk Musician, American Federation of Musicians Local 1000

Mary Ratcliff, San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper – Editor

Dr. A. Antar
A. Mili
Abed Khirfan
Abigail Hollister
Adeeb Alzanoun, Palestinian American Congress – Member, American Muslims for Palestine*
Adil Khan
Aghlab Al-Joundi
Aileen Sander, Jewish Voice for Peace – Los Angeles**
Ala Ramahi
Alan Folsom
Alec Ward
Alex Batista, Uprooted Palestinians Bloq
Alex King
Alex Lubin, Professor of American Studies at the University of New Mexico, USACBI Organizing Collective
Alex Webb
Dr. Alexander Theroux
Ali Sinnokrot
Alice Diane Kisch, Northern California Friends of Sabeel*, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ Bay Area*
Alice Kast, Pax Christi, Veterans for Peace
Alyssa Burgin, Texans for Peace*
Alyssa Shisler
Amal Garib
Amanda Joy Sidell
Ameer Khader
Amin Shafie
Amina Roessiger
Amir M. Maasoumi
Amir Saffie
Amira Boctor
Amith Gupta, NYU Law Student and Institute of International Law and Justice Scholar, National Students for Justice in Palestine – Steering Committee 2012-2014, ISM – Northern California*, Free Palestine Movement*
Andrea Bowman, Israel/Palestine Education Group*
Andrea Johnson
Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Professor of the Graduate School, UC Berkeley;,NorCal Friends of Sabeel*, End the Occupation*, Women in Black, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ Bay Area**
Anisa Abd El Fattah, National Association of Muslim American Women
Anita Dalisa
Anita Rapone
Ann El-Moslimany
Ann Najam
Ann Polivka, Palestine Action Group – Chico, CA
Ann Suleiman
Ann Tiffany, CNY for Justice for Palestinians, USCEIO member
Ann Weimer, TOL
Anna Badillo
Annamay Waldman
Anne Candlin
Anne Remley, Palestine-Israel Action Group (Ann Arbor Quakers)*, Jewish Voice for Peace – Southeast Michigan**, IDAP
Annette Samsky
Annie Sue
Anthony Gratrex, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, CAABU
Anthony Trevorrow, Palestine Solidarity Ireland
Antoun Moussa
April D
Arshad Ameen
Ashley Crowther
Asif Ali Sayed
Asim Ghani, Journalist
Asim Tamimi
Asna alam
Ayed A Fattah
Barbara Bogard, 350 Marin, Marin Water Coalition, Pesticide Free Marin by 2015, Seniors for Peace, MPJC, Jewish Voice for Peace**, ISOJI, Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice, WILPF
Barbara Deutsch, Voices for Creative Non-violence, Jewish Voice for Peace** former member
Barbara Glassman
Barbara Young
Barbara Young, Olives for Hope, USS Liberty supporter
Barry Deutsch, Voices for Creative Non-violence, Jewish Voice for Peace** former member
Bassam M.A. El-Borno
Ben Kenagy
Berl Jay Hubbell, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom
Bernadette Flanagan
Bernhard Voelkelt
Bernie Eisenberg, HP Boycott Campaign
Bertiz Benhamid
Bethany Weidner, SW Olympia Neighborhood Association
Beverly Bailey, Middle East Peace Now
Biagio Cacciatore, 14 Friends of Palestine – Marin*
Bianca Shana’a
Bill McGrath
Billy Norris
Bob Harvey, Jewish Voice for Peace – San Diego**
Bob Norberg, Americans for Middle East Understanding, Jewish Voice for Peace donor**, MEPC
Bobby D. Coleman
Brent Riley
Brian Monahan
Brooke Prim
Bruce Anderson
Bruce Eggum
Bruce Gowdy, International Solidarity Movement, Free Palestine Movement*, Jewish Voice for Peace – Oakland**
Dr. Burhan Ghanayem
Burton Fredericksen
C.Virginia Finn, Friends of Palestine – Milwaukee*, End the Occupation
Calvin E. Mehlert, Americans for Peace Now
Camille Russell, Peace Fresno
Carl D. Shankweiler
Carmen Grayson
Carol F. Yost
Carol Follett
Carol Weinshenker
Carolina Preo
Caroline Spoeneman, Princeton Middle East Society
Caroline Stitzer Rock
Carolyn Ballard, Rock Hill for Peace, Carolina Peace Resource Center
Carolyn Barrani, UJPHL
Carolyn Logan
Catharine Abbott
Catherine Webster, Palestine Action Group, Chico CA
Cathleen McGuire
Cecilia Perry
Chan Wen Shyang
Charles E Carlson, Project Strait Gate
Charles Seifried
Chouaib Boukaftane
Chris Ake
Christian Brinkerhoff
Christina Mosier
Christine Butler
Christopher Colbe
Christopher Egli
Christopher Jewell , 14 Friends of Palestine, Marin County, CA
Christopher Mark, Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
Christopher Rushlau
Cindy Newman
Cindy Piester
Clarence Thomson
Claudia Karas, AG Palestina – Frankfurt, Alliance for a Just Peace in Palestine
Clif Brown
Colin Royle
Colleen Khokhar
Colleen McGuire, Follow the Women – USA
Condit N. Eddy
Corey E. Olsen
Cornelia van Thiel, South Alameda County Peace & Justice Coalition, Northern California Friends of Sabeel*
Courtney Carter
D.L. Bigler
Dr. D.W.Stol
Dale Wickum
Damian Dlugolecki, Jewish Voice for Peace – Portland**
Dan Mahoney, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Dan Yaseen, Peace Fresno
Daniel McGowan, executive director, Deir Yassin Remembered
Danish Farooq
Daoud Ali Chavez
DarEll Weist
Darlene Wallach, Justice for Palestinians – San Jose*, Participant in 2008 Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Darryl W. Perry
David Deutsch, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ San Diego**
David Evans
David F. Johnson
David Fristad
David Fulton Akin
David Gooch
David Martin
David Salah, FRP, Ramallah
David Schermerhorn
David Thomas
David Wegner, AARP
Dean Celaya
Dean havens
Dean Johnson, Christ Church Cambridge
Debbie Menon, Veterans News Now, My Catbird Seat
Denise Beaudet
Devra Wiseman
Diana Hasna
Diane Ake, Jewish Voice for Peace – San Diego**
The Rev. Diane Dulin
Diane Warth
Dick Fitzgerald
Dima Duchet, If Americans Knew, Jewish Voice for Peace**, USCEIO*
Dr. Donna Nassor
Dora Haslett
Dorsey R. Gardner
Douglas Allam
Dr. Bryan Saario, Holy Land Conversations
Dr. Dominique Nocturne, USTA
Dwight Haberman, Palestine Israel Justice Project, United Methodist Church – Minnesota
The Rev. E. Clifford Cutler, Middle East Study Group
Ed Eadeh
Ed Harne
Dr. Ed Kendrick
Ed Kinane, SOA Watch, Drone Action – Upstate New York, CNY Working for a Just Peace in Israel-Palestine*
Ed Rukab
Ed Wright
eddie stinson
Edgars Nilenders
Edward Crouch, Palestine Action Group*, UCUCC*, Jewish Voice for Peace – Seattle**
Edward Morin, Palestine-Israel Action Group*
Edward Reid, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Edward Sweed, Jewish Voice for Peace – San Diego**
Dr. Edwin Daniel, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Edwin Lee Johnson
Eileen Brzozowski
Eileen Fleming, Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for USA’s The Arab Daily News
Ekbal Uddin
Elaine Bachman, Jewish Voice for Peace – Chicago**
Elaine Brouillard, Tree of Life Educational Fund, UCC Palestine-Israel Network*
Elana Golden
Eleanor A Parker
Elisabeta Revencu
Elizabeth Anne Holman, Tree of Life Educational Fund
Elizabeth Aymar
Elizabeth Cuprak
Elizabeth Mansur
Elizabeth Molchany, attorney-at-law and member of Jewish Voice for Peace**
Elizabeth Sandager
Ellen Isaacs, MD, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ NYC**
Ellen McGuire, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Ellen Murphy, Veterans For Peace*
Emile Haddad
Emily Alma, Chico Palestine Action Group*
Enrique Bava
Erica Cruiskahnk Dodd, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid – Victoria, B.C.
Ethel Sweed, Jewish Voice for Peace – San Diego
Eugenia Kuttler, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ San Diego**
Eva Bartlett, Syria Solidarity Movement
Eva Ferguson
Dr. F Clark-Lowes
F.A. Servante, Retired RCMP Officer, Alberta
F.W. Sparrow, attorney at law, Industrial Workers of the World, International Solidarity Movement – Northern California*, Free Palestine Movement*, Global March to Jerusalem – North America*GMJNA
Fadia Damon, Friends of Sabeel*, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Fahima Gozari
Fanny Prizant, Middle East Crisis Response
Dr. Farouq Shafie, Palestine Aid Society of America
Fawaz Irshid
Federico Castagnini, Jewish Voice for Peace – New York City**
Fisun Shukru
Fitzgerald Holloway
Florence hughes
Forrest J. Cioppa, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ Bay Area**
Frances Greenlee
Frances ReMillard, Utahns for Just Peace in the Holy Land*, Friends of Sabeel North America*
Francis Feeley
Frank Martens, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Frank Munley
Frank Ryken
Gabriel Sanchez
Gail Chalbi, Middle East Peace Now, Minnesota Break the Bond, United Methodist Church
Gail Lerner, Jewish Voice for Peace – NYC**
Gail Miller, Organizing Committee U.S. Boat to Gaza 2011, ISM 2002 & 2004, Women of a Certain Age
Galen Trembath
Gary Anderson, Unitarian-Universalists for Middle East Peace, Friends of Sabeel*, Coloradans for Justice in Palestine, Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center
Gary Barney
Gary Mills
Gary N. Granat
gen katz
Gene St. Onge, Free Palestine Movement*, Participant in the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Geoffrey Cook, Beirut Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Geoffrey ONeill
George Beltzhoover
George Beres, GMOC
George D. Hunter
George Dougherty
George Fordham BA
George Khoury, Friends of Sabeel*, USPCN
George Sokol
Georgia Guida
Gerald Merrill, If Americans Knew
Germana Nijim, Jewish Voice for Peace**, End the Occupation*, If Americans Knew, Sabeel, etc
Ghazi Q. Hassoun, Author, Walking Out Into the Sunshine
Gilbert Doubet
Gill Kaffash, Deir Yassin Remembered
Ginny Schneider
Glenn Hufnagel
Glenn Oliphant, USS Liberty Veterans Association, Vice President
Goesta C. Zwilling
Grady Stewart
Greg Quist
Greg Vasche
Gregory DeSylva, Deir Yassin Remembered
Gregory Lioi
Gregory Stricherz
Gren Whitman
Greta Berlin, Co-Founder of Free Gaza Movement
Gretchen Fogo, Palestine/Israel Justice Project
Gunther Ruckl
Guy Benintendi
Hamdi Mohamed
Harold Burks
Harry Clark
Hassan Fouda, Norcal Friends of Sabeel*, Tree of Life Foundation, Council for the National Interest*
Hector M. Cruz DDS
Heidi Saikaly
Helen Rose
Henry Herskovitz, Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
Henry Norr, International Solidarity Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace – Bay Area**, participant 2011 Gaza Freedom Flotilla.
Herb Floyd, Common Cause
Hicham Filahi
Hitaf Merhi
Homer Franck, Jewish Voice for Peace – Boston**
Hossam Fadel
Howard Lenow, Americans for a Just Peace*, Jewish Voice for Peace National Member*
Hyder Syed
Dr. Ian Garth Higginbotham
Dr. Ibrahim K. Ladaa
Dr. Ibrahim Soudy
Ida Audeh
Iley Behr
Imed Bensmida
Imran Jan
Ingo Adam
Iris Bloom, Harriet’s Place
J Vetera
J. Aviza
J. Glenn & Barbara Evans
J.S. Chakour
Jack Dresser, Al-Nakba Awareness Project, Veterans for Peace working group on Palestine and the Middle East
Jack Ford
Jack Lucentini
Jack Moriarty
Jacob Bernstein
Jacob J. Nammar, Author, Born in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian
Jacqueline Salah
Jacques Yammine
Jaine Benson
James Cogswell
James D. Skillman, Goergia Peace & Justice Coalition
James Godfrey
James J. David
James Mathes
James McFadden, Northern California Friends of Sabeel*, JUST, Jewish Voice for Peace – San Francisco
James Patrick Dulany
James Sweeney
James Yamasaki
Jamilah Haygood
Jane Bark
Jane Jewell, 14 Friends of Palestine – Marin*, US Boat to Gaza west coast coordinator, Gaza’s Ark
Jane O’Shea
Jane Stillwater, International Solidarity Movement
Janet Kobren, Participant in the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Director & Sectretary of the Pacifica National Board
Janet M Powers, Author, Blossoms on the Olive Tree
Janet Ma’ly
Janet Thew
Janet Thompson, CPJME
Javed Iqbal
Javed Shamim
Jay Colbe, Jews Against Zionism
Jayne Jones
Jean Clelland-Morin
Jean Porter
Jean Standish
Jeanie Keltner, Sopabox TV Talk Show, Sacramento
Jeanne Fowler
Jeff Gates
Jeff Klein, writer, Mass Peace Action, Dorchester People for Peace
Jeffrey Blankfort, Nov. 29th Coalition for Palestine, Palestine Solidarity Com. (SF Bay Area), Labor Com. on the Middle East, former editor, Middle East Labor Bulletin.
Jeffrey J. Saah
Jeffrey K Smith, ACLU, Amnesty International
Jennifer Calvert, Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane*
Jenny Heinz
Jerry Gates
Jerry Levin, Journalist
Jill Bohr Jacob
Jim Glionna
Jim Kavanagh
Jiries Atrash, Tree of Life Educational Fund
Joan Klemic
Joan Robins
Joanie Evans
JoAnn Consiglieri, Northern California Friends of Sabeel*, Jewish Voice for Peace – San Francisco**
Joanna Graham
Joe Auslander, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ Washington, DC**
Joel Antley
John A McGlaughlin, Haddonfield Friends Meeting
John A. Feddema
John Arteaga
John Bannon
John Burkle
John Butler
John Day MD
John E. Brotherton
John English
John F Minard
John Gidusko, USS Liberty Veterans Association
John Mayer
John Miglietta
John Mohamadi
John Nusser
John R Karlik, ACLU, Jewish Voice for Peace – DC Metro**
John Stace
John T Fussell, Tree of Life Educational Fund
John Wheat Gibson, National Lawyers Guild, Jewish Voice for Peace**
John Zeiger
Joseph Binard
Joseph Germano
Joseph Gill
Joyce C. Rawitscher, Israel/Palestine Peace Group of Northeastern Connecticut
Joyce Hall
Juan Gomez
Judith Deutsch
Judith Lutfy
Judith Weisman, Independent Jewish Voices
Julia Ganson
Julia Shpirt, Jewish Voice for Peace- – NYC**
Julie Ayo
Julie Rufo
Julie Rufo, Jewish Voice for Peace – Bay Area**
Jumana Jondy
June Forsyth Kenagy, Albany Peace Seekers, Covallis/Albany Friends of Middle East Peace, USCEIO National member*
Kaitlin Marcisz
Kamal Obeid, South Alameda County Justice Coalition
Karen Barton, Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition
Karen Davis
Karen Sachse DeHart
Karen Weaver
Karl Traub
Kartar Badsha
Katharine Davies Samway, NorCal Friends of Sabeel*, Jewish Voice for Peace – Bay Area**
Katharine Gilbert
Katherine German
Kathleen O’Connor Wang, Participant in Gaza Freedom Flotilla, 2008
Kathleen Wells, Host, Palestine Today ╨ KCAA
Kathy Aanestad, Sonomans for Justice and Peace in Palestine
Kayid Shawish, Displaced Palestinian from Haifa/Palestine
keith brooks
Kelsey Shea
Fr. Ken Campbell, Fellowship of Reconciliation – Cape Cod Chapter, Justice & Peace COmmittee, Church of the Holy Spirit
Kenneth L. Burres, Professor Emeritus, Central Methodist University
Kenneth McDonald
Kevin E. Somerville
khalil katato
Khawar Khurshid
Kris Whiteleather, Deir Yassin Remembered
Laila Comolli
Lanny V. Stricherz, If Americans Knew – South Dakota
Larry Hannant
Larry J. Hearold
Larry Minear
Larry Naron
Larry Naron
Larry Zweig, Solidarity International, Germany
Laura Paterson, Jewish Voice for Peace**
LaVerne Uhte
Lawson R Kendall
Leatrice Fung, Sabeel
Leila F Dane, Institute for Victims of Trauma
Leila Ghani
Leila Khan
Len and Judy Bjorkman
Les Pauls
Leslie Cassidy, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨NYC**
Leslie E. Sponsel
Lillian Morgan
Linda Bell, Jewish Voice for Peace – Atlanta**, UUJME, USCEIO National Conference Organizer*
Linda Carraway
Linda Furr, Palestine Action Group, Chico, CA
Linda Schermer
Lisa Bolivar
Lois Richardson
Lon Withers, Jewish Voice for Peace – Chicago**
Loredana L. Zecca Vinciguerra
Lorraine Barlett, Jewish Voice for Peace – DC**
Lua Hightower, The Interfaith Experience
Luban Nova
Lucas Wheeler
Lyn Dremalas
Lynda Mortl
Lyndi Borne
Lynn Faulkner
Lynn Grassmeyer
Lynn Grassmeyer
Lynn Richard
M A Qavi
M Badi Asbahi
M. Nour Naciri, Ph.D.
Mac Halliday
Maggie Coulter, Sacramento BDS*
Maha Said-Shariff
Mahmoud Haleem
Maliha Haddad
Manal Al Essa
Manira Sallock
Marc Estrin, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
Marc W. Herold, Instituto Geografico e Historico de Baha, Brazil
Marcia Bernstein
Margaret C. Lizares
Margaret Fouda, Berkeley Women in Black, Northern California Friends of Sabeel*
Margaret Shearer, Canada Palestine Association
Margery al Chalabi
Margot K Cartagena
Margret Fischer
Maria Khalaf, American University, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Maria Silveri
Mariah Leung, Al-Nakba Awareness Project, USCEIO member
Marian Larsen, Dansk Palestinensisk Venskabsforening
Marianne Torres, PJALS – Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane*
Marie Sacks
Marilyn L. Doria Shaw
Marina Gutierrez, NorCal Friends of Sabeel*, Berkeley Women in Black, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ Bay Area**
Marina Shpirt, Jewish Voice for Peace – Albany**
Mark F. Weber
Mark Hage, Vermonteres for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel*
Mark Stookey
Marlene Newesri
Marsha Duncan
Marsha Vander Heyden
Marshall Carter-Tripp, Retired Foreign Services Officer & retired Political Science professor
Marta Storer
Martin Stutchfield
Marvin Cohen, Voices for Justice in Palestine
Marwan moughrabi
Mary Allen, If Americans Knew, US Campaign*, American Friends Service Committee, The Middle East Study Group of the Episcopal Diocese of PA, ICAHD, MECA, Christian Jewish Allies
Mary Berhan
Mary Clare Leader
Mary Davies
Mary Frenzel
Mary H Regier, Ph.D.
Mary Hughes Thompson, Co-founder, Free Gaza Movement
Mary Johnson
Mary Mullen
Mary Oberg
Mary Saunders
Mary Terchek
Mary W. Izett, Voices for Justice in Palestine
Masuma Basheerulla
Maureen Ameen
Maureen Tierney
Maya Elashi, Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Maysoon Otaibi
Maz Pathan
Meena Sharma, International Solidarity Movement
Meert Anne
Meredith Ryan
Merry Maisel, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ San Diego**
Michael Austin
Michael D. Mitev
Michael Eisenscher, Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace & Justice*
Michael Gillespie, journalist and regular contributor to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Ames Interfaith Council – Former Chair
Michael Hager
Michael McGee, Justice Party USA co-founder; Human Rights activist: former parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France
Michael Poulin, former member of Jewish Voice for Peace**
Michael Rabb, CU-Divest*
Michael Rasmusson, People for Justice in Palestine
Michael Reitz, If Americans Knew, USS Liberty Veterans Association, Council for the National Interest
Michael Robeson
Michael Severson
Michael Smith
Michael Spence
Michael Winterfield, Tree of Life Educational Fund
Michael Yameen
Michel Ghys
Miguel Levy
Mike Mirzamani
Milo Matthews, Jewish Voice for Peace – Bay Area
Mimi Goldman
Miriam Adams
Mirna Miranda, Coloradoans for Justice in Palestine; U.S. Campaign to End Israeli Occupation*
mj monsour
Mohamed Aslam
Mohamed moiz
Mohannad Zahran
Molly Hogan, Jewish Voice for Peace**
The Rev. Monica Styron, Friends of Sabeel North America*, Development Board
Monir Deeb, Free Gaza
Moustafa Nour
Mustafa Alsayyad
Mustapha Hamadi, Jewish Voice for Peace – Michigan**
Nadia Hararah
Nadine Ghys
Najib Joe Hakim, Home Away From Home: Little Palestine by the Bay
Najla Althaibani
Nan Corliss< Minessota Peace Project
Nancy Hammond, Jewish Voice for Peace – Chicago
Nancy Harb Almendras
Nancy Major
Nancy Montgomery
Nancy Nelson, Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
Nancy Rowe
Nasser Mashni
Nebil N. Al-Shawaf
Nehad Awwad
Neil Hertz, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ Ithaca, NY**
Neil Himber
Neil Thomsen
Nicholas Heer
Nick Lowe
Nicole Deskin
Nikka Deskin
Nikki Alexander
Nina Remensperger
Nishat Khan
Noel Sanborn
Nora Roman
Nora Zaki, If Americans Knew
Norah Foster, Global Episcopal Companions, Episcopalian Peace Freedom Hunger
Noreen McCarthy, NH Peace Action
Nouhaila Boukhlik
Noura Khouri, Arab Resource & Organizing Center, War Resisters League National Committee Member, International Socialist Organization
Noy Douangngeun
Oguz Saltik
Omair K., Jewish Voice for Peace**
Omar Barrani
Oscar Caro
Pamela Patterson
Pamela Talese
Pat Hewett, Jewish Voice for Peace – Front Range CO**, USCEIO Southwest*
Pat Porter
Patricia Blair
Patricia Blochowiak
Patricia Carmeli, CNY Working for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
Patricia Carroll-Mathes
Patricia Guerrero
Patricia Mihaly Nabti
Patricia Saenger, NH Palestine Education Network
Patrick Soby, Iraq Veterans Against the War
Patti McKniff
Paul Edwards, Class War Films
Paul Eisen, Deir Yassin Remembered
Paul Larudee, International Solidarity Movement, Free Palestine Movement*, Participant in three Gaza Freedom Flotillas, Stop Zim Action Committee, ISM – Northern California*, Global March to Jerusalem – North America*
Paul Meyer
Paul Thomas, Jewish Voice for Peace – Chicago
Paula Orloff, Jewish Voice for Peace donor**, USCEIO donor*
Paula Rainey, Najda: Women Concerned about the Middle East
Peggy Elliott
Peggy McCormack
Peter Attwood, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Peter Christiansen
Peter Church
Peter Kuniholm
Peter Maqsib Brown
Peter McNair, 14 Friends of Palestine – Marin*
Peter Nauts
Peter Radon
Peter Unterweger, BDS Austria, Women in Black
Peter Viering, Council for the National Interest
Phil Fellows, Investigatory Urchin
Philip Donnelly
Philip Traynor, Peace Fresno
Phyllis Ponvert, Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
Phyllis Taub Greenleaf, Santa Cruz Temple Beth El
Pinelopi Martinou
Polly Mann, Women Against Military Madness
Putri Sarah Sembiring
Qasim Choudry
Quaid Saifee
R. Zaccardi
Ra’ana Dilruba Yasmin
Rachel Samsky
Dr. Rael Nidess, M.D.
Raif Hijab
Randy Christensen
Rashid Zakaria Hussain
Rawan Elfar, My Community Votes
Raymond Gordon
Raymond Zwarich
Rev. Catherine Alder, UCC Palestine Israel Network
Rev. J. Mark Davidson
Rev. R. Richard Roe, United Church of Christ
Rev. Stephen Goldstein
Rhonda Todd
Riaz Ashraf
Richard Adamiak Ph.D.
Richard Forer
Richard Guffanti
Richard Johnson
Richard Kukan
Richard L. Awad
Richard Littleton, attorney, Rule of Law Project, Jewish Voice for Peace – Seattle**
Richard Luse
Rick Sterling, Mt Diablo Peace & Justice Center, Voices for Justice in Palestine (Rossmoor, CA)
Dr. Robert Brooks, IPCC-Jerusalem
Robert Corra
Robert Darmody
Robert Diedrichs
Robert Fantina
Robert Graham
Robert H. Stiver, Holy Land Peace
Robert Kribel
Robert L. Reynolds, Northern California Friends of Sabeel*
Robert Moyer
Robert Otteson, Sonomans for Justice and Peace in Palestine
Robert Shetterly
Robert Weaver
Robert Welch
Robert Z. Alpern, Retired founding member of Churches for Middle East Peace
Roberta Koffman, United for Justice with Peace
Roberta Richardson
Robin Rae Swanson
Robin Van Tassell
Rochelle Matonich
Rochelle Santos
Rod Suleiman
Roger Arnold
Roger Carpentter
Roger Robeson
Ron Hankins
Ron Huff
Ronald Forthofer, Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center
Ronald J Fishman, CNF, Jewish Voice for Peace**, USCEIO*
Ronna Sommers
Rosalind Dalefield
Rudy List, Jewish Witnesses for Peace & Friends
Rushdi Alul
Russell Bates
Russell Taylor
Ruth B Moynihan
Ruth Elkin
Ruth McRee
Ruth Walker
Ryan Flannery
S. Ajluni
Dr. S.M. Ghazanfar, Professor Emeritus, University of Idaho, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Saleh A Zaki MD
Saleh Mubarak
Sally Howland, End the Occupation*
Sally-Alice Thompson, Veterans for Peace
Salma Abu Ayyash
Sam Issa
Sam Louhi
Samar Yunis
Sami Joseph
Samuel Jarjour, Indiana Center for Middle East Peace
Sandipan Sarker, Rotary Club of Barasat Outer
The Rev. Sandra Mackie
Sandra Marr, USCEIO former supporter*
Sandra O’Neill, Palestine Action Group, Chico, CA
Sandy Io Nichols
Sandy Irving
Sandy Marks
Sandy Tarrant, Interfaith Alliance for Peace in the Holy Land, Tampa Bay
Sandye Gier
Sanna Towns, Minnesota Break the Bonds*
Sarah Marchioro
Dr. Sarah Marusek
Sarah Osman
Sarah Roche-Mahdi
Sean Clinton, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Seyed Takieh
Shafik Saikaly
Sharon Fee, International Solidarity Movement
Sharon Shohfi, IPMN PC (USA)
Shawki Saad M.D.
Sherif Rizk
Sherrill Hogen, United Church of Christ ╨ Western Mass.; Kairos/Franklin County Justice for Palestine
Shervin Esfahani
Shirley Bates, Voices for Justice
Skip Schiel, Jewish Voice for Peace – Boston**, Friends Meeting at Cambridge (Quaker)
Stephen Dirrane
Stephen Long
Stephen Mansfield
Stephen Oviatt, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Steve France, Friends of Sabeel – DC*
Steven Baker
Steven Jungkeit, First Congregational Church of Old Lyme
Steven Sallie
Stuart Ward, Palestine Solidarity Campaign – Thailand
Suad Abuhasna
Suhail Shafi
Suhail Shafi
Sunil Freeman
Sunil Puri
Susan Davenport
Susan El-Zaatari, Professor of International Relations and Foreign Policy
Susan Landau, American Jews for a Just Peace*, Jewish Voice for Peace – Philladelphia**, Philly BDS, C-J Allies
Susan Pelican, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Susie Kneedler
Sylvan Grey, Americans United for Palestinian Equal Rights
Tammy Jock
Tanya Marquette
Ted Schoneberger
Ted Shohfi, IPMN
Teresa Castillo
The Rev. Fahed Abuakel, Presbyterian Minister
The Rev. Michael Miller, United Methodist Church
Thomas Andruss
Thomas Beilman, United Church of Christ, US Campaign, Kairos USA, FOSNA, Jewish Voice for Peace ╨ Portland**
Thomas Jenks, Jewish Voice for Peace – Ithaca, NY**
Thomas Rambeau
Thomas Turner
Tim Beachboard
Tim Nolan, Global Peace – Managing Editor
Tim Veater
Timothy A. King, Christians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East*, Jewish Voice for Peace – Indianapolis**
Timothy Kaminski, Muslim Congress
Timothy Michel, Truth Outreach, Inc.
Tom Cleary
Tom Compton, We Hold These Truths
Tom Hayes, Jewish Voice for Peace**
Tom Mayer, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
Tom Tongier, DLT Foundation
Ulme Muld
Valerie White, Corvallis Raging Grannies
Victoria Kandalaft
Walter Birdwell, ASI
Walt Davis, Israel Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.)
Walter Gafforio, Veterans for Peace
Waltraud Schauer, Women in Black
Warren S. Wright
Wendy Campbell
Will Thomas, NH Veterans for Peace
William Bailey
William Chappel
William Christiansen
William Cuff
william j shea
William J. McCarthy, Veterans for Peace, Jewish Voice for Peace – National**
Dr. William R. Stanley
William Tamblyn
Wilma Ariza
Yaasin Kasamun
yakini shakir
Yasiu Kruszynski
Yasser krayem
Yehia Y. Mishriki
Yelena Fedorchenko
Younus Mohammed
Yvonne Haddad
Zarina Bhatia
Zeru Tige
Zoe Goorman
Lloyd Ranchurejee
mary evangelista, artpalestine
Mari Davies
Colin Andersen
Leo Ceccarelli
Bernard Price
Emilio Abulhasan
Nidal Mahayni
Abderrahim Chalfaouat, Moroccan activist
John Gilmore
Joe Chamy**
John Hatcher
K. Jackson
Leo O’Brien
Eugene Sigaloff
Nadim H
Ana M. Andrade
Richard Warfield
Larry Ort
Senad Kolenovic
Ann Person
Richard McCarthy
Roswitha Shaw
Mary Scully
Judy Amarah
Colin Reynolds
Harland Harrison, Libertarian
John K. Moriarty, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)
ilyas oppal
Peter Wagner, Jewish Voice for Peace**”
Diane Cooper
Michelle Berkon, Jews Against the Occupation Australia; Australian Palestine Advocacy Network”
Tomis Kapitan
Barbara Snell, United Methodist Church”
Jonah Blaustein, Jewish Voice for Peace**”
Sadu Nanjundiah
Saleem Ganiy
Zia Ahad
Nancy Parker, IRMEP”
Kris Dascher
harry weaver
Abdessalam Diab
Annie Robbins
Kathryn Wiederkehr
Kathy Rizk
Tamer Khattab
Robert Franzone
Fred Mrozek
Harry Baltzer, South Dakota Peace and Justice”
Florence Brown
Richard Johnson
Daniel Smith, Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War”
courtney perry
Edward Zaret
Richard Simpson
Sally Mendzela
Subra Alam
Catherine Strout
Brozovic Yves
George Waterston, Justice First Foundation”
Vera Sanborn
michael napp
Sai Brace, PAN (Palestine Action Network)”
Lorraine Nagy, Sabeel*, Jewish Voice for Peace – DC**”
Joe Schoolcraft
Richard Makdisi
Fenella Machanova
Ramsey Judah
Kathleen Bates
Jeanne Davis
Anne Silver
Peter Flemming
Ahmed C.K. Kutty, MD, APN
Leon Conjour
Leila Nassar
Masud Beroz
Hal B. Anthony, Three Pines Neighborhood Assoc.
Elizabeth Mayfield
Elizabeth Allen, Citizens for the Greater Good
wm g. smith
Robert Franzone
Sara Traub , Jewish Voice for Peace**,
Donald Burgess
Samia Halaby
Alfred R. Greve
Kristine Nicholson
Paula Abrams-Hourani Women in Black
Dale Boyce
Randolph Urmston
Ellen Rohlfs
Roberta Wombacher
Adawia asad
Pat ODonnell
Ernest Far
Samiram Khatib
Faraz Fatima
James Ennes USS Liberty Veterans Association
diane nahas
Bob Carter-
Mares J Hirchert Individual
Shaukat Basit
David Shannahoff-Khalsa UCSD
Kieran Shanahan
Guenter Schenk Collectif Judéo-Arabe et Citoyen pour la Palestine, Strasbourg
Hussein Bakir
Ken Freeland
Armen Chakerian
Charles Fillah
Jean E Garst Battleground Texas
Joe marcinkowski Clear lakes social justice
Andrea Zietko
Jakee Terpstra Micah Center
Clarence Prince ICPR
Thomas Rice
Jonne Long Citizens for Justice in the Middle East
Glen Curry
Ron Nelson
bob bowes Veterans For Peace
Hassan Syed
Mary Ellen Bennett Human Rights Activist
John R. Thomas
Joyce Young
Paul Karjian
Cynthia Page-Karjian
Hope Sanford
Dr. Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez
Elias Akleh
Bill Chayeb ODS,one democratic State in Palestine
Lee Luttrell
Catherine Faber
Pearl Follett individual
Karen deslierres JVP-D, PIAG-AAFM, USC
Robert Funke Veterans For Peace Chapter 9
Dr. Izzeddin Musa
Thomas V. Muller
Jemal Jeju
Therese Mughannam-Walrath NorCal Sabeel*, North Coast Coalition for Palestine*
Henry Cooper
Larry Toenjes Humans against Palestinian Oppression
Brian Kelly
Mahmoud Patel
Barry Akinola
Stephanie Couillard
Randy Williams
Mary England
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