Dignity or Death

by Taxi

An Israeli Jew, seeing a brown-skinned man walking down his street and assuming him to be Palestinian: lunged forth and stabbed him in a revenge attack – only to discover that the man he critically injured was actually Jewish.  Such is the level of ethnic paranoia permeating the Israeli psyche today.

Reciprocal stabbings between Palestinians and Zionist Israelis have been erupting on the streets of towns and cities and increasing in frequency and violence as the days pass.  The Zionist Israeli media is carrying forth Netanyahu’s propaganda message to his people:  ‘Arabs are attacking us with knives on the streets and we have the right to defend ourselves’.  Other loon Israeli media outlets are warning that the Palestinian stabbers are Daesh announcing their arrival into Israel.  The politics of fear is king in the holy land today.

Multiple and organized attacks by Palestinians on settlers are occurring – two fatal Israeli settler casualties have so far been announced today; 21 injured, 3 of them in intensive care – caused by knife stabbings and a single gunfire attack.  The Palestinians are fighting back hard:  they are answering every street crime against their brethren and sisters with a violent act of resistance:  some have already substituted the rock for the knife.

Who is more afraid?  The Palestinian youth that today have taken their protest to the Qalandia Checkpoint – that miserable human cattle-sifter run by sadistic Zionists?  Or the Apartheid Israeli forces manning the Qalandia Checkpoint itself?  The answer to this question is the side that has nothing to lose is indeed the fearless one.

For days now global media has been asking: ‘well, is this a Third Intifada, or not’?  Yes, an air of confusion has permeated Palestine media analysts because the current protests have not been called by any political party – not Hamas and not the PA, not others either.  This ongoing protest was initially called by WB and Jerusalem students – and continues to actively constitute of nothing but young students.  So far it’s more akin to a youth revolution than a collective Intifada.  Their nervous leaders are demanding they empty the streets for their own safety but the protesting youth are ignoring them and calling for immediate and effective action to end the occupation – calling for a collective Intifada eruption.   Refusing to just go home and carry on being oppressed daily as per usual, they are putting their lives on the line, they are getting beaten and gassed on the streets by the IDF – they are refusing to empty the streets while the occupation continues.

Netanyahu’s response to the young Palestinian protesters is to execute them on the streets – 6 unarmed youths, including two females have been gunned down on the streets in the last 48 hours, being wildly accused of attempting to stab ‘Jews’, or of actually stabbing ‘Jews’.  Needless to say, no knife or other such evidence has been found on the bodies of the State-slain Palestinian youth.  The Israeli security apparatus is literally shooting first and asking questions later.  This is naturally inciting more Palestinian youths to take to the streets.

These youths may or may not be able to fire up a full-on Third Intifada – we have yet to determine this as events unfold – but analysts are today saying that unless Netanyahu can show that he can return ‘security’ to the streets of the holy land as soon as possible, the political wing of the settler movement will start baying for his blood, dropping out of his already fragile coalition – causing for a sudden need for a new election.  Analysts are saying that unless Netanyahu crushes these protests and does it swiftly, we may see a collapse of his government within days.

Analysts are also predicting that Leibermanism will win the next election.  Leiberman, let us remember here would very much like to see Arab Israelis, who represent 20% of Israel’s population removed from Israel proper and relocated by force of arms to the gates of the WB, Gaza or Jordan.  Violent ethnic cleansing of Israeli Arabs in exchange for emptying out a couple of strategically inconsequential Jewish settlements in the WB is not only against International law, but indeed is a poor trade-off for the Palestinian side.  Libermanism, currently and arguably the most popular ideology in Israel calls for total separation from the Palestinian other, by any means possible.

The Israeli voter, today rattled and paranoid wants the state to take harsher measures, wants the IDF to use overwhelming violence against the Palestinians – but how much more violence can Netanyahu order his army of thugs to deal out without inciting even more Palestinian violence in return?  It’s an incredibly slippery slope to tackle wearing glass shoes.

In other words, Netanyahu has no effective and sure plan that would actually stop the protests or the violence – and Leibermanists are not exactly famed for their patience…

The Palestinian youth may not have voting ability in Israel proper, but they may surprise the world when  their sheer will for freedom and their bodily sacrifice indeed become powerful enough to actually topple a sitting government.

If this were to happen, we would then define the current protests as a successful youth revolution.  If the crisis evolves drastically and the whole of the Palestinian populace joins the youth in street protests, we can then safely call this event: an Intifada.

“Dignity or death” – this is the message that young Palestinian protesters are delivering to their people, to their leaders, to their occupiers and to the world at large.

Dignity or death.  Non negotiable.