“Looks like I’m being attacked as being a Zionist” – Stephen Zunes/Facebook

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Looks like I’m being attacked as being a “Zionist” and doing the bidding of the “Zionist Lobby” because I am publicly supporting the decision by Jewish Voice for Peace and the US Campaign to End the Occupation to disassociate themselves with an anti-Israel American activist who has defended and worked closely with anti-Semites and has refused to challenge (and at times even agreed) with anti-Semitic statements.

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Bill Samuel:  Sigh…

Rosanne Rabinowitz: Who’s the American activist in question?

Stephen Zunes: Alison Weir and her group If Americans Knew, which assumes that US Middle East policy would be benign and rational if it weren’t for those damn Jews…

Rebecca Romani: Life on the knife’s edge is swell, ain’t it?

Michael Colvin: Hang in there. We both know that ad hominem attacks are a tactic often used by the opposition to keep the left chasing its own tail. The left has such a fundamentalist fervor for ideological purity.

Jude Stevenson: Well done Stephen.

Jenny Miller: I have a good guess of who this activist might be, having had dealings with him myself. Unless there are a lot of activists meeting this description?–hope not!

Valerie Van Osdel: Stephen, what is your opinion on Weir’s recent book and how factually it is or isn’t.

David J Rubinson: Stephen: You are 100% full of shit.

Stephen Zunes:  If  you don’t believe me, David, I’ll show you the posts with those accusations…

Katharina Harlow: Lots of accusations – like all witch hunts.

Preston Enright: Weir’s support of Gilad Atzmon is one of many reasons for Jewish Voice for Peace and the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation to distance themselves from her. Atzmon recently had a piece in “Veterans Today” suggesting that Rabbi Alissa Wise of JV…See More
In Case You Still Have A Drop Of Sympathy Toward JVP
Just read Rabbi Alissa Wise! By Gilad Atzmon The following is a compendium of duplicitous and manipulative Judeo centric statements that illustrate precisely what many of us dread to admit – liberal Jews are not the solution; they are the core of the problem. These quotes are taken from a transcript…

Marty Rosenbluth: Courage! Haters are going to hate. It is essential that the movement for justice in Palestine draw clear lines between anti-Jewish positions and criticism of Israeli policies. I helped fight that battle in the 90’s when the head of one NGO posted on a listserve that there were “too many Jews” in the movement, and then defended herself against being accused of prejudice by saying she had lots of black friends and her kids pediatrician was Jewish. Seriously.

Marty Rosenbluth: As we know, many in the Jewish community, and other Israel supporters, say any criticism of Israel is anti-Jewish. So when people in the movement clearly cross the line it is important to step up. I used the ouster of Weir very effectively in arguing w/ several pro-Israel folks.

Marty Rosenbluth: Of course, it will be a very cold day you know where when any of the major pro-Israel groups or coalitions expel someone for being racist against Arabs, but….

Yak Maninoff:  I don’t know about the other accusations. I would simply settle on ignorant.

Tom Pessah: the only way the pro-Palestine movement will succeed is if it continues to dissociate itself from racists. You are doing a great service both to Jews and to Palestinians.

Yak Maninoff: Add me to that list of haters. Been at it since 1980, with the scars and jail time to show for it.

David Hoffman: You have plenty of supporters who respect you and agree with your decision. All of us need to step up.

Yak Maninoff: Personally, I’ll stick with the “hater” company of Heddy Epstein and Greta Berlin, as well as Allison Weir.

David Hoffman: he normalization and condoning of Jew-hatred and viciously bigoted hatemongering (such as permitting quotes from, and circulation of, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, without challenge) — including our enabling silence for fear of pissing off people we’re trying to placate and befriend — needs to stop within Palestine liberation ranks. It is a sick and unconscionable problem which principled anti-bigotry activists need to correct.

Thank you to JVP and to Stephen Zunes for stepping forward. Until their positionr rejecting anti-Jewish hatemongering becomes the prevailing norm among Palestine liberationists and other progressives, bigoted and poisonous pathology will remain coiled within us, and it will impede peace, justice and compassion in the world.

David Berger: Could you be a little more specific about who this activist is?

Katharina Harlow:  https://ccrjustice.org/…/palestine-legal-and-ccr…
Palestine Legal and CCR Release First-of-Its-Kind Report Documenting Efforts to Silence U.S….
Palestine Legal Responded to Nearly 300 Incidents in 2014-2015; 85 Percent Targeted Students and Scholars on More Than 65 College Campuses – ccrjustice.org

Emma Rosenthal:  So, Yak Maninoff, attacking other activists is divisive if the target is a white racist, but not divisive if that same person attacks other activists? If the issue is attacks (which still doesn’t even begin to deal with the issue of basic differences of opinion), then we should be against anyone who makes accusations or would cast others out. Then we would HAVE to start with atzmon and his decision that anyone with ANY Jewish identity is automatically an AZZ (anti-zionist zionist).

Your support for bigots is transparent.

Emma Rosenthal:  I also love the rationale that it was okay to ask Hedy to sign the petition, but not okay to ask her to remove her name from the petition, on the grounds that she’s suffered enough and is old and frail.

Yak Maninoff:  Much easier to make accusations than deal with the revelations contained in Against Our Better Judgment.

Lee Diamond:  If US Campaign disconnects from Alison Weir, how can anyone else be accused of being a Zionist? Who’s the loon making this accusation?

Franklin Sandino Ilyanov:  You and I have our differences Stephen, but I’m sorry they’re going after you like this. I would suggest that calling JVP supporters Zionist is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Michael C. Dunn:  Courage.

Steve Rendall:  I unfriended Weir a couple of years ago after a similar issue. She may be a click more sophisticated than the non-too-bright Greta Berlin and rightist Gilad Atzmon, who both suffer from Jew-on-the-Brain, but only just.

Michael Pugliese:  Have any idea why Richard Falk signed this petition supporting Weir? https://docs.google.com/…/1oyHWpfZtMvDez5XThzt…/viewform Ray McGovern, James Abourezk, Lawrence Davidson, Joel Kovel?
An open letter to the U.S. Campaign and other Activists for Justice in Palestine
http://tinyurl.com/StopDivisiveAttacksPDF As active participants in the struggle for justice for Palestinians, coming from a variety of ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds, we call for an end to internal attacks on fellow activists and organizations. These only impede the work for justice.…

Michael Beer: vp and the US campaign have legitimate concerns but have handled this badly. There is nothing new in Weir’s words or actions. She is rightly criticized for not speaking up more strongly against hateful views, but she should not have been shunned for her actions that are based primarily on guilt by association. Stephen, you could easily be accused of being a Moonie, Commie, patriarchal, and a fascist, based upon the various audiences you have spoken to. And did you use all those occasions to attack all the views of the audiences that difffered from your own? Weir, JVP and the US campaign need to clean this up. Divisions of this kind are bad for the solidarity movement.

Stephen Zunes – Looks like I’m being attacked as being a…