Not The Nukes: What Israel Fears Most About An Economically Robust Iran – Mnar Muhawesh/MintPress

by Newsstand

Mnar Muhawesh speaks with geopolitical analyst Sharmine Narwani who was present in Geneva during the Iran talks about the deal as it’s written to help clear the clogged up airwaves media pundits and politicians have filled with special interest talking points not facts that have been funded by the Israeli and Saudi lobbies.

Despite each year since 1996 of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu crying wolf that Iran is just a few months away from obtaining a bomb with no mention of course of Israel’s 80 nuclear warheads, Spy cables leaked earlier this year to the Guardian revealed that Israel’s very own intelligence agency, the Mossad, and the CIA both admitted that not only is Iran “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons” now, it wasn’t in the past, either.

So, why would much of Congress be so vocal about stopping this deal? Open Secrets reveals that the Israel lobby spent big in the 2014 election cycle to sway politicians, funneling $6.5 million to Democrats and $5 million to Republicans in the lead up to peaceful negotiations with Iran.

It’s conceivable that most of Congress hasn’t even read the deal; they’re basing their opposition on the special interest money they’re receiving.

Joining me to discuss the deal as it’s written is journalist and Middle East geopolitical analyst Sharmine Narwani, who attended the Iran nuclear talks in Geneva.

Unlike our politicians, she actually read all 160 pages of the deal, line by painstakingly negotiated line.

And she explains that all this fear mongering is just a red herring to prevent any boost to Iran’s economy because, you see, what the media won’t tell you is that Iran is on its way to becoming an economic and manufacturing superpower in the Middle East, which threatens none other than Israel and Saudi Arabia’s bought influence on U.S. politics and foreign relations.

Not The Nukes: What Israel Fears Most About An Economically Robust Iran