Letter: Why Israel, but not Iran? – The Salt Lake Tribune

by Newsstand

Regarding the deal President Obama made with Iran recently over their nuclear program: Why is it that some countries have the right to have nukes and not Iran?

Here’s what I got off the Internet. The USA has 12,500 nukes, but only 8,700 are serviceable. Russia has 800-900, down from 10,779 in 1990. The UK has about 58, France 470, China, roughly 100-200, India maybe 10, Pakistan maybe 53, and North Korea could have half a dozen. And Israel has 100 to 200.

Yes, Israel has 100 to 200 nuclear bombs! And guess what? We, the USA, gave them the first batch of material to make them with! In 1955, Israel smuggled 100 pounds of nuclear material in nine lead-lined diplomatic pouches from a place in Pennsylvania. The UK gave them more in 1966.

So why does Israel have the right and not Iran? Plain and simple, Israel is America’s 51st state, and Washington is doing everything it can to protect the Jewish Zionist state. Protection of Israel is the reason why everyone in that part of the world hates us.

Michael R. Kelsey


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