The Terror Wrist

by Taxi

The Israel lobby’s hand has recently managed to yet again apply massive smothering censorship not just on the American people, but on world populations at large – censorship on all inquiring minds who are seeking Social Media videos of real live events taking place in occupied Palestine.

Until about two months ago, I was always able to google ‘Intifada 3 videos’ and get the absolute latest in Social Media footage from occupied Palestine, including videos posted only “ten minutes ago”.  If you google ‘Intifada 3’ nowadays, or any other combination of words that pertain to the current Palestine youth crisis, the search engines of both Google and Youtube spit out top listings of videos going all the way back to October and November 2015.  Nothing current, not even videos from a month ago are made instantly available for the public at large.  Even when you enter the year ‘2016’ into their search engines, you still get the same line-up of October 2015 videos – and we all know very well that there are violent resistances taking place in occupied Palestine practically everyday of every month of every year.

The Israel lobby has successfully manged to hide Apartheid Israel’s continuing crimes against Palestinians through the  corruption and the breakdown of the dateline of events taking place in Historic Palestine.  This level of sly censorship is akin to Soviet era censorship and should be hotly rejected and objected to by all freedom-loving people, regardless of whether they support the Palestinians or not.  In fact this level of censorship exceeds what the Soviets were doing back in the day.  At least Soviet censorship was only imposed on the Soviet population and not on the whole world populations at large, like Apartheid Israel has managed to do in this day and age.

What is going on right now and today on the streets of historic Palestine is simply being blacked-out in the Western world – and hardly anybody is kicking up a fuss about it, about the goddamn Zionist terror wrists that have switched the lights off on important parts of the global information highway.

Keeping the world in the dark has become a massive technological project for the Apartheid state of Israel and its numerous agents who are hard at work ensuring the truth is buried in the blackest recesses of the information highway.  They have fully occupied our Mainstream Media, and currently they have cracked the door open to internet censorship, with the aim of fully occupying the internet and the information highway.

Of course we here at Plato’s and elsewhere do not need videos as evidence of the evil reach of global Zionism.  We are perfectly aware of the destructive military forces of Zionism on the Palestine nation and on the wider Middle East, coupled with our knowledge of Zionism’s insidious assaults on our political life and on our fragile social fabric.

We are all rapidly losing our essential freedoms as per the Zionist obsession to control what we see, hear and think.  And further down the line of time, we will next be losing much more that just access to Youtube videos.  With global Zionists continuing to ceaselessly agitate and instigate World War Three – a conflict that will cause untold deaths globally as well as the collapse of the world’s economic system, we stand to lose the ultimate rewards of civilization:  peace and prosperity.

The Zionists’ plan against us is well advanced.  We already live like the Syrians do: in utter fear of the next ISIS attack.

I don’t see a way of stopping their strident warmongering, corruption and censorship.  I fear we are all too late for this.  So I must accept and be prepared for the worst event in the history of mankind that’s waiting to occur:  nuclear attacks followed by counter nuclear attacks that will adversely effect humanity as a whole and the defenseless ecology of the world.

Come what may then – so long as the result is the end of Israel.