Shake, Rattle and Intifada

by Taxi

Against their leaders and against their occupier.  Against the Grim Reaper and a grimmer, dimmer future.  Against deception, oppression, injustice and submission.  Against everyone and everything that humiliates them, Palestinian youth en mass have taken to the streets of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza for five days in a row today – a passion for freedom and an anger at the poverty of their life exploding in their bony chests.  Masked youth, stone in hand, stones stuffed in denim pockets, they duck behind walls and corners and cars, taking turn to leap balletic: throwing rocks with all their might at what can only be described as platoons of armed Israeli robots.

The number of young casualties in combined areas of unrest is growing – and so is the number of the fallen, 6 youths today.

This is the forth generation of Palestinian youth under occupation since the rise of the young Ghassan Kanafani back in the 1960’s (R.I.P).  This is a generation of West Bank Palestinians who have never seen their own sea waves or hiked their own mountains.   Never even been allowed to step on the soil of Jerusalem, a mere handful of miles away.  Never been allowed freedom of expression or freedom of movement – and so now they are rebelling against both their leadership and against the violence of their occupier.  Symbolically, they raised the Tunisian flag in Bethlehem today.

Only the youth are on the streets shaking stones in fists and rattling adult’s nerves.  This is a Palestinian generation that has no fear and no more patience – unlike previous generations.  They are demanding that their leaders immediately unite and immediately  address solely the end of the occupation by any means necessary.  They want the occupation to end and they want it ended now.

The news cameras roll.  A stone and a bullet pass each other in mid air.  It will be a tie again for today.  Tomorrow the passion and anger in Palestinian youth will be that much more adrenalized, agitated.  The Israeli robotic forces will be that much more sadistic.  And Palestinian leaders will foolishly be hoping that their youth will run out of energy and cause within a handful of days.