Israel Kills Girls

by Taxi

Oh yes they most certainly do!  YouTube be my witness, Israel kills Palestinian girls.  In broad daylight, on film, and in cold blood.

Street executions of Palestinian teen girls are on the rise.  Some of these executed girls had nothing to do with the Knife Intifada.  Often, knives are planted posthumously beside tiny corpses; or else they’re planted on innocent Palestinian girls who then get carted off to jail for an alleged failed stabbing.  And the ones who were out on a mission to stab Israeli soldiers, (a mindblowingly brave endeavor!), well, no doubt a nifty Krav Maga maneuver by a trained Israeli soldier could easily disarm a thin-wristed waif wielding a kitchen knife.  No?  Surely a copiously trained soldier would be able to expertly kick a paltry knife out of a small girl’s hand, no?  Evidently not.  We note, therefore, the excessive new level of fatal force used against Palestinian  girls.

Looking closer, one wonders if there’s a criminal pattern forming here.  Is this notable rise in Palestinian femicide due to a new secret Israeli policy?  The first Intifada, the Rock Intifada, the secret policy then was to crush the bones of Palestinian children.  The second Intifada, the Suicide Belt Intifada, the secret policy there was to shoot Palestinian youth in the head with live bullets.  And this here now the third Intifada, the Knife Intifada, the secret policy appears to be about the serial public execution of Palestinian girls – a demographic collective that the IDF has tended not to target in the past.

But why are Israel soldiers targeting Palestinian girls for State execution?  They are murdering Palestinian girls because they are absolutely petrified of them.  Straight up, they’re scared of their wombs and fecundity.  Scared of Palestinian girls because they are in fact the very source of their much feared demographic time-bomb: that unsung symbol of ultimate feminine resistance.  Palestinian teen girls are the flower of the future of Palestine.  They are the shinning, immutable pulse of their nation – the perpetual lightning flash of hope cocooned in the nation’s solar plexus.  Without Palestinian teen girls, a Palestinian nation tomorrow is not possible.  They are the ever tender vessel of the future; the sacred child guru capable of healing a wounded and looted nation.  They are the fragile and gifted terrestrial magician who will soon enough manifest and materialize a whole and wholesome Palestinian state.  Without their natural gifts and their healthy presence in Palestinian communities, there would be absolutely no hope for a future Palestinian nation.

She, young Palestina will soon enough and oh so very gladly be giving birth to future Palestinian doctors and nurses, to farmers, scientists and poets – she’ll be giving birth to carpenters and cooks and cab drivers – she’ll be suffering the brutalities of occupation and labor pains while making a new generation of workers and engineers and hairdressers and athletes, teachers and preachers and farmers and tech wizards and yes, she’ll soon be giving birth to freedom fighters.  Many of them.  An army of them.  She will soon enough be flowing with sanguine life and renewing, in perpetuity, her nation’s right to exist – the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – extending the struggle into infinity; continuing it regardless of the crippling and agonizing vicissitudes of life.

She is brave and her small shoulders are uniquely capable.  She is politically mature and well informed for her age – she is steadfast and resolute in her resistance and most certainly, she is not waiting on Hilary’s feminist intervention to liberate her and her occupation-trodden sisterhood.

Palestinian teen girls really are quintessentially the essence of absolutely everything that is Palestine.  The tender, vestal linchpin in every Palestinian home and hearth.

No wonder then that they represent a high security threat to the Zionist State.  No wonder they are secretly regarded as a high security threat ranking alongside Hezbollah and Hamas.

And did I mention how Israeli soldiers harass and troll and beat up Palestinian girls?  Violently attack mothers and children and traumatize them for life?  The IDF evidently has the kind of bastard morality that normalizes attacking school children at checkpoints.  But the IDF killing Palestinian girls in cold blood is nothing new, they’ve been practicing on Gaza’s little girls for some time now.  Physically beating them and targeting their very eyes with teargas is also nothing new.  And let’s not forget here how they also  chase them and arrest them for merely walking on their own Palestinian streets.

What astounding courage and righteousness these little ladies have exhibited in the grim face of Israel’s brutal, ongoing occupation.  What sacrifice and immense selflessness.  Though cut from the same cloth as their mothers, they have grown resistance-muscles that are by far larger than their matriarchs’ and female elders.  They have truly arrived at a point of no fear of the occupier enemy and no fear of death.  They are now anointed warriors in the classic sense – soulful legends and fearless heroines.

It is notable how these young Palestinian girls are first and foremost asking themselves what they can do for their country, not what their country can do for them. No Boy Band serenade has stolen their hearts away like the sonorous song of Palestine has.  They are pure of heart and focused entirely on serving the good of the majority, the good of the nation.  I see undeniable equivalency between the young female resistors’ mindset and the model citizen that President Kennedy was constantly referring to.

Pondering the faces of Palestinian teen girls suffering in YouTube videos, one sees glimpses of their human divinity, not their supposed savagery or their appallingly propagandized Hijab.  One sees a modern version of a small biblical Mary – soft-skinned. dreamy, demure,  yet passionately righteous.

I cannot praise these young ladies enough.  And I cannot weep enough for their violent passing.   But such is the tragic and costly path of a street activist living under violent occupation – a genuine activist  who absolutely refuses to live without their dignity intact and without the essentials of human freedom.  These martyred teens have studied the seventy year history of hubris and failed negotiations and they have learned that the Intifada is their only pro-active option. Their one and only option.  And  regrettably, the hardest and heaviest option of all.  If the world will not defend these girls’ natural rights and homeland after seventy brutal years, then they will selflessly do what is necessary.

We bury ourselves to the waist in mud to help those  who are looking for lilies – Federico Garcia Lorca.

R.I.P. to all the heroic girls of Palestine.  Their beauty and courage never cease to amaze.  Their impossibly dear sacrifices shall not be gone to waste – will never be forgotten.  Even in their death, they continue to give honor and affection to their shackled nation.