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Media And Nothingness

I’m so freaking bored today.  Scanning through numerous news sites and their silly headlines.  I really can’t take it anymore.  Since the Iran deal signing, nothing but drab sci-fi from the losers.  Even worse, nothing but tepid modesty from the winners.

How long will this media nothingness go on for?

Maybe it’s just me and I’m on news overload.

More like bullshit overload.

I’m so freaking disinterested – I have to literally force my hands to type this.

What’s the big deal about the news anyway?  Nothing but liars talking about liars and their lying ways in there.  Even the good press lies.  It’s all word deception.  Sophisticated transference of fickle ideologies.  Fabricated tapestries for the bare walls of life.  Ingenious escapism from the tedium of slow human evolution.

…  Think I’ll go watch a blade of grass brown out slowly in the sun.



  1. Sometimes no news is good news. I watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer usually twice a week to get my dosage of crass propaganda – If he’s not gunning for a war against Iran (or Muslims), he seems to be provoking domestic racial tensions. There is another CFR idiot host after him, Erin Burnett, who is a mini-me female ‘blitzer’ version. I assume she probably appeals to females based on CNN focus groups results.

    Will we ever achieve a new plateau where media doesn’t act as an agent for government and special interests? I’d say not likely.They need to create bad news so you miss all the bad things that Congress is planning or failing to achieve for the lot of the citizens.

  2. american200 says:

    Israel & Iran – Gays – Racism. That’s what dominates the media and press now.
    Its a f***ing Orwellian circus.

    The National Enquirer gossip rag to protect itself from lawsuits is more accurate in its ‘stories’ than the US news outlets and publications.

    Ask who controls the press and media programs and pundits.
    If you don’t know or think its a ‘conspiracy theory’ then look up the 1963 Senator Fulbright Senate Hearings on Jewish orgs pushing propaganda in the US media and press.
    Then you will understand how it has come to this.

    BTW, if anyone reads The Atlantic, that is one of the mags revealed that got paid $50,000 to publish articles favorable to Israel.

    Beside the Fifth Column of J&I true believers in the media world, money buys a lot of the other press people.

    Would Chris Matthews give up his 5 million a year MSNBC paycheck to tell the truth? He hasn’t so far. The very few in media and press who have rebelled against the lies and propaganda get sent to oblivion and lose their voice perches in the media.

    Then there is the fact that the world is more and more populated with dumbed down stupids. Dumbing down the peoples is controlling the populations.

  3. american200 says:

    ‘For the first time in history, Jews can take part in war from home’

    Benayahu explained how in order to increase the effectiveness of his messaging he would place military officers posing as civilian commentators for foreign media consumption, without ever letting the television networks know. A foreign audience, he said will receive messages by eloquent civilians far better than those delivered by a field officer with broken English:
    A 58-year-old American man who comes home from work in Albuquerque or St. Louis, relaxes with a Budweiser and turns on the TV and sees that three kids were killed in the West Bank, and some colonel is trying to explain in basic English — that’s no good. Often times, that is what we had
    As the IDF Spokesperson, I came with a lot more knowledge, experience and authority, because of my previous roles. I wasn’t afraid to make difficult, unpopular decisions. For example, I took former Ambassador Zalman Shoval, a who was a reserve officer in the First Lebanon War, a lieutenant-colonel in hasbara.
    I took his uniform from him, a field uniform, and I told him ‘put this in the back of your car.’ I told him you’re going to do your reserve service in the Spokesperson’s Unit, but in civilian clothes on foreign television stations…
    Some of the lesser-known IDF Spokesperson reservists appeared on American and European [television networks] without uniform.
    Without ranks of colonel or general — it’s not okay, it’s a little fraudulent because it is a general or a colonel — but in war one can do such things.

    Another important initiative Benayahu implemented was using Israeli religious envoys to Chabad and Jewish community centers abroad to push the army’s talking points. This strategy is in line with the new approach in Israel, which views the diaspora and all of its institutions as a vehicle for promoting and lobbying for Israeli policies. Benayahu explicitly refers to organizations such as Hillel as agents of the army’s PR machine. In effect, diaspora Jews are asked to “participate in the war effort from home.” He even oversaw the development of software designed to make that more efficient.
    The most influential front is [being fought] on social media.
    And the system works like this: if I have a message from the IDF Spokesperson, a message that I am also publishing in Israel, and I translate it to English — a photo, video, map, or document, I pass those onward with a single click through “global distribution” […] to hundreds of headquarters on every continent.
    For instance, let’s take one example, Chabad. [They have] thousands of emissaries — do you know what those are? The Chabad emissaries that you all know from East Asia, but also in France, Manhattan, New York, Los Angeles…
    With a single click, [the Chabad spokesperson can] transfer [the message] to thousands of locations. Now, there is discipline there. The guy in New York gets it and sends it to thousands of people on his mailing list, and the same thing in Kathmandu and China. I send it to Hillel, and Hillel sends it to every Hillel house in universities all over the world […] viral distribution. That defeats anything. We built this system, it works, the way we distribute our newsletter videos, pictures…In every war, all the Jewish communities around the world identify with the IDF. They raise money and send us packages. They hold rallies in support of the army. [Now], for the first time in history, they can actually take part in the war from their homes. With the tip of their fingers, they can make an enormous contribution to Israel’s hasbara”

    “By Way of Deception” describes the Tribe….in all things. And the most distinguishing character trait between the Tribe and most other Cultures is they are actually ‘proud’ that ‘the way they are able to exist’ is by deception.
    They aren’t going to change which is why Israel isnt going to change.

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