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Micro News from Syria

I currently live in the south of Lebanon, in a farmhouse situated on a green Levantean hill.  My gardener is a 26 year old Syrian who lives with his family in a separate cottage on the property.  His wife is 20 and they have three children, the youngest being 4 months old.  They both hail from a small town that’s a good 40 minutes drive from Raqqa, ISIS’s capital in Syria.  Their town is under ISIS occupation, part of the swath of landmass under control of the terrorist army.  My gardener gets regular news from his town via a cellphone network of brothers, sisters and cousins scattered inside and outside their town and who are all in constant touch with each other with news and updates of the great and the small.  They are in constant circulation of their family, their friends and their neighbors’ news.  They are Micro Media messengers.  They are the purest form of media.  They cannot afford to lie or exaggerate to each other lest they cause unnecessary grief or danger to their loved ones.  I am privy to these microcosmic stories and I would like to share with you my general impression of them.

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