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Line In The Sand


For the past six months, I have written several analysis articles that have pretty much predicted what’s going on right now in the wider middle east.  No point in me repeating myself and boring, above all, myself.  Currently, there are no fresh stories or new angles to write about.  I know that Thierry Meyssan and The Saker have been talking about the northwestern corner of Syria being given to the Kurds by UK, France, USA and Germany as the next big thing, but I wholly disagree with this premise.  Yes for sure, under the fake guise of “fighting terrorism”, members of the Axis of Evil would very much like this breakup of Syria to happen, but Russia would categorically never allow for the division of Syria, especially by NATO countries.  Russia sees the Kurd for what they are: as Western and NATO allies.  Russia sees no difference  between NATO installing missile shields at its doorstep in Poland and NATO carving out Kurdish territory at Syria’s expense.  Both affect Russian security and hegemony.

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