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Putin, NATO and the Turkish Banana Peel

Twenty four hours after two Turkish F-16’s downed a Russian SU-24 on Syrian territory, the smoke of the wreckage has cleared and revealed a banana skin with NATO’s logo stamped on it.

Obviously, Putin is too smart and sure-footed to slip and fall for such a primordial ruse.   But it is worth examining why NATO, which is primarily an American instrument, is resorting to such puerile and reckless tactics in its attempt to create justification to enter the Syrian battlefields, with intent to oust Bashar by force and divide up Syria to the benefits of the Caliphate and the Zionist states.  Do NATO commanders actually think that Putin’s intelligence is that degree of inept and short-sighted?  Or is this an act of desperation on NATO’s  part, with Turkey as front and fall guy?

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