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Cedars, Sewers… and Plato’s Guns


One thing I can say about off-road camping under cedar trees is that it gently tilts the axis of your world-view.  It is impossible for human hands to plant seeds of hubris in the wilds of a cedar forest; or in any other grand, natural environment for that matter.  When you are standing before a majestic gathering of ancient trees, modern civilization is but an afterthought with a bitter aftertaste.  The inhaled pure life-force of the scented air may have something to do with one’s sudden altered state and the realization that the world you left behind is but a nightmare of increasing miseries.  The pointlessness of truth in the mouths of liars struck me the hardest on this camping trip.  It would take me years to elaborate on this philosophical point, but suffice it to say that when insidious liars and propagandists perpetually hijack the truth for their own political ends, the sheep of humanity indeed are hopelessly lost to the belly of the wolf.
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