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The Terror Wrist

The Israel lobby’s hand has recently managed to yet again apply massive smothering censorship not just on the American people, but on world populations at large – censorship on all inquiring minds who are seeking Social Media videos of real live events taking place in occupied Palestine.

Until about two months ago, I was always able to google ‘Intifada 3 videos’ and get the absolute latest in Social Media footage from occupied Palestine, including videos posted only “ten minutes ago”.  If you google ‘Intifada 3’ nowadays, or any other combination of words that pertain to the current Palestine youth crisis, the search engines of both Google and Youtube spit out top listings of videos going all the way back to October and November 2015.  Nothing current, not even videos from a month ago are made instantly available for the public at large.  Even when you enter the year ‘2016’ into their search engines, you still get the same line-up of October 2015 videos – and we all know very well that there are violent resistances taking place in occupied Palestine practically everyday of every month of every year.

The Israel lobby has successfully manged to hide Apartheid Israel’s continuing crimes against Palestinians through the  corruption and the breakdown of the dateline of events taking place in Historic Palestine.  This level of sly censorship is akin to Soviet era censorship and should be hotly rejected and objected to by all freedom-loving people, regardless of whether they support the Palestinians or not.  In fact this level of censorship exceeds what the Soviets were doing back in the day.  At least Soviet censorship was only imposed on the Soviet population and not on the whole world populations at large, like Apartheid Israel has managed to do in this day and age.

What is going on right now and today on the streets of historic Palestine is simply being blacked-out in the Western world – and hardly anybody is kicking up a fuss about it, about the goddamn Zionist terror wrists that have switched the lights off on important parts of the global information highway.

Keeping the world in the dark has become a massive technological project for the Apartheid state of Israel and its numerous agents who are hard at work ensuring the truth is buried in the blackest recesses of the information highway.  They have fully occupied our Mainstream Media, and currently they have cracked the door open to internet censorship, with the aim of fully occupying the internet and the information highway.

Of course we here at Plato’s and elsewhere do not need videos as evidence of the evil reach of global Zionism.  We are perfectly aware of the destructive military forces of Zionism on the Palestine nation and on the wider Middle East, coupled with our knowledge of Zionism’s insidious assaults on our political life and on our fragile social fabric.

We are all rapidly losing our essential freedoms as per the Zionist obsession to control what we see, hear and think.  And further down the line of time, we will next be losing much more that just access to Youtube videos.  With global Zionists continuing to ceaselessly agitate and instigate World War Three – a conflict that will cause untold deaths globally as well as the collapse of the world’s economic system, we stand to lose the ultimate rewards of civilization:  peace and prosperity.

The Zionists’ plan against us is well advanced.  We already live like the Syrians do: in utter fear of the next ISIS attack.

I don’t see a way of stopping their strident warmongering, corruption and censorship.  I fear we are all too late for this.  So I must accept and be prepared for the worst event in the history of mankind that’s waiting to occur:  nuclear attacks followed by counter nuclear attacks that will adversely effect humanity as a whole and the defenseless ecology of the world.

Come what may then – so long as the result is the end of Israel.



  1. seanmcbride says:

    An interesting project would be to identify and graph pro-Israel financial and editorial influence at:
    +Bloomberg News
    +Fox News
    +New York Times
    +Wall Street Journal
    +Washington Post

    The future of censorship and mass mind control: AI algorithms at leading Internet companies which automatically promote and demote news stories and themes invisibly in the background. Control recommender systems, control the world — cybernetic scientific propaganda.

    Reddit, for the last year or two, has been a testbed for developing this kind of technology — there have been literally thousands of complaints about it. Pro-Israel activists appear to be the prime movers behind the effort.

    And, yes, the enterprise has a very Soviet-style feel about it — same mentality and culture — incredibly authoritarian and oppressive.

    Regarding this — "I fear we are all too late for this" — this is almost certainly the case — we appear to be on an inexorable path  towards World War III after decades of relentless efforts by neoconservatives to produce this outcome — first the New Pearl Harbor then the New World War II.


    • seanmcbride says:

      Add NPR to that list of top-level pro-Israel propaganda outlets.

      Also, consider this: major companies that are emotionally involved in pro-Israel propaganda efforts (including censorship) might not hesitate to share sensitive private information about their users with Israeli government and Israel lobby intel operations.


    • Taxi says:


      That's why one should boycott EVERYTHING zionist AND pro-israel, especially boycott all them Apartheid lovers in the USA

      Sayanim are everywhere – beware, beware.

      A sayanim (sing. Sayan; Hebrew: helpers, assistants) is a Jew living outside Israel who volunteers to provide assistance to Israel and/or the Israeli Mossad utilising the capacity of their own nationality to procure assistance. This assistance includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. Estimates put the number of sayanims in the hundreds of thousand.

      While not official Mossad agents and sometimes acting without explicit knowledge, they may work in the capacity of unregistered representatives of the government of Israel in their respective nations.

      Generally-speaking, these non-Israeli Jewish volunteers are asked to engage in legal activities that will not bring them into trouble with the authorities, such as using Wikipedia to spread propaganda. There are exceptions, however, as for example in the case of Jonathan Pollard, the U.S. Naval intelligence employee who engaged in espionage on behalf of Israel's intelligence agencies and whose exposure by the FBI strained relations between the U.S. and Israel.

      Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad katsa turned author, wrote extensively about activities of the sayanim, as has Gordon Thomas. According Ostrovsky and Thomas, the sayanim provide assistance of various kinds to Mossad officers operating in foreign countries. This assistance can include facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. They can be Judges, Court Clerks, Expert Witnesses, Child Protective Service Workers, Assistant District Attorneys, Police Officers, or anyone with a great degree of power over people's lives, and will do anything at the behest of Mossad case officers (katsa) for the State of Israel against its enemies or those perceived to be unfavorable politically to Israeli policy. ("By Way of Deception", Victor Ostrovsky). Sayanim are supposedly not directly involved in intelligence operations, and are only paid for their expenses.

      Sayanim – Metapedia

      • seanmcbride says:

        It would be a trivial matter for the US intel community to data mine and uncover these ops — for instance:

        –sort employees for pro-Israel activism at:
        1. CIA
        2. Defense Department
        3. Facebook
        4. FBI
        5. Google
        6. Justice Department
        7. Microsoft
        8. NSA
        9. Reddit
        10. Treasury Department
        11. Twitter
        12. US Congress

        and so on.

        Probably some people already know the score — they're just biding their time.


  2. seanmcbride says:

    –recent news of note (January 4, 2016)
    +A revolt and a king: The ideology behind Jewish terrorism
    +Clinton Conflicts: Bill cashes in on Hillary’s diplomacy
    +Duma arson probe reveals new details of Israeli hardliner group
    +Fantasies of a liberal interventionist (Lobelog/Paul Pillar)
    +Goodbye to all that (my Jewish-WASP shtik) (Philip Weiss)
    +Israel has always been xenophobic, it just used to be better at hiding it (Gideon Levy)
    +Israeli Extremists Charged in Connection With Deadly Attack on Palestinian Family
    +Israel’s Command of White House and US Congress, Financed by $6bn through the AIPAC Lobby in Washington
    +Jerusalem children squeezed out of school by Israeli discrimination
    +Jewish Foundation Makes Waves With Plan To Convert Gentiles
    +Jewish foundation seeks to covert gentiles, saying ‘We all want Judaism to grow’
    +Jewish terror suspect freed from 5-month administrative detention
    +Kabbalah Goes to Hollywood – Veterans Today
    +Liberal Interventionists, Washington Group Think And the Catastrophe In Syria (Paul Pillar)
    +Mideast’s ‘Regime Change’ Madness (Consortiumnews/Gareth Porter)
    +Paul Warns ‘Hillary Will Take Us Back To War’
    +Peggy Guggenheim: Portrait of a Jewish American Princess
    +Rubio’s Desperate Use of the “Isolationist” Slur (American Conservative/Daniel Larison)
    +Saudi Arabia "Doesn't Care" If White House Angered As US Urges 'Ally' To Ease Tensions
    +See if you can tell the difference between Saudi and ISIS policies
    +So why does Israel need 3 Billion a year off the US if it's such a great technological innovator?
    +Surreal: West Mourns Death of Al Qaeda Commander in Syrian Airstrike
    +Terrorist TOW Missiles Destroyed, Raytheon Rushes to Replace Them – Veterans Today
    +The Great Betrayal: American Jews Stay Silent as Israeli Democracy Withers (Chemi Shalev)
    +The Saudi Arabia/Iran Crisis Reminds Us — In the Middle East, Things Can Always Get Worse
    +There would have been “something wrong” if the US had NOT bugged Netanyahu! – Veterans Today
    +Top trends to watch in Israel in 2016
    +Trump: I won’t rule out spying on Israel if elected president
    +US Judge: We subsidize Israeli tyranny and fascism
    +US vs. Them: The Future of the US, Europe, and the Middle East
    +Why does the Zionist dominated media push, promote and spin diversity & multiculturalism everywhere but Israel?

    (Any of these items can be quickly retrieved by copying and pasting the titles into Google search.)


  3. Bornajoo says:

    Hi Taxi. I just tried a few YouTube searches. It's absolutely true. I couldn't find one single video of Israeli brutality since 4 weeks ago and not one Palestinian resistance video since 8 weeks ago. There appears to be no doubt that these videos have been removed as soon as they were uploaded. It wouldn't surprise me if they begin systematically removing all the previous ones too.

    there were reports that meetings about this had recently taken place between certain Israeli ministers (such as Hotevely) and Google probably with lots of help and influence from the American zionist brotherhood. This is seriously fucking depressing
    Everyone needs to complain to Google as a matter of urgency



      • Walid says:

        Here's a video filmed December 30th and published on Youtube 3 days ago. It shows an armed settler thug, with 6 IDF soldiers with a dumb look on their faces in tow as he invades a school in Hebron to film and spook the hell out of the Palestinian students.

        Terrorism at its best

        The idea is to trick the system by asking it banal questions but another  way of doing it is by asking Google in French although it yields English results.

        Very tiring and annoying process of having to play games with Google to get answers about Israel's evil deeds, but there is no better service. To get this above recent video on Hebron, I entered " troisième intifada en Palestine décembre 2015

        Also related from the Monitor of Nov 25th:

        "Israel meets with Google and YouTube to discuss censoring Palestinian videos

        Wednesday, 25 November 2015 13:29

         963  380


         17  1433


        Google Logo


        Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has met with representatives of YouTube and Google to discuss ways to cooperate in what she calls the fight against “inciting violence and terrorism”.

        Israel’s Maariv newspaper reported yesterday that Hotovely agreed to work with Google and YouTube in order to establish a joint working mechanism to monitor and prevent the publication of “inflammatory material” originating in the Palestinian territories.

        Since the latest escalation of violence between Palestinians and Israeli security services that erupted at the beginning of October, many people have been sharing videos depicting Israeli aggression towards Palestinians to highlight the Palestinian perspective of the conflict. London-based Arab newspaper Al-Araby Al-Jadeed has expressed concerns that the meetings suggest moves towards censoring Palestinian material on the part of the Israeli state."


      • Taxi says:


        Thank you for dig-tricking the system out and bringing us a recent video of israeli terrorism.

        But how many people in this ‘instant-coffee’ world we live in would take the time and the trouble to outsmart the censorship system? Very few and far in between, I would hazard a guess.

      • Taxi says:

        The video page info section gives the following:

        ‘Published on Jan 2, 2016

        On December 30th infamous Israeli settler Ofer (who often drives an ambulance even though he is not medically trained) pulled up outside the Ziad Jaber boys’ school in occupied Al-Khalil (Hebron). He approached the school while wearing a gun, filmed international human rights defenders and teachers aggressively and spat at them (0:30). Eventually Palestinian schoolteachers were able to prevent Ofer’s entry into the school with the Israeli soldiers he had ordered to accompany him. Amidst all this, there was a guy trying to sell traditional Palestinian bread, which is the call that can be heard near at one point after 3:00 in the video.
        Category: Nonprofits & Activism
        License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)”

        Imagine if an armed illegal was trying to push his way into one of our schools.

      • seanmcbride says:

        It would also be helpful to document all the instances of censorship and attempted censorship committed by pro-Israel activists over the last decade or two — of which there have been literally thousands of incidents. Collect the data and post it on the Web — make it browsable and searchable.

        When you see the scope of these operations, it is mind-boggling — and the world should be permitted to see and analyze what is going on.


  4. seanmcbride says:


    Off-topic but somewhat relevant, given your interest in poetry and politics.

    See this:

    "Obama as Literary Critic" (New York Review of Books, Edward Mendelson, January 4, 2016)

    Barack Obama actually penned these words about T.S. Eliot while he was still a college senior:

        I haven’t read “The Waste Land” for a year, and I never did bother to check all the footnotes. But I will hazard these statements—Eliot contains the same ecstatic vision which runs from Münzer to Yeats. However, he retains a grounding in the social reality/order of his time.

        Facing what he perceives as a choice between ecstatic chaos and lifeless mechanistic order, he accedes to maintaining a separation of asexual purity and brutal sexual reality. And he wears a stoical face before this. Read his essay on Tradition and the Individual Talent, as well as Four Quartets, when he’s less concerned with depicting moribund Europe, to catch a sense of what I speak.

        Remember how I said there’s a certain kind of conservatism which I respect more than bourgeois liberalism—Eliot is of this type. Of course, the dichotomy he maintains is reactionary, but it’s due to a deep fatalism, not ignorance. (Counter him with Yeats or Pound, who, arising from the same milieu, opted to support Hitler and Mussolini.)

        And this fatalism is born out of the relation between fertility and death, which I touched on in my last letter—life feeds on itself. A fatalism I share with the western tradition at times. You seem surprised at Eliot’s irreconcilable ambivalence; don’t you share this ambivalence yourself, Alex?

    This was an amazing discovery for me (regarding Obama). It probably explains why no matter what he does or doesn't do that bothers me, I still feel a natural affinity and certain affection for him — I really admire the quality of his mind.


    • Taxi says:

      Vimeo has zero intifada videos.

      Mozilla vids are not instantly accessible – need plugin downloads first – I don’t have it set up and I doubt many people do.

      Point is that youtube and google are fully universal and instant – especially youtube.

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