Amplify Palestine! – NYC Cultural Boycott Pledge

by Newsstand

Adalah-NY is proud to announce the release of a new short video featuring eight leading artists, all with ties to New York, stating their support for the cultural boycott of Israel and calling on cultural workers to commit to Palestinian rights by pledging to uphold the boycott.

Featured artists include actor Kathleen Chalfant; musician Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd; musicians Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio; musicians Kool A.D. and Tamar-kali; artist and author of Drawing Blood, Molly Crabapple; and visual artist Swoon.
If you are an artist or cultural worker, you can sign the NYC cultural boycott pledge at

If you support the cultural boycott of Israel, you can help spread the word about this new campaign by sharing the video far and wide. Here are four easy ways to help amplify the cultural boycott call from Palestine:

Share our Facebook video link directly on Facebook with the hashtag #ArtistsBoycottIsrael:

Share the video from our website on Twitter with the hashtag #ArtistsBoycottIsrael:

Send an email to your listserv and ask your supporters to share the video on Facebook and Twitter

Re-publish the video along with the video blurb in your newsletter or online publication

​Sample social media posts:
VIDEO: “Amplify your voice for justice” Artists support cultural boycott #ArtistsBoycottIsrael #BDS

VIDEO: “We must act where governments have failed.” #ArtistsBoycottIsrael #BDS

VIDEO: We won’t participate in “projects funded by an apartheid government” #ArtistsBoycottIsrael #BDS

VIDEO: “Artists are raising their voices in support of cultural boycott” #ArtistsBoycottIsrael #BDS

In new video prominent #ArtistsBoycottIsrael & call on others to pledge not to play for apartheid

As Israel escalates its violent repression, the Palestinian call for international artists and cultural workers of conscience to help remove Israel’s cloak of impunity rings out with urgency. Thank you for helping us get the word out that there will be no business as usual for Israel until it ends its occupation, apartheid, and colonization.

Adalah-NY | The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel