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Either he is singularly stupid, or we are.

The outcome of this battle was known from day #1. From the moment that the deal was announced, every media outlet, both corporate and independent (except for the right wing ones) has been declaring the inevitability of the Iran deal passing and the presidential veto being sustained. Now that the veto is clinched, the battle is for getting sufficient numbers to filibuster the vote in the senate. So where is the surprise?

Surely, even Netanyahu must have known that this was a highly likely outcome? His hubris couldn’t possibly be so blinding for him to not see this as a potential defeat in a winner-take-all gambit? And what of the lobby? Did they willingly play such a high-stakes game, secure in the knowledge that they couldn’t possibly lose?

The very pro-Israel New York magazine had an article on Friday: The Iran Deal and the End of the Israel Lobby,

The pro-Israel lobby was never the shadowy, government-controlling entity portrayed by its most paranoid critics. It was, however, an important influence on American politics.

The article goes on to decry the miscalculation of opponents of the Iran deal as having a poor grasp of public opinion and having counted on fomenting a broad public backlash with public polls showing that more opponents disapproved than approved the Iran deal.

Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post had her own perspective on the so-called divide in the Jewish community:

The most anti-Israel president in history, President Obama, and the flock of Democratic lawmakers who supported him despite the wishes of their constituents should tell them something. Democrats (a majority of AIPAC members) need to consider if their support for the Democratic Party is inconsistent with their support for Israel. The Iran vote suggests it is.

Really? Netanyahu  is that stupid? The Israel Lobby is that stupid? The American public is all powerful? Would you like me to refresh your Kool-Aid?

Meanwhile, back at the Whitehouse, we have a president, who has licked every zionist ass for the majority of his two terms in the Whitehouse, outdoing previous presidents in how much aid he can lavish on Israel, while turning a blind eye to Israel’s atrocities in Palestine, and even turned the other cheek after Netanyahu insulted him in public in his first term, after his grand Cairo speech crumbled to dust. Obama had to eat crow at his subsequent address to AIPAC, backtracking on what he meant by starting from the 1967 borders in settling the IP conflict. The laughable “peace talks” and “end to illegal settlements” came to naught – but who is counting? If you believe any of this story about the downfall of the Lobby or the death knell for Israel, I have a few bridges to sell you as well as some prime swamp real estate.

So, what is really going on here? We are being played, that’s what. Not just us, but Iran is being played as well.

If the Israel relationship was in demise, you would be hearing a lot more outcry about Israel’s nukes, certainly more so from a triumphant Obama. But we hear nary a peep. There is no attempt to challenge Israel’s nuclear arsenal and no threats to curb aid to that country, in violation of the Symington Amendment. Illegal settlements continue as before, and Palestinian civilians die every day and have their civil rights violated without the slightest protest from this government of the Citadel. Instead, we are talking about how to increase the huge amount we already give them, while our own citizens lack food, homes, jobs, and education.

In exchange for being granted access to their own money, and the illusory promise of cessation of sanctions that can be re-instated at a moment’s notice, even against the protestations of Russia and China, Iran would give up any chance of attaining nuclear weapons for its defense, and open its doors to the most intrusive of inspections, including those of its military facilities, that any nation has ever agreed to, while its greatest enemy, Israel, is allowed to maintain and enhance its nuclear capacity sans inspection. Meanwhile, we are subjected to the Kabuki of how all this is supposedly paving the path for Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and how unhappy Israel and the neocons are with this agreement. Say what?

Meanwhile, the American public is given the false sense of power, as if we had any say in these proceedings, besides serving up our hard-earned tax dollars to the Military Industrial Complex. Oh, you think you had something to do with Obama not attacking Syria with your letters to congress, did you? Is the US out of Syria and not funding ISIL? Of course, you probably think you had anything to do with the Democrats turning against AIPAC and supporting the deal, don’t you? Hey, the Brits got over 100,000 signatures to arrest Netanyahu on his visit to the UK this month, and we had several times that many signatures on the petition to the Whitehouse to try those senators for treason for writing that letter to Iran under Tom Cotton. These are both going to happen any moment now. Just hold your breath until it does.

Next week, on September 11, we will mark the 14th anniversary of a false flag attack on the three towers in New York and our civil liberties, and the beginning of transforming the US into a police state in the service of the Zionist elite. I will be drowning my sorrows in the last of my good bourbon as I imagine what life in the US could have been had the grand experiment of our forefathers been allowed to proceed without being forcefully terminated in 1913 by the creatures from Jekyll Island. Oh, how sweet it could have been!

The first step in curing alcoholism is admitting that you are one. It may also be the first step in curing the stupidity epidemic that grips our nation.

How stupid are we? – Cloak And Dagger | Cloak And Dagger