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Jewish Anti-Goyism and the Entrenched Divisions in the Palestine Movement

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a HUGE and unaddressed problem with anti-goyism within the Jewish branches of the Palestine movement.  And it is disheartening and disappointing that honorable leaders of the movement and other non-aligned individuals, both Jewish and non-Jewish are not addressing it in public for the benefit of the movement’s solidrity.  What are we waiting for?  Permission?  Permission from whom exactly?  Really now!  It’s high time the anti-goy card is put face up on the table and examined.

An example of what can only be called an anti-goyism malady in the movement is Max Blumenthal’s continuing race-based attacks on Alison Weir.   And the guy looks to be enjoying it feverishly; enjoying keeping the movement divided with his big-mouth anti-goy shtick and provocations.  All these accusations by Max and his Jewish goy-hating cabal in the Palestine movement are flying around and not a single convincing argument have they made to us, as evidenced by the appalled majority’s response to the recent and now famous “Roundtable” discussions.  Max and other racist Jews keep referring us to ‘videos’ of Alison but the majority, and I mean a SOLID majority of activists are NOT buying it.  The Jewish racist accusers have actually NEVER even supplied us with a single passage from Alison’s book to back up their bogus and hate-filled accusations.  Yet they and Blumenthal still stand there atop the mountain as Pyrrhic victors and leaders of the cause.

Well step the fuck down off that mountain, Max Blumental!  You are not Friedrich Nietzsche‘s Zarathustra.  We are NOT interested in your self-appointed bullshit sanctimony.  Go to fucking perfect hell, why don’t you?!  Enough of your double-agenting and sabotage of the movement already!  We do not need you, Palestine doesn’t need you – you are NOT the savior of Palestine or of the United States!!  Fuck off already!

I’m sorry to use such language on Max but that’s the kinda language I usually use against hypocritical, racist agents of hate and chaos.  And no, I don’t believe that anti Weirism originally stemmed from the non-Jewish members of the movement:  it came from the Jewish shadowlands where anti-goyism secretly lives and thrives.  Yes, there are some non-Jewish detractors of Weir in the movement, but they are a small minority who are frankly soft-natured and still susceptible to the Jewish holocaust violins – susceptible to the willful abuse and manipulation of the memory of the holocaust by certain Jewish members of the Palestine movement.  Their minor objecting voices are buried deep beneath the Jewish loud calls for the ex-communication and the smearing of Alison Weir.  Non-Jews are NOT the ones dividing the movement, racist Jews are.

Yesterday’s fresh attack on Alison Weir came in response to a mass-email that she sent out – Max Blumenthal is on IAK’s mailing list so he received the email too and his immediate response was to twitter-assault and smear Alison Weir, again, for no good reason.  I don’t know why he doesn’t remove his name from Alison’s mailing list – or is he keeping it there to use as an excuse to bludgeon her every time a mass-email is sent out by IAK?  This would seem to be the case.  And besides, if he thinks she’s a white supremist, by his own logic is he not “associating” with white supremists by being on Alison’s mailing list?  Should we not throw rotten eggs at him too and ostracize him from the movement?

Max Blumenthal is a bombastic political exhibitionist and an agent of hate and chaos.  He has repeatedly shown bitter enmity towards too many non-Jews and especially to non-Jews who happen to own a popular I/P narrative that doesn’t fit his and his JVP friend’s dishonest and ineffective narrative.  I do not believe for a second that his so-called activism is genuine.  If it were, his privileged royal highness Max Blumenthal would have dedicated all the profits of his last book on Gaza to the children of Gaza.  Instead, he went over to Gaza, siphoned their tragedy and devastation, took a plane straight back to America and sold it to the highest publishing bidder then pocketed the money and the ill-gotten kudos while Gaza and her children remain in perpetual and agonizing suffering.  Despicable self-serving greed:  feeding off the blood and broken bones of the suffering Palestinians!  Palestine is NOT a labor of love for him; it is not a prophetic vocation and it is most certainly not a cause that he would break his racist fingernails for.  So why does he do it?  He does it for commercializing his brand-name and to protect the left side of the tribe from legitimate scrutiny.  Even when he attacks Likudism and all the other ugly Israeli political isms, he’s doing it to enhance his brand name.  Double agent indeed.

I am not an ‘expert’ on Max Blumenthal’s work.  I can’t think of a more boring subject matter to waste my time on.  I have never bought or read any of his books – and admittedly, I have only read probably a handful of his articles, of which a couple I found acceptably righteous – the other articles reeked of pretension and manufactured anger.  But I do not need to be a Blumenthalist to see his anti-goyism hard at work – his tweets against his goy detractors, imagined or self-created, speak volumes on this.  Besides why should I read a guy who got it so wrong, not just on Alison Weir’s stellar book, but got it so wrong too on Egypt and Syria:  supporting the fucking Islamist there with his big propaganda megaphone mouth!  What is the difference between the idf supporting the Islamist terrorists  Al-Nusra on the battleground  of Syria’s Golan and Max Blumenthal supporting the Islamic Brotherhood’s religious tyranny in Egypt and Syria in print?!  No fucking difference if you ask me!

His knowledge of Middle Eastern geopolitics and geostrategy is laughable – even the dowdy ponce Thomas Friedman gets it right more often  than Max.  And Max’s books – are we supposed to worship at their sham alter because Zionist and elitist Hilary Clinton “really liked” one of his books?  Is this really his highest claim to fame and activism?  What the heck have his books ever done for Palestine?  What the heck has Hilary ever done for Palestine?!  Sweet eff all and worse.  And I bet you most of the buyers of Max’s books are leftie Jews looking for an echo chamber to temporarily numb their subconscious guilt over Palestine.  Analyzing Blumenthal’s pure unadulterated hate towards Alison Weir, one can only deduce that a combination of anti-goyism and bitter jealousy of Alison’s success and profound truthseeking book is what truly motivates his relentlessly vicious and unprovoked public smears against her.  Max Blumethal is a clone of Antonio Salieri, but without the grace,  dignity and self-honestly of Salieri.

Nobody is asking Max Blumenthal  to agree with Alison 100%, but we are asking for his uncalled-for hateful smears of a respected member of the community to immediately cease.  Somehow, I don’t think he will respect this simple and civilized request.  When I wrote the article  ‘Activist Heal Thyself’, I was really hoping that Jews in the movement would heed the call too, check themselves in their inner mirror and  detox themselves from their racism against non-Jews.  But instead, it would seem that they’ve gotten even worse since the “Roundtable” at Mondoweiss!!!  No, this is utterly unacceptable behavior.  Of course Alison Weir is far too classy and gracious to respond to Max’s pathetic green-eyed monster attempts at demonizing her, so his attacks on her go swimmingly unaccounted for.  But for how long?   For Pete’s sake how long can this dangerous and divisive smearing go on for? And what can “We The People” do about it?  How can we stop this racist agent of hate and division from operating like a fucking royal Queen of Sheeba?!  Do his unaccounted for attacks not remind you of how Israel attacks Palestinians without accountability and no end in sight?  We all know that Israel keeps attacking Palestinians because there is no price to be paid for its aggression.  Same with Max Blumenthal:  he attacks and pays no price.  So how do we hold him accountable?  What can we really do?  I say make it known to him whenever you can that his anti-goyism is unacceptable and unwelcome.   Boycott his self-serving attachment to the Palestinian cause.  Reject his impure ideas, and more importantly, reject his current and future exploitation books.



  1. I could be wrong, but Max’s new angle has only come about a few years ago. Before that he was more freewheeling, but now he seems to have all of these lines in the sand. It first came about with him trashing Atzmon, then it morphed into whites as privileged in Germany, then onto USA. Who knows, He could have some qualifiers to get his work published, or maybe he’s changed to be a true douche.

  2. seanmcbride says:

    One would think that someone who has been smeared as relentlessly as Max — often portrayed by pro-Israel activists as a “Jew-hater” — would be careful about smearing others.

      • I hear Max acquired himself an Egyptian girlfriend during the Tahrir Square revolution – a tad or two over the age of consent – so…

        Nice cover, Max – like the white supremist ideologue who dates a jewish girl and claims non-antisemitism for it.

      • seanmcbride says:


        I hope you keep posting here.

        Mondoweiss began to go off the tracks with your banning in 2012. It may be possible to revive here the interesting conversations that Mondoweiss censored with such a heavy hand (and apparently, we now know, under the influence of some JVP and CEIO members whose agenda needs to be fully unpacked).

      • american200 says:

        DITTO…re MRW
        Thanks for commenting here Jeff.
        Wish there were more like you in the I/P-USA mess who see it clearly and with objectivity .

  3. seanmcbride says:

    This strikes me as an effective rebuttal by Alison Weir to Max Blumenthal:

    “Response to Max Blumenthal remarks about Alison Weir”

    Has Blumenthal responded to the substance of the video? Or is he continuing to smear Weir as an “anti-Semite” and “white supremacist”?

    Did Blumenthal, in combination with JVP, play a key role in applying pressure on Phil Weiss to shut down free and open debate on controversial but legitimate issues on Mondoweiss? What is the real agenda in play here?

    I also need to refresh my memory: did Blumenthal and Mondoweiss lean in favor of supporting Hillary Clinton’s military actions in Syria and Libya? — actions that were also promoted by Sidney Blumenthal?

    There is a complex game being played here — one difficult to sort out — but which resembles the liberal Zionist agenda in some important respects.

    One thing is for certain: Max Blumenthal is not nearly in Alison Weir’s intellectual league.

    • Anonymous says:


      Phil Weiss wholeheartedly supported the American-led military actions against Libya. He was attacked by many commenters on MW, mostly people like yourself, Taxi and American, folks who speak out against US imperialist hubris and terrorism often carried out to destabilize the entire region, making the jungle a bit safer for the chalet of the chosen. Phil has since professed doubt that his early support was just and righteous. I have no time to go search for the actual comments. What did Hillary say? “We came, we saw, he died. (giggle, giggle)”. I’ll bet the Europeans, facing a humanitarian crisis of huge proportions with the migrants coming, seeing and dying are wishing that old Muammar Gaddafi were still around. He and the Europeans had a nice gentlemen’s agreement, and he stopped the human smuggling boats from leaving.

      Frankie P

      • american200 says:

        After just seeing the picture of the drowned 3 yr old refugee child washed up on the beach I am really undone….again.
        Do people understand that it is the US, Israel and Saudi–and Saudi’s ISIS–that are causing these refugee migrations of people fleeing Syria, Yemen , etc trying to escape war ???
        Does the world get it?
        I am afraid to estimate the number of millions we have displaced and caused to lose their lives trying to flee to a safe place.
        Everyone talks about the poor refugees no one is talking about the stopping the causes of it.
        Its enough to make a sane person insane.

      • Yes I too saw the footage of the Syrian toddler in the surf face down last night – just utterly, indescribably unbearable – very depressed about it today – saw pics of his bereaved dad too – heartbreaking. I wanted to post something up on it today.

        And YES, all these wars done on behalf of israel – the israel that JVP and other fuckers want the USA to keep financially supporting – israel whose inception and creation over the years has created not just untold death and misery, but millions of refugees too. Even though the ashkanazim were never the ‘wandering jews’ themselves, they sure have passed this wretched mantle on and created millions of wandering Arabs.

        And they expect people not to call for the dismantling of this evil state? It’s antisemetic to call for the dismantlement of israel that is literally drenched in crimes old and new? It’s the other way round: whoever DOESN’T call for the dismantlement of israel is consenting to this slo-mo fragmented Arab holocaust. And let’s not forget here that the Arabs are actually the real ‘semites’, not the majority of israelis. This makes israel the BIGGEST antisemitic country in the fucking universe!

    • One of the objectives of the Jewish tribalists is to restrict the discussions about the Israel-Palestinian issue to Jews and Arab-Americans and other people of color who they are able to manipulate and who are so gratified that Jews are supporting the Palestinian struggle and other anti-racist struggles, that they fail to employ their critical thinking skills to check out their agenda.

      Jewish Tribalists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin.

      • PS Alison Weir’s crime, in their eyes, was to talk and write for people who may have no vested interest in the outcome of the I-P conflict but might be concerned about what is being done with their tax money and more than a little upset to learn the history of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty which those tribalists have succeeded in keeping the solidarity movement from ever mentioning.

      • Welcome to Plato’s, Jeff – happy you’ve visited my little mideast newsstand.

        A couple of questions were sent to me by W.Jones to put forth to you. Would appreciate your thoughts or any insider knowledge on this:


        A few people have written that Phyllis Bennis is the person behind the campaign against Alison.
        (1) Have you heard of or seen any direct evidence of this?

        (2) How do you think that this all went down? Did someone in the main “Lobby” contact Bennis and a few people in JVP and tell them that Weir was exposing too much in her book tour on the lobby? Or do you think that JVP’s and CEIO’s leadership saw how much Weir was doing and decided on their own to marginalize Weir because they misperceived her as anti-Semitic?


        Thanks Jeff.

      • Re the second question on how the attack on Alison was organized, I prefer not to speculate, except, from my own experience, there are a number of people in the movement who know what they need to do without requiring further instructions and they have a lot of experience in doing it,

      • Danaa says:

        Hey Jeff, great to see you vising these environs. Missed you, like everyone else, but maybe a little more, for reasons untold (if untelling were possible, now that almost everything has been told)..

        Plus you got your finger on it, as usual. Regarding the ones the Jewish AZ wanna-bes want to see in the lead. Other Jews, Arabs, Palestinians and anyone they feel they can roll easily. My feelings exactly.

    • ErsatzYisrael says:

      At what point in the above video does Blumenthal “smear Weir as an “anti-Semite””, Sean?

      In contrast, here is Max Blumenthal on Gilad Atzmon (@around two minutes in):

      Which one’s the “Goy”? Who is Blumenthal more anti, and if so, why?

  4. RudyM says:

    I read Goliath and I thought it was a very good exposé of the current surge in far-right/Jewish fundamentalist forces in Israel, all tied in with acknowledgement of the brutal roots of Israel’s formation, so no, I’m not going to just not read Blumenthal.

    Incidentally, given Blumenthal’s criticism of Russia’s crackdown on foreign NGOs, he strikes me as much closer to the sort of US imperialist that he and his ilk accuse Weir of being than she is. Given who his father is, Blumenthal can’t be so naive about how the NED and various NGOs are deployed against governments the US doesn’t like for whatever reasons.

    (I also expect to borrow “Against Our Better Judgment” from the library today.)

    • You’re better off spending your future Max Blumenthal book money on a Palestinian charity instead. Blumenthal is not exactly cracking any secret codes with his “expose” of the zionist rogue state. We would have all heard about it if he had.

      • RudyM says:

        You’ll be happy to know I didn’t actually buy a copy of Goliath, but that’s mostly because of being broke in general.

        What he had to say in Goliath might not be a revelation to people like you, or even me, but it could make a very good introduction to the subject of Israel and Palestine for some people and I found it worth reading.

        Rant away. It’s your blog.

      • Denis says:

        Taxi, I like the way you keep the zionist/racist epithet “goy” in play. “Anti-goyism” — perfect. Good on ya’. Keep it in their face until people have to stop using that word and refer to the “g-word,” which is right between the c-word and the n-word, alphabetically speaking.
        BTW, did you ever notice that the acronym for Government of Israel is “GoI?” I use it all the time, for the same reason: to keep their own freaking racism in their face.
        But when you ask “Rant”? Where exactly is this rant you refer to?”, I gotta’ figure you’re just goofin’ around with us, eh? Like if you don’t call this post a “rant,” then you should probably look up “rant” in your Funk and Wagnels to get an idea what the word means. Example:
        Taxi: “Well step the fuck down off that mountain, Max Blumental! You are not Friedrich Nietzsche‘s Zarathustra. We are NOT interested in your self-appointed bullshit sanctimony. Go to fucking perfect hell, why don’t you?! Enough of your double-agenting and sabotage of the movement already! We do not need you, Palestine doesn’t need you – you are NOT the savior of Palestine or of the United States!! Fuck off already!”
        If that’s not a rant, then I ain’t a goy.

      • Like Robert Allen Zimmerman once sang: “I’m a poet, and I know it – hope I don’t blow it!”

        Anyone guess what song this line is from? Heh.

      • seanmcbride says:

        It’s from Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Free No. 10”.

        So: how does Bob Dylan reconcile his alleged progressive universalism with his Kahanism? — a variation on the “liberal Zionism” oxymoron — a stumper.

        The truth is, no reconciliation among these self-contradictory beliefs is possible — at least for rational people. And one is left with the suspicion that the universalism is a false cover for the ethnocentrism. In fact, it is evident that universalism is a tool that can often be used to further an ethnocentric agenda — politics by deception.

        Fool me once….

      • Bob Dylan’s Kahanism? Tsk tsk, disappointing.

        Mindblowing really if you think about all the masses of great literature that Bob has read and absorbed and yet… he gets hooked on Kahanism. I mean of all the shinning diamond-like ideas in the skies of the human cranium and Bob had to pick Kahanism. A positively odd and deranged choice to have made. I wonder what in his childhood led to this jarring choice?

      • seanmcbride says:

        Do you know what’s happening here? — a free-flowing and useful conversation. Something which became increasingly impossible to conduct on Mondoweiss.

      • seanmcbride says:


        The deepest roots of ethnic xenophobia may be both cultural and genetic — some people may have a stronger predisposition towards ethnic xenophobia — especially messianic ethnic xenophobia — than others.

        Eventually scholars and scientists will sort this all out — if the human race doesn’t blow itself up first.

      • seanmcbride says:

        How to spot an ethnic xenophobe:

        They are


        about their ethnic issues.

        What is most noteworthy: these are psychological issues that transcend particular ideological categories. We are looking at a personality type.

        The most conspicuous ethnic xenophobe currently on the world stage: Benjamin Netanyahu.

      • seanmcbride says:


        What got me thinking about a possible genetic angle on militant ethnocentrism was noticing recent scientific research on OCD (obessive-compulsive disorder). Try Googling:

        [genetic obsessive compulsive disorder]

        and you’ll hit the mother lode.

        There is a definite whiff of OCD about ethnic militants (and ideological militants of all kinds) — they give the impression that they are under the sway of forces beyond their control — that they are automatons. You can easily predict their response to every stimulus.

        Science is increasingly looking into genetic links to a wide variety of psychological conditions and mental disorders. It’s a promising field of research, in my opinion.

  5. echinococcus says:

    The way you go about it you may lose a lot of people, too.
    Defending this or that faction in matters not directly related to Palestine, (or defending obvious enemies of Palestinian resistance), like you do for Egypt, is incredibly divisive.
    If you can stick to Palestine and Palestinian resistance as only our common interest it may become more productive.
    And yes, obviously this is not just Max B but a whole, well-oiled machine of tribal/fake nationalist control both within and outside Zionism. We have to focus on that, not get at each other’s throats when the problems are already huge.
    It’s you site of course; if you want to blow steam defending, say, the Zionist-US-controlled fascists of Cairo or something else, enjoy. At a price.

    • Well as it turns out, echi, the “fascists” of Cairo put food on the Egyptian table when their bellies were empty and aching – they have evidently also showed by far more competence in managing the country’s economy and security as well as stopping it from descending into a bleak , sectarian religious tyranny. One doesn’t have to be supportive of the Sisi regime to see the huge other positivism that have been created for Egypt since Mursi’s unseating. It’s called realism and giving credit where credit is due. It was dubious of Max to bombastically support the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. His support indicated his simplistic understanding of the country and the geopolitical landscape of the Arab world and psyche altogether.

      • echinococcus says:

        Well then, stick to your fascists. No friends of the Palestinian resistance, major allies of Zionism and slaves of the US.
        My point was that you cannot run multiple issues without losing you alliances. Especially if your position on one is diametrally opposed to the other.

      • “Stick to your fascists”.

        And your evidence that I stick to fascists is? That I point out geopolitical realism to you? Where do you get the idea that I support the fucker Sisi?! You’re off your rocker and rude with it. You wanna help out the Yinon Plan and Mursi’s Islamists divide the Arab world too? You wanna pit Egyptian against Palestinian? Draw lines in the sand and beat your chest? Sure looks like it!

        In case you haven’t figured it out yet, if Mursi had stayed in power, your precious Islamists backed by israel would have swept upland into the Levant and turned the whole spread into another Libya – not counting the disintegration of loyalties within the Egyptian army which would have rendered it asunder when Morsi would order his army to fight the Syrian army like he declared he would shortly before his ouster – not counting the gigantic upheavals in numerous civilian Arab societies, the refugeedom, the starvation, the brutalities and deaths and the further endangerment of religious minorities that the Levant is teaming with.

        If you can’t/don’t want to see what a catastrophe the whole region of the North Africa and the Levant would have fallen into, for israel’s benefit, if Morsi and his Zionist puppeteers had succeeded at playing their full hand, then I can only shake my head at you. Secularism in the Levant would have been fatally sandwiched between ISIS in the north and east and the Salafists in the south – the Mediterranean of course is to the west.

        The very scenario that israel has been having wet dreams over and working insidiously towards for decades: you know, like destroying the bulky secular Arab armies of Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Libya – that project was almost coming true with Morsi’s idiotic help. Mindful here that the above mentioned Arab countries have ALL gone to war for Palestine, all lost lives for Palestine – and without at least two of these armies intact, the Arab world as we know it would be finished and the first Arab country to fall with never a return would be Palestine.

        Weirdly, people like you and Max Blumenthal – two westerners – are still frothingly upset over shit that went down between the Hamas and the Sisi, while people in Egypt and Palestine are getting over it. There’s been a cautious reconciliation between the two going on now for some time so I guess the Palestinians also are ‘STICKING TO THEIR FASCISTS.

        I really don’t like the bully tone you’ve taken with me on a couple of occasions. I’ve let it slide before, but I won’t be from here on. I am open to you expressing your differences with me and with others, but I completely reject your attempts at smear and censorship. Do not presume that I have not met your likes before.

        Idealism, my dear, is supposed to be the vitamin of the revolution and you’re smoking it like it’s crack.

        This topic is digressing the thread. I will delete any further comments on it, echi. We can all discuss your Egyptian red lines and your definition of ‘Friend of Palestine’ one day at the appropriate thread.

        Thank you for respecting my wishes and ending the Egypt conversation right here and right now.

    • american200 says:


      September 3, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      The way you go about it you may lose a lot of people, too.
      Defending this or that faction in matters not directly related to Palestine, (or defending obvious enemies of Palestinian resistance), like you do for Egypt, is incredibly divisive.
      If you can stick to Palestine and Palestinian resistance as only our common interest it may become more productive


      Well my take is different. You may lose some people, but if they are so dumb they haven’t caught onto the game the Maxs play then they are not effectual in the real solution.
      It seems to me that the Palestines are the ones who need to weed out the Maxs whose real main motive is to gatekeep for US Jews–i.e. Jewish power in the US.

      Everyone, including the Max, et al, knows the core problem in I/P is the US support of Israel–that is what Weir educates on and speaks against.
      So ask yourself if Max and the so called anti Zionist Palestine supporters really, really wanted to end I/P why would they attack the woman who is doing the most to end the US support that allows Israel to keep on occupying, stealing and killing Palestine…hum?

      You need to point out their real agenda so supporters of Palestine don’t align themselves with the wrong group and end up working for their motives instead of for Palestines freedom.

      If all the Jewish groups got behind or with IAK message then we have a force the politicians would have to reckon with on Israel–but they wont because their first priority is to keep Us support of Israel, ending the occupation is their secondary goal.

      Don’t need to be a genius to see the ineffectiveness of their Jewish priorities.

      • american200 says:


        September 3, 2015 at 3:59 pm

        It would be great if you can provide us with an example of this “hasbara of white racism as a cover for Jewish Supremism’.


        I posted a bunch of their stuff from their twitters long ago….most of it on GFTG….when I have time I will go try to hunt them up and repost them.
        Seeing the use of the white racism meme is not so much in what they said as how they said it… they kept repeating it and how white racism literally * replaced* the criticism of Jewishness (as Atzmon calls it) and Zionism in their critiques of Israel and Zionist.
        Instead of the racist “Jewish’ supremism in Israel it all became white racism ..overnight, in one fell swoop….with all the anti z crowd parroting the same meme.

      • echinococcus says:

        I think you didn’t read. Of course Max is a tribalist asshole even though he writes very well, there’s no discussion there. This only had to do with injecting one’s own take on completely different situations, forcing each other to start bitching about extraneous things like military dictatorships.

      • Echi,

        I referred to Egypt in the right context: as an example of Max’s political naivete. It’s you who jumped up like you’d been electrocuted or something at the mere mention of Egypt – it’s you who took my reference out of context and brought in the ‘dictator’ angle. Take responsibility and don’t dumb that on me.

        I’ve had huge, epic arguments over Egypt at MW with great and savvy bloggers who disagreed with my geopolitical take on Egypt a couple of years ago. Not many understood where I was coming from back then, but I have a sneaky feeling that now, on retrospect, some of them can see where I was coming from after all.

      • echinococcus says:

        Taxi, all I see in Egypt is an old, Zionist-led, US-sponsored murderous military dictatorship, rewarmed with a putsch against a duly elected government and untold barbary against the people, period (in stenographic terms an Egyptian model revamped and recycled in ex-Turkish garb.) All the “geopolitics” talk doesn’t cancel that; additional considerations and personal preferences etc. do not change the few basic elements. Perhaps I am especially sensitive, having lived under a military dictatorship for a longish time. Yes, I’m aware of the major surprise on MW at your defending something so crass. Anyway, this is your site and you have just indicated you didn’t want it discussed. There was no need to flare up though, as not only did the discussion not come up unprovoked, it was not even a discussion of your position re Egypt but only a warning that defending simultaneously divergent positions may alienate a good number of the people you need or want to work with (i.e. the antizionists.) I am not discussing it with you again ever, because that’s distracting from Palestine. That’s all.

      • Echi,

        There is no denying some of the draconian measures that Sisi has implemented – and this is utterly unacceptable in my book. I have said this much before on MW and here in passing on Plato’s. But there is more to his presidency than is generally taken into consideration, and much more to the convoluted fabric of the Egyptian masses that should be considered too – much more history, geopolitics and realpolitik maneuvers that should also be considered when one is trying to form an overall and accurate view of Egypt. Egypt is a very complex topic, literally like playing ten-tier chess.

        One thing for sure though: I am not prepared to just stop using the word ‘Egypt’ on my own blog in case some random readers might suffer flasbacks and hotfushes to remember my epic Egypt battles at MW. I mean that’s just ridiculous to expect of me. Really, whoever doesn’t like me using the word ‘Egypt’ should just go home and have a nice cocktail or something and forget about Plato’s. Good luck and good life to them. We can all put our Egypt cards down at a future Egypt post – no problem with me if people have a different take: I may learn something new from them. But opposing ideas must be put forth with respect and civility if the aim is to have a productive and informative exchange. All ideas are welcome at Plato’s, but good manners are a required must. Focusing on ideas instead blogger personality is a more productive approach.

        ” Perhaps I am especially sensitive, having lived under a military dictatorship for a longish time.”

        Do tell. I look forward to the illumination. It may very well help me and others understand your political positions better, whether some of us agree with them or not. Thank you.

      • echinococcus says:

        Sorry, Taxi. Of course every situation is always more complicated than it seems. Everything, though, boils down to a few basics that do or don’t check with one’s principles. The worn plea of “it looks wrong but it’s so very much more complicated than you think” doesn’t sound any different than when used by the usual Zionist.
        I hoped to further discuss here how we could end any formal collaboration with JVP and Co. (and rid the solidarity movement from tribal Zionist sympathizers working to keep the 2-state negotiation open as the next excuse for continuing genocide) but I like working on a single issue at a time when together with people, that’s why I certainly will avoid intervening here. As for the charge of being impolite or offensive, it may well be true but I don’t see where.

    • american200 says:

      Where Max and his peers really revealed themselves was when they started the hasbara of white racism as a cover for Jewish Supremism.
      Their verbiage was literally dripping with hate talk against the white ( meaning non Jewish white) man.
      They really blew their cover with this stuff.

      • american200 says:

        BTW, when they started using the white racism meme it painted the Palestines as ‘brown people’…..white jew Israelis vr brown/black Palestine people.
        Doing that that played for supporting Israel among Us white racist groups who would then see it as whites vrs black/browns.
        Depends on how stupid or smart one thinks they are as to whether that was one consideration in using the white racism meme.

      • “It would be great if you can provide us with an example of this “hasbara of white racism as a cover for Jewish Supremism’.”

        I’ve written several articles explaining this. Excuse self-promotion, but here’s one:

        On Dissident Voice, you can find my critique of Blumenthal’s “Goliath”. Recently I discovered that the great man actually wrote a tweet responding to it. I haven’t gotten around to twatting him back.

    • Danaa says:

      I think I’ll give a hand to Taxi here. Re Egypt: While I happen to think that Sisi did come to power as a military dictator, much like the style of power grab we saw decades earlier in South America, we should also give a break to the Egyptians for simply wanting to live a life and get on with things. In Argentina, Peron was popular enough, so much so that his wife was actually elected to office, despite woeful lack of credentials. people tend to forget why that was and why so many Argentians craved law and order, even knowing the military regime had fascist themes.

      At the end of the day, most people want to live, not just survive. Democratic ideals do not fill up empty bellies, and from whichever side one comes – and I sure was taken with the Arab Spring CONCEPT, the reality was – Egypt was far from ready for an actual democracy, which invariably implies give and take, the art of compromise and keeping religious streams at bay. Egypt was not economically strong enough to sustain protracted economic upheavals either. When the tourists all left, a very large segment of the working people effectively lost their livelihood. And that, partly, is why Sisi and the military encountered so little resistance, relatively speaking. People desperately wanted a restoration of Egypt’s image as a SAFE place to visit, shining democracy beacon on the hill be damned.

      Personally, when elections came to Egypt and I saw with my own eyes just how disorganized and small was the secular democratic segment, I had a bit of a change of heart. May be all those fiery and students and young people we saw on the streets of Cairo were not all that representative. May be they were totally unprepared to assume power. Which is why they ended up making alliances with rather reactionary forces, which is how the Muslim brotherhood came to power. That having happened, I was also of the opinion that democracy should be allowed to run its course, no matter who the temporary party in charge is, just like in the US. Except that 4 or 6 years, however long the presidential term was then, it’s long enough time to bring upon still a greater disaster. Morsi’s mistake was that they failed to realize how short the rope they got was. And he made some very poor decisions, like supporting the Syria forces of darkness because Qatar did.

      I did not agree with taxi at the time – when she fought off all the great forces of democracy on MW. But I can now see where she came from. In truth, we, including me, were all guilty of “orientalism”. WE were all so sure our western ideas of democracy should prevail. We saw it as black a white, good vs evil. Yet, very very few of us, myself included, took the time to look into and read up about the real Egypt, the one that was and is, not the one we wanted it to be. WE, who supported the Tahrir square ideals projected our dreams upon ordinary Egyptian people, and found them wanting in democratic impulses. So, what did we all do? we of the illustrious progressive left? we turned our backs and lost interest, collectively. Not that we ever had much, really.

      All we, the left (and some not so left) saw in Egypt was a reflection of our better selves to ourselves. We were all tooo ready to sacrifice the Egyptian people on the altar of our dreams of ourselves.

      So, I, misguided as anyone, addicted to my own slightly dreary ideals as much as the rest of us, Mondoweissers, had to admit to myself that it wasn’t Egyptians I cared about so much, but the ideals of myself projected upon Egypt. Like Phil, I so craved a revolution! since we can’t have it in Israel, let’s have it in Egypt, right? We looked upon a young social media hero in Egypt’s Tahrir, and saw a young Thomas Jefferson. Then when we realized the crowds were not really behind them, that our Egyptian washingtons and Jeffersons were kind of all alone, we cut tail and ran.

      So here we are, stuck with Sisi. Not exactly a paragon of democratic virtue. But the Taxi drivers are driving again, the camels are carrying tourists around the pyramids, the retaurants are back in business, people get to work on time, and the canal is working well enough for some to speak of widening it.

      That all being said, they better commute those death sentences or it’ll be no Sisi for me.

      • Thank you , Danaa. At the right news-opportune time in the future, I will post up an Egypt thread and we can all discuss it and reflect back, measure up and re-stock.

        And just to let you also know that about a month ago, the new Suez Canal opened for business:

        World leaders witness the opening of New Suez Canal – The Nation

        Plus, last week the largest gas reserve in the Mediterranean, possibly in the world, was discovered in the shallows off the coast of Egypt. Egypt’s financial future is looking dramatically rosy.

  6. american200 says:

    I love your ‘zingers Taxi.

    Yes, anti goyism is a ‘inherent disease’ in Jews….lol

    Believe it or not the Guardian and Independent actually allowed articles about the Jewish hate for gentiles/christians:

    ‘The Hate with No Name’


  7. echinococcus says:

    Do we really need a group of people that proudly identifies itself as practicing tribal identity politics and gladly includes Zionists to dominate a life-or-death fight against Zionism? The absurdity of it! If anyone who follows the Jewish religion or has some illusion of a non-religious “identity” wants to help, why don’t they do it just as human beings –the focus is liberating Palestine, not wasting time with some 2.5% marginal tribe. We don’t need JVP. Or Max.

  8. seanmcbride says:

    Flashback — I just noticed this article for the first time (it appeared this morning in my Facebook feed):

    “Gilad Atzmon: The Pathology of Max Blumenthal (November 26, 2014)”

    The Jewish activist Max Blumenthal wrote an expansive book on Israeli racism, but he failed completely and categorically to grasp the culture that drives Jewish supremacy within the Jewish State, Jewish politics and beyond. Interestingly enough, Blumenthal has a lot to say about ‘German pathology,’ German people, the colour of German people’s skin and their ‘sickening society’. If anyone still had hope that there was something positive that Progressive Jews could add to the discourse, Blumenthal’s latest interview will end that idea. He exhibits the ultimate form of Jewish racism, goy hatred: in fact, far more insidious than hard-core right wing Zionism.

    • american200 says:

      ” He exhibits the ultimate form of Jewish racism, goy hatred: in fact, far more insidious than hard-core right wing Zionism.”

      Yea he does. Anyone who follows the twitters of the main Jewish a-z’s can see it.
      mj Rosenberg is a treasure trove of this, in his stupidity he lets it all hang out.
      He recently said the only thing wrong with America was the goys or white people and if we got rid of them the US would be a better country…yea he really said this.
      I don’t think I saved that one but no problem, I am sure he will say it again, he cant help himself.

      • My flavor-of-the-month nightmare? To be stuck in an elevator with Max Blumenthal and MJ Rosenberg incessantly ragging on Israel and the lobby. Oh my the pitch and the hypocrisy would just be too insanely unbearable to the sinew in such a confined space – why I’d have to kill myself with my exceptional stilettos or occupy the shit out of them to shut them up.

        The latter, definitely the latter – if my nightmare would only last that long.

    • Danaa says:

      Sean, that was a great take, by Gilad. I recall reading it and thinking, what the f**k? max, another one, down with confusion. A poster boy for Gilad’s concept of the anti-zionist zionists. A more sophisticated whitewasher of Israeli – and indeed – jewish – mafeasance.

      I have been toiling on some piece I wanted to write – taking off from a comment i wrote on MW (my last one) on the Black Lives matter post. Something that came to me in a flash when plowing through jhitchcock’s tendencious and voluminous comments. Something I really think Palestinians should give some thought to. Something that should become clearer still when following max Blumenthal’s recent emanations.

      Jews, no matter how progressive, are basically disqualified to lead the palestine solidarity movement. They are disqualified because they have a built-in conflict of interest, regardless how welll meaning they are. At the end of day, they are so entrenched in the halls of power, that they, the new mandarins have lost touch with the proletarian forces driving oppressed people elsewhere, and not just Palestinians.

      I see the conflict of interest arrayed on spiritual,intellectual and economic levels. Its always there, barely under the surface. Someone once said (I am paraphrasing) ” no man can be expected to oppose that on which his livelihood depends” (I’ll find the proper saying and attribution later). Enter Max, JVP or even (lately) Glenn Greenwald (on another front). They will all fall, if not with a splat, then with a silent sprawl. They will fall, our great heroes, because they cannot not fall, if a living they must make in the same area where their “peace” preachings are distributed. We will never be able to fully trust an aspiring jewish journalist or writer for example. They will all fall down, some sooner, some later. Some more cravenly than others.

      So, you ask, if not them, then who? and that’s a very good question. But I’ll share with you my hunch (and that’s all it is). The true leaders for Palestinian solidarity would be Palestinians who make independent livelihood. Perhaps from the land. perhaps as musicians. Perhaps as technical workers. Some field that’s independent of the written word. But not as journalists as they do will come under the same pressure that their Jewish bretherns do. And others, who are neither palestinians nor jewish Americans.

      And here is another group from the midst ofwhich leaders might come – ex-israelis, whose livelihood never depended on the solidarity movement, or on the lettered professions. people who stepped outside the tribe, but retained the ability to gaze upon it as if from within, because once upon a time they were. Israelis – good and bad, actually understand Palestinian movement on a gut level, in a way that no Jewish American does. As a result most israelis loath them and fear them. but some have no time or patience with silly loathing and so they move where the spirit takes them. Towards a human commonality. Towards appreciation of the much deeper ties that bind. Take a good look at people like Motti peled (who I just heard speak agin, in an interview on RT). There was not a false note in anything he said. People like Avigal Abarbanel, who we all respect and admire. People like Gilad Atzmon too, even if he is intemperate. People like Shmuel – leaving outside, but refusing to dehumanize the ones inside, including the “bad guys”. Such are the qualities needed. And I am not saying this because i am one of this extremely tiny group (I am counting no more than 7 I know of), but because, being one who also stepped outside, I have no stake any longer in the “srvival of some jewish people somewhere. This is a puny quest to me, as compared with the stakes I have in the the survival of the human species.

      Ok, obviously I started writing my piece. May be i should just finish it and put up as a post somewhere. I wonder whether MW will take it. I know Phil will. may be I’ll make it too long and winding and then Adam won’t mind either since he’ll assume, probably correctly, that not many will bother toiling through the labirinth of ideas.

      Oh well. The introduction is here now. For posterity I hope. Right, taxi?

      • seanmcbride says:


        Your preliminary thoughts and notes on your prospective piece stand up very nicely right now, as is. Sometimes our best writing just flows spontaneously in the moment, without much deliberation or editing — hot off the stove — just like this last comment of yours.

        I think there can be a problem sometimes with some Jewish progressives and anti-Zionists turning the I/P conflict into a discussion mostly about Jewish issues, one that is under their control — to the point that they start excommunicating other interested parties — often non-Jewish parties — from what is supposedly (laughably, to me) an official movement of some kind, with self-designated authorities.

        Max and JVP seem to have veered in that direction — and I am entirely allergic to that entire approach to the world. What interests me are independent, original and creative voices on every topic (like yours and Avigail’s, for instance). Fortunately, some of those voices continue to post on MW (including Phil).

      • MRW says:

        This one?

        “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

        Upton Sinclair

      • Danaa says:

        Perfect, MRW. I knew you’d come to the rescue. You saved me some work, and for that – a red ribbon!

        Isn’t it perfect though?

  9. Some more anti-goyism in London:

    Three-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told ‘the non-Jews’ are ‘evil’ in worksheet produced by London school

    British three-year-olds have been told “the non-Jews” are “evil” in a Kindergarten worksheet handed out at ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in north London, it can be revealed.

    Documents seen by The Independent show children are taught about the horrors of the Holocaust when they are still in kindergarten at the Beis Rochel boys’ school in north London.

    A whistle-blower, who wished to remain anonymous, has shown The Independent a worksheet given to boys aged three and four at the school. In it, children were asked to complete questions related to the holiday of 21 Kislev, observed by Satmer Jews as the day its founder and holy Rebbe, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, escaped the Nazis.

    The document refers to Nazis only as “goyim” – a term for non-Jews some people argue is offensive.


    • Seems like only a decade ago all the US propaganda was explaining how Madrassas were ‘fostering hate’ in the young minds of Muslim students, but meanwhile it’s in the backyard of Londoners – and no doubt the US as well. In order to maintain this racial separation, you have to keep the Jewish Orthodox afraid of Goyim. Is this a Talmudic code?

  10. american200 says:

    I think I will have to go thru my Plato post to find all of them….like the one by Max champoining the burning of the Us flag and mj saying tear down the conferedate flag and all Us statutes and stomp on the South. But here are few milder ones off the bat.

    Max Blumenthal ‏@MaxBlumenthal · 6h6 hours ago
    Max Blumenthal retweeted Peter Beinart
    Too bad Israelis elected the modern equivalent of Jefferson Davis for a fourth term
    Max Blumenthal added,
    Peter Beinart @PeterBeinart may Duma be to the occupation what Charleston was to the Confederate Flag
    Uh…why is this a story. Really. So nothing.…—
    MJ Rosenberg (@MJayRosenberg) May 27, 2015
    MJ Rosenberg‏@MJayRosenberg
    Uh…why is this a story. Really. So nothing.
    #mj offended by story of a (christian) marine praying at his wedding.

    — MJ Rosenberg (@MJayRosenberg) May 25, 2015
    mj salute to Us Memorial day is to post picture of US centery gravestone with the Star of David on it.

    Max Blumenthal retweeted Bill Kristol
    Sign me up
    Bill KristolVerified account ‏@BillKristol /BillKristol/status/613419998262992896
    The Left’s 21st century agenda: expunging every trace of respect, recognition or acknowledgment of Americans who fought for the Confederacy
    MJ Rosenberg ‏@MJayRosenberg 8h8 hours ago
    US should have occupied south for 50 years (like Nazi Germany). But US pulled out after 12 years. Hence Confed flags and “heritage.”

    Max Blumenthal ‏@MaxBlumenthal · 14h14 hours ago
    Max Blumenthal retweeted Free Gaza Movement
    Free Gaza Movement @freegazaorg
    Please help us overcome the accusations against If Americans Knew
    Max Blumenthal ‏@MaxBlumenthal · 7h7 hours ago
    Just because the Israel lobby relies on fake anti-Semitism charges doesn’t mean we can’t drum bigots out of our ranks
    MJ Rosenberg ‏@MJayRosenberg 13h13 hours ago
    MJ Rosenberg retweeted Rachel Oswald
    JEWS SUPPORT #Iran deal at higher rate than non-Jewish Americans. .
    MJ Rosenberg added,
    Rachel Oswald @OswaldRachel
    New J Street Poll shows Jewish-Americans have higher rates of support for Iran nuclear deal than average American
    Max Blumenthal@MaxBlumenthal · 16m 16 minutes ago
    Only a bare majority of American voters think the US should advance its own interests over those of Israel #PT


    Let me attempt to bring together all of what I am talking about in the Jewish use of white racism…which even these milder quotes show in their ‘making non jewish white anericans invisible in the US and issues…the disappearing of non jewish opinions has always been the racism of US Jews.

    First you have to understand what the real goal is in order to put together the white racist meme, the leaving out of white americans, the assault on American founder figures, american monuments and heritage symbols and so forth.

    Here it is:..this IS what it is all about.
    * Clearly, a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself.*…..French writer Jean Francois Revel

    There are now a blue million articles being circulated about evil white men of America , even how evil and racist the founders of America were.
    And not so odd, the authors are 9 x out of 10 related to the Jewish cicle.
    Being a Southerner and big US history and Southern history buff I got the propaganda and dual connections between the racism meme and the subsquence demonizing of the South fairly quickly.

    Micheal Lind and Tal Coates for instance are two white/history/traditions/etc bashers that are used by the Jewish crew to make their racism screeds.
    Lind gave away one part of the game in one of his articles right here:

    ” The point is that many white Southerners do not think of themselves as having any “ethnicity” at all. Others — German-Americans, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Chinese-Americans — are hyphenated Americans. White Southerners tend to see themselves as “pure” Americans, “real” Americans, “normal” Americans. Long after Mayflower descendants were submerged by waves of European migration in New England, large regions of the white South remain the last places in the country where local majorities can trace their family ancestry back to before 1776 in British America.”

    What this means for the Jews is that the South is going to be the hardest if not an impossible nut to crack on their anti ‘identity ethnics’ and preferece for nationalism as patriotism
    As long as there is a possibility of ‘nationalism’ arising in the US the Jewish agenda is under threat.

    It was the Jewish pseudo intelligensia after WWII that initated the concept of America as a ‘salad bowl’ of ethnicities in which ethnic groups had a right to ‘separate political interest’— instead of a melting pot in which ethnicity did not trump regional or national issues.

    The South never bought the salad bowl concept, it remains as ‘nationalist’ about the US as it once was about the Confederacy…hence the threat to Jewish agenda of remaining a ‘special ethnic power’ in US…and the reason for the South being front and center in their bashing of white racism.

    Their racism and white man thing is seeding a lot of different pastures; covering for jewish supremism, trying to shame white americans into not speaking up in the US national sense, trying to make black americans believe Jews are their champions, keeping the races divided to again prevent that melting pot concept, if the melting pot common good concept regained its popularity the Jews would be the odd ones out —out of tune with the country and out of any political power.

    So remember this cause this is their bottom line…they dont want Americans of any stripe to stand up for anything American. They want minorities to remain part of the salad bowl, they demonize the white majority to the minorities so the minorities can be persuaded to join/support the Jewish minority or look to them for guidance and help—the Jews meanwhile play both sides of the fence, as elites and as minorities

    • Clearly, a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself.*…..
  11. Frankie P says:

    I decided to do a small experiment in regard to the MW article, “Max Blumenthal is an un-person in the New York Times”. I posted a comment, and I’d like to see if there are any people who would like to wager on whether it will make it through moderation. Here’s the comment, which includes a link to this important article by Taxi:

    Poor Max,

    An unperson at the New York Times, and he goes and takes his anger out by attacking Alison Weir yet again, spewing his guilt by association accusations of white supremacism at one of the real moral fighters for the Palestinian cause.

    Link to Plato’s Guns

    Come on over, the water’s great, you can come in, without going through a gate.

    Frankie P

    Well, what do you think? Will the mods let it through? I tend to think that it won’t see the light of day for a few reasons. First, they just want the whole Alison Weir debacle to go away, and they still haven’t been able to wash the shit out of their clothes with regards to their bad behavior on the issue. I believe that there is a lack of consensus among the MW crew on the issue. I feel that Phil leans towards siding with Alison Weir, and Adam and the Gatekeepers (new band name) won’t have any of it. The second reason it won’t see the light of day is that it links to this important blog, which I’m sure is MORE than on the radar of the MW crew. Even though they may be atheists, Taxi has put the fear of God into them with the launch of this blog. No, that’s not a contradiction! Like Israel Shahak used to say about American Jews, and I paraphrase: So many of them profess to be atheists with no belief in God, but they all believe that even though he doesn’t exist, he DID give the land of Israel to the Jews.”

    Keep it up, Taxi

    Frankie P

    • “Adam and the Gatekeepers (new band name) ”

      Heh good one!

      I left a link to this article on the ‘Roundtable’ thread and it seems to have made it through:

      Taxi September 3, 2015, 8:54 am

      Jewish Anti-Goyism and the Entrenched Divisions in the Palestine Movement:

      link to

      Well someone had to start writing about it!


      Not a single response to this comment – not even from that ubiquitous W.Jones. Too hot to handle of a headline, I guess.

      Say, did they really do a lyrical article on Max at MW? I’ll have to go check in a bit – heh – the irony of writing about the same subject matter but the opposite of mw.

      And thanks for your vote of confidence in Plato’s. I don’t really think that Plato’s has put the fear of god in MW’s editors – yet. Like I said in my ‘who and what the heck is Plato’s Guns’, this blog is but a drop in the ocean – and in this respect, MW is a small wave: much bigger than a drop. But I may become a bigger wave, who knows? I know I can do it, but I haven’t really decided to take it up on that level yet – take the reins and ride with fire and speed. Spreading the word here, with readers helping me out cuz I got so much work to do already, helping me push forward by spreading the word on my behalf, would be greatly helpful and appreciated. In fact without this communal effort of spreading the Plato word, I will probably stay a drop in the ocean. I’d perhaps be more motivated to take it up a further notch if I felt that I was not taking on the big bad world all alone.

    • Looks like many non-jews are not ready to discuss the problem of jewish racism within the solidarity movement. They’re not used to discussing this subject matter or probably even thinking from this angle. They’re gonna need help liberating themselves from their self-imposed censorship. The speed of the progress towards unifying a solid and clean movement rests in their hands. Supplying them with information on this subject matter would greatly help them.

    • “As far as Libya, Max was apparently involved in the pro-regime change dirty tricks his father was running. Max promoted the theory that Benghazi was a riot that broke out because of a mossad type film called The Innocence of Muslims. Max promoting that bogus narrative helped cover up Sidney/CIA/Mossad’s support of terrorists inside Libya, which toppled Qaddafi.” – Pepsi

      • Which reminds me, I totally forgot to add Libya to Max’s ‘Got Wrong’ list in my article. Got Weir Wrong, and got Egypt, Syria AND Libya wrong.

  12. american200 says:

    Is this anti goy (Christians)? The ‘collective’ blaming they always screech about when applied to the Jews.

    Exile and the Prophetic: A Christmas tree at Auschwitz

    ‘There were Christmas trees at Auschwitz and other concentration and death camps as well. The Holocaust was perpetrated by baptized Christians in a thoroughly Christianized Europe.”

    How about this, is this anti the dumb goys?

    End of Jewish Century

    ”It is over because we have power, and power is never conducive to free thinking. It is over because the Jewish century has to end, like all moments in history.
    It is over most of all because we have shared our great cultural gifts with Americans and others have learned them, because cultural gifts truly are transferable–from our psychological openness to our matriarchy to our worship of education.
    It is over because others have become Jewish.”

    I could say a few things on this but why bother–it speaks for itself about the uber ‘identity’ Jews.
    And why the Tribe ends up crashing and burning century after century after century.
    Never learn. Hopeless.

    • “It is over most of all because we have shared our great cultural gifts with Americans and others have learned them, because cultural gifts truly are transferable–from our psychological openness to our matriarchy to our worship of education.
      It is over because others have become Jewish.”


      “why do they hate us.”

      • american200 says:

        Can you imagine if I said the Jewish tribe is becoming civilized because we American gentiles have shared our great cultural gifts and Jews are learning them, because our cultural gifts are transferable–from our belief in independence and fairness, our high social standards , our open mindedness, our family values and the great educational universities we created.
        Yes the ancient tribalism of the Jews and the Jews are disappearing because they have become American.

        lol…..if only. ..

  13. american200 says:

    The little fart is still at it:

    Max Blumenthal ‏@MaxBlumenthal 18h18 hours ago .@Jinjirrie Alison Weir is showing her true colors.
    Richard Harris
    Jews eventually show their true colors, this shouldnt be a surprise to anyone thats what they do
    Like Reply More Yesterday at 9:24
    Alison Weir
    Unfortunately I am afraid thats what Blumenthals actions may lead some to people to believe. But its important to remember that many of those who have supported me and others against these kinds of attacks have also been Jewish.

    Not Dov Zakheim ‏@ChrisRulon 6h6 hours ago Actual supremacist (and pro-war on Syria, Libya @MaxBlumenthal engages in heavy projection when attacking Weir

    And for those who haven’t yet made the connection here is how the little fart keeps framing the Jewish-Israel * problem as a ‘racism’ problem, presenting I/P activism as a *generic anti racist movement.

    Max Blumenthal ‏@MaxBlumenthal Sep 2 I’d be happy to take credit for singlehandedly running A. Weir out of an anti-racist movement, if only it were true

  14. Schlomo Bagelbaum says:

    Keep fighting amongst yourselves, you despicable Jew-haters. Israel will still be thriving long after all of you are buried and forgotten. Am Yisrael chai!

    • “Jew-haters”.

      Which Jews is that? Can you be a bit more specific, please? Cuz it can get a bit confusing, you know. Zionist jews, anti-zionist jews, non-zionist jews, secular jews, religious jews, cultural jews, racist jews, non-racist jews, Arab jews, Russian jews, Brooklyn jews, self-hating jews, jewish jews – I mean there’s so fucking many types of jews and there’s even more than that – but you get my drift.

      I’ll be clear here: any jews that support zionism and jewish Apartheid are the loathed enemy. And any christians, moslems, hindus, athesits and buddhists etc who support zionism are too the enemy.

      Goy-hater Schlomo Bagelbaum, you honestly think calling us “jew-haters” means anything this side of the 21st century and especially with israel drenched in Apartheid and the blood of innocents?

      Another cowardly smear-and-run op.

  15. traducteur says:

    The genocidal entity currently styling itself “Israel” is a mere transient mole or wart on the enduring body of Palestine. Here today, gone tomorrow. Will it shrivel and disappear naturally, or will it be removed surgically? Time will tell, but either way, “You will not be here. We shall fight you until you leave the land you have defiled, and then we shall sprinkle the Haram al-sharif with rose water, just as we did after the Crusades.”

    • Anyone remember Conflict Kitchen near University of Pittsburgh? They serve Palestinian tea with rosewater.

      3 ounces rose water*
      1-2 tsp of black tea
      3 cups of water
      2 tablespoons honey (You may want more, if you like a very sweet drink.)
      4 pods of green cardamom
      Brew the tea with 3 cups of boiling water.
      Add cardamom pods and honey after 2 minutes.
      Allow to steep for a few minutes. Cool to room temperature.
      Add rose water. Remove cardamom pods. Pour in tall glasses with ice and serve. Serves 3.

  16. seanmcbride says:

    Max Blumenthal/associations:

    +accusations of antisemitism
    +accusations of fascism
    +accusations of white racism
    +accusations of white supremacism
    +Adam Horowitz
    +Alex Kane
    +Alissa Wise
    +Annie Robbins
    +attacks on Alison Weir
    +attacks on Counterpunch
    +attacks on Germany and Germans
    +attacks on Gilad Atzmon
    +attacks on Greta Berlin
    +attacks on Jeff Blankfort
    +attacks on whites
    +Black Lives Matter
    +controlled opposition
    +Emma Rothschild
    +ETO (US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation)
    +guilt by association
    +Hillary Clinton
    +Jennifer Hitchcock
    +Jewish activism
    +Jewish anti-Zionists
    +Jewish lobby
    +Jewish tribalism
    +Jin Jirrie
    +JSF (Jews sans frontieres)
    +JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace)
    +Karen MacRae
    +Mark Elf
    +military attacks on Libya
    +military attacks on Syria
    +Paul Blumenthal
    +Philip Weiss
    +progressive anti-Zionists
    +secret tribunals
    +Sidney Blumenthal
    +Sylvia Posadas
    +thought police
    +Tony Greenstein

  17. Taxi,

    If you don’t want me commenting on your blog, it’s OK. But is there some other way I can contact you to send you information?

    You might want to let people know that the US Campaign is having their convention this September 25, some sessions will be free for the public, and attendees will be given a chance to talk openly about the expulsion decision. ( What that means in practice could be pretty limited, but there will be many dissenters there as to the decision.

    You can just delete this post and share the info with others if you want.

      • seanmcbride says:

        W Jones wrote: “Annie won’t let me talk with you on MW to give you stuff for your blog, since she won’t even let me discuss your blog there.”

        Why wouldn’t Mondoweiss be interested in encouraging as much communication as possible among commenters?

      • Not sure that’s the case, Sean. I linked this article to MW/’Roundtable’ thread – well it was there 2 days ago anyway.

        Perhaps W.Jones misunderstood annie’s comment to him last week which was basically to ‘take his gripe or whatever with Plato’s somewhere else. Paraphrasing here. Sorry, too busy to find exchange between him and annie. I didn’t understand her comment as ‘Plato’s is banned from MW’, just that she didn’t want him posting about being banned from Plato’s on MW.

      • seanmcbride says:


        I have a great deal of direct, behind-the-scenes experience with the moderation policies on Mondoweiss — and the ways they are used to pursue particular agendas. (For several years now, that agenda has been largely a JVP agenda, with all that implies for authori tarian hostility towards free speech and free association.)

        That’s why I like decentralized communications protocols — bottom-up democratic social interactions, not top-down dictatorial social interactions.

        Certainly commenters on websites should be able to communicate with one another in whatever manner they choose — through private or public channels — and without the heavy hand of any self-appointed gatekeepers — many of whom who are on personal ego or power trips.

    • Thanks for sharing, W.Jones, and sorry about keeping you out but you know how it is.

      The new design I’m working on will come with a new email address specifically for the site – you’ll be able to contact me directly when it’s done soon. It’s taken a little longer than expected, but hopefully within a week it should all be kosher.

      In the meantime, you can still comment and I’ll be able to privately see it and access it through the Spam file.

      • W. Jones,

        Just to be clear: yes, I have access to your comments through the spam folder. I tend to check it every day or so to clear it.

    • seanmcbride says:

      One can find a flood of anti-Arab, anti-American, anti-black, anti-British, anti-Christian, anti-European, anti-French, anti-Gentile, anti-German, anti-Iranian, anti-Muslim, anti-Roman Catholic, anti-Southern and anti-white hate speech in Israeli and pro-Israel publications on the Internet.

      It’s surprising that the phenomenon hasn’t been more widely noticed and more commented on. Most of the hatred seems to be grounded in Torah beliefs about the world — but some of it is also originating from “progressive” secularists (even anti-Zionists) who share the same fanatical temperament as Kahanists.

      It would be worth untangling the complex relations between anti-Semitism and anti-Gentilism — it could be a chicken or egg problem. Ethnic exceptionalism is a powerful driver of ethnic conflict.

      • Well how else are you really going to solve the problem of antisemitism without also dissecting the problem of antigentilism?

        We know so very fucking much about antisemitism and that’s a good thing indeed, but we know so very little about antigentilism. No point to even stop and ask why, we all know why – many reasons.

        If the (general) jews were serious about cutting off the oxygen to antisemitism, they’re gonna have to also get serious about cutting off the oxygen to antigentilism too. Surely here lies a solution would produce incredible results.

        Some smart and righteous jew out there should be writing like some kind of a profound Twelve Step program for those hooked on antigentilism. They’ll be doing the whole world a huge service – saving generations from an unnecessary self-defeating and detrimental malady.

        It would be nice to live in a world where gentiles didn’t hate jews and jews didn’t hate gentiles.

      • seanmcbride says:

        This binary ideological structure — Jew vs. Gentile — promotes conflict at the root. To be a member of a chosen nation and people at war with all the other (unchosen) nations and peoples is, obviously, to be trapped in a cycle of endless conflict. What could be more obvious?

        The very words “Jew” and “Gentile” set the stage for conflict — they are inflammatory concepts.

        To end the conflict, discard the belief system. But we all know that that isn’t going to happen.

        One shouldn’t complain about the conflicts one proactively generates. But that assumes that one is a rational person — and not a member of a messianic ethnocentric cult.

  18. So JVP et all want us to openly address antisemitism and every other form of racism on the planet except for antigoyism and antigentilism? Really? Why not? Would love an answer, an honest answer from a jvp member. I might be convinced by you, try me.

    • american200 says:

      ” Taxi
      September 5, 2015 at 10:08 am
      So JVP et all want us to openly address antisemitism and every other form of racism on the planet except for antigoyism and antigentilism? Really? Why not>>>>>>

      I know I am repeating myself with this. I guess I do it out of pure frustration.
      But they are never going to acknowledge their antigoyism…never.
      If you can get one to admit to it he will say its only natural for Jews because gentiles have persecuted them thru the centuries for no reason.

      What would JVP have if not the pretense of being morally superior and more entitled to have their word on bigotry and racist taken as the ‘only word needed’ due to their special victimhood?

      To admit that Jewish-Gentile hostility was always a two way street…a ‘mutual’ hostility … from the beginning would destroy the foundation of the tribe and a portion of Judaism and the myths of innocent victimhood.
      If the ‘them – us’ were to end Jewish tribalism would disintegrate.
      And all the benefits that tribalism brings to them would also be lost.
      They wouldn’t be a special case or special ‘people’ any more.

      And one thing real history will tell you that Jewish history wont is that in between the uprisings against Jews in countries were the special treatments Jewish ubers got from many rulers. They were special cases for resentment and dislike among their fellow countrymen and special cases for favoritism by many rulers in countries.
      Should we assume they are too dumb to make the connection in the instances of the favoritism of courts and rulers and then resentment from the population?
      Or should we assume the benefits of favoritism out weigh the perils of the populace’s resentment that then ensues?
      I’d say its the latter, as the Jewish ubers usually escape the fallout and it only affects whatever lesser Jews are caught in it.

      An example.
      History of the Jews in Poland
      ‘In 1264, a successor to Mieszko III in Great Poland, Boleslaus the Pious, granted Jews a privilege known as the Kalisz statute. According to this statute, (which was modeled on similar decrees issued in Austria, Bohemia and Hungary) Jews were exempted from municipal and castellan jurisdiction and were subject only to princely courts. The same statute granted Jews free trade and the right to conduct moneylending operations which were, however, limited only to loans made on security of ” immovable property”.
      The Kalisz statute, which described the Jews as “slaves of the treasury”, ensured protection of persons, protection of property and freedom in conducting religious rites. They were also given the opportunity to organize their internal life on the principle of self-government of their individual communities. Similar privileges were granted to the Silesian Jews by the local princes, Prince Henry Probus of Wroclaw in 1273-90, Henry of Glogow in 1274 and 1299, Henry of Legnica in 1290 – 95 and Bolko of Legnica and Wroclaw in 1295.
      These privileges resulted in hostile reactions against the Jews by the Catholic clergy. In 1267, the Council of Wroclaw created segregated Jewish quarters in citiesand towns and ordered Jews to wear a special emblem. Jews were banned from holding offices where Christians would be subordinated to them and were forbidden to build more than one prayer house in each town. These resolutions, however, though they were reiterated during the subsequent councils in Buda in 1279 and Leczyca in 1285, were generally not enforced due to the profits which the Jews’ economic activity yielded to the princes.
      The turn of the 13th and 14th centuries saw the end of feudal disintegration in Poland. In the reunited kingdom the role of towns and the burghers grew. The rulers, interested in the development of a commodity money economy, encouraged Jewish immigration. The most outstanding of those rulers was Casimir the Great who in 1334, a year after ascending the throne, acknowledged the privilege granted the Jews in Great Poland by Boleslaus the Pious in 1264.
      As a result Jews were exempted from German law and came under the jurisdiction of the voivodes.”
      The legal position of the Jews was still regulated by royal and princely privileges and Sejm statutes, with the difference that in 1539 Polish Jews from private towns and villages became subordinated to the judiciary and administration of the owners. From that time on, an important role was played by privileges granted by individual lords. On top of that, the legal status of Jews was still influenced by synodal resolutions and the common law.
      In the first quarter of the 16th century, Jewish lease holders performed their functions as full-fledged heads of enterprises subordinated to them, for example salt mines and customs offices. “In this period,” wrote in 1521 Justus Ludwik Decius, the chronicler of Sigismund the Old, “Jews are gaining in importance; there is hardly any toll or tax for which they would not be responsible or at least to which they would not aspire. Christians are generally subordinate to the Jews.
      The gentry, who in the 16th century conducted an unrelentless struggle against the magnates, came out against the leasing of salt mines, customs and tolls to the Jews by the lords and the king. Under the influence of the gentry, the diet of Piotrkow in 1538 forbade Jews to take in lease public incomes. This ban was reiterated several times by subsequent diets but it proved only partly effective. In 1581 the autonomous representation of the Jews (the Diet of the Four Lands), which gathered in Lublin, took a decision which, under penalty of anathema, forbade fellow Jews taking the lease of salt mines, mints, taxes on the sale of liquor and customs and tolls in Great Poland, Little Poland and Mazovia. This ban was justified in the following way: “People fired by the greed of great income and wealth owing to those large tenancies, may bring unto the whole [Jewish population]- God forbid-a great danger.”

      This is basically the same pattern that played out in many countries in which Jews emigrated to.
      Because the privilages extended to the Jews today by the US ‘rulers’ is the most extreme ever in this long pattern is why I say they arent going to give it up. They wil ride it to the end.

  19. Truths first expressed make even allies uncomfortable. This should not even be controversial; good on you for cracking the nut on anti-Goyism in the movement. These guys have taken ownership not knowing it is a human movement for freedom. If the attacks on ‘whites’ were reversed, the observations wouldn’t see the light of day. Yet we cannot even call this tribal othering into question? So Plato’s, like all truth-tellers, becomes a liability for raising this topic.

  20. seanmcbride says:

    An interesting list to assemble:

    Jewish attacks in Jerusalem Post articles and comments from 2008 through 2015 on:

    +Barack Obama
    +Roman Catholics
    +the French
    +the United Nations

    Build similar lists based on data from the Times of Israel, Ynet News, Haaretz, the Jewish Press, etc.

    Call it anti-Gentilism, if you will — or antigoyism. It’s a huge phenomenon — one which receives very little attention in the mainstream media or even elite academic circles. Much of this anti-Gentilism is proactive and based on supremacist and racist ideological concepts originating in the Torah and ancient Judaism — it is not simply an emotional and justified reaction to anti-Semitism.

    Mondoweiss lead writers (including Phil Weiss) occasionally delve into this important subject — but not nearly enough. And discussion about this topic among Mondoweiss commenters has been censored with a heavy hand — apparently under relentless pressure from JVP members and sympathizers.

      • seanmcbride says:


        The enemies list is endless — that list above barely scratches the surface. And what is exceptionally weird is that the full list includes many Jews and Jewish groups.

        If Mondoweiss were a truly serious publication, it would be seeking to drill down to the ideological and psychological roots of the beliefs and attitudes which keep generating so many enemies.

        (Phil Weiss, to be fair, occasionally makes small forays in that direction — but Mondoweiss as a whole appears to be controlled by forces that are not nearly as inquisitive and truth-seeking as Phil.)

  21. american200 says:

    Never going to get rid of anti Semitism or what the Jews call anti Semitism and never going to get the Jews to drop their beliefs.

    Because of its insanity and their insanity is apparent right out of the gate.

    Consider what the number one belief of the Jews is visa the world.
    Its that they are and always have been the perfectly innocent victims of the evil others since the beginning of time.
    They among all earthy humans are innocent of any wrong doing, persecuted without reason because all other humans on earth are evil.

    You would have be completely insane to believe this–that there is even a possibility of such a perfected eternally innocent ‘ group of humans’ existing on the earth.
    No one except deranged cultist and mentally weak fanatics are going to fall into that kind of insanity.

    So all a I/P activist can do when this insanity pops up screaming about Jew haters is just call them anti gentile bigots every time they do it…make ‘anti goy bigot’ a trending come back at and your three word cut off for the insane.

    Because you aren’t going to be able to reason with the insane, the cultist and the fanatics…you just cant…so just cut them off.

  22. Brutal it may sound — Palestine is not the main issue in my ‘activism.’

    I research and lobby to educate about- and remove- Jewish/zionist power from US politics, culture, religion and finance.

    This includes creating full awareness among my fellow Amurikans of US complicity in creating the brute that is zionist Israel that oppresses Palestinians, so the end result of what I try to do should, if done well, result in justice for Palestine.

    Frankly, I believe that educating the American public, coalition-by-coalition, of the inherent evil of zionism stands a better chance of achieving justice for Palestine than does BDS.

    • Jeff Blankfort says:

      Removing Zionist influence over our political processes is a worthy goal since it has corrupted what little is left of our democracy and led us into a disastrous war in Iraq and the destabilization of the entire Middle East. I have spent a number of years in trying to do just that.

      As far as influence over finance, however, the Zionist role cannot be separated from the role of capitalism itself which involves non-Jews such as the Koch brothers and others who keep low public profiles but can be found among the leading contributors to the Republican Party well before Adelson appeared on the scene.

      I’m not sure what you mean by culture. Jews, as individuals, have contributed much to our culture, our music, science, etc. It is when the actions are undertaken collectively, ostensibly for the perceived benefit for Jews at the expense of others is where and when the problems arise. e.g., the creation of Israel at the expense of the Palestinians and the obligatory network of organizations required to assure its survival.

      I am also not sure what you mean by suggesting that Zionist Jews control America’s religions. They have been influential, of course, but in recent years, their influence over the mainstream religious orders has declined.

      I sense a tendency in your post to ascribe all of America’s evils to the actions of Jews and that should they go away, we will all live in peace and harmony. But America’s sorry history of genocide, slavery and global intervention long preceded the growth of Jewish political power. What that history did, however, was provide a fertile field for it growth.

      • american200 says:

        ” I’m not sure what you mean by culture. Jews, as individuals, have contributed much to our culture, our music, science, etc. It is when the actions are undertaken collectively, ostensibly for the perceived benefit for Jews at the expense of others is where and when the problems arise. e.g., the creation of Israel at the expense of the Palestinians and the obligatory network of organizations required to assure its survival’….Jeff

        Its a tad more complicated than that. Culture and religion leach over into politics and visa versa.
        The agendas of the uber tribal Jews aren’t restricted to just Israel, they also have agendas within the US for the benefit or satisfaction of the Jews (as a group).
        I could fill up this page with examples but I am sure you know some of them already.
        Some of the most ridiculous and petty have been the lawsuits brought by Jews moving into some small town in the boondocks and suing the town or county for saying Christian prayers at their town or county commissioners meetings and so forth. Its very obvious because the Jews who bring these suits move into a town, get a law suit started and then go back to where ever they came from. They pick small towns that aren’t rich and would have a hard time raising money to defend their town practice in a lawsuit. their goal is to get a legal ruling in court against the use of Christian prayers. There have been numbers of these ‘prayer’ lawsuits around the country, one in my state, during the past 10 years and two made it to the Supreme Court–where they lost.
        Its their pure ‘hostility’ to non Jews….not to mention hypocrisy.
        Christian prayers in some tiny town hurt 2 Jews ‘feelings’ and they want Christian prayer wiped out of all pubic spheres in America but then they roll over like puppies and pee all over themselves with happiness when Obama has Jewish religious celebrations and prayer in the WH.

  23. seanmcbride says:

    Just a note to say that I enjoy WilliamJones’ posts — and that I totally get the concerns expressed in this last comment of his. Those same concerns motivated me to block Pepsi and his crew from the MWFF group — I didn’t want to be associated with or held responsible for offering a platform for views that I strongly disagree with on intellectual and moral grounds. (And I was fully aware, long before Alison Weir came under heavy attack, how guilt by association methods are wielded by pro-Israel and even “progressive” anti-Zionist activists — no paranoia required to grasp real world politics.)

    • seanmcbride says:

      Further note: where I personally draw the line: incitement of hatred and violence against entire ethnic, racial and religious groups. Say whatever you like — free speech is sacred — but I don’t to be associated with that kind of political activity.

  24. I have it on good authority what I already expected, that Phyllis Bennis was behind the actions of both JVP and USCEIO. I would guess that she felt the need to move against Alison because of the success of her book and that she was reaching out to the American public and telling Americans the truth about Zionism and its history in the US as well as about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty.

    These are subjects that Bennis, like Chomsky, has spent a better part of her lifetime suppressing and she has done so with the cooperation of Jewish Tribalists in the movement whose primary reason for involving themselves in the Palestinian cause is to protect the Tribe, not to secure justice for the Palestinians.

    Also, it is entirely logical to believe that the movement, from the very beginning has been infiltrated by Zionist agents as they have infiltrated every other critical sector of US society according to a plan of the American Zionist Council, AIPAC’s predecessor, which was revealed in the Senate hearings held in 1963 which led to JFK’s unsuccessful effort to get the AZC to register as a foreign agent, another subject that Chomsky and Bennis never talk or write about,

    • american200 says:

      ”whose primary reason for involving themselves in the Palestinian cause is to protect the Tribe, not to secure justice for the Palestinians.

      Absolutely. ..watching who they character assassinate demonstrates their motives in doing so.

  25. Jeff,

    “Re the second question on how the attack on Alison was organized, I prefer not to speculate, except, from my own experience, there are a number of people in the movement who know what they need to do without requiring further instructions and they have a lot of experience in doing it,”

    If you have the names of the ‘suspects’ who are so adept are sabotage, can you please provide them to us for investigation?

    Also, what the heck can non-jews do to snatch the Palestine mantle back from the treasonous hands of the tribalist infiltrators? What practical measures can be taken to affect a ‘regime change’ within the community?

  26. Hi Jeff–great to see you here at Taxi’s. Like many others, I have great admiration and respect for you and consider you a “virtual mentor” (to quote Thomson Rutherford of MW of old).

    In addition to Taxi’s question, I wonder about your thoughts on why the Palestinians leading the solidarity movement are so easily manipulated by Jewish groups to betray their true supporters?

  27. american200 says:

    I was going to give Phil a 9 on this article about Wasserman but I had to shave off 2 points to a 7 because of his never failing to insert his Jewish ‘meritocracy egotism.

    Obama gets Wasserman Schultz– and salutes her ‘homeland’ with a Netanyahu valentine –

    ‘…. and Jews in high position in our society (lifted by the meritocracy) were called on to use their influence to assure that support.’

    A good project for Sean take on would be examples/associations of tribalism that begets tribalism even in people not fundamentally inclined to tribalism.
    Because although I don’t truck with tribalism or ethnic identity I can be chased or irritated into a ‘my people’ frame and get on my own high horse. And having a long and intimate association with WASP-dom I can tell you if they hadn’t wanted to give the Jews a leg up in the 50’s after WWII the Jews wouldn’t gotten the leg up they think they ‘took’ by virtue of their exceptional meritocracy.
    The definition of meritocracy in short form is the crème of the crop rising to the top.
    Seriously?…the Dersh, Summers, Abrams, Feith, Perle, Rahm, Kristol, Schumer, Wasserman, all influencers et al –rose to their influence by being the creme of America’s crop? Not thru tribal infiltration and networking in the US? Pleeezzee….

    BUT if Phil wants the Jews to get credit as influencers who have created what we have today—a from of Oligarchy, not meritocracy, in which a small group(s) exercise control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes by virtue of claiming some kind of specialness, wealth, royal family tribal connections, or religious affiliations—–then I’ll be delighted to let his people claim credit for the much of that.

    A puppy who works hard chasing the ball more than his litter mates isn’t necessarily the crème of the litter—he just covets the ball.

  28. Well, the whole thing has been educational, if not somewhat disillusioning for those of us unacquainted with the internecine nature of US turf wars and some of the people involved (Phyllis who?).
    There we were, imagining we were part of a broad-based coalition drawn from all walks of life and shades of opinion, with one overriding goal – justice for Palestinians. And now we find out that certain individuals and organisations apparently think that they own an entire movement and get to decide who’s in and who’s out. And are more focussed on the old tribal war cry and general purpose kneecapping in order to have their way. Who do they think they are? Oh, they have special status because they happen to be Jewish? They are the arbitrators, judges and jury of a whole movement which was active long before they came along? I don’t think so. This idea that they get to call ‘antisemitism’ on whomsoever they decree, without substantiation, evidence or the right of reply, and with the assumption that it is a foregone conclusion and thus surefire expulsion order, is beyond autocracy or arrogance.
    The people who need to demonstrate some humility and listen carefully to others, respecting their opinions and recognising the diversity of views under one common umbrella are Jewish activists. Instead, they have got it exactly inverted – they appear to think they have a special status and some sort of unique insight which the rest of us are not privy to. Or they are trying to limit the criticism to parameters they have laid down, confining debate to what they are comfortable with. Is this really about Palestinians for them?
    All I can say is that I used to think of Gilad Atzmon as a bit of an outlier, a maverick who was a great musician. Now i am thinking, thanks to Max, that he is right about anti-zionist zionists. And my respect for Alison Weir has gone through the roof, due to the calm and considered way she has handled this crude, belligerent smear campaign. Thanks again, Max and JVP. You have removed yourself from a coalition and put yourselves in the fringe group of dubious fellow travellers. All your own doing. You never owned the movement and now the movement will treat you with suspicion. You don’t get to speak for anyone, however deludedly you think you do. So you, this Phyllis person and a handful of JVP’ers think you can destroy a person’s character and life for some kind of personal vendetta, an egotistic envy at what she has accomplished and that she is not beholden to you? It says a lot about you, and nothing about her, that you are clearly threatened by her independence of mind, and free spirit.
    You have sown discord and distrust in a united movement – how convenient for zionism.

  29. It’s not that they don’t want to focus on the Lobby’ they really don’t want to talk about it at all. That was true even at the conferences that were ostensibly organized to confront AIPAC during its annual conferences in Washington DC, such as Occupy AIPAC and MoveOver AIPAC in which Madam Bennis was, on each occasion, a featured speaker and did her very best to understate AIPAC’s power.

    I have not spoken to Bennis since 2002 after the encounter in Berkeley which I explain in this article:

    • Wow – the lobby infiltrated through Bennis over a decade ago – shocking that only in the last couple of years have a few of us began even looking into the surface of this sabotage.

      So glad the schemers and traitors are now being exposed. We gotta give ’em the boot. But how?

      • OperaOperatus says:

        iirc about a year ago Bennis was hired by a Palestinian group to act as their policy advisor. I don’t see that on her Wikipedia page but I think I remember it —

        she spoke at a Move Over AIPAC conference a few years ago in DC.

        Bennis is one of the “opposition” that C Span calls upon to speak on issues like the Iran deal. It gives C Span the fuzzy feeling they’re being “fair and balanced.”

        imo she’s a snake in the grass, more than a gatekeeper.

        ‘course, imo Medea Benjamin is also a gatekeeper and probably in the pay of some US government agency. No one else gets access to Senate hearings (other than MEK in their yellow shirts) the way Code Pink does.

        Speaking of Code Pink — might have been that group that spoke out at Dick Cheney’s talk at AEI. Someone shouted “We want peace,” or something like that; the crowd booed and called “shut up.” Apparently the protester was removed, Cheney said Thank you and proceeded to recite his talking points, no doubt written by John Hays Institute.

      • Jeff Blankfort says:

        Medea is a multi millionaire, having inherited a fortune and she is very good at maintaining her access to the media (which is why I refer to her as Media Benjamin). She only became interested in the Palestine issue when it became politically popular. She is only an agent for herself. I can’t say the same for Bennis who, when asked at the SJP conference in Berkely what people could do for Palestine was to write letters to the editor. Seriously.

      • What else do you know about Medea? Who are her personal close allies in the movement? And does she have any enemies or controversies inside the movement?

        I ask this cuz I’m not that familiar with the ‘characters’ of the sorry soap opera.

        It would be great if we could compile us a list of the gatekeeping leadership, their loyal staff and their exploited interns.

      • Jeff Blankfort says:

        I have no idea who her close allies are since I haven’t lived in the Bay Area for more than a decade and try to avoid these folks when I do go down there. She, like Bennis the Menace, do have ready access to Democracy Cowed’s Amy Goodman, so when Goodman made absolutely no mention of the faux anti-AIPAC conferences in which both were involved, I would gather that they didn’t want the news to get out.

        Media recently had an article in CounterPunch about the Jewish organizations lobbying against the Iran deal and completely failed to mention the Washington Inst. for Near East Policy, the spawn of AIPAC, that is the most important think tank in DC.

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