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Ahmed deserved arrest

Regarding Joy Peeler’s Tuesday letter to the editor about Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested at school after showing his teacher a homemade clock:

The fact that President Obama invited him to the White House simply shows that the president will jump into the fray before he has all the facts simply because it fits his narrative. Frankly, when he does this sort of thing, it causes more of a rift between races than if he simply had stayed out of it.

As for Ahmed’s invitation to visit the White House: I sincerely doubt that Ahmed would be allowed to take his “creation” on a plane, much less get it past security at the White House.

If any kid — white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or Muslim — put together what this boy assembled, and took it to school, he or she should be treated exactly the same way Ahmed was treated. This has nothing to do with race. There is a zero-tolerance policy in place for bringing something that could be considered a bomb or weapon to school.

If a teacher cannot report something suspicious because he or she is afraid of a politically correct backlash, then we are in deep trouble. You can count on schools becoming targets for those who wish to cause mayhem.

I suspect that this bright boy purposely made this device to look like a bomb for the shock value. He got what he deserved, in my opinion.

Gretchen Summers Leesburg


No interest in Bush’s take

I commend the Sentinel Editorial Board for its sense of humor. The board cites Jeb Bush as its weekly champ for his response to Ben Carson’s concern regarding a Muslim’s qualifications to serve as president of the United States.

This is the same Jeb Bush who (during the recent Republican presidential debates) revealed that he doesn’t know that the 9-11 attack was a breach of this nation’s security that occurred on his brother’s watch. This is also the same Jeb Bush who thinks that our invasion of Iraq was based on faulty intelligence instead of an outright lie.

Could it be that the Sentinel has a Bush on the Editorial Board? Why would anyone be interested in this man’s opinion on anything of importance? A Bush by any other name (call me Jeb) is still a Bush.

Richard Sutherland Winter Haven


Stop funding Israel

It’s nice to see the “Stop the Blank Check” billboard on Interstate 4. For decades, our Congress has poured billions of U.S. taxpayers’ monies into Israel, while Israelis daily terrorize the Palestinian people by bulldozing their homes, shooting them and indiscriminately arresting them.

Our Congress has no problem committing to a 10-year multibillion-dollar military-aid deal for Israel, but it struggles to pass a 10-month highway spending deal in this country. As one politician has said: Capitol Hill is an occupied territory of Israel. How spot on.

Bob Horner Orlando


Control spending instead

Once again, the president and Congress must sit down and discuss whether they should increase the debt ceiling in order to keep the government running, aka spending. To me, this is the equivalent of family members who reach the limit on their credit card being able to sit down at the dinner table to decide whether the credit-card company should raise the limit on their card.

I suggest the time would be better spent by having the president and Congress discuss how they can get their spending in line with current limits — much like the only option the referenced family would have.

Tom Lawrence Winter Springs

Ahmed’s clock, Jeb and Israel: Letters – Orlando Sentinel