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Spanish festival backtracks, re-invites Jewish singer – AP

by Newsstand

MADRID  — Following a barrage of criticism, organizers of an international reggae festival in Spain backtracked Wednesday and apologized for cancelling a concert by Jewish-American singer Matisyahu because he had declined to state his position regarding a Palestinian state.

Rototom Sunsplash festival said in a statement that it publicly apologized for canceling the concert and invites Matisyahu to play as originally planned on Saturday.
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Barack Obama: The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Who’s Bombed 7 Countries – MintPress

by Newsstand

   “Shoot To Kill”: a portrait of Obama created entirely from plastic troops – by UK artist Joe Black

U.S. jets are bombing Syria again this month, part of an overall pattern of military expansion during the Obama administration that’s seen military involvement in dozens of conflicts.

OCCUPIED WASHINGTON — As the United States renews a bombing campaign against ISIS forces in Syria, it seems like America’s penchant for waging war knows no bounds. During the first seven years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the U.S. bombed seven countries while supporting other destabilizing military actions throughout the Middle East.

Here’s a look at these seven countries and the effects of bombing:
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Jeremy Corbyn and the Jews – Gilad Atzmon/Veterans Today

by Newsstand

The relationship between Jeremy Corbyn and British Jews can be summarized into a brief observation:

While Corbyn’s success represents a hugely popular shift within British political thinking, the orchestrated Jewish campaign against him is there to suggest that once again, Jews set themselves against the people they dwell upon.
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What now, Einstein?

by Taxi


Okay, so the word is now out.  JVP and EtO leaderships are supremist scumbags that have been operating with a sub-agenda that protects zionists and jewish reputations, not the primary victim nation of Palestine – and most certainly not the interests of our country.

Almost a week later and not a pip-squeak from either leadership or their egghead primo supporters as to where we go from here.  So we just stand now either side of the drawn line in the sand and… do exactly what?  Ogle and dart hostilities at each other?   Shout at each other and make rude gestures across the dividing line?  What the…?!!!

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