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by Newsstand


As many of you know, my Cloak And Dagger blog came under heavy attack from, presumably, zio cyber terrorists, probably because the heavy anti-zio content probably hit the radar on Hasbara-central’s army of Internet warriors. The damage was quite extensive and corrupted both the content and the backup files, and also left behind a few trojans and sleepers. After spending the whole day finding and removing threats, I finally gave up and completely erased the machine, losing all the content on it. I decided that it was too dangerous to assume that I had gotten all of the threats eradicated. Consequently, I have rebuilt the site from scratch on a new server and at a different Internet location from the previous site, and also set up for offsite backups. The new location for the site is:

if you want a more secure connection (SSL), you can connect to:

NOTE: for those using the more secure https(SSL) link to login, since the site is self-certified, you will get warnings from your browser. There is no difference between a self-signed signature and one from a signing authority except that I would have to pay $$$ to maintain it. The site very secure now so you can confidently follow the instructions here to accept the certificate in your browser. If you are uncomfortable with that, then just use the normal http link provided above.

Since I was redoing the site, I took the opportunity to redo the layout and theme, as well as add a bunch of new bells and whistles. For those of you have been visitors to the site, you will notice that a lot of the sidebar clutter has been removed and some of the features are now accessible from the menu bar. Changes that you will notice include:

The login method has changed. There is now a Sign in item on the menu bar which takes you to a log in page from where you can log in using your WordPress credentials.Make sure to hit the Sign in with WordPress button at the bottom.

There is a new menu button labelled Goodies! that has a drop down list of items including 50 Recent Comments, Recent Posts, etc. I will be adding more items to the drop down menus rather than cluttering up the sidebars, in order to make the site more readable (hat tip to Taxi for her advice).

I am still displaying the 5 most recent comments on the sidebar, as it makes the site more interactive to see recent activity show up on the front page.

The site has a new visual editor for comments, which makes entering your posts a lot more pleasurable. As before, after posting a comment or article, you have 15 minutes to edit your submission or delete it entirely.

The Site header has an Under Construction stamp on it, because I am continuing to tweak the format on this new site and making sure I have plugged all the security holes to prevent a recurrence of this drama and loss of site content. However, the site is fully usable and I have started to post articles on it. You are free to starting posting articles and comments as well. Please let me know if you run into any glitches, as is possible with a new site, and I will fix it quickly. I will remove the Under Construction stamp once I am confident of having blocked all holes in my security.

I had considered throwing in the towel completely and abandoning the blog, given the amount of effort required to restore it, but that would let the zio-terrorists win. I am not about to give up on free speech without a fight, and I hope that you, my visitors, won’t let them win either. I hope to see you at my new site and engage in good discussions with all of you. Thanks! death in shadow

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