Plato’s Pow Wow

by Taxi

Did the headline get your attention?  Well good cuz I’d like to WELCOME EVERYBODY  to Plato’s first Pow Wow!

Every so often, I will open a ‘Pow Wow’ thread for life’s general profundities, ridiculous normalities and of course, its splendid grotesques.  A so-called ‘open thread’ where, well, where anyone (except for you, Chas) can talk about anything they want.  Use the comment section like a community room to share Palestine or non-Palestine topics or personal stories.  Anything goes.  But it’s best that you come here chilled in the brain, warm in the fingertips and armed with either a Pow or a Wow factor.

Okay, it’ll be interactive-experimental so we’ll see how it goes…  Maybe nothing will happen…  But that, dear friends, could be some kinda… art.