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Israel Kills Girls

Oh yes they most certainly do!  YouTube be my witness, Israel kills Palestinian girls.  In broad daylight, on film, and in cold blood.

Street executions of Palestinian teen girls are on the rise.  Some of these executed girls had nothing to do with the Knife Intifada.  Often, knives are planted posthumously beside tiny corpses; or else they’re planted on innocent Palestinian girls who then get carted off to jail for an alleged failed stabbing.  And the ones who were out on a mission to stab Israeli soldiers, (a mindblowingly brave endeavor!), well, no doubt a nifty Krav Maga maneuver by a trained Israeli soldier could easily disarm a thin-wristed waif wielding a kitchen knife.  No?  Surely a copiously trained soldier would be able to expertly kick a paltry knife out of a small girl’s hand, no?  Evidently not.  We note, therefore, the excessive new level of fatal force used against Palestinian  girls.

Looking closer, one wonders if there’s a criminal pattern forming here.  Is this notable rise in Palestinian femicide due to a new secret Israeli policy?  The first Intifada, the Rock Intifada, the secret policy then was to crush the bones of Palestinian children.  The second Intifada, the Suicide Belt Intifada, the secret policy there was to shoot Palestinian youth in the head with live bullets.  And this here now the third Intifada, the Knife Intifada, the secret policy appears to be about the serial public execution of Palestinian girls – a demographic collective that the IDF has tended not to target in the past.

But why are Israel soldiers targeting Palestinian girls for State execution?  They are murdering Palestinian girls because they are absolutely petrified of them.  Straight up, they’re scared of their wombs and fecundity.  Scared of Palestinian girls because they are in fact the very source of their much feared demographic time-bomb: that unsung symbol of ultimate feminine resistance.  Palestinian teen girls are the flower of the future of Palestine.  They are the shinning, immutable pulse of their nation – the perpetual lightning flash of hope cocooned in the nation’s solar plexus.  Without Palestinian teen girls, a Palestinian nation tomorrow is not possible.  They are the ever tender vessel of the future; the sacred child guru capable of healing a wounded and looted nation.  They are the fragile and gifted terrestrial magician who will soon enough manifest and materialize a whole and wholesome Palestinian state.  Without their natural gifts and their healthy presence in Palestinian communities, there would be absolutely no hope for a future Palestinian nation.

She, young Palestina will soon enough and oh so very gladly be giving birth to future Palestinian doctors and nurses, to farmers, scientists and poets – she’ll be giving birth to carpenters and cooks and cab drivers – she’ll be suffering the brutalities of occupation and labor pains while making a new generation of workers and engineers and hairdressers and athletes, teachers and preachers and farmers and tech wizards and yes, she’ll soon be giving birth to freedom fighters.  Many of them.  An army of them.  She will soon enough be flowing with sanguine life and renewing, in perpetuity, her nation’s right to exist – the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – extending the struggle into infinity; continuing it regardless of the crippling and agonizing vicissitudes of life.

She is brave and her small shoulders are uniquely capable.  She is politically mature and well informed for her age – she is steadfast and resolute in her resistance and most certainly, she is not waiting on Hilary’s feminist intervention to liberate her and her occupation-trodden sisterhood.

Palestinian teen girls really are quintessentially the essence of absolutely everything that is Palestine.  The tender, vestal linchpin in every Palestinian home and hearth.

No wonder then that they represent a high security threat to the Zionist State.  No wonder they are secretly regarded as a high security threat ranking alongside Hezbollah and Hamas.

And did I mention how Israeli soldiers harass and troll and beat up Palestinian girls?  Violently attack mothers and children and traumatize them for life?  The IDF evidently has the kind of bastard morality that normalizes attacking school children at checkpoints.  But the IDF killing Palestinian girls in cold blood is nothing new, they’ve been practicing on Gaza’s little girls for some time now.  Physically beating them and targeting their very eyes with teargas is also nothing new.  And let’s not forget here how they also  chase them and arrest them for merely walking on their own Palestinian streets.

What astounding courage and righteousness these little ladies have exhibited in the grim face of Israel’s brutal, ongoing occupation.  What sacrifice and immense selflessness.  Though cut from the same cloth as their mothers, they have grown resistance-muscles that are by far larger than their matriarchs’ and female elders.  They have truly arrived at a point of no fear of the occupier enemy and no fear of death.  They are now anointed warriors in the classic sense – soulful legends and fearless heroines.

It is notable how these young Palestinian girls are first and foremost asking themselves what they can do for their country, not what their country can do for them. No Boy Band serenade has stolen their hearts away like the sonorous song of Palestine has.  They are pure of heart and focused entirely on serving the good of the majority, the good of the nation.  I see undeniable equivalency between the young female resistors’ mindset and the model citizen that President Kennedy was constantly referring to.

Pondering the faces of Palestinian teen girls suffering in YouTube videos, one sees glimpses of their human divinity, not their supposed savagery or their appallingly propagandized Hijab.  One sees a modern version of a small biblical Mary – soft-skinned. dreamy, demure,  yet passionately righteous.

I cannot praise these young ladies enough.  And I cannot weep enough for their violent passing.   But such is the tragic and costly path of a street activist living under violent occupation – a genuine activist  who absolutely refuses to live without their dignity intact and without the essentials of human freedom.  These martyred teens have studied the seventy year history of hubris and failed negotiations and they have learned that the Intifada is their only pro-active option. Their one and only option.  And  regrettably, the hardest and heaviest option of all.  If the world will not defend these girls’ natural rights and homeland after seventy brutal years, then they will selflessly do what is necessary.

We bury ourselves to the waist in mud to help those  who are looking for lilies – Federico Garcia Lorca.

R.I.P. to all the heroic girls of Palestine.  Their beauty and courage never cease to amaze.  Their impossibly dear sacrifices shall not be gone to waste – will never be forgotten.  Even in their death, they continue to give honor and affection to their shackled nation.



  1. Cloak And Dagger says:

    I wonder if there is such a thing as a “black hole of evil” – where the increasing density of wickedness sucks the light of all goodness out of the universe, leaving only the radiation of hatred at the event horizon? Perhaps biblical hell, as speculated in that Disney movie by the same name, is just such a black hole. Even an atheist such as I, often wonders if the biblical references to Lucifer’s grip on this planet had origin in some actual facts through the fog of ancient Sumerian mythology.

    Israel – a tiny speck of land, with a dense concentration of evildoing sociopaths, with tentacles reaching out to the governments of the West, sucks the life energy out of the souls of 7 billion humans. Is it the nature of evil to be so unaware of the precariousness and frailty of its own existence? That tiny speck of land could be squashed under the boot of a single stomp. They make the task easier every day by expelling the innocents from that land, so that when the boot lands, only cockroaches will be squashed.

    Tactical nukes, with Low-radiation residue, have already been deployed in the Middle East by the US, and shown to affect only the local region of impact without the worldwide fallout that has been a deterrent for the use of nukes. Just one such nuke over Dimona would destroy this infestation of evil incarnate, and rid the world off its most fetid and festering tumor, and life could begin anew with this cancer gone.

    No, I am not advocating genocide, though I could be forgiven for harboring malice towards the purveyors of death and destruction. With each act of evil, the world turns a shade darker, even those of us far removed from the nexus of blackness, as the long arm of Mephistopheles controls my government and loots my nation. Its denizens of Hades, the demons in human form, that populate the seats of government and corporations in my land, turn our lives ever bleaker and devoid of illumination.

    But if history has taught us anything, it is that all things pass, and mortality is not just reserved for the living, but also for ideologies and the trappings of power. The essence of humanity is the quest for freedom, however fleeting. Our forefathers have risen, over and over again, to cast the yoke from their shoulders and restore their humanity, and tyrants through the ages have had their bones crushed and interred into the land from whence liberty sprouted.

    Israel will perish in my lifetime. You can take that to the bank.


  2. Bornajoo says:

    Wow Taxi and another wow for Cloak. Incredible article followed by a superb comment

    The other day when I cross posted the satirical article about Hillary Clinton on Mondoweiss, I honestly thought it was genuine. Even though I was described as having gone "way overboard" by another commenter, in my opinion it was totally believable because I wouldn't expect anything less from that psychopathic zionist whore. She's done worse and she'll blight us all with even more evil deeds if she becomes the next POTUS. And I think she will. Unfortunately.

    There will also be those who read this article and say that it's a step too far, that this allegation is just too far fetched; the Zionists are deliberately targeting young Palestinian girls.  But this is exactly what I have been thinking to myself while following the events in Palestine over the past few months. I already came to this conclusion but I kept it to myself. And then today I read your beautifully written article in which you have described their despicable motives that struck exactly the same chord. Oh I believe that the killing of these young girls is absolutely deliberate and premeditated and I believe it's the truth. In fact, knowing Israelis as I do, I wouldn't expect anything less from them. This is all part of the slow motion genocide being perpetrated on the Palestinian people and what better way to speed up their demise than to kill off as many of the young would be mothers of the next generation as they can?

    If ever a race of people drew a short straw it was the poor, brave Palestinians who ended up having to deal with one of the nastiest group of evil bastards to ever emerge on this planet

  3. tom hall says:

    Lest we forget, current Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked posted the following two years ago on Facebook:

    "Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there."

    The bombing and bulldozing of family homes is itself a symbolic form of femicide- destruction of the protective, nurturing core of life. Zionism's obsession with Palestinian wombs is well-attested, through speeches, tracts, laws, sermons, anti-miscegenation riots, and of course, ethnic cleansing.  In the Zionist imagination, Palestinian women and girls represent the most extreme form of biological peril.  A homicidal rage focused on human reproduction, concentrated moreover on the figure of motherhood, has only one name.  Genocide.

  4. Walid says:

    "… asking themselves what they can do for their country, not what their country can do for them… (Taxi)


    Hi, Taxi, you're somewhat quoting Gibran Khalil Gibran from his 1925 open letter (that he titled "The New Frontier") to .corrupt Lebanese politicians.     

     91 years have passed and it hasn't changed, the parasites are still around..

  5. American200 says:

    Yes Israel kills teenage Palestine girls but everything is really the fault of evil white men–not the Jews.
    Gee, Salon and the Nation have really turned into rags of Jewish Nazism against gentiles.
    These ‘liberal’ flag ship publications of the Dem Left have lost my vote for any of Dems for any office.

    ”Let’s deport the white males: Will we coddle terrorists or rid ourselves of danger?
    Perhaps we’re thinking about refugees and immigration all wrong. A modest proposal: Get rid of the real problem ”

    Mark Sundeen

  6. Cloak And Dagger says:



    It is rare for a newspaper column to read as a “how to” manual. But in this case, I have no choice – frustration has reached an all-time high.

    We know that if Israel laid down its arms it would be destroyed, while if Hamas would drop its arms, and the Palestinian Authority would stop the incitement, there would be peace in Israel. We know that Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, and the only country in the region that provides equal rights for all people regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

    And yet, despite this, data presented to me at a recent meeting with one of the top polling companies in the United States shows that we are failing to convey this reality.

    In the poll conducted just two weeks ago, only 39 percent of US college students said that they believe that Israel is a civilized, Western country; only 31% of them believe Israel is a democratic country; and as a result of not telling our story properly, a mere 28% of college students believe that the United States should side with Israel in the current conflict.

    This is an all-time low.

    But it gets worse: 21% believe that the US should side with the Palestinians! Furthermore, among a category of people labeled as “opinion elite” in the US, 38% believe that Israel is a racist country, 48% say that Israel is responsible for human rights abuses, and 45% believe Israel is practicing apartheid on Palestinian land.

    Only 67% of those “opinion elite” in the US believe that Israel wants peace with its neighbors. (In Canada that number drops to 43% and in the United Kingdom it’s 36%); 46% believe that Israeli “occupation” results in more terrorism in the US; and 19% believe that boycotts against Israel are justified.

    And finally, given all of the above, it is not surprising to learn that 17% of Jewish college students refuse to advocate for Israel.

    We have to face facts: current hasbara tactics are not working, and we must be mature and sophisticated enough to accept a new approach.

    That same pollster checked to see what makes people supportive of a country. So far we have been bombarding the world touting Israel’s groundbreaking technology. We have tried to win support by promoting the Start-up Nation with its drip irrigation, solar energy and cellular phone technology, and Waze.

    But that isn’t working, and the data make clear why: only 7% are drawn to support a country because it is “modern,” a mere 6% are impressed if a country is “innovative,” and a country which is “creative” means something special to just 4%.

    Clearly, our message to the world in our effort to fight delegitimization should not focus on Israeli technology and innovation.

    All of the polling data – and, frankly, common sense – indicate that our message cannot be “We are right, they are wrong,” or, “We are good and they are bad,” no matter how strongly we believe this to be the case.

    So, what do people want to hear about another country? Here again the data is clear: 60% are willing to support a country that “protects human rights,” 42% will rally behind a country that stands for “freedom,” 32% want to see that a country is democratic, and 30% want to know that a country promotes equality.

    We must learn from this and speak the language which can penetrate the hearts and minds of those who are not on our side, and who are prone to fall for the boycott approach.

    What is that specific language? The same pollster found that certain phrases and sentences must be used over and over again in our effort to gain support, or, at at the very least, to even the playing field:

    1) We must stop talking about “anti-Semitism” and focus on “anti-Israel.”

    2) We must emphasize that we are “eager” for dialogue at all times.

    3) We must be clear that our struggle is with the Palestinian leadership and not with the Palestinian people.

    4) We must repeat that the issue is “human rights for everyone,” a “future without violence” in the region, and that we advocate “mutual respect.”

    Once we speak that language, according to the research, we can then focus on the following themes which resonate among those who are currently sympathetic to the Palestinian cause:

    1) Accountability and corruption.

    Where did all the money go? Billions of dollars from the international community have been sent to the Hamas leadership in Gaza, money that they used to fund terrorist attacks against innocent civilians and to construct terrorist tunnels into Israel, instead of to build schools and hospitals.

    2) Hatred is not natural. It is taught.

    Palestinian children are being educated that killing Jews fulfills religious teachings; Palestinian children are taught to see violence against Israelis as heroic. (I must emphasize that the polling data indicate that we should focus on these specific aspects of Palestinian incitement, and not on schools and public squares being named after terrorists, or that Jews are called “barbaric monkeys” and “evil” in the Palestinian media.) 3) We must repeatedly quote the Hamas Charter, and specifically these lines: a) “The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.” b) “There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad.” c) “Peace initiatives, so-called peaceful solutions and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement.”

    Weaving this all together, our overall message should be clear: “For far too long, Palestinians have been trapped in a cycle of violence and despair. Their schools have been taught to teach violence.

    Their leaders have been quick to preach violence. We do not blame the people of Gaza for their feelings of grief, anger and desperation. We blame the Hamas leadership which sows the seeds of hate, and tells innocent civilians to live as human shields while hiding in tunnels paid for by the international community.”

    Two final effective and critical sentences:

    1) “Children should be taught to live and love, not to die.”

    2) “Our rockets protect our children.

    Their children protect their rockets.”

    Finally, aside from this precise messaging about the overall conflict, we must confront the issue of boycotts head-on, using the following two points which the polls demonstrate have the greatest impact:

    1) The BDS movement does not explicitly recognize Israel’s right to exist.

    2) The BDS movement encourages Iran’s terrorist surrogates such as Hamas and Hezbollah to continue to work toward the destruction of Israel.

    Once we make these points, the language that works best to combat suggestions of boycotts reads:

    1) “Peace is paved with diplomacy and discussion, not isolation.”

    2) “We seek cooperation, not continued conflict.”

    3) “Solutions come from engagement, not silence.”

    4) “We need real solutions for a lasting peace, not more of the divisive rhetoric. Let’s work together to create understanding, respect and peace.”

    5) “Boycotts divide people, and that’s part of the problem – not a solution.”

    6) “Boycott, divestment and sanctions diminish the prospect for peace because they blame only one side. We need a meaningful commitment on both sides.”

    We are at war. The other side is efficient and stays on message, and we need to do the same. It is my hope that all those involved in Israel advocacy and public diplomacy will adhere to the messages which the polling data begs us to follow. If we do, I have no doubt that we will win the public diplomacy war and generate widespread support for our beloved Israel.

    The author served in the 19th Knesset with the Yesh Atid party. He is currently the director of the Department of Zionist Operations for the World Zionist Organization.

    mossad israel flag

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