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We now know for certain that Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL/Daish were all allowed to exist and fed by secret Israeli and USG policy at the behest of those few individuals that really run things and control the whole Israeli/American/UK defense complex known by insiders as the top Policy-makers of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

Yes, we now have actual smoking gun documents obtained by legal action by Judicial Watch and an admission from a former high ranking military man, General Flynn saying this is so.

Now we know for certain that these decisions were made at the highest level of this RKM hierarchy that controls this defense complex, that is, the several folks that are the true top leaders and policy-makers of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and who instruct and control their cutouts at the top of the SSG that actuate these defense complex related decisions on behalf of the top several RKM world rulers.

It now seems obvious that General Petraeus (some call him General Betray-us), others in the American defense establishment, the Israelis and Turkey (and some others) made sure Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL/Daish have been adequately supplied all along. This of course started with Robert Gates who set up and supplied Al Qaeda in Afghanistan with shoulder-fired ground to air missiles in the first place in order to defeat the Russian invaders and help bring an end to the Soviet Bolshevik evil empire.

Well, now the USA and its partners the UK and Israel have become the new evil empire and this group of nations is actually best referred to as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia axis. It receives all its wealth and power by defrauding citizens of the World of their hard earned labors by using Babylonian Talmudic Black Magic Money Power. This is done by creating money from nothing using pernicious usury and engineered, staged, provoked wars for huge profits and increased world power.

Their Babylonian Talmudic black-magick monetary production and distribution system produces and imposes debt slavery using this worldwide, RKM Bankster system of massive system of money fraud which is making their own endless supply of money from nothing and lending it to those at pernicious usury when it should have been owned in the first place by those being fleeced.

Shipments in Iraq and Syria have been dropped in the wrong places from aircraft promised to those fighting them to purposely end up in the possession of Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL/Daish. Petraeus and others made sure plenty of American armored vehicles and equipment and arms was left behind stockpiled specifically for them. It’s an old game, always create your own enemy which can be used to destabilize any nation you want to then attack.

But now even Obama is openly talking about supplying the Syrian rebels hoping to knock Assad out of power. This of course means supplying ISIS/ISIL/Daish.

Yes, it is one or two very top policy-makers who rule the “hierarchy” of the Secret Shadow Govt (defense-related corporations who handle all the deep black and beyond-black matters) that make these decisions which affect every nation and everyone.

When these top policy-makers (secret hidden rulers of the SSG hierarchy are Satanic or evil to the core, this is what we all get and have to live with).

Not only is this a total abuse of power but it constitutes unfathomable, incredibly evil anti-human “crimes against humanity” behavior that begs for international prosecution as well as prosecution within the nation the perps reside in, which is now usually the USA, the UK, or Israel.

In America, politicians are always bought off and owned to make sure that the SSG gets what it wants passed by the ceremonial DC government inside the beltway and each state. This is also done in the other nations involved in this axis of evil.

These evil, soulless, mass-murderers who are the RKM’s top policy-makers and their top cutouts who run the SSG and defense establishment must all be brought to judgment in suitable courts of law, federal and international. The innocent shed blood of millions cries out from the ground for justice and judgment. And the degree of mercy extended to these greatest criminals in history must be the same they extended to their innocent victims: absolutely none.

Just as they have persecuted and murdered hundreds of important whistleblowers to make a public media example of, major immediate examples must be made out of them with indictments and arrests quickly followed by very short trials and then public, televised executions with inspection of their dead bodies by several teams of physicians and nurses from various citizen committees, followed by a filmed autopsy to make sure that there are no more faked executions like Timothy McVeigh.

Until such justice is served, the war machine will continue to mass-murder innocent humans, and will continue to cause the needless and horrible wounding and deaths of hundreds and thousands of professional soldiers who are not privy to the fact they are being used simply as cannon fodder to mass-murder each other for these ruling elite criminally insane top RKM policy-makers so that they can continue to make obscene profits off of war and mass-death, all of which they are personally responsible for but so far never brought to justice and final judgment for.

And after these evil, soulless scum are brought to justice, any and all assets ever earned by their evil acts against humanity must be clawed back, every single asset and penny, and every single personal possession as well. Until this is accomplished humanity will continue to suffer daily from the sociopathic acts of the RKM Top Policy-makers who are notably evil, soulless and criminally insane.

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