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War, Indifference, Empathy

At the end of this year, what can be said that hasn’t already been said in tears?  Wars are still raging; mothers are still burying their children on a daily basis in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq, Libya and in Yemen.  The Axis of Evil is so very strong.  Frightfully strong.  Needs no introduction or naming at this stage.  Indiscriminate in its insatiable thirst for mass human blood, the Axis of Evil continues to unleash more wars that murder mostly innocent populations overseas and hold us all hostage and terrorized in the homelands.  The world is on the brink of global chaos and mass slaughter and you and I, dear reader, we are the wretched, helpless witnesses to this unfolding 21st century purgatory.

All these wars, these piling corpses and the living nightmares of the survivors – all this for what?

Time and time again, we discover and re-confirm that it’s all for the financial benefits of the global 1%.

But they are not alone is this vast, crushing conspiracy.  They have what appears to be millions of helpers and trained enforcers:  counter-activists and converts to their Axis of Evil club; minions who were seduced out of the clean-handed 99% commune and lured into the sooty pit of global crime syndication.  There are also countless millions of regular humans who were swindled into the dark side – being under the influence of the politics of fear and not knowing that the pernicious terrorism they fear and the slick Axis of Evil whose protection they seek are but one and the same.

Indeed, the elitist Axis of Evil has by now successfully gathered perhaps a billion humanity in support of its wars.

It’s a sad, sad state of affairs.  Brace yourselves:  it will not get better next year, nor the year after.  We’re in for very difficult times ahead, and possibly a very bleak future, I regret to say.

We’re being treated like the dude in the Truman Show. We’re being given tooth whitener then herded with sparkling smiles into a gnarly abyss. We’re being x-rayed and nanny-spanked in the pocket by government after government. We’re being relentlessly lied to by the corporate media.  Some of us are being mentally disturbed into numbness and indifference by this ceaseless perfidy; others into prejudice and blind warmongerism.  We’re being forced to live with dead people’s old blood feuds and blood-diamonds. There’s hunchbacks and crooked spines and twisted mouths everywhere you look in the halls of power.

Impeccable evil, brilliantly disguised as affluent truth and civility grips our world by the throat – while half of humanity chokes, the other half covers its eyes in either indifference or in mortification.

This is the zeitgeist of the twenty first century.

The co-existence of mass fear and mass indifference.

Some of us had much, much higher hopes for this century – we thought we were already rid of the dark blights of the twentieth century and the darker centuries before it.  We thought we were rid of fascism and colonialism and naked emperors, but alas, we apparently haven’t.  Human suffering has only increased at a shocking exponential rate this past decade and a half – all due to the bizarre world view and the master-slave visions of the Axis of Evil.

They’ve succeeded at either dividing us or at drugging us into inertia with the opiates of hope and other psychosomatic trinkets.  But really, what use is passive hope against their massive arsenal and psychotic  manpower?

Life is not a movie – evil sometimes wins in the end.  Though this victory as history tells us is always temporary, it is nevertheless a victory that will cost untold civilian and military lives.

The world has given birth to many a prophet and numerous wise men and women who’ve hailed from the four corners of the world.  We’ve had the benefit of the  golden age of enlightenment.  We’ve cultivated sciences and technologies that have enriched both soul and lifestyle of mankind.  We gathered our differences as one humanity and we have all agreed upon the meaningfulness and wording of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Yet, all this profound progressiveness has not touched or diminished the destructive ideology held by the global 1%.  Their greed is now giant and they have all the instruments of oppression at their disposal to utterly destroy dissent.  They know who we are.  They know everything about us.  They even know the names of our first pets.

The Axis of Evil breaks all universal and international laws and it appears that no human or godly force is able to hold them accountable.  This is the very source of the problem.  How to get a most powerful minority to halt its global criminal activity without going to World War Three?  The answer to this keeps evading us, mainly because their global war plans are now at a very advanced stage: virtually impossible to force into a u-turn.  And even if we could divert or delay their war efforts, their master-slave ideology shows itself to be nightmarishly durable and impossible to dislocate.  How does one tackle the elimination of this  decrepit and uncivilized ideology?  Boggles the mind.  It’s as if we’re being presented with finding a solution to the violent aspect of humanity itself.  It’s as if we are faced with finding a cure for Cain’s murderous streak.  Solving the Enigma of the Sphinx would by far be an easier task.

Is the Axis of Evil convertible into the Axis of Good?  Perhaps parts of it are  – perhaps some half-awake converts are.  Perhaps this here is where we, helpless witnesses with small hands can work with some positive effect, diminutive as it may be.  Meaning:  our activism should focus on reaching out to those who unwittingly find themselves on the dark side.   They are legion, no doubt, and returning them to the relatively peaceable 99% fold may very well make a difference.  No point in wasting our time and energies either fighting or wooing those whose very marrow is devoted to the Axis of Evil.

To help those good people whose brain-waves are trapped in the black box of mainstream propaganda, one needs to offer them, above all, an alternative and better world view than the one offered by the Axis of Evil.  Here, the revolution desperately needs to be further visualized and not just articulated.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights needs to be taught to friend and stranger alike.  Simple, indisputable facts need to be presented.  Consequences and the ‘Day After’ scenarios need to be described to those who unwittingly support the Axis of Evil’s global warfare as answer to the world’s ills.  What needs to be constantly repeated is the insanity of agitating for a World War Three and the high probability of the use of nuclear weapons in such a war.   Devastation of a nuclear attack followed by a counter nuclear attack followed by…:  a necklace of nuclear detonations around the neck of the world is not the family jewels one leaves behind for multiple younger generations to suffer.  And last but not least, key in our activism should be our acts of empathy.  Yes, simple, human empathy.  Consistent and streaming empathy with the other in these, our bleak times.  And I do here acknowledge the personal challenges of this endeavor, but nevertheless, as self-proclaimed conscientious people, we must work at this in all earnest seriousness.  The integrity and cohesiveness of our species depends on it.  Empathy is that paramount.

As we know, divisions lead to war – and empathy reverses division.  To empathize with the other is not necessarily to agree with the thinking or the politics of the other, it is to simply understand and warmly embrace the perceptions of the other with no personal judgements.  Let us not fall for the multitudes of traps laid out by the Axis of Evil for the purpose of creating hostility and separation between us.  Empathy here is fundamental.  It is the kindest survival weapon at our disposal.

It could very well be that empathy is the only savior of mankind.



  1. Taxi, Oh  Taxi !!

    What an eye-popping, brain- grinding portrait of  Hieronymus Bosch maleficent horror you paint. Magisterial !!

    I had just finished watching the video you posted "The Axis of Evil" and I was still shaking at some of the  most horrific images shown …and now I'm still shaking at the power of your writing .

    Please, please , never  ever stop writing .

  2. Dennis Riccetti says:

    First time I have ever commented on a politically based post . . . the  best assessment of the world situation I have ever read !  But your last comment says it all . . . . empathy is the only answer.  I wish I thought enough people would have this trait but I fear not.  Keep up your very talented work!  Makes reading some of this stuff almost enjoyable.


    • Taxi says:

      Thank you, Dennis.

      Note that I refer to empathy as a “survival weapon”. I see it like this: we are told that our primordial instincts are twofold: fight or flight. Well, there is also a third (underdeveloped) vital instinct which is ’empathy’. So really, humans have three fundamental instincts: fight, flight, and empathy. Perhaps in our modern world, with all its creature comforts, we are in less need for ‘fight or flight’ and more in need of ’empathy’. Empathy would ensure our longevity as a species. Empathy should be seen as a vital survival tool.

      If we have physiological hearts then we have natural empathy. All creatures in the animal world that have pulsating hearts exhibit moments of natural empathy – usually to their own kind, but sometimes to other species too. And just as the heart is a muscle that needs exercising for optimum health, empathy too is a (behaviorist) muscle that can become enlarged with practice and this enlargement ensures the survival of the human race.

      This is not a Utopian message. I don’t even have to like somebody to feel an empathy towards them.

  3. Bornajoo says:

    Incredible penmanship Taxi. Couldn't agree more with Bintbiba and Dennis above

    The future is indeed bleak. The psychopaths have all the power and money. They control everything, most crucially they are able to control and manipulate the way the majority of the 99% think. And it's this which gives them the ability to carry out their evil deeds in broad daylight under the indifferent eyes of the ignorant, misinformed and completely unaware masses trapped in the matrix.

    Their divide and rule tactics are working perfectly; blame the Shias, blame the Sunnis, blame the Muslims, blame the immigrants, blame the Palestinians and then blame single mothers. They are indeed eroding our sense of empathy and the masses are now almost immune to the misery and suffering of all the victims of their sadistic power lust. Our empathy is what separates us from them because psychopaths have no empathy at all. It keeps us human and we have to preserve it like oxygen.

    "it could very well be that empathy is the only saviour of mankind" Never a truer word spoken. Thank you and may your message be spread far and wide. I have shared this with many today.

  4. Danaa says:


    To second your astute commentary, here is an entry written by one of The saker's contributors – a dark take on the state of mankind and the apparent inability of the p"peace makers' to prevail:

    There are also some very good comments made on this piece. Here's one from a David Kennedy:

    It seems there are major defects in the human brain. The phenomenon of addiction is one such defect. The fact that the brain can so easily be deceived against all logic is another. Worst of all, it is unable to recognise truth. Without truth, there can be no justice, and without justice, there can be no peace. This is the human condition. It is without parallel in the Animal Kingdom. It seems that extinction awaits us and EXTINCTION IS FOREVER


  5. Danaa says:

    And one more on your theme, taxi, of the seeming intractability of the lust for power that resides in a minority of humans:

    The book "Cloud Atlas" was an elaborate dissemination of variations on the same theme. Something buried well within the human condition causes a small subset of humans to rise to acquire more territory, more power, more resources at the expense of otherwise peaceable populations. In the process inflicting endless amounts of evil and misery throughout the land.

    Kind of like a battle that plays out over and over again in every generation. The evil that lurks in the heart of man, as the comment I brought above from The Saker, may very well be a direct collateral result of our own evolution. We must be descendants of one very aggressive and ruthless species of monkey. It's what allowed it to evolve into a higher form of monkey and then into humanoids. IOW, we did not hail from the Bonobo species or the Gorillas or the orangutans. More like a bad boy Chimpanzee.

    Another theory – if we are all part of a particular Matrix, where most lifeforms are designed to evolve through a process of "creative destruction", it would not be surprising that the destructive, ever greedy element of us, seems so endemic and so persistent.

  6. "… the realm of freedom actually begins only where labour which is determined by necessity and mundane considerations ceases; thus in the very nature of things it lies beyond the sphere of actual material production. Just as the savage must wrestle with Nature to satisfy his wants, to maintain and reproduce life, so must civilized man, and he must do so in all social formations and under all possible modes of production. With his development this realm of physical necessity expands as a result of his wants; but, at the same time, the forces of production which satisfy these wants also increase. Freedom in this field can only consist in socialized man, the associated producers, rationally regulating their interchange with Nature, bringing it under their common control, instead of being ruled by it as by the blind forces of Nature; and achieving this with the least expenditure of energy and under conditions most favorable to, and worthy of, their human nature. But it nonetheless still remains a realm of necessity. Beyond it begins that development of human energy which is an end in itself, the true realm of freedom, which, however, can blossom forth only with this realm of necessity as its basis. The shortening of the working-day is its basic prerequisite”.

      Karl Marx: From Capital, vol. III

    WW I never ended. (JoeC)

    Lessons and Consequences of World War I: Back to the Future?

    by Andrew Korybko


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