State Department Gets Cranky and Personal with Russian Reporter

by Newsstand

Erm, John Kirby, sir, you’re completely disregarding the fact that Turkish troops are in Iraq WITHOUT an invitation from the Iraqi government. That’s tantamount to an “attempted invasion”, as the Iraqi government rightly called it. Dismissing this invasive act of aggression by saying Turkey only has a “small number of troops” in Iraq is disingenuous and suffers from utter disregard for international law. Remember, Mr. Kirby: Russia was only in Turkish skies for seventeen seconds – such a “small amount” of time by any measure, yet regarding that situation, you insisted on strict International Law being the arbiter of the Russian transgression, regardless of the “small amount” – you put all responsibility of the dead Russian pilot and crashed jet squarely on Russia’s ‘invasion’ of Turkish skies. Yet no such rules are being applied to your dirty little allies in the middle east.

Evidently, and predictably, Kirby is also a horrid little exaggerator – each question did NOT take ten minutes to put forth: both questions that were asked by Gayane Chichakyan were together timed at just over 2 minutes. He knew perfectly well what the questions were about – they were about America’s mixed messages in Syria and Iraq – they were about American hypocrisy, if you like. And for this, Kirby had no honest answer – nothing but pissy arrogance and an attempt at humiliating a journalist based on their ethnicity.

And besides, what the heck is there to “sort out” between the Iraqi and Turkish governments? There is ZERO to sort out. Turkish troops are in Iraq illegally, entered illegally and so therefore they should just IMMEDIATELY get the eff out of Iraq – non negotiable!!!!

Oh dear lord, why do you keep replacing sucky representatives with even suckier ones?!! Is there no end to the depth of your sucky pit?!