April Pow Wow – The Hour of Blossom

by Taxi

Once again, hardly any ‘new’ news today, and generally speaking, there’s no ‘action’ of any consequence going on right now, not stateside and not globally  –  the media is, as per usual, full of regurgitation and variations on old themes, the hasbara factory is same-same-same (oh tedium!); plus I have a house full of visiting Brits this weekend so my computer time is limitato (that’s Italian for ‘limited’).  I will still endeavor to post up the good stuff that I have time to read on the interwebs… and I also have a half finished new article that I’ll resume working on again once my guests depart and the farmhouse is nice and quiet again – I could have finished this article a couple of days ago but man the weather has been so utterly gorgeous here after a long month of March rains that I’ve ended up instead chilling in a citrus grove on a lush carpet of springtime flora and reading Hart Crane – so drunk on the heavy scent of orange blossom and birdsong that I simply couldn’t be bothered with the world or even with my writing.  Peh.  It’s just the way it is with me.

So, if anyone out there comes across an article of value, on any topic, profound or shallow, please feel free to post and share the link.  Also, comments on any topic are open on this thread – with the single exception of ‘what is a Jew’.

Hey have a great weekend, good people of the world!  Warm springtime greetings to y’all from the perfumed Levant.