Turkey Downs a Russian SU-24 Jet Fighter

by Newsstand

The Turkish military is claiming that the Russian SU-24 jet fighter was warned 10 times in 5 minutes to exit Turkish airspace but the Russian pilots had ignored the warnings and forced the Turks therefore to down their jet.

The Russians are denying airspace violation and claim they have flight-log evidence to demonstrate this.

Both Russian pilots ejected from the blazing jet – one of them has been found and a search party is looking to locate the second one.  The downed jet has reportedly crashed six miles inside Syrian territory.

This bodes extremely badly for Turkish-Russian relations.  It also introduces a sudden wild card into the Syria game.

Expect a strong response from Russia – if not overtly, then covertly.  Mindful here that this could very well be a NATO trap against Russia.

This NATO statement below was made on October 5th, 2015:

So what is the message behind the downing of the Russian SU-24 today?

Looks like a big decision to turn up the heat on Russia has been taken by the anti Russian intervention brigade:  NATO.   NATO is controlled by the USA and the USA is controlled by the Zionists.  Therefore the Zionists are  pushing the envelope, as per usual,  and clearly putting maximum punitive pressure on Russia.  And, if Turkey didn’t have USA backing for this strike, it wouldn’t have happened – intimate intelligence channels between the two countries are open in real-time 24/7 with regard to Syria.

Putin needs to think very carefully about his next chess move.  After all, he’s on an incredible winning streak in his fight against ISIS in Syria.  His response has to insure that these successes in Syria aren’t impeded, and also that the conflict remains localized and not expand regionally with more actors jumping into the already complex fray.

Inside of two weeks, Russia has lost a civilian plane as well as a jet fighter – both loses occurred under dramatic and suspicious circumstances.  Attacking Russian aviation – is this now a pattern?  And a message?

*UPDATE:  Putin, during a press conference on the downing of the jet just now said that Russia got stabbed in the back by the countries that are protecting the Daesh illegal oil route.   He’s very angry, even shocked at Turkey – he said that Russia has always treated Turkey as a friend and further investigations may indicate that Turkey is helping Daesh.  He stressed that Russia will not allow for these terrorist acts to be committed against Russia as it fights terrorism.

**UPDATE ON MISSING RUSSIAN PILOT:  Cellphone footage of pilot dead on forest ground and surrounded by a din of so-called ‘rebel fighters’.  It is unclear if the pilot died while parachute-landing or if he was killed by anti Bashar ‘rebels’.