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Occupation is a Crime, Resistance is Not


There is so much silly propaganda out there right now on Palestine and Syria that I honestly can’t be bothered to post up any of it.  It’s all the same tired spin too.

‘Palestinians are terrorists terrorizing the poor Israeli Jews who just want to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors’ –  is basically a propaganda theme taken up by the MSM.  Multiple stories of Israeli ‘personal’ experiences of “Palestinian terrorism” are getting published all over the place too (oh man, the tedium!).

Poor Zionists of Israel.  They didn’t do anything to deserve “Palestinian terrorism”, right?

Never mind Israel’s daily occupational crimes.  Never mind Israeli state terrorism against Palestinians and other non-jews.  Never mind reality when you own the Mainstream Media.

But how long can the Zionist media whores pull off this bullshit for?  How long can they bury the occupation for?  Don’t they know that occupation is a giant crime in itself?

The only compensation here is that racist Israeli citizens are rattled – and rattled and worse they should be.  They deserve no peace of mind nor peace of body.  They are serial criminals that deserve immediate arrest and should be labeled ‘armed and dangerous escapees from reality’.

To those young Palestinians taking up the knife to challenge the hideous, criminal occupier, I say bravo.  Fuck Abbas and his surrender of the armed struggle – fuck the disaster that was Oslo – fuck Abbas again and his surrender of the Palestine gun while Israel steals more Palestinian land with impunity and settlers burn whole Palestinian families alive.  The bullet might be faster but the knife for now will do.

Yes, I do support the Palestinians defending themselves against their violent occupier by any means necessary.  This may not be an ideal approach but it is their inalienable universal right.  And no one has the right to judge them or tell them otherwise.

Palestinian violence is within the context of the brutal occupation they are forced to live under.  The Israelis are foolish to think they can keep practicing Apartheid, keep expanding settlements and building new ones on Palestinian land without consequences.  If the International community won’t step in to help protect Palestinian lives and property,  and their leaders are working against them and giving comfort to the enemy to boot, then it behooves Palestinian individuals to protect themselves with rocks, with knives, with guns, with boiling oil and with any other type of weapon their imagination and hands can conjure.

I support the brave Palestinian youth taking to the streets and agitating for a third Intifada.  I too am impatient for a shakedown of the psychotic occupier.  I too want Palestinian youth to live lives of freedom and dignity.   After almost seventy years of a brutal occupation, only a racist, thieving  motherfucker would want the occupation of Palestinians to carry on for another second.

The cost of freedom is always high, they say, and Palestinian youths have no other choice but to pay the high price.  So be it.  In the name of precious freedom.

I’m not advocating for senseless waves of reactionary attacks, but I am a supporter of Palestinian self-defense.  I say:  fight, fight, fight for your rights, dear Palestinians.  Fight smart and fight good – fight by day and fight by night – fight the honorable fight and fuck the Mainstream Media.

And I say the same to the Syrian people under a parallel brutal ISIS occupation.  The good people of the world support your struggle for freedom from the terrorist Takfiri army that’s working in tandem with your Zionist enemy.  Even though the global Zionist media spreads lies about you, brush them off on your sure way to liberation.  The countries of Russia, Iran and China are helping you now and the Zionist peace-breakers are going nuts to see you shoulder to shoulder with your capable friends.   The bastard media are turning the truth upside down and attacking anyone and everyone who is helping you.  You know who your friends are and you know the face and fingerprint of your enemy too.  So go forth in strong spirit and fight for your freedom, for your dignity and for your learned and distinguished history.

Remember, you are under media attack because the tables have turned and you are now winning.



  1. Bornajoo says:

    Great piece Taxi
    The title of the piece says it all. “occupation is a crime, resistance is not” should be promoted, plugged, emailed and tweeted everywhere possible.

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