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A Tango with Trump

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With his own party members and elders publicly attacking him full-throttle, Trump has become the elite underdog – a conceptual oxymoron in and of itself, but such is the notable upside-down character of the 2016 presidential campaign.

The main reason for these attacks appears to be Trump’s “neutral” position on Israel and his rejection of warmongering Zioconism and PNAC’s project of endless wars in the middle east – expensive military conflicts that benefit Israel and only Israel, not the USA’s interests and most certainly not Israel’s Arab neighbors and world peace at large.

Although not a declared enemy of Israel or of the Jewish World Congress, Trump is the first ever popular GOP presidential candidate to refuse what all other GOP and Democrat candidates are historically infamous for: shamelessly and publicly felating the Israel donkey 24/7.  This Trump rebellion has overnight mortified the American Ziocon establishment and their counterparts in Tel Aviv.  Several years back in 2013, Trump had endorsed Netanyahu’s re-election and so he appeared to be a safe bet for the Jewish Mafia on Capitol Hill.  They thought they could tango with Trump all night long and with blindfolds on.  But now, they are watching in disbelief the self-financed Trump dance to his own tune and announce his American-centric manifesto, not an Israeli-centric one – and voters in droves are buying into it and rocking out to Donald’s awesome new tune.

Here I must add that it is not only Trump that has shocked Ziocons; more to the point, they are utterly dismayed to see Republican voters in increasing numbers enthusiastically flinging asunder the Israel bait and tackle this election season.  The Ziocon’s biggest fear?  The American masses rejecting Israel.  They are mad as hell about Trump’s stellar rise in the GOP party – losing sleep and frothing at him for opening the taboo floodgate where voters are allowed to express their hostility or disinterest in all things Israel.

Like a gang of weasels fighting a shark underwater, the Ziocons are out of breath and slashed up and losing limbs, slowly sinking towards Davey Jones’ Locket as they attempt to destroy the Trump campaign at the tune of tens of millions of dollars in weekly negative attack ads.  So far, this has barely dented Trump’s unstoppable forward charge.

No, it’s not a good time for Ziocons at all.

First, some four months ago, Putin threw a serious spanner into their PNAC project in Syria, arresting the violent expansionist Ziocon project in its track – nay, reversing it overnight.  Then came the Donald and without warming he kicked PNAC in the groin with his 48 karat gold toe shoes.  Ouch and double ouch!!  Between Putin and Trump, the Ziocons have been dealt a double uppercut which they may never recover from if Donald becomes president – an extremely high probability in itself.

Again, one would think that a Republican candidate peddling an all American-firster agenda would be fully supported and celebrated by American’s self-proclaimed nationalistic party, but no, the exact opposite is happening.  This clearly tells us that American Neocon leaders are not patriotic at all; that in fact, judging by their bloated fixation and incessantly amorous rhetoric on Israel, they are indeed full-fledged Zionist believers and operators.  No, they are not ‘Neocons’, they are Ziocons – if you may, they are the American branch of Zionism.  They are Zionists who intentionally dropped the ‘Zio’ from their label in America so as to hide the foreign roots and agenda of their ideology.  In other words,  the so-called Neocons are shady traitors who are viciously attacking Donald Trump because he is yanking the traitor’s mask off the face of the traitor.

Did Donald intend for this to happen?  Did he go into the race with the thought or plan of exposing Zioconism?   I don’t think so.  All that Donald did was proclaim his nationalism above all else and the fallout of this on the Ziocon establishment is the unintended consequence of his simple patriotic declaration.  And evidently, the Ziocon masters have been suffering from Pharaohism and detachment from realism to have assumed that for all eternity, all American presidential candidates will forever be serving Israel’s interests before America’s.  Otherwise, if they were not so out of touch, they would have been well prepared for such a contrary event and their words and faces would not be looking so aghast and full of horror at the Donald phenomenon.  They never thought it would happen, they never saw it coming – and now they’ve been reduced to holding mafia-like meetings where Jewish billionaires and their snake-oil salesmen frantically plot and scheme the downfall of the Great Donald.

All this, in the name of maintaining Israel’s covert occupation of the White House, the highest office in our land.

The times they are a-changing before our own eyes.  Republican voters by and large apparently do not approve of the Neocon’s leadership in the Republican party and they are by far in favor of a candidate like Trump who is peddling a Zion-free brand of Republicanism.  The groundswell support of Trump tells us that the majority of Republican voters are sick and tired of the Israel file taking center stage for the Republican party’s leadership; they are revolted and revolting against garish Sheldonism and his special interest lobbies that serve only the warmongering interests of Israel.

Further, even on closer examination, Neoconism appears to be a separate entity from traditional Republicanism altogether: an infiltrator of the red-blooded Grand Old Party, a political leech  – an unholy and un-American political cult that is umblically connected to the interests of a faraway foreign and racist country, and not to the well being of our beloved homesteads across the nation.  Strip the Republican party off Zioconism and you will find there perhaps a halfway decent American political ideology.

Who would have thunk that a Republican elite like Donald Trump would have the effect of a Che Guevara on the Republican body politic?  Would weaken and expose the all-powerful so-called ‘Neocons’ for the corrupt traitors that they are?  May even be the very instrument of their demise?

One thing is for sure, aspiring  presidential candidates in the future now have a precedent and an example of an American-firster in Donald Trump.  In the future, they will not shy or fear making nationalistic proclamations or policies that would demote Israel’s interests  on Capitol Hill.  They will not have to tango with the devil no more.

It took one American billionaire to overnight shakedown a bevy of pernicious Jewish billionaires and their fifth column agents.  And unlike Obama, when Donald is President, he will undoubtedly fight back with bare knuckles and bombastic put-downs any person or lobby whom he deems working against the interest of our country.

In the meantime, the traitors in our midst are sweating bullets and loading their proverbial guns with bullets.  They will either shoot Donald or shoot themselves in the foot, thus rendering themselves crippled and unable to ever tango or recruit for that poison-dwarf known around the world as Apartheid Israel.



  1. bintbiba says:

    Hallelujah , Taxi 

    Magnificent piece , as always !  Inimitable  …. Your work should be taught in all the  civics classes in the High Schools of America. I'm lost for words after reading yours

    ….. ……

    "…….Who would have thunk that a Republican elite like Donald Trump would have the effect of a Che Guevara on the Republican body politic?  Would weaken and expose the all-powerful so-called ‘Neocons’ for the corrupt traitors that they are?  May even be the very instrument of their demise?…..


    …….”. shoot themselves in the foot, thus rendering themselves crippled and unable to ever tango or recruit for that poison-dwarf known around the world as Apartheid Israel. "

    And may I include the Hillary high among all these traitorous corrupt individuals !

    • Bornajoo says:

      Ditto Bintbiba! I would like to echo your sentiments. Really great piece Taxi, as usual

      If it does come down to Trump vs Clinton then I'm going to be praying for Trump to win. I don't think it's a done deal though. Apart from the Zionists and neocons and faux progressives a lot of dumb schmucks will vote for her because they want her to break through the *glass ceiling*. If it was up to me I'd build that ceiling out of 10ft thick steel to stop her getting through. Someone worthy like Jill Stein deserves to break through, not this psychotic warmonger. A woman in the Whitehouse would truly be amazing, just not this particular woman please.


      • bintbiba says:

        I redouble the DITTO , too !

        Jill Stein should get all the exposure she deserves  instead of the silence and camouflage she is criminally subjected to 

        I tried to post RT's  Youtube SPUTNIK (George Galloway) interview with Jill Stein a couple of weeks ago , and I  failed miserably !

        You can watch by going on YOUTUBE 

      • American200 says:

        I have read and heard some of Jill Stein's speeches and positions. I like her…think she has some sense…but dont think she will ever get the  media exposure she needs to reach the wider public….its  a pity.

      • Very colorful as well as coherent writing; thank you Taxi, you are an inspiration.


        “No, they are not ‘Neocons’, they are Ziocons – if you may, they are the American branch of Zionism. They are Zionists who intentionally dropped the ‘Zio’ from their label in America so as to hide the foreign roots and agenda of their ideology.”

        This morning a caller to C Span said that the people who broke up the Trump event in Chicago were “Bolsheviks — the same people who caused so much chaos in Russia and killed so many millions of people.”

        Wow. Folks really getting uppity.

        speaking of C Span — Jill Stein was on C Span a couple of weeks ago

        One final thought, from the contrarian side of the aisle: on the Unz forum some are observing that when the PTB wish to destroy a candidate that speaks truths they do not wish to hear, or opposes their policy agenda, that candidate gets ignored, like Stein or Ron and Rand Paul. Trump, on the other hand, has grabbed — or been given — more media exposure than even highly financed and ziocon-favored candidates like Jeb! Bush.

        So what’s really going on?

        Why is the media allowing Trump to take such a huge share of their spotlight?
        Did media start out pandering to Trump because he guaranteed a large audience therefore keep the revenue flowing?
        Is he a stealth candidate?
        Did he really get out in front of the ziocon controllers somehow?
        Why doesn’t ziocon controlled media shut him down? It would be a lot simpler than sending goons to bust up his rallies.

      • Taxi says:

        They can’t shut him down when he’s consistently leading at the ballot box. Plus his anti-PC gift of the gab keeps on giving the media sensational headlines that attract readership.

  2. seanmcbride says:

    –datastreams to track: neocon attacks on Donald Trump by
    1. Commentary Magazine
    2. Fox News
    3. National Review
    4. Wall Street Journal
    5. Washington Post
    6. Weekly Standard
    7. William Kristol

    The question is, how far will pro-Israel activists and militants go to stop the latest incarnation of Amalek?

    In the meantime, many progressives are expending much more energy attacking Trump than in attacking Cruz, Rubio and Clinton, which is odd, since Trump is more progressive on many issues, including foreign policy and Mideast policy, than Cruz, Rubio and Clinton.

    What accounts for the behavior of these progressives? Perhaps they are not quite as progressive as they claim to be and are being driven by another agenda entirely. Let's call them neoprogs — secret soulmates of neocons and neolibs.


  3. seanmcbride says:

    Increasingly, many Americans, Europeans, Arabs, Christians, Democrats, Republicans, etc. want to free themselves of Zionist domination.

    They are not anti-Semites — they simply dislike so much of the oxygen in the room being sucked up by Israel and the Israel lobby. They have other concerns — not the least of which is their *own self-interest*. They don't believe that the universe revolves around the endless navel-gazing travails of Israelis and Jewish nationalism.

    In part, this is what the Donald Trump phenomenon is all about. Trump's politics, unlike Cruz, Rubio and Clinton, are not Ziocentric — they are Americentric. Many Europeans are increasingly Eurocentric. In other words, they are behaving like normal and sane human beings, not the slaves of a messianic foreign cult whose demands for special attention and favors keep escalating without end.


  4. seanmcbride says:

    Check it out:

    20160311 [CounterPunch/William Blum] American exceptionalism and the election made in hell (or why I’d vote for Trump Over Hillary)

    If the American presidential election winds up with Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, and my passport is confiscated, and I’m somehow FORCED to choose one or the other, or I’m PAID to do so, paid well … I would vote for Trump.

    My main concern is foreign policy. American foreign policy is the greatest threat to world peace, prosperity, and the environment. And when it comes to foreign policy, Hillary Clinton is an unholy disaster. From Iraq and Syria to Libya and Honduras the world is a much worse place because of her; so much so that I’d call her a war criminal who should be prosecuted. And not much better can be expected on domestic issues from this woman who was paid $675,000 by Goldman Sachs – one of the most reactionary, anti-social corporations in this sad world – for four speeches and even more than that in political donations in recent years. Add to that Hillary’s willingness to serve for six years on the board of Walmart while her husband was governor of Arkansas. Can we expect to change corporate behavior by taking their money?

    And Mr. Trump? Much more a critic of US foreign policy than Hillary or Bernie. He speaks of Russia and Vladimir Putin as positive forces and allies, and would be much less likely to go to war against Moscow than Clinton would. He declares that he would be “evenhanded” when it comes to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (as opposed to Clinton’s boundless support of Israel). He’s opposed to calling Senator John McCain a “hero”, because he was captured. (What other politician would dare say a thing like that?)

    He calls Iraq “a complete disaster”, condemning not only George W. Bush but the neocons who surrounded him. “They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction and there were none. And they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction.” He even questions the idea that “Bush kept us safe”, and adds that “Whether you like Saddam or not, he used to kill terrorists.”

    Yes, he’s personally obnoxious. I’d have a very hard time being his friend. Who cares?

    My sentiments exactly.

    If Trump and Clinton are the nominees, a huge number of Independents and Democrats are going to choose Trump over Clinton — you can feel the wave already beginning to build.

    We live in weird times.


    • I would add that dangerous as it is, Trump's hate speech MAY be tactical and ephemeral.  Hillary's rain and reign of constant death and destruction,  and the forces that perpetuate it, are decidedly neither.

      It may be worth the risk of being eaten by the tiger and/or stung by the scorpion of bigotry to end her reign and avoid millions of people being killed.  Maybe.  I haven't decided yet.

  5. chu says:

    "The Ziocon’s biggest fear?  The American masses rejecting Israel."  

    I can't wait for the day that is soon to come. Israel and its fifth columnists inside the US are a band of corrupt thieves, and all the money spent on Israel should be reinvested in other nations that actually provide some reciprocity. And we are still fighting the PNAC wars via Syria. 

    At this point in world history, all that the USA is doing is covering for a corrupted land grab enterprise that can't seem to adapt to the Arab realm that they live in. The Jewish state can't realistically call itself a victim any longer. The Holocaust generation is waning and they continue to oppress the Palestinians for their own self gain. Flip the tables on the current day I/P conflict and imagine Jews being locked up in Palestinian detention centers without a judge or jury, or the bombing campaigns of inflicted on Gaza this last decade. The lie that Israel is a victim has become too obvious for the world to swallow. 

  6. Well said, chu.

    At this point in world history, all that the USA is doing is covering for a corrupted land grab enterprise that can't seem to adapt to the Arab realm that they live in.​

  7. American200 says:

    A long time ago I said it would be easier to get conservatives to ditch Israel then to get the liberals to ditch Israel. I hope I turn out to be somewhat right at least.

    A lot of people thought the fanatic religious in the party  would prevent the conservatives from doing it. And the 'kinder,gentler,touchy feely,whiny progressives and liberals would do it–because of their so called 'moral principles' .

    Well there aint no more 'moral principles' on the left than on the right.

    Getting rid of Israel has always required stirring up some 'nationalism and patriotic type movement that is found more in the conservatives.  The liberals are  the  no boarders, citizens of the world , immature hippie flower children—all they were ever going to do or will ever do about Israel is wring their hands, cry and write tear stained poetry  about Palestine suffering




  8. American200 says:

    '' ''Trump Confirmed to Speak at AIPAC Conference''

    Vanity Fair's James Wolcutt once wrote of Hillary Clinton's speech to AIPAC some years ago that …'she did everything except squat and shit a turd for the Jewish Lobby"

    Gotta love Wolcutt.…he has a way with descriptions. The Donald better avoid doing the donkey for Israel or he will lose some support

  9. American200 says:


    Donald Trump: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The GOP debate has put everything on the table

    by Justin Raimondo, March 12, 2016


    ''Much of this (Trumps)  is political maneuvering: Trump was in his "unifier" mode, as he has been lately, and he is eager to cut another one of his famous "deals" – this time with the GOP Establishment. So he’s trimming his "isolationist" sails, albeit not enough to alienate his constituency and appear weak. What it all boils down to is that we can’t know what he would actually do in office – and that is a deal breaker, as he would put it, for anyone who is looking for a fundamental shift in our foreign policy of global intervention.

    Speaking of Trump’s constituency, this is the real value of his candidacy. Trump, the man and the candidate, is beside the point: the real gold mine here, which most anti-interventionists (and libertarians) have overlooked, is that Trump’s anti-internationalist rhetoric is one of his main attractions. He has touched a deep nerve in this country, which no one has managed to match, in large part because he realizes that things can’t go on as they have – and that our overseas empire is dragging us down into an irreversible decline.

     What the rise of Trumpism shows is that the sentiment is there, the support exists for a foreign policy that puts America first. There is, however, a great big caveat. :

    "No doubt the people know they can have their Republic back if they want it enough to fight for it and to pay the price. The only point is that no leader has yet appeared with the courage to make them choose."

    Donald Trump is not that leader. Yet his candidacy may very well pave the way for such a leader to emerge''.

    • American200 says:

      Raimondo may or may not be right about Trump not being the leader.

      During Obama's campaign I said and thought that if he was what he says he is ,then he could be the 'political revolution' we have been waiting for. And though  otoh he is not what he says he is then his presidency could be the 'catalyst'  that  afterward does inspire a political revolution.

      Obviously Obama was  not quite what he pretended to be.

      So I think Trump is the result. Whether Trump really is the long awaited political revolution or not remains to be seen….however it is the first stab at it.

      I think if he isn't elected–in the sense of his America First  position and despite whatever warts he has on other issues — things will only get worse  and worse. 

      I say that because the wide support Trump has gotten is the first time really the 'ordinary' and average masses' have flexed any kind of political muscle against the establishment—the establishment being the neos and all the other elite interest they ''have finally had a candidate voice loud and clear– and Trump has certainly VOICED it for them.

      It they lose will they go back to suffering in silence–I don't know

      • what will happen if Israel starts another war — with Gaza, or Lebanon, or an attack on Iran?

        the neocons are still itching to do something bad to somebody, preferably to Iran.  

        Also, Trump as "St John the Baptist" to an as-yet unidentified messiah-president is one thing, but what about the Congress?  Are they getting the message that voters are fed up with wars for Israel?

        The upcoming AIPAC convention is not to be missed.  It could be a watershed moment.  

        I hope.

      • American200 says:


        ''…..what about the Congress?  Are they getting the message that voters are fed up with wars for Israel?''


        Probably not, congress has never paid any attention to the public sentiment.

        They really do think all of the public is stupid and that they can keep feeding the masses their usual spin, smoke and mirrors.

  10. seanmcbride says:


    Wouldn't it be fair to say that pro-Israel activists have forced their Israeli obsession to the front and center of American and European politics?

    Without the activities of the Israel lobby in the West, we would be discussing Israeli politics at the same level we discuss, say, Swedish or French politics — which is to say, barely at all.


    • Taxi says:

      Sorry Sean but if you wish to converse with an ignoramus dickhead, you’ll have to go somewhere else.

      I will put up with a lot of commentary that’s contrary to my own world view but I will not tolerate bad manners without rhyme or reason.

      You’re dreaming if you for a moment think you would get a reasoned response from a troll, if he/she responds at all, that is.

      • seanmcbride says:


        What I've learned about online debating is that one can effectively push forward one's agenda by teeing off on even the most dimwitted and obnoxious of trolls. Propaganda 101. Use even nonsensical comments as an opportunity to make substantive points — the substantive points stick.

        The trick is always to keep one's cool — to remain unmoved by the provocations. Stay on track — like an inexorable tank. Honestly — I laugh out loud when I see this style of debate. They make it so easy.


      • seanmcbride says:

        Debating really is very much like chess: for every move there is a best countermove. The more data you collect from interactions in debates in any domain, the more you can refine your set of best countermoves. After a time, the best countermoves become automatic. You can see the most effective lines of play to the endgame and checkmate from the earliest moves.

        (And, yes, this is an important field in contemporary AI research.)


  11. Calm says:

    The Political Class are facing the same type of determined protesters as what happened between 1960 and 1975 in America.

    I see not much difference between the Republicans shutting down Congress as a negotiating tool in an attempt to defund Obama Care, and today when protesters shut down Donald Trump. Both use the same type of rhetoric.

    The economy is in decline, …. both unemployment and Food Stamp usage are rising …. and the anger on the street is huge.

    The media has moved from the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous to Pawnshop and Storage Wars and Repo Games.

    The Political Class almost have to hide behind bullet proof glass and Town Hall meetings are "Invitation Only".

    Surveillance of political dissent is going to increase monumentally.

    A Nation of "Angry" Suspects on the streets ….. and being constantly monitored, so that, as you step outside your front door each morning, you are actually near totally naked because of the "Nothing To Hide" regime of surveillance.


  12. RudyM says:

    Where I work, a bunch of young people (in their teens and early 20s, mostly–ethnically and racially diverse) were talking about Trump (I didn't hear the name but it was obvious enough), talking about how they all hated him and how important it was to stop him, etc. I stayed out of it. I have to remind myself how many reasons there are to hate Trump. I think most of these kids (sorry, kids) would like to see Sanders win. I worry though, because I strongly suspect they do not get the depth of Hillary's evil.

    (Again, I find some worth in Joaquin Flores' speculation that the Trump campaign started as a scam to make Hillary look better and get elected, but that Trump may just end up running with it and becoming president, "because [he can]" to paraphrase Bill on another matter.)

  13. RudyM says:

    One of the older young people I work with, who sometimes engages me in political discussions (maybe partly because he likes to talk in general and knows I generally can't resist discussing most political issues) was confused about who the Israelis are always "at war" with (and obviously confused by thinking of it in those terms). He seriously asked if it was the Pakistanis that Israel is "at war" with. This person is extremely intelligent and in many areas he is better informed than most people (and definitely better informed than I am about, say, environmental and technological issues). He's also looked into some alternative material on events in the Ukraine, for instance. But any attempts I've made to get him more familiar with Israel/Palestine and Zionist influence on US foreign policy have failed.

    • Danaa says:

      Rudy M – please don't be too surprised. The vast majority of the people are completely and totally ignorant about what's going on in Israel/Palestine, just as much as they know next to nothing about the Ukraine or Syria. That's what we are up against – a vast, unmitigated ignorance by most people, including the most intelligent and sometimes even the most well-read.


      In almost any political discussion I am having with anybody, including super-educated people, some with PhDs and what not, I find myself lecturing. About 'the situation". Whatever it is.

      People here may find the day in day out propaganda in the West hilarious. But for most people, that is all they know. Would be nice if we could direct more people to MoA, or Plato's Guns, or Mondoweiss, or The Saker, or even Alternet, Truthdig, etc. But let's face it – they'll get discouraged. because people who work for a living while perhaps also dealing with family, simply don't have the bandwidth.

      Sad but true. That's why it's mostly the retired, semi-retired and/or the students who are, or seem to be, more up to date. These are the only two groups who have the needed bandwidth – the young – and the older. Funny, that, isn't it?

      For myself, I try not to place blame for ignorance because I know all too well that these days, work sucks the life out of you, especially if work involves something professional and/or creative. That's how it is for us humans these days.

      So these days i am working on perfecting my "elevator speech". I can now sum up the I/P situation in 5 sentences. Well chosen ones of course, for maximum effect. I can vary it too – depending on the target audience. Does it help? do i convince anyone? I don't know. Sowing the seeds of doubt is more than enough though.

      • RudyM says:

        I have to admit the Pakistan thing surprised me, but overall I am not surprised by what people don't know. The five sentence "elevator speech" sounds like a good approach.

        I have the dubious benefit of having health problems that keep me from having much of a life (even though I am able to maintain a mostly undemanding full time job), which leaves me with more time to spend on following current events (or whatever you want to call it) than people with fuller lives. Given the small amount of energy I have left over after everything is done that needs to be done, I can't think of anything more interesting than following these things. I'm afraid I've become pretty boring, or at any rate, difficult to talk with. I don't engage with the arts/entertainment much aside from music (which I also follow, but mostly just in terms of tryingto find out what's new that I might enjoy). So while I'm not even semi-retired, I am in some kind of odd category.

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