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Knifing Settlers in Broad Daylight

It is a beautiful autumn morning in the Holy Land.  So magically beautiful in fact that a Palestinian teenage girl walking to school and daydreaming of romance would be forgiven for forgetting, just for a few seconds, the ugly occupation breathing death down on her at every street corner she takes.

She has used this same route for years now – she can walk it blindfolded.  She has learned the rich history of her ancestors and the deadly substance of the occupier on this very same route.  Often when she’s walked it, she’s experienced sickening palpitations and involuntary fist-clenching to encounter the occupier enemy at close range, be they armed and in uniform, or in civilian clothing with weapons possibly concealed.  She has many times seen hate and murder in their eyes as she nervously stepped past them.  This is her daily trail of fear and loathing and she affectionately calls it ‘my little redemption road’.

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