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Activist, Heal Thyself

Check your tribalism at the door, please.  Roll your sleeve up, check your own pulse.  Now clean your ears, clear your throat, do some eyeball exercises – shake your wrists, wiggle your fingers, roll your neck, now crack your neck and let’s get cracking!  Welcome to the collective Palestine movement!  You may now enter.

Aaaah it was good to have the long overdue JVP/Weir discussion.  Finally MW opened a window and let in some fresh air.   But why did the MW editors leave the room soon as lanes of oxygen flooded in?  It would be a good thing for MW editors to let us know where they stand on ‘GatekeeperGate’.  Are they for gatekeeping the Palestine debate or are they against it?  It’s a very simple question, really.  A succinct yes or no from the editors would suffice.  The longer they take to answer, the more the reader will wonder about the genuineness of their agenda.  One assumes and hopes that MW editors are 100% against any scurrilous Machiavellian activities in the Palestine movement, including dishonorable activities by their personal friends, associates or patrons.  But we need to hear that from the horse’s mouth.  Make it official, MW.  Stand up, Phil and Adam, and let your voices be counted and recorded for posterity and for history.

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