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American Empire versus Global Zionism

America in the Middle East: we’re playing so many sides against each other – juggling swords and nukes and oil pipes in the eye of a firestorm.

Why?  And where is this all leading to?

Apparently, it is all for us, for us and only us – it is all for the benefit of America:  the greatest ever Empire in the whole history of mankind.  This is why we do what we do in the Middle East and it is all leading to…  the end of Israel.

“The magic has turned against the magician”, is an old Arab saying.

For decades the narcissistic Zionists worldwide have assumed that they are the masters of America, that America is so giddily infatuated and mesmerized by all things Judozionist that they can forever and eternally depend on America’s punch-drunk love and dollars.  They believed it so deeply and for so long, talked about it so very much that even we almost started to believe it too – till, that is, the historic Iran deal was signed.  “No daylight between us”?  Indeed, we have not heard that phrase bandied around for months now.

The momentous signing of the Iran deal leaves everyone involved a mega winner except… Israel.  This is a huge and momentous revelation on behalf of Empire and nobody is more traumatized by it than the Knesset and our zio-bought (ziobot) congress.  But we all know that our congress is zio-occupied territory; in fact so much so that it should really be called ‘Zongress’.  We all know that congress does not work for “We The People”, but for the puny terrorist settler state of Apartheid Israel.   Congress certainly does not work for the benefit of the giant American Empire either.  They’re scared of it – down the halls of power it towers over them and their miniscule mortalness.  They don’t understand it – how could they?  It speaks in English while they speak in Zinglish.  American congressmen are no threat to Empire and neither is Israel – their combined forces can never bring down and forever tie up that bad-assed American Gulliver.  Oh they will try throwing everything and the kitchen sink to change the sudden realism that sucker-punched their delusions of grandeur, but it’s just simply not going to work.  Why?  Because Empire may take a friend or two for a  high ride that lasts a few decades, but it has no plans for taking anyone with it to the very top.  The Emperor wants to sit alone on his high Everest-ian throne.  That’s the nature of the beast of Empire.   Perched god-like on the highest peak; and  alone.  With all its frenzied fists and bulging biceps, there is nothing that Global Zionism can now do to keep riding on American wings.  The euphoric journey of the leech is over – it holds nothing in hand now but an expired ticket to be glued to its scrapbook.

Yes, it’s true that American Empire doesn’t care about Palestine and Palestinians – but it would also seem to be the case that Empire doesn’t care about Jews and Israel either.  Empire just didn’t care to make that clear to the Zionists six decades ago.  And why should its grand highness volunteer any information to a mere serf?  For decades, Israel served as Empire’s military hardware showroom right smack in the center of the planet; a set-up that on balance and reflection served the wealth of America by far more than it served the security of Israel.  Israel has really been no more than a corner shop with cheap rent and high turnover of product.  And now that Empire wants to project its domination further northeast and southeast into the Russian Steppes and  across to the China Seas and the Pacific basin, it wants to eventually abandon the zionist kiosk in the holy land for a new and larger showroom that is also cheaper in rent.  Here read Azerbaijan for its easy reach to China and Russia, as well as for it’s vast local oilfields and for its easy access to major Arab oil lands.  And the ingeniousness of Empire’s maneuvers into Azerbaijan?  It is exploiting the skills of Israeli military trainers and personnel – their training already paid for by American tax dollars – assigning them the minion task of building up Azerbaijan’s military presence brick by arduous brick – ironically, in exactly same way that Israel uses cheap Palestinian labor to build expensive new beachfront condos and illegal settlements.

See how the magic is turning against the magician?

Though downplayed severely by mainstream media, we are currently witnessing a power struggle between American Empire and Global Zionism.  We see this reflected in multiple locations and not just in the Iranian arena.   For example, Israel wants Syria’s head (its army, more specifically) on a silver platter as compensation for the Iran deal, but Empire won’t allow it.  Not for the love of Syria, but purely for the sakes of Empire is Obama obliged to secure Syria – especially from the coarsening, poison hands of Israel.  This is necessary so as to insure the safety, longevity and immense profit for Empire that’s to be harnessed from the Iran deal way past his present term in office.  It is no longer profitable for Empire to start new wars in the Middle East, be it for the sakes of Israel or Shmisrael.  In fact, post the Iran deal signing, the very opposite is now desirable for Empire.  The Iran deal’s success into the future is highly dependent on relative peace prevailing in the Middle East.  And peace in the Middle East, as we all know, means the end of Israel.

All the chaos and turbulence in the Middle East right now is being wound down – yes it may take several more years of unwinding, but we have now indeed seen the worst of ISIS suckling on the grotesque teat of the Yinon Plan.   Signs of this?  Yemen and Saudi Arabia are presently holding peace talks in the Sultanate of Oman.  For the first time since Gaddafi’s death, the Libyan army is finally beginning to take control of batches of Alquaida territories and actually hold them.  In Iraq, America is not objecting to increasing-in-number and successful Iranian anti-terrorist operations.  In Syria, Obama has quietly given Putin the nod to go there and do what is necessary to liquidate ISIS: this ‘nod’ is for Empire reasons mentioned above, and also as Obama’s personal domestic political shield against Aipac – ‘Syria’s out of my hands, Aipac – go talk to Putin’, Obama can now say to the vindictive Zionist lobby.

It is a brand new world order indeed that the signing of the Iran deal has created.  We are seeing faded old blueprints discarded and new ones being drawn out.  Blueprints that undervalue Israel in Empire’s larger schemes.  Blueprints that suggest that stability in the Middle East is now a practical priority and not a lip-service.  Stability, security and peace in the Middle East:  these are the weapons that Empire is using to destroy Israel with, knowing very well that Israel thrives on nothing but war  and more war – and that when its precious war substance is denied it, Israel would consequentially and eventually run out of oxygen.



  1. seanmcbride says:

    There is another way to frame this conflict: Judaism vs. the nations, “the Jews” vs. the world, the chosen people vs. the unchosen peoples, etc.

    Netanyahu and his fellow Likudniks launched a proactive attack on the American government on the basis of Torah/Old Testament beliefs, archetypes and memes.

    Sift through the articles and comments in the Israeli media and the pro-Israel Jewish media around the world, and this is the theme that comes through loud and clear in many thousands of communications.

    With contemporary Zionism we are looking at an apocalyptic cult based on the culture of ancient Judaism, not a rational modern political movement. We can make an effort to deprogram the cult — or the cult may succeed in blowing up the planet.

    Israel is at war with every other power in the world — including America. King Messiah is on a sacred mission to overpower and subdue “the nations.” God is on the side of Israel and against everyone else — or so many Zionists believe.

    We will discover soon enough whether or not these beliefs are grounded in reality or are delusional — the product of mental dysfunction.

    Pay close attention to pro-Israel activists and militants — do they sound sane? Realistic? Level-headed?

  2. american200 says:

    Good piece Taxi.
    Although the ‘American’ in American Empire might not mean what it use to or what people think it does.
    America is the lead dog in the Global Elite Empire, not for America in totality per se.
    So the battle re Israel & The ChosenOnes vr the ME and the World could be viewed as a battle between America’s Elite & Globalist Empire vr the Henry’s Ford’s International Jew Global Empire aspirations.
    I think that battle is what we are seeing in regard to changing attitudes among nations Global Elite toward Israel.
    It cost the Elite Globalist nothing to pacify Israel or thwart Israel from disturbing whatever specific international interest they dont want disturbed as we the non elite people are the ones paying for it and others can be tossed to Israel as whipping boys or a conciliation prize for them to vent their greed and frustrations on.
    Who will win?
    As much as I-Jdom is driven by greed and desire for power they can lose if they keep stepping on too many toes of Globaldom.

    Some people think Obama’s deal with Iran is about principles of peace and diplomacy or smacking down Israel and Netanyahu–its not—its about avoiding that global economic meltdown that attacking Iran would cause other countries to meltdown which are tied into the global economy and therefore tied into the US and other major nations. The US itself would lose nothing in oil interest in a war with Iran as we only get 25% or less of our oil from the ME,which could be easily made up from Canada and SA countries and from ‘not’ exporting our own oil, which we do now. ..that the Us actually ‘exports’ US drilled and fracked oil is a fact people overlook or dont know when they claim the US interest is all about ME oil.
    Obama is the global elites boy, not an American boy, you can see that in all his economic and trade policies, the latest disaster of which is the TPP,which is a blow to US jobs and therefore the lesser ‘main street’ American’s economics.
    Meanwhile re Isr, Obama plays a multi faceted game of politically appeasing I-Jdom and throwing favors and our money at them while advancing and protecting Globaldom.
    I could elaborate also on why he opened up Cuba as the time became ripe with the fading of the old Cuban hardliners lobby for some of the same reasons, but I’ll stop here.

  3. I disagree with both Taxi & American.
    I think the Iran deal could not be more Israel-friendly if Netanyahu had written it himself, which he did, in effect, in the person of Wendy Sherman.

    The Iran deal is a repeat of the coup by which banking interests took control of US finance —


    Rockefellers were key players at Jekyll Island/the creation of the federal reserve/central banking system in US.

    And Rockefeller Fund initiated the move toward US-Iran engagement.

    Don’t think for a minute that Jewish financial interests are not involved in the Iran deal up to their necks –Israel’s Fisher is second in command of Fed, for pete’s sake, and zionists run US Treasury and created a special division, under control of zionists, specifically to sanction Iran and monitor Iran’s activities in the global financial world.
    Wake up folks. you’re being pwnd.

    • Gary Samore was a last-minute addition to the panel in The conference in the video, above. The conference was June 4, 2015, before Samore jumped ship from FDD — “he was against the deal before he was for it.”

      Even more interesting is the moderator’s introduction of Steve Heintz, (@ 4 min 30 sec) head of the Rockefeller Brothers, “who spent a million or a million – and – a – half since 2001 on what we’ve done together” (on the Iran Task Force).

      • meant to include in above — from its earliest days Rockefellers have been major supporters of NIAC, the major group representing Iranian Americans in USA.
        Ploughshares Fund has also been a major financial supporter of NIAC.

    • Chasmark,

      I could go along with your tip except for one thing. I’d say a fair chunk of people, regardless of their religion or political bend, would put their purse and bank account above their religion or political affiliation if the situation was enticing enough. And as tribal as most jewish people are, I have no doubt that some would do just that too: put their bank accounts above their religion and their political affiliation if the price was right. It’s called ‘business’. It’s also called the human condition.

      Just because a couple of I-firsters were involved on the fringes or even on the second tier of the Iran negotiating team does not mean that this deal is for Israel’s benefit. I-firsters, like I mentioned above are human and can be susceptible to the attraction of dollars above ideology or religion. I don’t believe for a second that Israel benefits from the Iran deal. You’re gonna have to produce something a little more substantial to prove this than just a finger pointing at Rockefella and the Federal reserve, as zionist as these two exhibits may be.

      There is no ‘game’ being played here by Israel – the opposite is true: israel is being played hard by some very smart Iranians. And these smart Iranians would never fall for a ‘Rochefella’ globalist trap. You over estimate the waning power of Global Zionism. And you underestimate the corruptions inherent within the human condition.

      The Iran deal threatens Isael’s military hegemony in a very real and dynamic sense. There is no way that Israel would EVER give that power up just so that the ‘west’ can get a better look at what’s inside Iran’s underpants.

      • Denis says:

        Somebody’s got something backwards here.
        The Iran deal does not threaten GoI’s “military hegemony” unless IRI reneges on it and secretly builds a nuke.
        The Iran deal does not address one way or the other IRI’s development or acquisition of conventional weapons. To the extent that IRI develops or acquires advanced cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, submarines, or other threats to GoI’s military hegemony, that has nothing to do with the Iran deal.
        On its face, the Iran deal prevents IRI from openly developing its own nukes while GoI is free to continue adding to its own nuke arsenal. GoI goes from 400 nukes to 600 while nobody else in the ME has any. How does that adversely affect GoI’s military hegemony?
        The only way GoI’s military hegemony will suffer is if the USG and Germany quit contributing to it and if the world forces GoI to give up its nukes. Short of GoI starting a world war, that ain’t gonna’ happen in our lifetime. Not if ApePAC has anything to say about it.
        Taxi: “All the chaos and turbulence in the Middle East right now is being wound down”
        Uh, I don’t think so. What news reports are you reading? Are you in Lebanon? Do you have an Internet cxn? What I read talks about daily escalating bloody conflict in hot-spots like Syria (from the Golan Heights to Latakia), Iraq, Yemen. Basically, anywhere there’s a bunch of Shia, there’s somebody getting their asses kicked. What you see as “winding down” I see as a fuse burning. One of us has to be wrong.
        Even if GoI does self-destruct, the Shia and the Sunni will be going at each other for another 1400 years. The ME conflict winding down????

      • “How does that adversely affect GoI’s military hegemony?”

        Israel’s loss on the battlefield in 2006 has already lost it military deterrence within the Levant. No deterrence = no hegemony. That’s how it works, Denis. Today Iran got Russian S-300, this increases its deterrence capability, therefore there was a spike in its hegemony powers today. And as to israeli nukes – they’re a defensive weapon for far away enemies and an obsolete in the Levant. For israel to fire a nuke at anybody means the end of israel. Full stop. More than that, it would mean that everything zionist and jewish too the world over would become a prime target for annihilation. Israeli leaders know this only too well. 99.99% of the Samson Option is bluff.

        “All the chaos and turbulence in the Middle East right now is being wound down – yes it may take several more years of unwinding, but we have now indeed seen the worst of ISIS suckling on the grotesque teat of the Yinon Plan.”

        I said above that it would take a couple of years of winding down, Denis. Why do you have a problem with this? Of course I know battles are raging out there and much blood is being shed – I live on the borders of a fucking warzone, I should know! But the nature of the battles and the political maneuverings going on right now are not the same as before. Take it or leave it.

      • “Even if GoI does self-destruct, the Shia and the Sunni will be going at each other for another 1400 years.”

        Sectarian strife and sectarian wars within islam have been dormant for over a thousand years till zionists arrived and started prodding the Arab world’s old Achilles’ heal. Besides, relatively speaking, it’s a very small minority of moslems and arabs who are criminally obsessed with violent sectarianism. We’ve been witnessing an evil and manufactured crisis, Denis – they have not be chopping each others’ head forever – and they will not be chopping off each others’ heads for the next 1,400 years either.

      • Denis says:

        Taxi: “Sectarian strife and sectarian wars within islam have been dormant for over a thousand years till zionists arrived and started prodding the Arab world’s old Achilles’ heal.”
        OK, so you ignore millions killed in sectarian Muslim violence from 632 to about 1000AD. Not sure why they don’t count in your assessment, but let’s look at the last 1000 yrs. Dormant?
        12th – 15th c. Cordoba. The violent, fundamentalist Almohads invaded the Iberian Pen. and butchered the more secular Muslims by the tens of thousands for 250 yrs.
        14th c. The Ottoman Claiphate was not formed by selling raffle tickets to an electoral college. It was established by blood-thirsty Turkish Muslims killing any Muslims that stood in the way. Murad I, for instance, sacked dozens of cities and killed tens of thousands of Muslims. Almost 100,000 died in the Battle of Kosovo, 1389.
        18th c. 18th c. the scourge of Whabbism, which is ISIS today, began. Killing thousands of Muslims, mostly Shia in the Arab Pen. and beyond. The Whabbi Ahmad Shah Abdali attacked India repeatedly, killing tens of thousands of Muslims there.

        19th c. 1802 the Wahhabis/Saudis destroyed Karbala, Mecca and Medina, and they haven’t stopped waging bloody war on the Shia since. 1815 the Egyptian Ali Pasha working for the Ottomans wiped out the Ibn Saud clan and put thousands to the sword.

        This is not my idea of “dormant”.

        It is really disingenuous to blame 1000 yrs of Muslim-on-Muslim butchery on zionists. That may be largely true since 1935 or so, but Jews had nothing to do with the sacking of Karbala, &etc. The Sunni and Shia are more than capable and willing to slit each other’s throats w/out Bibi handing out the knives.

      • Denis,

        All these conflicts you refer to were localized – not spread out across the whole region like we have today with ISIS – they were small isolated wars in a vast region. Some of these violent conflicts were for territorial gains, some for religious fundamentalism.

        And even with your sweeping number of dead in all these wars, added up they still represent a lower figure of dead than what introducing zionism into the region has cost in human lives.

        But what would I know, Denis? I don’t even have internet “cnx” according to you.

      • american200 says:

        What you describe Denis was pretty much the way of the entire world during those eras.

        But I think most ME experts would agree (actually I know they do) that the British empire carving up the ME into ‘unnatural states’ is a major reason for the tribal conflicts we see today.

      • Denis says:

        Taxi: “All these conflicts you refer to were localized – not spread out across the whole region like we have today with ISIS – they were small isolated wars in a vast region.”
        The Ottoman Empire, localized. LOL. These mass-killings over the last 1400 years are all about Muslims trying to build/defend caliphates to control the Levant. The Ottomans were the most successful and the most bloody. That’s not a coincidence.
        What has “localized” got to do with it anyway? Even if such an apology or excuse for the Muslim-on-Muslim violence was accurate, which it isn’t, it would be irrelevant. Pearl Harbor was a localized attack.
        To allege that Muslim violence has been dormant for 1000 yrs is preposterous. To blame the resurgence on Jews or western influences is even more preposterous because it implies that Muslims are so stupid they can be duped into killing each other.
        Whenever and wherever the Levant has been peaceful for the last 1000 yrs., it’s only b/c the sectarian violence has been repressed by sectarian brutality. What the west has done that has been a disaster has been to remove from power dictator’s whose brutality was necessary to keep the Shia and Sunnis from killing each other. Whichever sect was in power brutally repressed the other sect. Ottomans, Gadaffi, Sadaam, Assad. Tito did the same in Yugoslavia.
        When the neocons have up-set that repression of one sect by the other — the so-called “Arab spring” — bloody sectarian violence has been the result. The Iraq War was an unmitigated disaster only b/c Cheney and Rumsfeld were too stupid to conceptualize how much the Sunni hate the Shia.
        In the 12 c. the Muslim historian Taj al-Din Abu al-Shahrastani said: “Never was there an Islamic issue which brought about more bloodshed than the caliphate,” clearly showing how the past is prelude to the present.
        I stand on my initial statement that Muslims have been butchering each other for 1400 years. Nothing you have said comes close to refuting that position, IMO.

      • seanmcbride says:


        Your analysis makes quite a bit of sense to me.

        But the neocons weren’t stupid in unleashing the power of Muslim extremism and ferocity — that plays into their strategic objective of setting the stage for a world historical battle between the West and Islam. They know precisely what they are doing, and are continuing to execute their plan with skill.

        You need to be thinking about their endgame.

      • Denis,

        “Localized”, meaning they did not effect the WHOLE VAST REGION, just where the conflict was taking place – not like now where ISIS is effecting the whole region directly and simultaneously. And the Ottoman Empire didn’t just suddenly overnight charge forth and conquer EVERYBODY simultaneously either – it was a localized conquest, a chunk at a time – and these conquests were completely political.

        Moreover, Denis, pretty much all these conflicts you mention, including the Iraq scene were for territorial gains and political powers, using sectarian propaganda to rile their sides up – I’m sure you’re familiar with this form of war propaganda. (Or maybe not as it looks like you’ve swallowed the brainwash). Even the worst of islamic battles known as ‘Ashura’ was primarily a war and a massacre over territory, politics and power.

        It is accepted wisdom amongst historians of Islam and political scientists that even the Caliphate wars were politically and territorially motivated. Go look through the history books and you will not find a single battle where an army comprised purely and only of shias was charging at an army that’s comprised purely and only of sunnis. There’s been a couple of battles where shias and a sunni branch together fighting a common suni enemy, yes, but there’s never been suni versus shia wars in the exclusive sense that you are peddling.

        You’re missing a lot of nuances here and much context in your understanding. Above all, you’re missing the fact that it’s elites seeking more power, more resources or more territory who have instigated every single war on the planet – using primarily religion, political ideology or nationalism as emotive instruments to inflame the masses to fight these wars on their behalf.

      • seanmcbride says:


        This is eloquently said:

        You’re missing a lot of nuances here and much context in your understanding. Above all, you’re missing the fact that it’s elites seeking more power, more resources or more territory who have instigated every single war on the planet – using primarily religion, political ideology or nationalism as emotive instruments to inflame the masses to fight these wars on their behalf.

      • Sean,

        Just to be clear: there is a definite collective sickness in the Arab world and indeed it is currently manifesting itself as violent extremism. But the core problem of these people is actually ignorance – sectarianism is a manifestation of ignorance and not a religious manifestation per say.

        We in the West have our sicknesses too. We may not be slaughtering each other close-up and personal, middle-eastern style, but we sure are doing much slaughtering of the ‘other’ in faraway places.

        Same ignorance.

        Slaughter is slaughter.

    • american200 says:

      So you’re saying the Iran deal is a Jewish ‘Trojan Horse’.
      I dont see it, think thats a stretch, but its not impossible I guess.
      But whether it works if it is or not depends entirely on whether the Iranians let them out of the wooden horse.

      Depends on how nationalistic the Iranian leaders are.
      Depends on J-dom finding enough Iranian elites to buy or bribe.
      Depends on if Iran gets a leader who will sell out for US support of him becoming another Shah or long term Egyptian Morsi.
      Depends on if Iran is willing to lose what regional ME influence it has by being seen as another US- Isr lackey.
      Depends on how susceptible the Iranian street would be to Isr and elite propaganda and how many remember the US overthrow and installation of the Shah era….which the Iranians subsequently overthrew.
      A lot of ‘depends’.

      I am sure there will be efforts by the usual suspects but not sure if they will be successful in co-opting Iran or not. I personally think the Perisans are much smarter than the Jews but there is the US ‘strong arming’ factor, but that may be offset by European interest in Iran.
      So I guess we will see how it works out.

  4. You will ban CM if holocaust is discussed so pretend it was not mentioned.
    But put Obama in FDR’s shoes: FDR played the same double-triple game, pitting Russia against Germany but also seeking to fragment the British empire in order to step into the place of British in Persian gulf (and also exert American control over Italy therefore Mediterranean, edging out Churchill/British).
    But recognize that Jewish zionists were at every influence-point and decision-making junction in the entire process, from the run-up to the war (beginning with failure of Weimar, 1933) to Morgenthau plan which ran all the way until at least 1947. It might be argued that Angela Merkel is zionism’s puppet in Germany today — see Rosa Brooks, Foreign Policy, Aug. 22, 2015

    And zionists/Israel were major victors of WWII just as zionists were major victors of WWI.

    Zionists are more powerful than ever; Obama/FDR is not acting AGAINST zionist Israel, he is, however willingly or unwillingly, working in collaboration WITH Israel, and the Bolshevik zionists are no less “relentless” (see the Cheney-Addington article) today than they were in 1917-1919 and 1933- 1948.

    In a 2009 video, Norman Finkelstein talked to a Lebanese journalist about how, post-2006 war and devastation, Lebanon should oppose Bush & Rice’s visits to Lebanon.
    There was a segment in that video that has since been removed. In that deleted segment, Fink. said (something like) “Israel is like Germany was — extremely powerful . . . The only thing that could resolve Germany was total military destruction … today, Germany is the most morally conscious of any state . . . The same thing needs to happen to Israel to “bring it to its senses.”

    The only way to ‘resolve’ Israel is its total destruction, a la Germany 1940 – 1945.

    This Iran deal is NOT a blow to Israel, it is a boon.

    • ChasMark,

      First, I will not ban discussion of the holocaust if it is relevant to the topic. But I will delete comments like yours that fork off thread and just casually slip in a line about the holocaust being an hoax, then casually u-turn and proceed back to your original point. You have done this in the past and I have deleted your comment for it. Like I explained to you in a private email: I am not well-read on the minutiae and sinews of the holocaust and so therefore I will not be able to confirm or dis-confirm your POV on the holocaust unless I go read a bulk of histories and documentation on it. And I have no interest in doing that as I find the topic too depressing and life is too short. I simply cannot rely on your POV or any other person’s when it comes to this topic or any other topic for that matter – I can only rely on my own cognitive faculaty. And I actually resent you even bringing it up on a thread that is NOT dealing with the holocaust. I hope this is clear. Please don’t just go interjecting your specialized area of interest on every other thread that has nothing to do with WW2. You are virtually trolling your stuff.

      I honestly don’t understand most of your above post – it’s all abstracts to me and therefore frankly a waste of my reading time.

      And you’re only half right about the Finklestein statement – here’s the video of Finklestein that you could not find for yourself. What he says is not quite your quote and it’s certainly said within a completely different context than yours.


      It looks like not only uber zionists are stuck in WW2, but so are you, CM. I’m not in the slightest denying the powers of global zionism and their powers at deception, I just see clear signs of their powers diminishing in the 21st century.

      • First of all, we’re on the same side, Taxi. You’ve got a classy act going here; good for you. I think I can add an important perspective. You disagree, I go home. No harm no foul (but from my pov, you lose out in not understanding that important perspective.)

        re the Fink video —

        notice a glitch at 9:29?

        I saw this video years ago, Taxi. I think I downloaded it somewhere — it would have been on a computer that’s now dead.
        I also wrote a transcript. I remember it quite clearly —

        At about 9:29 Fink said “Germany was the most powerful …. like Israel is now … Germany was destroyed, now it is moral … Israel needs to be destroyed to make it come to its senses …”

        That segment has been deleted from the video.

        It picks up where Fink. says, “Israel has to suffer a defeat.”

        I just find it interesting that that bit has been erased from the video. Too intense maybe.

        Do you really believe that “business interests” — like, for example, Starbucks or Pepsi or MacDonalds, even Walmart — can overwhelm the combined forces of Wall Street in league with US Treasury, Fed, and Arab petrodollar? This is about bankers and economic hit men who want to do Urban Renewal in Iran. Nearly 70 years ago US firms went into Afghanistan to build dams. They screwed things up, caused heavy salinization of the water table and also created the environment where poppies grew aplenty.
        A major component of the 2003 invasion of Afghanistan was to send US Army Corps of engineers in to redirect Afghani water resources. In the process they are drying up downstream Iranian lakes. In addition, Afghan refugees are overwhelming Iran, and even more critically — Rouhani has mentioned this a few times — Afghan-origin heroin is coming into Iran by the ton and devastating Iranian young people. Drug addiction among Iranian young people is a major problem.

        Is Starbucks going to be anything more than a blip on the screen compared to the interest revenue to be gained by bankers financing dams and waterways? And Iran has oil to hold as collateral.

        How many lobbyists can you buy, and how many lobbyists can Goldman Sachs buy?

        I’m not saying ‘give up,’ I’m saying you have to be a realist, not a wishful thinker.

        re the holocaust bit, you made the crucial point for me: Those who do not know the history are doomed to repeat it.

        For all the blathering about “jewish intelligence,” it is important to know that the people who created and are running zionist Israel today are among the dumbest f&%ks Poland, Lithuanian & the Ukraine produced (the smart Jews were in Germany and they migrated to Germany from Italy, where they learned banking, like the Warburgs);
        Bolshevik-zionists – neocons are a one-trick pony. That pony performed all his tricks in Russia-Germany, using US & British, between 1900 and 1950, and the same tricks in USA & through USA in Palestine, Iraq, Iran today.
        The pattern – that we can discern from history, accurately understood — is easily known, and Sun Tzu said “Know your enemy.”

      • Chas,

        “Fink. says, “Israel has to suffer a defeat.”. ”

        Actually, I saw the full interview several times back then too and Fink actually said: “Israel has to suffer a HUMILIATING defeat, just like Nazi Germany was stopped with a humiliating defeat”. And yes the video is clipped – but so what, who cares? It’s probably his doing – maybe in his older age he’s embarrassed by what he said or by the energy behind it and so had that part removed – whatever the reason may be, that’s his prerogative and his right.

        Chas, you are welcome to come and comment here even if you thought you were not on my “side”. But I will not indulge you or others in topics that are both beyond my knowledge pay-scale and that are also simultaneously controversial. This is the last conversation and reference that will be allowed as comment on this topic. I honestly just don’t have time to deal with stuff that doesn’t jam with my butter.

        “Those who do not know the history are doomed to repeat it.”

        I may not be an expert on WW2 (and neither do I desire this accolade), but I know enough to know that most German jews were wronged and some German jews did a wrong themselves. And I actually think that if one is too immersed in the past, one becomes a prisoner of time and is denied the fruits of the present and the future.

        And don’t you worry yourself about me – I don’t need to know the dates and dialogues, the machinations and tactics that zionists used in WW2 when I can clearly see them manifested in Palestine and in our congress right now in modernity. I’ve studied zionist behavior just like you have, Chas – the only difference being is that I studied it through via their behavior in Palestine and the middle east, whereas you’ve studied it through their behavior in Europe and Russia.

        This thread is about a power clash between TODAY’S zionism and the American Empire. Let’s just stay on that track, shall we? Thank you.

      • The deal is already done bro. But you and her are entitled to your shared opinion.

        Say, have you noticed how this thread is NOT about the Iran deal but about the underlying wars between American Empire and Global Zionism?

      • “… the underlying wars between American Empire and Global Zionism.” (Taxi)

        I don’t believe there is such wars. I see the two countries more working in parallel towards the same objective but with Israel acting like a parasite feeding off the American remains.

    • Simin Royanian?

      Why don’t you go ask a Palestinian peace activist if the Iran deal is bad for Palestine instead, Chas.

      Really now, Chas, you’re clutching at straws here with your ‘the Iran deal is bad for everyone except for israel’.

      • What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t get it. What are you trying to say? How does that even relate to the conversation? Huh?

        Never mind – could just be me – it’s almost midnight where I am and I’ve had a nice but long and tiring day of it.


  5. slothy says:

    “But we all know that our congress is zio-occupied territory; in fact so much so that it should really be called ‘Zongress’.’

    I think, a few months ago  Lindsay Graham was in Jerusalem saying that the Senate had passed the “unanimus” resolution backing Israel’s Op last summer and recently, John McCain on haaertz was saying that there would be 60 votes against the deal but not 67.

    A comment I heard on MW first

    Why Israel does not want to become the 51st state?
    Because then they would have only 2 US senators

    It could be translated into Arabic, printed leaflets, t-shirts, spread around the ME, or  perhaps tested on the battlefields and compare it’s potency with the old ‘deadly joke’ /weapon from Monty Python Flying Circus many years ago.  

    Or hashtag ‘Zongress’ joke?

    • Heh! Hashtag#Zongress – a twitter account that collects jokes about donkey fellators in congress – all those horrid little resolutions they pass so quickly to help out israel while our resolutions that need dire addressing sit on congress’ shelves collecting dust. Hashtag#Zongress – I like that.

      Somebody with a twitter account should set it up.

      • slothy says:

        “”Hashtag#Zongress – I like that.

        Somebody with a twitter account should set it up.”

        I am not on Twitter, is Sean ?
        Or …. send me an email if you are not too busy. Besides, I got a photo of a cartoon for you.

      • I don’t have an account with twitter – tryna avoid it if I can help it!

        Sean? Sean’s got everything – heh.

        Hopefully he’ll see this comment and respond.

        Thanks, slothy.

      • Hey, in just a couple of days or so, I should have the site updated with extras for visitors etc. Among the extras is a page to contact me privately and directly. Hold on to the treasured “photo of a cartoon” for just a wee bit. Thanks.

      • slothy says:

        Visually I like ‘Ziongress’ better
        but it’s your word.
        Platonic Constructivism has arrived about 100 years after the Russian one!

        I came up with ‘ SURE Realism’
        because I kinda felt like pure ‘Surrealism’was inadequate to describe the insane state of affairs. I

      • For my personal taste, i prefer ‘zongress’ cuz it’s easier on the tongue than ‘ziongress’. But we can take a readers’ vote on it. Me, I’m not attached to either really. It’s all game for a laugh to me. Let’s see what Sean says first.

        “Platonic Constructivism has arrived about 100 years after the Russian one!” – Lol man that is hillarious!

        “SURE-REALISM! heh!

      • slothy says:

        “Me, I’m not attached to either really. It’s all game for a laugh to me. Let’s see what Sean says first.”

        same theme ‘ Schizocongress glows ‘
        poetic or what?
        I think ‘ schizo’ means split – as both sides of the pond 

  6. Danaa says:

    Taxi – that’s a really interesting over-arching story line you have here, and I suspect there’s much truth to it. At the same time, I am with American here – the Empire has been commandeered by a larger force – that of the Corporation, which to me, includes the Financial elites that are a principal in the PTBs that really running the world.

    I think also that it’s true that the key worry for the Global Corporatocracy (the one run by and mostly for the elites, with the rest of us being useful “consumers”) is the threat of global economic collapse. Right now, regardless which side of the ideological divide one is on, the biggest threat to the global economy, and indeed to the entire edifice of the monetary system (painstakingly built over 2 centuries) is the insufficiency of growth, and therefore – as a direct result – the slackening of demand. Without continuing robust growth the entire free market system – including its financial tentacles (corrupt as they are) the system, which is really a Ponzi scheme built on an elusive element called “confidence”, will come crashing down.

    So by this view, when growth looks anemic (since China put the breaks on fueling it – willingly or unwillingly), the importance of stability becomes paramount if the band-aids the PTBs are preparing are to keep the system churning along a little longer. The manifestation of the system being the Empire, it is imperative to turn Iran from a dormant economic backwater to a helpful engine. Which Iran can be. In fact, I believe that Iran can help revitalize a whole bunch of new bubbles – its inherent capabilities coupled with a prime location, are that significant. In fact, Iran is expected to give a serious boost to the elusive ‘confidence” factor. By contrast, puny little israel can may be counted on to ride with the military-industrial complex – and, as taxi implied – serve as a test ground for new systems – but only up to the point that it can no longer fulfill its “duties” on account of too much peace dividend.

    Also, to add to taxi’s point – I assume others looking at israel’s socio-demographic time bomb see what I see. On its current course, israel is destined to become a parochial cesspool with an economy maintained along the coast that is under continuous pressure. Only people that are from there – and the serious analysts of Empire – realize the true pressure israel is under and its dangerous trajectory. Hence the breaks we see (or don’t because they are hidden).

    Yes, one can look at the global picture through an inside-out mirror and say that it is zionism that’s driving the empire’s locomotive. But while I see plenty of attempts on the Zio part to do just that, as Iran and Syria prove, they are not permitted to go off track.

    There are of course many unknowns as well as some unfortunate knowns. The biggest unknown is Russia-China-India axis, which is determined to give the Empire a run for its money. Israel BTW has not been palying ball with Empire on this one either, showing every sign that they are willing to bolt to the other side, or play both sides for suckers. Empire no like that. Not good for mysterious “confidence” boosting remedy. The unfortunate unknown is the role all of us – non PTB consumer (bots to them) – in the new Empire. That role is IMO an unfortunate one, whether we see it or not. For insight on the fate prepared for us all I recommend readings from Chris hedges. I think he (among others) has his finger on it, and the prospects don’t look good. One of the very few choices open to us is to go with the Russia-China Eurasian train. Thouhg whether this can lead anywhere much better is too soon to tell since they are just leaving the station now.

    • Danaa,

      I don’t see a contradiction between you and American’s take and mine.

      Empire does not care about ideological wars. No, Empire only goes to war for the sakes of the dollar. And likewise, it only goes to peace for the sakes of the dollar.

      • Danaa says:

        One more comment along the same vein: it’s only in the past year that I finally figured out what the Bilderbergers were really all about. Pouring through the list of invitees to the last two “conferences” it was hard not to see the common thread – these were all servants of the Global Corporatocracy riding on the back of the American Empire. They may appear to be elites, as in “movers and shakers” which some actually are for a time, and most are so in their own eyes, but ultimately they are the true servants working hard to oil the machine.

        But i also noticed who were not on the list. The Eurasians, the brics, the Middle-easterners and Israel. The Zios were out in force of course, but they were all, each and every one, faithful “Anglos”, working for the Empire and its Corporate master. To me the absence of true israeli representatives (ie, those non-native English/french speakers) spoke quite loudly. They are not apparently present in the Empire “inner circle” though individuals may be on the periphery.

        Probably because the “masters” feel they can’t be trusted to put pocket book ahead of zeal, which means they are not part of the new “Homo Economicus” that’s slated to take over Homo “Sapiens”. A different evolutionary line perhaps? a potentially threatening one?

      • seanmcbride says:


        One can take an X-ray of any organization by using data mining methods, for instance:

        +sort Bilderbergers by affiliations
        +sort Bilderbergers by ethnicity
        +sort Bilderbergers by first name
        +sort Bilderbergers by gender
        +sort Bilderbergers by industry
        +sort Bilderbergers by last name
        +sort Bilderbergers by most anti-* remarks
        +sort Bilderbergers by most mentions of *
        +sort Bilderbergers by most pro-* remarks
        +sort Bilderbergers by most wealthy
        +sort Bilderbergers by nation
        +sort Bilderbergers by oldest
        +sort Bilderbergers by religion
        +sort Bilderbergers by youngest
        +sort companies by most Bilderbergers
        +sort ethnic groups by most Bilderbergers
        +sort industries by most Bilderbergers
        +sort nations by most Bilderbergers
        +sort religions by most Bilderbergers

        You’re right — there are very few Israelis among the Bilderbergers — but quite a few neoconservatives, neoliberals and Zionist billionaires.

        You might also want to look at intersections of various sets: Bilderberg members+CFR members, Bilderberg members+AEI members, Bilderberg members+Iraq War ringleaders, etc.

        If you want to know who runs the world, check out the annual Forbes list of global billionaires. That will get you in the right general territory, although the actual details of the terrain are rather obscure and obfuscated.

      • seanmcbride says:


        Zionism is a tool of the Rothschild empire; the Rothschild empire is not a tool of Zionism. If Zionism became “bad for business,” the Rothschild empire might well abandon it.

        By “Rothschild empire” or “Rothschild network” in the current era one doesn’t mean the Rothschild family literally. One is referring to the global financial system and elite social network that the Rothschilds built — the term is a bit metaphoric.

        Think the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the IMF, Goldman Sachs, CFR, the Clinton Foundation, etc.

        The Rothschild empire is a key player among the Bilderbergers — perhaps the dominant player. Follow the money always. (But they are by no means the only player.)

      • seanmcbride says:

        About every Bilderberg attendee one can ask: why is that person on the list? What’s the agenda? What are the most important patterns in the data?

        Why is Vin Weber there? Richard Perle? Henry Kravis? Alex Karp? Peter Thiel? Robert Rubin? Henry Kissinger? Robert Zoellick?

        Who are the core members of Bilderberg — people whose names have appeared repeatedly on the list of attendees over the years? What are their affiliations? Who controls their social networks?

        What organizations are most closely affiliated with Bilderberg, based on the affiliations of Bilderberg attendees?

        Data science can easily unravel all of that.

      • Danaa says:

        I agree there is no contradiction – only a possible refinement – or perhaps explanation for those who do not yet process what the Empire is really all about.

      • Interesting, Sean.

        I have to ask did you crunch the numbers on this?

        If so, what stands out in your mind about affiliations and organizations?

        Another good example to set up a framework for analysis would be CFR, as it was founded in the 1920’s where Bilderberg was the 1950’s.

      • seanmcbride says:

        It’s the few small details, signifying emergent strategic trends no bigger than a man’s hand, that grab my attention.

        For instance: Demis Hassabis (Google, artificial Intelligence); Alex Karp (Palantir Technologies, big data mining).

        Overall, Bilderberg appears to be a “Rothschild”/Wall Street op — one of zillions. European royalty is a mere decorative sprig.

        One can slice and dice and exhaustively permute all the data about anything in a single alphabetical list, in which the dominant factors, clusters and patterns become evident.

        Just a small beginning and rough sketch of the Bilderberg 2015 data:

        +Bilderberg; 2015; AEI
        +Bilderberg; 2015; AEI; Richard Perle
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Alex Karp
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Alex Karp; Palantir Technologies
        +Bilderberg; 2015; banking
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Canada
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Christians
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Craig Mundie
        +Bilderberg; 2015; DARPA; Regina Dugan
        +Bilderberg; 2015; David Petraeus
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Demis Hassabis
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Demis Hassabis; Google
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Eric Schmidt
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Eric Schmidt; Google
        +Bilderberg; 2015; financiers
        +Bilderberg; 2015; financiers; Henry Kravis
        +Bilderberg; 2015; financiers; Peter Sutherland
        +Bilderberg; 2015; financiers; Peter Thiel
        +Bilderberg; 2015; financiers; Robert Rubin
        +Bilderberg; 2015; financiers; Robert Zoellick
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Germany
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Goldman Sachs
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Goldman Sachs; Peter Sutherland
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Goldman Sachs; Robert Zoellick
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Google
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Google; Demis Hassabis
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Google; Eric Schmidt
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Google; Regina Dugan
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Harvard
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Harvard; Niall Ferguson
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Henry Kissinger; Kissinger Associates
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Henry Kravis; Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Alex Karp; Palantir Technologies
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Demis Hassabis; Google
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Eric Schmidt; Google
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Google; Demis Hassabis
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Google; Eric Schmidt
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Google; Regina Dugan
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Palantir Technologies; Alex Karp
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Peter Thiel; Thiel Capital
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Regina Dugan; Google
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Internet; Thiel Capital; Peter Thiel
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Iraq War
        +Bilderberg; 2015; James Wolfensohn
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Alex Karp
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Henry Kissinger
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Henry Kravis
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; James Wolfensohn
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Martin Feldstein
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Martin Wolf
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Peter Thiel
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Richard Perle
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Robert Rubin
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Jews; Robert Zoellick
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Kissinger Associates; Henry Kissinger
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Marie-Josée Kravis; Hudson Institute
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Martin Feldstein
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Martin Wolf
        +Bilderberg; 2015; neoconservatives
        +Bilderberg; 2015; neoconservatives; Richard Perle
        +Bilderberg; 2015; neoliberals
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Netherlands
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Niall Ferguson
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Palantir Technologies
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Palantir Technologies; Alex Karp
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Peter Sutherland; Goldman Sachs
        +Bilderberg; 2015; PNAC; Vin Weber
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Protestants
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Regina Dugan; Google
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Richard Perle; AEI
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Robert Rubin
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Robert Zoellick; Goldman Sachs
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Roman Catholics
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Thomas Donilon
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Vin Weber
        +Bilderberg; 2015; Wall Street

        The full list would include many thousands of items — many blanks to fill in and dots to connect there. This is just a crude example of how to go about it.

        What’s up with Vin Weber? His name always pops up on these power elite lists. What’s his special talent?

        If I were to select the two most important words that define Bilderberg 2015, they would be these: VENTURE CAPITAL.

      • seanmcbride says:

        There is another way to slice and dice — to parse, untangle, sort out — the Bilderberg data — with compound category/instance pairs, like so:

        +c; Bilderberger+AEI member; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+AI leader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+billionaire; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+CFR member; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Christian; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Christian billionaire; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+European billionaire; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+European leader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+French leader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+German leader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Google billionaire; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Google leader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Internet leader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Iraq War ringleader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Israel lobby leader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Italian leader; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Jew; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Jewish billionaire; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+JINSA member; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+liberal Zionist; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Likud Zionist; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Muslim; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+neoconservative; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+neoliberal; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+OSP member; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+PNAC member; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Protestant; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Roman Catholic; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Wall Street billionaire; *instance
        +c; Bilderberger+Wall Street leader; *instance

        For instance (connecting a few dots of interest):

        +c; Bilderberger+OSP member; Douglas Feith
        +c; Bilderberger+OSP member; William Luti


        +c; category1+category2; *instance

        (*category1 and *category2 are Boolean “and” categories — the instance belongs to both categories)

    • Danaa says:

      One more thought occurred to me. When I followed the appointment of Stanley Fischer to the federal reserve Board deputy position, like most of us I worried it’s another step along the zio take-over road. Lately however, seeing larry Summers’ stunning turn-around (truly amazing to follow – he is now to the LEFT of Krugman, actually), I started thinking truly revolutionary thoughts. What if its the other way around? as in Fischer being sent over to run Israel’s economy for a while, learning all the ins and outs of the country’s economic prowess and deficiency, then to return to the FRB, now as a true servant of Empire (cf. Corporatocracy). That would kind of make sense to me – people like Fisher, with his background and associations, are part and parcel of the economic engine that the Empire is counting on. His allegiances must never be in doubt (that Economic schooling is an excellent brain-washing machine) but the Israelis are never trusted. It would sure help to have someone in Empire who knows a thing or two about which buttons can be pushed when, should the Zio state try to get too much out of hand.

      I think the connections – both hidden and visible – make for a truly complicated picture.

      And I am also convinced, today more than ever – seeing the market see-saw, that ultimately, to really understand what
      ‘s going on in the world, familiarity with Economics is essential. AS distasteful and uninteresting as the subject may be.

      • american200 says:

        ” And I am also convinced, today more than ever – seeing the market see-saw, that ultimately, to really understand what…”…danaa

        Yep again. And again another example of elite’ big money’.
        The see saw has been going since the late 70’s.
        Its simple…run the stocks up, sell out, re buy at the low, run them up again, sell off again.
        The long term investors like ordinary people 401Ks and other retirement accounts are the losers…in the last major ‘taking profits’ meltdown of the mortgage debacle it has taken 6 years to just recoup what your investment $$ were before the meltdown —thats a big ‘lost money opportunity’ because you had to literally ‘wait ‘ for the ‘regrowth’ of what you had…you got no gains during that period.
        I kept telling people for a couple of months to get out of the market and theres no genus to it….when the Dow and S&P hit highs there’s going to be a sell clockwork.
        But it will bounce back barring no really bad economic news…according to the ‘confidence level’…as you said.

    • american200 says:

      ” Without continuing robust growth the entire free market system – including its financial tentacles (corrupt as they are) the system, which is really a Ponzi scheme built on an elusive element called “confidence”, will come crashing down.’…Danaa

      Agree and another factor is what every business grad learns in Biz 101….’diminishing returns’.
      Markets reach a saturation point where there is not much left you can squeeze out of them. The ’emerging markets’ (third world lessers) can feed the global elite economy quite well until they too hit the diminishing returns mark.
      Then there’s the ‘cannibal factor’ as in if the cannibals eat up all their food supply and don’t bred, feed, cultivate the herd for long term food needs then the cannibals eventually don’t have anyone to feed off of and have to find a new herd to feast on or they die off.
      Today people usually call it vulture capitalism, a global example is swooping in and buying up the debt of a country and then virtually dismantling it assets and leaving it as a waste land facing decades of re seeding the county to become productive again.

      These two factors go hand in hand and follow each other and we see it going on right now.

    • Vin Weber – a republican strategist. I assume he knows how to play the game well and that’s why he continues to be invited to the party.

      Weber was one of the few who signed the PNAC letter to Slick Willy pushing for war against Saddam.
      Seems that if you play the game accordingly you get to continue to operate in ‘Deep State’ American circles.

      Richard Perle, authored Clean Break for Netanyahu and has ushered in the last 15 years of strife in the Middle East. A clear example of the Israel/American Zionist linkage.

      Do you know of any authors who have documented the Clean Break Strategy and PNAC? I remember Sniegoski was one, but some author could write about the neocon arc that has existed since it inception. It would be a great topic for a meticulous writer, as it would come under the normal scrutiny of the pro Israel press.

      • seanmcbride says:

        It would be useful to populate this list template:

        +Bilderberg; 1990-2015; attendee; neoconservative; *attendee; *year; affiliation; *affiliation

        Translation: list all neoconservatives who attended Bilderberg meetings from 1990 through 2015 with their affiliations.

        Of course one always has to keep in mind that neoconservatives and neoliberals, and Likud Zionists and liberal Zionists, are two branches of a single lobby.

        Some names on the list I know about (neoconservatives and neoliberals):

        +Ahmad Chalabi
        +Barbara Amiel
        +Bernard Kouchner
        +Bruce Kovner
        +Conrad Black
        +Dennis Ross
        +Douglas Feith
        +Henry Kissinger
        +Henry Kravis
        +John Bolton
        +Lawrence Summers
        +Marc Grossman
        +Mark Warner
        +Michael Ledeen
        +Norman Pearlstine
        +Paul Wolfowitz
        +Richard Haass
        +Robert Kagan
        +Stephen Harper
        +Thomas Friedman
        +William Luti

    • Danaa says:

      Sean, thanks for the confirmation re the Bilderbers.

      Still, and here’s the part that troubles me – to know what it’s all about, and who the superclass members are, is one thing. To be able to do anything about it is another. To know why one should even bother (as most people ask when presented with the facts) is still another.

      It’s fun to be knowledgeable. OTOH, it gets depressing because of the inability to directly translate knowing to action. I envy the on-the-ground activists sometimes. No matter how small the action is. I wish I could go and protest outside a Bilderberg gathering with a placard, like those few thousands of people. I wish I had enough academic credentials to write about the macroeconomic shadow reality behind the reality of it all (because one needs credentials in this world to be read on such a weighty subject). I wish i could be more effective in convincing people they should care. I wish I had a life span of 200 years so I could figure it all out (which I know I will – in part if not all).

      So, Sean, since you and I agree on a few things (by no means all things!)- you being the ever-vigilant digital rep and me the ever awake analog parser – in this equation, here’s another one for you: since our universe and all in it is part of a single-world game** played by The Matrix, do you think we, as in the designated-sentients in this particular universe, are game pieces in an “Economic universe”? the one designed to figure out how sentience itself relates to economic models?

      * other universes may be played as “multi-world” models, to see how interactions between alternative modes of sentience affect evolution of any one of them.

      • american200 says:

        ” I wish I had enough academic credentials to write about the macroeconomic shadow reality behind the reality of it all (because one needs credentials in this world to be read on such a weighty subject). ‘…danaa

        Don’t underestimate yourself.

        Did you see any of the PIVOT program — interviews of the so called super smart economist and academic poobahs and others on the WS debacle ?

        They were babbling like retards to the point of being literally ‘incoherent’… was pilpul….they would have been hilarious comic figures in some other stage play.

        I agree most of us cant know all the ‘unknowns’ but you dont have to be a economic guru. You can get a good idea if you’re into or willing to do ‘scanning’ of a lot of blips and info.

        Old timers use to refer to ‘visionary’ business people and other visionaries as someone who had the uncanny ability to ‘sniff the wind. ‘
        Which is mainly the conscious and/or unconscious ‘absorbing’ of related and seemingly unrelated information that all put together points in a certain direction

        Sean could do it with some program probably like his list but instead of connecting people and affiliations and events … connect the similar ‘ outcomes or ‘effects between seemingly unrelated ‘what happened events’ to global economic intrigue.

      • seanmcbride says:


        Regarding what can done about challenging the supreme powers on this planet — I would say, realistically speaking, very little.

        Regarding the Matrix model of existence as we perceive it — certainly plausible, and a theory that has some serious support in the respectable scientific community. But in the end, no matter how we define reality and illusion, we are left in a situation in which we tend to behave as if things were as they seem to be — as if they were “real.”

        In the grand scheme of themes, everything — all material forms — is illusory — destined to dissolve and disappear — something that one should keep in mind — but also forget now and then, too.

        A wild card: thanks to the Internet, never before in history have so many sensitive operations of the power elite been to exposed to view in such detail to so many. Who knows how that could play out — it’s a novel situation. Some powerful people would like to shut down the Internet altogether at this point.

      • Danaa says:

        Good points American and I sure agree about the “babblers”. I didn’t see PIVOT but caught El-Adrian going on and on about how the “fundamentals” in the US are great so why did the market go down? he seemed puzzled, and sure enough, next day it all goes up again. Like they figured out where there was one more button to push so the lemmings with their computerized “models’ can all go jumping off the cliff again.

        One correction – I do have academic credentials just not in Economics, and this last one is a tough to crack. The economic academia in the US is practically “owned” by a jewish subset – on both left and right. Almost all the kenesians for example are Jewish – the ones out of MIT. So are most of the “neo-classists’ from the Univ. of Chicago. Together, with their similarly brain-washed non-Jewish counterparts, they have built a castle on a hill which they vigorously defend against all newcomers, who, heaven forbid, display signs of wanting to run off the reservation.

        One of those is Richard Wolff, who has been relegated to Univ. of Missouri (I think I got it right). Roubini has rejoined and is now feted and fattened with income. How dare he have gone to the netherland back in the 2000’s?

        Anyways, I have been reading up – spying and poking around in their precious little playground. Their mathematical models don’t scare me one bit. What they consider “complex” mathematics, to me, in my field, is like kindergarten games. It’s like economic types never got over discovering differential equations (cf. 17-18th century stuff). Why, sometimes they even had a little Physics 102 (Physics for non-majors but with calculus), enough to blabber about Thermodynamics and such. So, as I read through some papers, I am astounded by how seriously they take their models, which, needless to say, are built on an edifice of assumptions-wrapped-in-more-assumptions.

        Yet, here they are rulers of the world, Bilderberg invitees. Capitalist model defenders par excellance. The “left’ busily applying Keynesians band-aids, the right busily trying to take them off because, well…the patient isn’t really sick and the blood we see is just ketchup.

        Funny if it wasn’t so sad.

        In truth, the one thing I don’t have is enough time. perhaps just as well as all those books would have been written, and then what?

  7. american200 says:

    Its hard to say where I-Jdoms real place is in the Global Elite.
    We can probably say we know a few things about them…1) that the Uber international Zs want to be in, if not ‘The’ Global elite. I think its obvious some of them really do believe the Protocols of the Elders is real.

    There is always talk of about the Rothschild’s and the wealth the uber Zs have but I think if anyone could do a real spreadsheet accounting of the collective wealth of Jewish billionaire or people vrs total world collective wealth held by non Jewish billionaires and people we’d find most collective wealth among the nons.
    But we also have to consider where the wealth of Jews and nons is deployed—do the Jz-I’s deploy a lot of their wealth toward their ideology of the world wide nation of Jews and Israel?…vr what the nons deploy their wealth for? That makes a real difference.
    Imo ideology can be a killer both ways… they can either ruin their own wealth because ideology ruins their judgment or ruin others wealth because of their ideology.

    Even if one buys the Rothschild theory of instigating wars and chaos for profit, the fact is even if they did create or set them up ….they had to get other nations to carry them out. Same thing as Israel does actually.

    I would guess…..based on the history of how I-JZs got some power and wealth that they are ‘piggybacking’ Elite globaldom. You can have your own separate goal , even secret undisclosed goal when you piggy back with others. However the smart others usually know it and manage or use them accordingly.
    That imo would be most like uber Zs of the WWNOJ because they think they are ‘smarter’ than the other boys and can use them. But its also why I said if they upset the other boys they could get crushed…or at best (for them) get sent to stay in their own small corner and out of the way.

    In my life time observation of earthlings, people without ideologies are usually ‘smarter’ –see everything more clearly—-ideologies that can cause people to miscalculate.

  8. american200 says:

    Hold the phone!..get ready to speculate whats up with

    Egypt’s Sissi Turns to Russia’s Putin to Fight Regional Terrorism

    ”We underline the fundamental importance of the formation of a broad anti-terrorist front involving key international players and regional countries, including Syria,” Putin … fight against terror in a region suffering from …
    Press TV · 19 hours ago ”

    Russia, Egypt support forming anti-ISIS coalition with Syria – Putin

    Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi … regional countries, including Syria,” Putin said on Wednesday. “We have common views on the need to …
    RT · 20 hours ago

    Russia, Egypt set to sign deal for nuclear plant, Jordan as leaders visit Moscow
    Sisi met with Abdullah in Moscow on Wednesday and discussed regional developments, Egypt’s state news agency MENA reported. The Israel-Palestinian issue and terrorism in the Middle East would be the focus of …
    The Jerusalem Post · 21 hours ago

    Verrry interesting. So what is up?
    I guess we could speculate that Egypt and Israel are colluding to draw in Russia to play off the US to give them more $$ and weapons from the US.
    Now I could imagine Isr wanting to draw Russia in to hopefully ignite some kind of war of interest with the US in the ME.
    But I don’t think Egypt would go for that.
    Or is this sincere as in Egypt needing to do something about ISIS that might someday reach Egypt and seeing the US as ineffectual?
    And if is true that Egypt might adopt Russia’s attitude toward Syria what does this mean for Egy-Isr relations as Isr wants Syria brought down and is working toward it?
    And since everyone in the ME knows that Saudi created ISIS when they started the Syrian war and funded their rebels what does this mean for Saudi-whoever relations?
    And if Russia is going to provide Egypt with a nuclear plant doesn’t that kick up more ME states wanting one too and more and more negotiating over ME nuclear capability?
    And wouldnt this draw the unsupervised Isr nukes into more and more question and pressure?

    Questions, questions ..stay tuned.

    • American,

      Putin for at least the past three weeks has been publicly working on setting up a combine regional force to go after ISIS. Egypt is having internal problems with its own islamists so it behooves Egypt to join with Putin for the sakes of its own security – regardless of its other security arrangements with israel. These arrangements Egypt has with israel do not dictate what Egypt does with Putin. Putin is pissed at israel and Turkey for supporting the spread of ISISism because many ISIS members are Chechnyans trying to spread islamic violence inside of Russia too.

      • slothy says:

        English al akhbar had some stuff about Putin and the Saudis and trouble-free Olympics if he would comply with Assad departing Syria – probably in the archives.
        Haaretz had some stuff about Russia – Georgia- Israel summer 2008 – Victoria Nuland was us ambas to NATO under Bush jr I think – wife of Robert Kagan.
        Ali Abunimah wrote about it on EI w/haaretz links.
        Could it be that the neocons have been irritating Putin?

      • Danaa says:

        slothy – Putin HAS been irritating the neocons and then some. But, to be sure, Putin does not play a 2 dimensional game. So, even though Russia’s opinions about the US stuled neocons (Nuland including but just about ALL the jewish forein policy hawks) probably cannot be stated in polite society. That being said, no one denies the neocons are dangerous, which is why Putin – and his advisors – no dummies among them – are playing a more complicated, multi-dimensional game. Hence the talks with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the latter, definitely not a friend (of Russia), but talks are good, and guns are bad, that’s the Russian position and always has been.

        Anyone who watched the masterful take-over of crimea with nary a shot fired, with almost no blood-shed (except some accidental), so swiftly, efficiently and purposefully, catching the neocons totally un-prepared, surely cannot doubt that there are serious planners in Russia and almost no step is taken prematurely or thoughtlessly.

        This gamesmanship leaves the rest of us guessing. So my guess is that Putin et al are leaving the israel problem for another daay. No need to make the most unpredictable, impulsive and aggressive party (Israel + Zio friends) a premature foe. At least not of the foaming at the mouth type. Sure the neocons are playing their own game, but Israel is not necessarily on-bopard with those games either.

        My guess is more like Taxi’s intuition: Putin sees ISIS as the potentially serious problem that it is. Getting Egypt on-board and slowly coaxing SA in the right direction are therefore essential steps. That while keeping israel (which is, indeed, a secret ISIS supporter though not whole-heartedlty and not across the board) more or less neutral. Yes, there’s Syria. But Russia needs the Syrian port no matter what so that’s what they’ll do – keep assad in power, the neocons + israeli parties allied with neocons (not all, not many of the military and Mossad big-wigs) be damned.

        It is really a multi-dimensional game Putin is playing. And, Unlike the turkey shoot we see in DC – he has patience and perseverance. Because it’s a long game and not of the winner-take-all kind.

      • slothy says:

        Here is a geopolitical psychoanalysis by theRussian ambass. to Lebanon:


        How will the events in Ukraine affect Russia’s position regarding Syria? Zaspikin answers confidently: “We are convinced that this is linked to a larger conspiracy. It started in Yugoslavia, then Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. All of these conspiracies need to be confronted. What have the Yugoslavians gained? They had a strong state and now they live in weak and small states.”

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