Propaganda Never Sleeps

by Taxi

Russia is in Syria to stay until the job of ISIS-cleansing from Syria and Iraq is finished with.

The ‘West’ in practice has surrendered to this reality, but they’re such bastard sore losers that they won’t switch off their propaganda machines and paid minions for even a second.  Of late, the media has had a stream of continuous misinformation articles against the Russia-Iraq-Iran-Syria security plan that they (the West) have actually already publicly agreed is the correct direction for Russia to take in resolving the ISIS crisis in the Levant.  Talk about talking from both sides of mouth!

Frankly, I can’t be bothered to post up most of the ludicrous bullshit currently deluging both high-brow and low-brow media – most of the headlines are just negging on Iran and Russia and have little actual news value – in other words:  our media is currently drowning in pure propaganda –  plus my limited computer time is better spent on other pressing blog issues.

I’ll still be posting up on the Russia-Syria situation, but only articles that are actually of value and reporting on the developments there as they occur, or articles giving an interesting analysis and perspective.

This is not an article, btw – more like a quick memo-chat to give y’all heads up.

I hope to make time in the next couple of days to write a fresh article for Plato’s.

Till then, be well, friends, and keep dodging the propagators of propaganda.