Plato’s Pow Wow – “I Read The News Today, Oh Boy”

by Taxi

What a load of rubbish news headlines today.  Regurgitation of inconsequential headlines or endless tired propaganda – both sides of the aisle.  Of course there’s much going on behind the scenes  – much to do with Russia in the middle east etc, but no original analysis by any respected or controversial journalist has been penned or published in the past 24 hours.  Some days it’s overwhelming how much good reads are out there – but not today, no sirree not today.

You’ll have to forgive Plato’s for not posting up much newsstand articles today therefore.  I don’t wanna bore you or waste my time either.  If I’m not too tired tonight, I will try write an original piece.

Today is therefore probably a good day for a Plato’s Pow wow thread.   Step up and feel free to talk about anything you want on this thread.