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Putin Plays Russian Roulette

They don’t call it Russian roulette for nothing.  Get a six-shooter, load it with a single bullet called Destiny, spin the chamber, point the barrel an inch above your ear, any ear – now wait or don’t wait – now squint or don’t squint – think or don’t think – now flashback or don’t – now weep or unweep – now breathe and don’t breathe now laugh and don’t laugh so dammit what the heck you waiting for – pull the goddamn trigger!


Pot luck, you’re still alive.

You lost five pounds of sweat in just under a minute.  But you’re alive.

Now it’s Putin’s turn.  Shootin’ hootin’ tootin Putin – it’s his turn.

You hand him the gun.  He takes it.  He looks down at you even though he’s shorter than you.  How the hell does he do that, you wonder?

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