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Propaganda Never Sleeps

Russia is in Syria to stay until the job of ISIS-cleansing from Syria and Iraq is finished with.

The ‘West’ in practice has surrendered to this reality, but they’re such bastard sore losers that they won’t switch off their propaganda machines and paid minions for even a second.  Of late, the media has had a stream of continuous misinformation articles against the Russia-Iraq-Iran-Syria security plan that they (the West) have actually already publicly agreed is the correct direction for Russia to take in resolving the ISIS crisis in the Levant.  Talk about talking from both sides of mouth!

Frankly, I can’t be bothered to post up most of the ludicrous bullshit currently deluging both high-brow and low-brow media – most of the headlines are just negging on Iran and Russia and have little actual news value – in other words:  our media is currently drowning in pure propaganda –  plus my limited computer time is better spent on other pressing blog issues.

I’ll still be posting up on the Russia-Syria situation, but only articles that are actually of value and reporting on the developments there as they occur, or articles giving an interesting analysis and perspective.

This is not an article, btw – more like a quick memo-chat to give y’all heads up.

I hope to make time in the next couple of days to write a fresh article for Plato’s.

Till then, be well, friends, and keep dodging the propagators of propaganda.



  1. seanmcbride says:


    You wrote: “This is not an article, btw – more like a quick memo-chat to give y’all heads up.”

    It would be nice now and then to be able to post brief observations, insights, pointers, etc. — which sometimes are more useful than long articles in making points and communicating important information.

    I often find spontaneous comments to be more substantive and valuable than formal essays — direct, to the point, close to the bone, no padding.

    The neocons and neolibs have tied themselves up in pretzel knots with regard to American Mideast policy — after expending tremendous effort in hyping up the threat of ISIS and Islam in general, they are now trying to backtrack. At this point they are completely incoherent on the subject — they are floundering and foundering.

    From which one can conclude that the Clash of Civilizations and Global War on Terror were fabricated and bogus memes from the outset — which many people knew already.

    Putin is now using neocon rhetoric to outplay neocons on the grand chessboard — they are going crazy — they can’t explain their self-contradictions.

  2. Good plan. I like creating a better personal bs detector. I guess it is good oractice…up to a point…to engage the nitwits like jon s, yonag, etc. Over at mw, but it is mostly a waste of time. I think part of the mission of those trolls is to waste the time of smart and well intentioned people.

  3. RudyM says:

    Yes, NGOs* are already cranking out deceptive propaganda re: Russia’s airstrikes:

    *This one is Jabat al-Nusra linked, though, so that’s pretty blatant.

  4. The Obama admin, Ash Carter, and WINEP are synchronized on their response to Russia’s actions over Syria.

    Carter press briefing Sept 30: Russia will fail unless they come around to our pov which is that Assad must fall in parallel with destruction of ISIS.

    Carter emphasized that US would not curtail air strikes over Syria and would target “extremists.” Reasonable to conclude that Carter includes Assad’s cadre under “extremists” label.

    The certainty with which Carter spoke gave the distinct impression that Carter “knew” that Russia “will not succeed in defeating ISIS” unless Russia signs on to the US strategy, because Carter-US-Israel are managing ISIS.

    US-Israel are running two sides of this war; Putin smacked his fist on the chessboard.

    Josh Earnest also briefed reporters and ticked the same talking points. (Earnest was asked about Palestine action at UN, and why had US opposed? He said US opposition was “consistent with long-held US position: that the two sides must make peace between themselves, and that the US supported “two states for two people, the Jewish and democratic state side by side with etc etc etc.”

    WINEP held a discussion where the same talking points were stated.

    Congressmen are firmly in Israel’s camp. “Our dear ally …”

    That’s not just the propaganda organs, it’s the major decision-makers in USA that are determined that either Assad capitulates or Syria will be further leveled, Russia notwithstanding.

    • Taxi says:

      It’s all hot air and silly bluster, Chas. Punk losers! Shouting at top of lung to smother bitter tears. No, we ain’t going to war with Russia over Syria or even over Israel. The east beckons and that’s where our war machine is chugging towards. Never mind we can’t afford another war of choice in the mideast, let a lone one with Russia. Proxy wars, yes. But direct face to face traditional warfare? No. That age is over.

  5. Walid says:

    A small divertimento about the word that Taxi abhors and that’s way off topic: There’s a street in Rome named “Via di Propaganda”; on it is the Pallazio di Propaganda Fide, which is the Palace of Propagation of the Faith. It was built in the 1626 to house the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide that was devoted to propagating Catholicism in the world. That religious congregation is still around these days but Pope John Paul II for reasons we can easily guess changed the name of the religious order to Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The Pallazio that today still houses the congregation also serves as a museum of the historic development of the Catholic Church. Since 1929, the Pallazio is an extraterritorial prop­erty of the Holy See. 1929 was also the year that “propaganda” became a dirty word with some roots in religion. Goebbels was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda.

    • seanmcbride says:

      Propaganda is really all about the art and science of effective communication and persuasion, usually political communication and persuasion. It’s a branch of the ancient and noble study of rhetoric. The more one understands the subject — its rules, mechanisms and operations — the better. We all use propaganda, some more consciously and effectively than others.

      Basically, propaganda is all about using carefully calibrated language, images and themes to frame issues and situations in certain ways — relying on complex mixtures of truth, untruth and semi-truth.

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