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… And Goodbye To All That

I was halfway writing about how fury is now the opium of the masses, but then I changed my mind and discarded the piece because I felt that I’m just repeating what myself and others have been saying for a good six months – albeit, I may use more acrobatic prose than what the norm is in news media.   Fact is, I am not a journalist and I do not wish to be one or to write like one. This, my natural lack of interest in the practice of journalism is actually the topic and purpose behind this personal article.

When I started Plato’s, it was really for four reasons.  First, to be able to share through Plato’s daily Newsstand some selected articles of worth that would educate and further enlighten the reader.  Second, to allow commenters their freedom of expression when blogging, so long as they were not rude, crude or derailing.  Thirdly, to share with readers my insights and analysis of American Empire and its geopolitical shenanigans in the Middle East.  Fourthly, and dearest to my heart, is to give uber support to the liberation of our congress and of Palestine, whom as we all know are symbiotically connected by both being under the criminal occupation of the Zionist invaders.

Well, here we are now, about to mark the first anniversary of Plato’s in a couple of days and frankly, I’m over it.

I’m over it because I find that the evil of every single actor on the political stage bores me.  I’m bored senseless with the lot of them!  The universe they inhabit is so small, so vile and ever so predictable and I do not wish to further waste my time with the tedium of even having to think about any of them on a daily basis.  All that these agents of misery do is spend all day and all night lying, lying and lying some more – so enough already!!!

On the Palestine front, the PR wars are raging and Palestine has never had it so good with growing global support for their cause – at the expense and to the deserved detriment of the Apartheid state of Israel.  This growing trend indeed interests me greatly, and here I must loudly applaud BDS activists and supporters who have fought so hard against the juggernaut Zionist media and their filthy zillion dollars.  I applaud them for putting a giant hole in the Zionist dictatorship of the Palestine narrative.   But unfortunately, the facts on the ground in occupied Palestine are the reverse – what with Israel’s land theft and appropriation continuing unabated and at an aggressive pace.

Simply, we are gaining followers but loosing land.

This is why I personally do not believe that any kind of negotiation, be it for a One or a Two State Solution will ever materialize a Palestinian state.  On a weekly basis you will find a handful of respectable articles talking about the One or the Two State Solution – a steady and continuous re-evaluation of the so-called ‘solution’ from both sides of the conflict.  Yak yak yak yak yak!  Incessant motormouth yakking!  Never anything new from either side!  Same of the same of the same kindred clone.  What a waste of time and words and intellectual energy when clearly, unfortunately, no yakky negotiation will ever do and war will be the only decider of who eventually rules Historic Palestine.  And I speak of a regional war here between Israel and its Arab resistor neighbors, not just a war between Israel and wrist-bound Palestine.

Knowing what I know about Zionism’s plan and the MO of Zionist agents, there is no doubt in my mind that war will be the ultimate decider.  I have talked much about this for years now in commentary and in archival articles.  Of course, no one knows when this war will start but I predict the result of this war will be the expulsion of Zionism from the Levant.  This is what I think, pure and simple.  And this is why even articles about Palestine bore me to no end and I feel like I’m stuck in a time-warp of unrealistic repetitions when I do the admin work of copy-pasting a Palestine-Israel article and looking for an accompanying image to present to you at Plato’s.  What’s the point in sharing and reading about ‘negotiations’ when I know damn well that negotiations will not deliver.  I’m sick to death of reading about the so-called peace process: be it dead or alive.  I’m sickly-sicker to even see the word ‘Zionism’ on a daily basis!  Toxic exposure to brain cell and sinew, to say the least.

And I’m sick of seeing  the name ‘Donald’ and Hillary’ in the most cuckoo-lunatic election we’re ever had in my lifetime.  (In my mind, Ted Cruz has been disqualified for his god-complex and for his assaulting razor blade-in-your-ear nasal voice.  And Bernie has been disqualified for wasting time and energy and for deluding himself and others into thinking that a socialist message in our extremist-capitalist society would ever win a presidency).  As an expat observing from afar, I feel a dark and nauseating worry in the pit of my stomach when I see the unsavory sight of media hacks fellating their pet candidate or spitting filthy gobs at the opposition.  We’ve become a graceless nation of gangbangers.  In suits, in casuals or in bandanas, we are the gangbangers of the universe.  Our well-educated elite politicians now only communicate with fury and volume and with proverbial gun waving in the air.  I worry that (for various reasons) the masses are now in a state of mental civil war that can easily shapeshift into actual civil war, or violent mass civic unrest, at best.  When I see from afar the socio-political guts of our nation ripped open and absolutely everyone crying victim, I am truly appalled and left speechless at the dangerous divisions created by the malice of politicians and by the ignorance of the masses combined.  I worry and fret and despair from thousands of miles away to see the agony and disfigurement of what once was a relatively stable America.  And yes, I blame the disintegration of America’s (thin-threaded) cloth on Ziocons and their multitude of evil projects, both federally and globally.  But all the blaming will do naught.  And all the posting up of articles or writing election analysis for Plato’s will do no double-naught neither.  Yeah I’m so over the elections.  I think Donald will win – very troubling – and just as troubling is a (less) possible Clinton Win.  Either way, it is bad, bad and badder news coming.  Why sit through a long, bad movie when you also already know the ending?  No point at all.  None.

Even Empire articles bore me now.  I have meditated much and long and deep on the machinations and ambitions of our Empire in the Middle East; and I have endeavored to write and share, as clearly as possible, my conclusions with readers.  Months ago, I wrote a handful of geopolitical analysis articles on America, Israel, Syria and Saudi Arabia, as well as on other regional power players like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey and Russia.  At the time of publishing these geopolitical articles, the bulk and nuance of my insights were not even on the radars of professional media.  But my predictions by now are slowly unfolding and becoming mainstream – victory for the Syrian army and instability in the House of Saud, as topic examples, and not forgetting also my analysis article on how Russia’s arrival to the Levant clobbered the Greater Israel plan hard on the head.  Indeed, my article ‘Russia Destroys The Greater Israel Dream’, published back in October 2015 went viral and continues to get daily hits from around the globe.  In all humility, I state here that Plato’s may be a micro blog, but its original analysis articles are ahead of even the colossally paid media professionals.

BTW, Plato’s remains an underground hub because I’m too lazy and disinterested in doing site expansion and promotions and it’s only by the humble power of word-of-mouth that some 3500+ Plato subscribers have been garnered in the past four months (the time when I finally had a proper subscription plugin installed).  Let me here bow in earnest gratitude at all the good people from around the world who have taken the time to support the site through subscriptions and repeat visits.  It was a pleasure –  it was real serendipity  to connect to you all in the labyrinthine virtual world.  I consider (at least) most of you as friends and brothers and sisters in arms.  My sincere thanks again to you all and may goodness and universalism be your manna.

So, to get back to my “I’m Over It” ramble, all in all, and sadly, this will be the last post on Plato’s for some time to come – maybe even ever – I don’t know.  I mean I can see myself perhaps writing politics again if a seriously dramatic event takes place.  But for now, as news is so tediously predictable and repetitive, all I know is that I feel the need to do something else with my time and mental energy that’s completely outside of daily politics.  At the moment, doing absolutely nothing really appeals and the environment that I’ve labored to create for myself in the Levant supports this – my organic garden and the ongoing rehabilitation of my five rescued dogs is enough work for me for now.   Next month, I’m booked to visit London and LA for a few weeks – looking forward to that.  After much thinking, I have decided that I did not want to move back to an America under Clinton or under Trump.  I will stay in the Levant where I am for now because it is a small piece of zion-free paradise – and if I think a  regional war here is about to break out during a Clinton or a Trump presidency, then I will move myself to the safety of Cyprus, which is a short Mediterranean hop away.  For now, I wish to continue living as an expat – I’m enjoying being a stranger in a strange land and I’m finding the view home from here unencumbered and illuminating.

In the meantime, rather than completely shut down the site, I will leave open a post that I will call ‘Plato’s Infinite Scroll’, where readers can share links and thoughts with each other as we head towards the presidential elections and the great unknown.   Please be aware that you will have to moderate yourselves and each other – here I urge you to use the flagging function if trolls post up their vomit – flagging alerts me by email, otherwise I will not be visiting the site on a regular basis at all.  Please feel free to also use the contact page to send me private messages or questions etc.  Flagging and using the contact page are the quickest way to get my attention.  I especially recommend using the contact page if any of your comments go into automatic moderation – I’ll be able to rescue them from the ‘pending’ box once you’ve sent me notice.  Needless to say, I will check this thread here for comments in the next couple of days, in order to respond to any questions or suggestions or whatever else that readers may want to share.

“Goodbye To All That”, is a biographical book written by the late and great Robert Graves.  I use this expression here not in the emotive and bitter way that Mr. Graves used it, but rather, in a manner that one uses when drunk and disheveled and leaving a party in the wee hours of the morning.

So, goodbye to all that, dear friends and readers, and may the spirit of justice and resistance bite you in the calf for good luck.



  1. Abu Malia says:

    I am quite saddened by your decision i do however respect it. I would urge the insightful and brilliant commenters here to keep the flame lit – my hope is Taxi will be back.


    You'll be missed

    • Walid says:

      Abu Malia, for commenters to keep the flame going and make her return worthwhile, they would have to make more effort than just dropping the occasional one-liner or the redundant compliment that told her what she didn't already know.

      • Danaa says:

        Agree walid. I had a hard time getting an in depth conversation going – here, kind of like we used to have on MW. Oftentimes only sean Mcbride would respond and he seems to have take a hiatus lately.

        It is unfortunately not easy to converse or debate at depth, as I'm sure you and others know. ON MW for example, keith and I have gone around the bend so many times that we practically know each other's next sentence.

        the saker, who I like for his frequent insights 9and no, that of course does not mean i agree with every single word he ever wrote) coined a term that found resonance in me – Submarines in the desert – that's what we, single individuals who prize liberty and free thought, are like. each enconced in their own country/domain/backyard/basement. We can only now shake fists, broadcast our cries of rage and occasionally converse for sustannce. But, for the most part, we are each alone, wherever we are. Yearning for the sea, where submarines can go anywhere they like, as dolphins do.

        personally i crave the back and forth with others of my ilk. Even to disagree in the margins. I had occasion to do that on haaretz, once upon a time, on the talkbacks, a hang-out where I found many friends, some who became so in real life 9and my eternal gratitude to Bradley burston for providing the platform, no matter his infractions). I found even more like-minded friends on Mondoweiss (and for that too i remain deeply indebted to Phil – Zio-Schmayo, as they say). On friendfeed too I had many good discussions, several with Sean, a few with Jeff when he visited, and some heated arguments, which for me, were never a waste of time. I was hoping that over time, this place too will accommodate us who wish and find the time to chat on things that matter, even if it sounds like we are repeating ourselves, at time.

        I hopee some will continue to hang out here, a limited hang-out though it may be. You too walid. especially you…


      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        I had a hard time getting an in depth conversation going – here, kind of like we used to have on MW.

        That might be hard to do as some of the people who gravitated to this site may be more comfortable with the occasional post or comment. I am only able to post sporadically, although I do try to make my posts more substantive, rather than single-line comments (although I have done the latter on occasion).

        I wonder about the posters at MW. Some of them seem to be able to devote countless hours to commenting online on a daily basis. Some of them are probably retired people with unlimited time to devote to this pursuit. 


      • seanmcbride says:


        I stopped commenting recently because my wife's and my much beloved Ragdoll cat of 15 years suffered a debilitating stroke, which affected me even more than I would have expected. The good news is that with loving care she has undergone a miraculous recovery — going from near death to 90% of her old self.

        Also, periodically, I try to clear my mind of *all* political issues entirely — to get focused on subjects with more substance and sustenance — literature, music, philosophy, science, nature, etc. Political controversies come and go — they are important, but there are more important things.

        I see Internet discussions mainly as an opportunity to engage in mutual intellectual discovery with bright and inquisitive minds who know more about certain topics than I do, and who may educate me — expand my understanding of the world. Without the lure of learning, I lose interest in political discussions quickly.

        Most assuredly, I have no interest in converting others to my views — what holds my attention is watching and analyzing unfolding interactions among diverse views, which leads to greater clarity of mind and understanding.

        During my hiatus, I have learned two new programming languages — a very satisfying mental exercise — as well as taking a crash course in opera.

        I expect Taxi will resume writing and commenting, sooner than later, if I am any student of human nature. 🙂 I definitely understand her occasional need to get away from politics in general, and Mideast politics in particular, and to recharge her batteries with more life-enhancing and less energy-sucking pursuits.

        Note on the side: I've noticed that Mondoweiss has approached the subject of the entangled relations between Judaism and Zionism more forcefully in recent months, and with more intellectual honesty and curiosity than it has in the past. I think I was a bit ahead of the curve on that controversy. Eventually the Jewish establishment will need to take that bull by the horns.


      • Walid says:

        Danaa, I'm game for giving it another try but those hundreds of silent readers would have to be less silent. Telling Taxi how great is her blog doesn't buy anyone a cup of coffee. Perhaps Taxi would also return, streamline it and make it more exchanges friendly and allow her more free time.. One of the ways would be to cut back on the deluge of articles she posts to give readers a chance to reflect on a posted article and comment on it. Putting the last 30 comments made in chrono order, and not article order, would be another help. .I  hope she comes back

      • chu says:

        I had a hard time getting an in depth conversation going – here, kind of like we used to have on MW.

        -I agree. I'm not sure if there is not enough conflict in the comments section to get those in depth threads, since a lot of MW had people like WJ, Richard Witty, etc to align against. 

      • chu says:

        "Putting the last 30 comments made in chrono order, and not article order, would be another help."


        I agree. Also, I had problems logging in with via wordpress (my comment would go to moderation for no reason) so it is difficult to know if anyone replies.  


      • seanmcbride says:

        Following all new posts and comments in any WordPress blog or combination of WordPress blogs is a snap with a decent feed reader — like Inoreader or Feedly. You can be notified of new items across hundreds (or thousands) of feeds in real time — and sort, filter, search, tag, archive and share those items any way you like.


      • seanmcbride says:

        Disagreements, debate and dialectic are the engine and energy that drive any robust discussion group. Cheerleading squads quickly peter out — much too boring. Without differing points of view, there is little to talk about.


      • Walid says:

        Sean, why would anyone want to read hundreds or thousands of newsfeeds or to have Taxi do so for him and give it to him in digest form without him commenting other that for the odd "thank you"? A an example, one very eloquent MW commenter had tons of very interesting anecdotes about growing up with Iraqi roots in the UK but here the only comments were to thank Taxi. de La Rochefoucauld once said:  Quelque bien qu'on nous dise de nous, on ne nous apprend rien de nouveau.

      • seanmcbride says:


        It's curious: what makes a discussion forum kinetic and take off? My guess is that it requires a critical mass of bright and inquiring minds who are using one another to refine and sharpen their ideas about the world — and who understand how to do that dialectical dance — how to productively explore and exploit a wide variety of differing views.

        Mondoweiss has been successful largely because Phil Weiss has produced original, thoughtful and challenging analyses on current events several times a week — essays that have provoked thoughtful responses and dialogue. That is a tough performance to pull off — very few websites and blogs around the world have matched that standard.

        Glenn Greenwald achieved a similar success during the era when he was running his personal blog.

        Weiss and Greenwald are not your typical run-of-the-mill political activists with a simple axe to grind — they are original thinkers who load up their posts with a great deal of substance to chew over.

        Notice, for instance, that, Gilad Atzmon and Tikun Olam generate not much in-depth discussion.

        Beyond this, there is probably some secret sauce in play that we haven't identified — a mysterious charisma of some kind.


      • Walid says:

        Sean, Weiss could live with criticisms whether he liked them or not. His members didn't and lots of circling of the wagons whenever an alien voice or thought appeared. Silverstein simply spooks people away from commenting with his intransigent temper against those not in agreement with him. .

      • seanmcbride says:


        Agreed on both points.

        Some of the people who have attached themselves to Weiss are indeed run-of-the-mill political activists with a simple (simplistic) axe to grind — and without much curiosity about the world at large. They are more interested in controlling and limiting discussions than in opening them up. I doubt that they could start successful standalone blogs.

        To be clear: political activism is very important — absolutely essential. But some forms of political activism tend to degenerate into smug self-righteous ranting of the type that can be easily simulated by software bots. Interesting minds are in a state of perpetual voyage, discovery and learning — they don't assume that they've figured it all out.


      • Walid says:

        Danaa, those great conversations that you mentioned about MW have died down, The place is now divided into pro-Zionists and anti-Zionists throwing repetitive monologues at each other. Palestinians and their lost cause serve as window-dressing. There was a time when it was the whales and another when it was the trees; today it's the Palestinian cause.

      • seanmcbride says:


        The Palestinians are in a perilous and horrific situation — no one is really looking out for their interests — not Americans, not Europeans, not anti-Zionist Jews and even not Arab states. They are defenseless and continue to be ground down and pulverized by Israel in full view of the entire world — pawns on the grand chessboard.

        Israel has created the conditions in which the only option for Palestinians to survive is to migrate outside the borders of Greater Israel.

        It's amazing that this can be happening in the 21st century — and all in the name of an ancient Torah mandate. No one seems to be able to stop the horror show that continues to unfold.


      • Danaa says:


        First my best wishes for your cat's continuing recovery. I recently lost one of my own cats of similar age to diabetes with complications. This cat was a true prince among cats, the gentlest and most sweet tempered cat I have ever had. He was, to whatever degree it is possible for a feline, simply kind. I am convinced he is now in cat heaven which is where all the not-so-kind people with would-be cat allergies (in which I don't believe) are sent for their personal to atone for too much crankiness and sourness while on earth.

        Second, I don't totally agree with you about forum discussions. I can have a raging argument with someone who I am 99% in agreement with except for that 1% margin. Such flare-ups can go all the way from intemperate to scholarly. Differing in the margins is a time-honored modus operandi for academic debates as well as in-depth discussions on-line. Here is an example – Shmuel, who I agree with on nearly everything (except how to deal with the likes of Gilad, ie, the less temperate among us) yet, I can converse with him till kingdom come, being always challenged and sometimes inspired in the process. Sometimes, it's not the disagreement that's inspiring, but the new angle, or the personal anecdote, or the sudden new thought that came out of nowhere. There are others, like Shmuel, and there were quite a few of them on MW back in the day. Note how in response to one of Avigail Abarbanel's pieces, so many would come in, interject and converse, even without the slightest need for hophmi's services as a buzzing mosquito.

        Third, as you recall, you and i had our discussions in the past where we agreed on some and disagreed on others, you being so digital and me being the analog code that I am. I just wish you stopped dividing people into categories of "bright' and "less bright" or "deep" and "shallow" thinkers. We all run the gamut at different times of the day, week, month or season. It's just when you say things this way, it has a very discouraging effect on people, even on those of us designated "bright". Sometimes i am quite happy to engage with the "kind' or the "active", brilliance be damned. Very tiring that – being condemned to bright shining light with no turn-off button.

      • Danaa says:

        To continue with this line of thought and also address the uniqueness of a Phil or a Glenn:

        Yes, there is indeed a secret ingredient in blogs that make some of them welcoming to dissenters, contenders and hangers-on of all types, and Phil certainly had, and still has, that Je ne sait quoi element. he can write about the flight of a bumblebee in his back-yard, and multitudes shall flock to comment,  drawn as flies to the light, all seemingly buzzing with much opinion on the nature of the bee and its relation to the not-being-a-bee. Phil is like the street philosophers of old. Give him a corner and a cup of cofee and comment he shall, in a way that makes humans stop and take note. Sometimes for a moment, sometimes forever. It doesn't matter even that some are hard-core zionists and some others are just frayed souls who wandered in to partake of a few sun rays or rain drops. It's that all who are assembled feel, momentarily at least, bonded as humans, even as they busily challenge some kink or another.

        IMO, taxi has some of the same gift, but perhaps, being of a different nature, is less inclined to spend too much time in the valleys of darkness. I understand her well in that regard (or think I do) as many, if not most of us, can tolerate negation only so long. We feel the undertow and the pull of the slimy toads beneath and too much toxicity without recourse to action just gets to us after a while. I can't imagine what kind of inner clarity and internal undimable light it takes to have walked for days among the settlers of the West Bank and not give in to the temptation of fight or flight. But Phil Weiss has managed to do that and returned from his sojourns among the afflicted, with hardly a mark, yet plenty of observations, now laid out in a paper. People like that are needed. Reporters and observers of all kinds who can travel to hell and return with gifts for the rest of us.

        As for Glenn – OK, that'll be for another day. Now I just want taxi to come back, perhaps with a new story or two.

      • seanmcbride says:


        Gentle, sweet-tempered, kind — all the most notable qualities of the cat my wife and I seem to have nursed back to health after a scary two weeks. She is also empathetic, inquisitive and analytical — rather a scientist in the way she carefully observes the world around her, looking for and filing away patterns.

        I see disagreements as opportunities to flush out new insights and knowledge about the world, for shaking loose new facts, cites, lines of argument, etc. When that kind of process is in play, discussions can be fruitful.

        You're right — I emphasize "brightness" too much — I'm afraid I'm not nearly as gentle, sweet-tempered and kind as my Ragdoll companion. 🙂 I need to work on that.


      • seanmcbride says:


        Regarding Phil, this latest post just popped up in my feed:

        "Rudoren opines on Arab reporter’s politics but ducks the Zionism question"

        Per usual: calm, centered, on point, fair-minded, intellectually honest, daring — on a dangerous and forbidden topic. That is why he draws many readers and inspires many comments — posts of this kind encourage deep engagement from many points of view.

        I know there are some people out there who are riled up by Weiss for a variety of reasons, some of them murky — but they don't seem to be able to create competitive blogs.

        How he does this kind of thing several times a week, year after year, is quite remarkable. He has a gift.


      • Danaa says:

        walid, I just made a comment specially for you and it disappeared. Something about ebb and flow of forums and all that rubbish. Once before this happened and the comment that I thought was lost forever has reappeared, as mysteriously as it disappeared. So I'll wait before trying to resurrect what little pearls I tried to string together…..

      • Danaa says:

        Walid, yes, the great conversations on MW have indeed died down. How and why that happened is of interest to those who care about on-line dynamics but perhaps not enough to change things. I believe this has to do partly with a critical mass of commenters who just are not around any longer and/or pop in rarely. I can name names but won't because there is no need.


        partly however it's something else i think. MW stands out there as a chronicler of the descent of israel into the heart of darkness. Pulling with it much of what was good about jews and judaism into the muck. We have now entered, I believe, a point of no return, and maost sensitive souls feel it in their bones. These are times for the few brave activists to condemn and to shake fists at the might of the devil, and for others to rage against the injustice of power. Still others are assigned (not sure by whom) the role of witnesses – the scribes who write down and analyse the evil that lurks in the hearts of men. Phil is of the latter, and many, not as motivated, talented or inclined, may still feel it is their holy assignment to read and remember. Commenting sometimes can feel immaterial – for what is there to say, when all there is to see are the dark storm clouds?

        As you can see, and as you well know from times past,  I tend to look at the ebb and flow of forums as almost a natural phenomenon. The great times come and we luxuriate when we experience them, producing torrents of words, thoughts and opinions, grateful for an opportunity to interact with others, similarly inclined. But we all live in time and are bound by it. The dynamics of the I/P conflict has changed over the past 15 years as israel moved further and further to the right. The people of israel are captured by some force which seems hell bent on dispossessing the palestinians and crushing the spirit of the land. It is hard right now for those of us outside to just watch it all unfold, with hardly a tool at our disposal to stop the process (alas, I fear that BDS too is entering a time of great turmoil as the other side is just gearing up for combat). It is, in fact so hard, for the less activist among us, that even commenting seems like an almost unbearable task.

        All I now is that something will change soon, as a red line of sorts will be crossed. When it is, which is not too long now, Phil's greatly anticipated and much predicted schism among the jews of America will widen enough to produce much shaking. So I wait – and sharpen my pen. And visit MW now and then to test the waters. All I know that the "end' times are not too far off, so I won't lament that which hasn't really passed.

      • Walid says:

        Danaa, like most, his vocation has evolved over time. Today he's mostly into defending his  Judaism against the evils of Zionism; it's not really about creating a Palestinian state. His site is made up more of anti-Zionists than of pro-Palestinians. Nonetheless, I think he's one of the good guys.

        Features I enjoyed most at MW were the Christmas competition of a few years back by commenters writing-in articles. You and Taxi wrote memorable pieces that should have been reproduced on Plato's. The other series I enjoyed were testimonials by Arab Israelis who were proud to show their Arab roots.

      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        @Walid –

        he's mostly into defending his  Judaism against the evils of Zionism; it's not really about creating a Palestinian state

        In that sense, he is not unlike many of us who, while sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians, find our own interests threatened by the same purveyors, and are thus companions on parallel journeys. Phil Giraldi says it best:

        while I grieve for the Palestinians my role as an American must be to assess the damage that Israel is doing to my own country

        Those are the same thoughts that resonate with me, and probably many others here.

      • Walid says:

        C & D, I have no problem with the concept of the parallel journeys, and I respect it. It's when it comes across only as bleeding for the plight of the Palestinians that I get upset. The Arabs have already sold the Palestinians down the river and now there's more and more open talk about normalizing relations with the bad guys while they go on killing Palestinians and stealing their land. The Jews in defense of their Judaism don't need the Palestinians to propagate their rumble with the Zionists and it's time they stopped pussyfooting as is done at MW and other supposedly pro-Palestinian cult groups….

      • straightline says:

        Sorry to butt in on this conversation but you've spurred me into saying a word or two about MW and I don't have time to read all of these wonderful posts in detail. 

        But first I also need to say farewell to Taxi. I rarely post here but I read your site avidly as I'm sure do many others. Your site is an oasis of sanity – I don't need to add what the desert is I think! Let's hope your "farewell" is both shortlived and a spur to the passive among us (like me) to be more pro-active here – as I am elsewhere in the same cause where the need as I see it is greater.  

        As to MW, it has become a sitcom. Everyone has their lines. You know that whatever Hophmi posts is a caricature of  Jewsih supremacism. I sometimes wonder which side pays him because he does the Zionist cause no good at all. Then "Jon S" the history teacher who knows no history.  Mooser is the jester. Annie – sweet Annie – is the kind of mother figure we all would like – except when she is riled. And so it goes.  The Zionists Hops, Jon, Yonah, Mayhem, et al,  repeat the same old arguments and these are in turn  demolished by the same old rebuttals – talknic points out the facts about Israel's internationally recognizefd borders –  but the Zionists pay no attention because that's not part of the plot.  They never move on – neither side. Gone are the great posters – the ones who taught me something –  the crowd here in particular, but mostly Hostage and Zofia. 

        Perhaps that was the Zionist aim after all – to destroy MW  by making it boring.  


        And then my other gripe about it is that it claims to be about the "War of Ideas in the Middle East" but seems to me to be mainly about Jewishness.  But I think all on this site understand that. If that's not hijacking a cause, I don't know what is. 






      • Cloak And Dagger says:


        It's when it comes across only as bleeding for the plight of the Palestinians that I get upset.

        I understand that sentiment. Nobody loves a hypocrite. With the influence of JVP, MW has long ceased to be a site to visit. I pop in for a quick look from time to time, but the content is so staid and repetitious, that I seldom tarry for too long. I mean, you can only read the BS discussions pretending to be debates between the zios and the anti-zios for just so long before screaming basta! Once I stopped learning anything new there, it ceased to be worth my while to go through moderation hell to post anything there. I got censored enough times that I can no longer be bothered.

        I can't pretend to understand why the Arab countries betrayed Palestine – probably the greed and corruption of their rulers. I got the feeling that the common masses were supportive of the Palestinian cause and generally anti-Israel – but, of course, they have no power to do anything. They have their own struggles ahead to topple their rulers in a real Arab-spring, unlike the farce we just witnessed in Egypt.


      • Cloak And Dagger says:


        A very cogent critique of MW with which I concur completely. It was inevitable that the more interesting posters would ultimately depart that site out of sheer boredom, leaving only the current denizens to bay at each other. I have a feeling that without the JVP funding, that site would wither in a week with only readership support.


      • Walid says:

        C & D, The site has become dull. Until recently, I used to check the " 100 recent comments" before checking my mailbox.. Now after having gone through the first 10 or 15 humdrum comments, I find myself quitting the site.Currently, my first visit is to Taxi's Plato's.

      • Cloak And Dagger says:


        All I know that the "end' times are not too far off, so I won't lament that which hasn't really passed.

        Very powerful prose. It would be great if you could spare the time and effort to post original articles on Taxi's blog – not just as comments, but as full length posts. I wouldn't be surprised if Taxi welcomed such addition to her blog. In the past, she has permitted me to have full length posts here, and your insights are far superior to mine.




    "… Here, sunk in sorrow, my oppressed heart no longer found utterance.

    The Genius answered not, but I heard him whisper to himself:

     Let us revive the hope of this man; for if he who loves his fellow creatures be suffered to despair, what will become of nations?

    The past is perhaps too discouraging; I must anticipate futurity, and disclose to the eye of virtue the astonishing age that is ready to begin; that, on viewing the object she desires, she may be animated with new ardor, and redouble her efforts to attain it."





  3. Bornajoo says:

    Thanks for EVERYTHING so far Taxi. if we get more, lucky us.  If not, I for one will be forever grateful for all of the time and energy you have put into Plato's, especially the pleasure of being able to read your own original writings.  You are a very gifted writer and thinker. 

    I totally understand and respect your decision and I really do get what you mean. And on top of everything else, there's the daily routine of maintaining a blog like this. As someone who is so "anti-routine" I think you might be even more so, and I get it from that side too

    We'll miss you but still look forward to the next instalment, whenever that might be. In the meantime I wish you much peace, rest and relaxation in that beautiful spot in the Levant with the garden, dogs, organic food and all the good and simple things in life

    Stay well and stay safe Taxi 

  4. bintbiba says:

    The  Free Spirit that you are Taxi, must fly and land whenever and wherever  your dream takes you. 

    Your exquisite writings are such a joy to read and admire with your freedom of thought and imagination ; your good  thinking  and analytical processes  a true inspiration .

    Please take good care of yourself, and enjoy the Freedom your choices will provide you. Of course we shall miss you enormously .

    Here's hoping this isn't a final ' goodbye' and with hope in my heart our paths will cross again in better days ahead . Hope MUST spring eternal …or else what is the point of anything !

    Be well, Taxi, say hello to the Levant we  love inspite of all its manmade flaws…

    Happy , Safe  Flying , Free Spirit !

  5. RudyM says:

    Thanks for your work and hospitality, Taxi. I think you are making the right decision by staying in Lebanon. I will think of you wandering freely through the herb-scented landscape.

  6. annie says:

    i'll miss reading your writing — something no one else can do like you do. and if the time comes that you change your mind even just for a day you can always post something (hopefully!). i know what you mean though. see you round the bend dear one. 

  7. Walid says:

    Good and bad news, Taxi. Good because you'll have more time to do the things you like. Bad because your refreshing and inspirational writing will be missed. I'm sure we haven't heard the last from you. Still looking forward to meeting you soon. Too bad the thousands of your readers especially the very eloquent ones from MW did not engage in more "back and forth" with each other on this site. That was the only missing element.

    Enjoy the break and the summer. 

    • Bornajoo says:

      "….. growing up with Iraqi roots in the UK but here the only comments were to thank Taxi" 

      Hi Walid, I'm not sure if that was aimed at me but I'm guessing it might be. But even if not I'd like to reply and explain my own situation in any case 

      Due to ridiculous work commitments I just haven't had the time to comment anywhere very much except for the odd one liner here and there and hardly at all on MW. I started a project a few months ago, a folly of my own making, which has sucked me dry of any spare time and my frazzled brain is in no fit state to make any coherent comments anywhere. Every possible thing that could have gone wrong with this work project has gone wrong. I've got a stack of paperwork to get through by tomorrow morning and I still haven't said hello to my wife all day, let alone goodnight. I'm sneaking 10 mins out to write this. 

      I'm dreaming about the spare time I had until a few months ago. I was reading, writing, learning, commenting, watching, hearing…. but necessary work came along and screwed it all up. And there's a lot of people relying on the income I make from it and all the pressure that comes with that 

      I'd love to be more financially independent because it would give me the freedom to spend more time on doing so many other things but alas I'm not there just yet. Cloak and Dagger said a similar thing further up. I'm also amazed at just how much time some commenters are able to devote to various sites. For the past few months I've just been reading snippets on my mobile while on the train travelling around London. I try and keep up with most of the articles here, especially Taxi's own superb articles and some on MW too. I have apologised to Taxi privately for my lack of participation a couple of months ago 

      But I'm also wary of commenting on things I just don't know enough about or had the time to research properly before I start typing. I've always been in awe of your unbelievable knowledge across such a vast area of topics and I often refer to you as "the encyclopedia". I've learned a lot from your comments as well as from many of the other great commenters here 

      I agree that platosguns would benefit from less news articles and more original input. However I think that coming up with one original article every week is still quite a tall order even for the likes of the extremely gifted Taxi. It's not just a case of having the necessary content but also the motivation to put out an article each and every week. Fortnightly or monthly might be more manageable. 

      Finally, the fact that I can't comment substantively doesn't mean I shouldn't at least say thank you to Taxi now and then for the work, time, energy and everything else she does to bring Plato's to us 

      Anyway back to the paperwork, then sleep, then back to the grind in the morning. Good night all. 

      • Walid says:

        Bornajoo, I hope you can find the time you are looking for. Your posts about Iraq on MW were very interesting. Can't help stop thinking how the western powers along with the Zionists deliberately broke up in Iraq, which was the most culturally advanced of the Arab societies. With the help of Iraqi shysters and Zionists they emptied the country of most of its Jews that had been living there for thousands of years. After Iraq, the West moved on to destroy the second most culturally developed Arab country, Libya. You know about Syria and what was behind its destruction.

  8. Bye, Mr. taxi! I totally understand. I couldn't figure out exactly what this was, but it is one of my favorite places to come on the "internets". Thank you, and good luck to you!

  9. Cloak And Dagger says:

    Nah. It's not a goodbye, just a be right back. I empathize with your burn-out – been there, done that. But the things that motivate you and I to do the things that we do haven't suddenly disappeared. The bad guys still roam the streets free, and our fellow citizens still continue to be oppressed and occupied by foreign forces and traitors in our midst. I share your frustration of seeing our hopes getting dashed regularly as heroes tumble and villains rise – the grist of many comic books.

    But, most people don't realize how unstable and fragile the current conditions are and how quickly the cookie could crumble – and with good reason: the MSM makes sure to keep broadcasting the same pablum and keeping the populace sedated. Most people don't realize how close we are to the tipping point, if not already at it. The kindling has been piling up over the last 6 decades and all it will take is a spark to set the entire house ablaze. Those who are skeptical need only look at the former USSR and how quickly it imploded within a matter of weeks to know that this has happened many times in our own lifetime.

    It is cliché to spout platitudes like it is always darkest before dawn (which is inaccurate, btw), but it is true that revolutions occur when people are scraping the bottom of their tolerance, and the growling empty stomachs of the jobless masses reaches the crescendo required to bring down the walls. The Internet has been a blessing in rapidly replacing the corrupt MSM and shaking people from their slumber – particularly the next generation, the youth that are our future leaders, who spend most of their waking hours online and connected. I am betting that it will take less years than fingers on my right hand before the gnashing of teeth and the loud wails begin, and the zio hordes have nowhere to run to any more.

    Yeah, most of us spend our days worrying about how to make our mortgage payments and putting food on the table for our respective families, to worry too much about what happens in foreign lands – or even in our own, by the same zio forces. But now, for so many in this country, the means of making ends meet are no longer possible and voices are rising about how our wealth is being squandered in the pursuit of evil rather than in the betterment of the nation.

    Can you hear the beast roar? The time is nigh.




  10. Danaa says:

    Taxi, I, for one, refuse to accept your resignation, though I can easily see why you need a break.

    A cursory look through the recent article titles paints a bleak picture indeed of the state of affairs in the world. As the clouds are gathering over the Anglo-zionist empire (saker's term, which I kibnda like), the empire is fighting back with all the resources at its disposal. It kills where it ca, injects turmoil where no one is looking, tearing asunder the pockets where resistance dares to lift its head, and generally co-opts the cooptable. We see the huge counterattack on BDS, the increasing oppression of palestinians (cutting off their electrical power for example), and the toxic climate of the US elections where venom splashes daily against independent candidates (Bernie or Donald, no matter).

    But as CAD above said, it's always darkest before the storm. Somewhere far beyond the gathering clouds, a few piercing rays of light can be glimpsed. A show-down is coming, we just don't know when and what form it'll take.

    I have taken leaves of absence myself – from commenting and even reading. But continuing to work towards the goal is a must. Each as they can. Perhaps, taxi, you could find another who will lend a hand to refresh the blog periodically, at least until such time you choose to return shining armor and all? just say the word….

      • Walid says:

        Hi, Bintbiba, it would be great to hear your Beirut stories before you moved to the UK. I remembered something you said about having a huge balcony so it gives me an idea in which part of the city you grew up. Stories of your youth are fascinating.

      • bintbiba says:

        Hi Walid,

        It is difficult for me to extricate myself from this fascinating thread  I have been totally immersed in since our Taxi pronounced what to me was a stunning announcement. It took me a couple of days to recover my composure and balance . As I have  already (as we say in the 'spoken' Arabic,) taken a few steps into my 81st year on this planet, albeit somewhat reluctantly and grudgingly……I have the time to dedicate towards reading the websites that interest and fascinate me. And Plato's Guns never disappointed, but rather inspired and elevated . Taxi is a most gifted and generous talent to whom I am ever so grateful for the superlative quality of discourse she has provided us .

        So now  I go way off topic at hand

        You ask me about life in Beirut and our large balcony ! Well, in Lebanon if you didn't have a balcony large or small,  you weren't alive. In the 1950s the advent of A/C and TV were rather limited and wherever you lived in Lebanon you were missing the glorious scenery and lovely sea/mountain breezes  if you didn't live half your life on your balcony , with abundance of plants and flowers …Just to say that at differnt times I lived in both West and East Beirut. Both with the balconies !

        As to the life before moving to the UK , I'm afraid I can't say anything other than it was a normal ,busy , family/business middle class  one ,with all the pleasures and vicissitudes that most people have as they navigate for better or worse this mortal coil . Civil war,  invasions , twice picked up sticks with husband and kids and left… to return less than a year  later  ( first to Montreal , second time to LA) . Too long a story interspersed with troubles and  sadnesses to impose onto the readers. 

        So this is where I end this flimsy  tale of the balconies and Beirut , Walid. I am glad to know you are well and back on Plato's ,interacting vigorously with the wonderful Danaa ,  Sean , C&D and Bornajoo .  

        To end what must be embarrassingly the longest comment I've ever made , I'm not sure whether it answers  your request…. and hoping to see you around with your vast array of knowledge and culture that I am truly in awe of .

        And hoping that Taxi won't leave us for too long , as she is and always has been  the prime mover, guide  and inspiration on this, her Plato's Guns !




      • Walid says:

        Bintbiba, your life on the balcony brings to mind the sights and smell of bougainvillea and jasmine that covered the whole city. I felt you did when you got nostalgic over Taxi's orange blossoms and poppies. As a little girl you must have worn a jasmine or a gardenia necklace. Jasmine is the sweetest smell in the world. BTW, I'm only a few years behind you.

        Did you know that Mahmoud Darwish proposed to Taxi? Besides being too young, she probably knew about Rita.

      • seanmcbride says:


        "Did you know that Mahmoud Darwish proposed to Taxi? Besides being too young, she probably knew about Rita."


        I haven't read Darwish's poetry (I'll get around to it), but noticed these interesting paragraphs in Wikipedia:

        Views on Hamas

        In 2005, outdoor music and dance performances in Qalqiliya were suddenly banned by the Hamas-led municipality, for the reason that such events would be forbidden by Islam. The municipality also ordered that music no longer be played in the Qalqiliya zoo. In response, Darwish warned that "There are Taliban-type elements in our society, and this is a very dangerous sign".

        In July 2007, Darwish returned to Ramallah and visited Haifa for a festive event held in his honor sponsored by Masharaf magazine and the Israeli Hadash party. To a crowd of some 2,000 people who turned out for the event, he voiced his criticism of the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip: "We woke up from a coma to see a monocolored flag (of Hamas) do away with the four-color flag (of Palestine)."
        END QUOTE


      • RudyM says:

        The Darwish work I found most interesting is Memory for Forgetfulness memoir-cum-prose-poetry. I generally can't make my way through the thicket of allusiveness in his poetry.

  11. chu says:

    It's worth taking a break, Taxi. One year of writing about this news can make anyone ill, and it helps to walk away for a while and recharge.

    It seems that the more the state of Israel commits it crimes, the less punishment and condemnation they receive. The US media does nothing to criticize their corruption in 2016.

    After AIPAC lobbying for the Iraq war and then they lobbied for Iran and lost during Obama administration, did most people connect the dots as to who was lobbying for war with Iraq? If people were polled in the US as to what was the motivating factor in the Iraq War, today would they say it was big oil corporations as the primary motivation?  The corporation media still have great control to assert the big ideas.

    • Walid says:

      Taxi needs to write only 1 original article per week like the one about Russia-Israel and to drop the condensing. That's when the comments would start to flow. Danaa often refers to the falconman's submarine in the desert article .

      • bintbiba says:

        Thank you Walid, for the music of Marcel Khalifé . I have often listened to Mahmoud Darwish on youtube  reciting his wonderful poetry . Yes I knew about 'the proposal' in question . It was my very first time I ever encountered Taxi on MondoWeiss . Been hooked since !

         I grew up in Jerusalem with a huge jasmine  bush in the garden . My job as a 7 year old was to thread jasmines into  necklaces for my mother's lady visitors !  We always had  jasmine on the balcony in Beirut, as well as a gardenia tree in East Beirut . Bougainvillea as well at other times; all 3 colours merging togethe…the pink the orange and the fuchsia .For me they are the Mediterranean and the nostalgia never leaves 

        ( I had to post this below ,as there was no reply button after the Marcel Khalifé video)


      • Walid says:

        Bintbiba, are you familiar with Marcel Khalifé's classical works that contain a hint of oriental? He has composed several concerti for Qatar. His contribution this year with son Rami on piano and the Qatar Philharmonic will be "Concerto for Oud and Orchestra". Both concerts are sold out for this weekend. You can hear his great classical works on Youtube


      • bintbiba says:

        Walid,  once more the reply button is missing after your comment at 1:04 pm ….or am I too ignorant about what to do!

        Music reigns supreme in my family. Both my sons (the elder is also a Walid) are musicians, one rhythm & blues amateur on guitar (businessman by profession)  the younger a professional soloist  . He honed his artistic discipline and skill in  Beirut,  then Western Conservatories. Very talented is he! Do  you play an instrument , Walid?

        I shall check out Marcel Khalifé on youtube. Thanks for the info ! I know he is internationally famous . 


      • Walid says:

        Regrettably I don't play any musical instrument although my mother was great at playing Turkish tunes on the family piano.

        Bintbiba, when you don't find a "reply" button when you need it, just scroll back until you see the first reply button Hit the reply button and your reply will fall in the place you want it to.. You're fortunate to have 2 sons into music. I tried to pressure my 2 daughters into taking piano lessons but after a few years we all gave up on it.

        Marcel Khalifé has 2 sons that are pro musicians. Rami, a piano virtuoso is a graduate of Juillard and Bashar a pianist but mostly a percussionist is a graduate of the Conservatoire de Paris. Marcel a graduate of the National Conservatory of Lebanon now teaches there. All 3 trained in the classics also play great jazz.

      • bintbiba says:

        Walid @ 5:53pm

        Yes Walid I was coming to mention that  I have listened to his Arabian Concerto  an hour ago , as well as his 'Inhad ya Tha'er ' which i found lovely as well ! The percussionist in that short piece is very very good on the derbakké/ tabla looking thingy  

        Khalifé's music is lovely to listen to as he combines the oriental sound, 1/4 tones played on authentic reed ( the naï ) and wonderful rhythm with Western style orchestration and harmonies , so pleasing to the soul !

        If you're interested , google Wissam Boustany on his website.  He's worth the trouble ….he's close to our circle.

      • Walid says:

        Very nice and gentle, Bintbiba. Boustany is new to me. Listened to a few of his short selection and Schubert's Ave Maria was my favourite. You're lucky to be living in a country that appreciates good music imagine living in a country that believes such music is to played only at state funerals. Khalifé also very fortunate to have supposedly backward states like Qatar and the UAE sponsor his innovative works. Nothing backwards about these people and the Lebanese are now learning from them.

      • bintbiba says:

        MRW , thanks for posting the trio Kalifé youtube. 

        Very talented sons of Marcel, as well . The percussionist (Bashar ) is amazing .

        Walid,, let's  just imagine what would be their fate had they been sitting at home in Raqqa ,for instance ,and some  Daesh thug happened to be passing by and heard them jamming their hearts out…. end of story , Huh? 

         Would they ever get invited to perform in Riyadh ?Hey get the crowds into the great Square to witness and behold the power and might of 'almighty' who proscribes all that is joyful and beautiful in this world that he supposedly created !

        I'm all for developing the music of the Orient and exploring new vistas and dimensions and he must be commended for that . His sons are classically based and that is good for both ends of the Western-Oriental spectrum for the Future of music in the world. 

        Are you familiar with the Orchestra Daniel Barenboim & Edward Saeed formed together some years ago called "The WestEast Diwan Orchestra" ?

        The Orchestra consists of mostly Palestinian ,Israeli, Egyptian, Syrian young musicians and supplemented with some European musicians to form a Symphony Orchestra . They tour the world every year and meet every Summer in Spain. 



  12. I was delighted when taxi opened PG, and I said so.  According to what he/she promised PG was going to be a haven for those fleeing MW because we had had enough of MW’s imperious censorship and annie’s babbling kitsch.  But, alas, the promise was not to be. While the following will be viewed by taxi/walid and his/her supporters as unduly negative, it is offered as tough, but constructive, criticism that may positively impact PG II.

    My general approach to blogs I care enough about to write comments for is to find and press weak points in arguments and offer valid contrarian opinion.  As a lawyer, that’s second nature, which is why lawyers piss people off.  But with respect to PG, I knew I would get as good or better than I could give, and I counted on insightful come-back from taxi and a number of the regulars here, whom I considered to be the cream of the MW commentors.  At it’s apex there were some fairly long and very helpful threads on PG and the blog was worth taking the time to read and contribute to.

    Some blogs, like MoA, have a large stable of contrarian commentors whose comments reliably boost the comment count and keep interest up.  Others synthesize sock-puppets, (probably) like MW’s “Hophmi” whose zio-comments can be counted on to bump the comments count by a dozen or more.  But one way or another, conflicting ideas and opinions are the best way to generate interest and participation – up to a point.  When the talk turns to violence, racism, xenophobia, etc., reasonable people are going to get disgusted and move on.

    Regulars may recall that in Oct2015 I was flamed by taxi after I objected to American200's proposal for dealing with Jews: “Just shoot the idiots, they are stinking up the world with their lies and narcissism and violence.”

    This was not American’s first comment proposing killing groups of people.  In March2015 he/she proposed killing all the Sunni and Shia. I was disgusted by these comments and I said so.  I was also disappointed that taxi tolerated such violence with approbation by defending American’s violent bullshit and ripping into me.  

    On Oct23|2015 Sean responded to taxi’s flame this way:

    “I don’t agree with all of Denis’s posts, but they are usually thoughtful and stimulating. I think you should encourage as much diversity of thought as possible here — disagreements can generate forward-moving dialectic. Productive commenters and useful arguments/debates are difficult to come by — and easy to drive away.”

    Man, did he hit that nail directly on the head.  It’s really a shame, after all the effort taxi put into this blog, that he/she didn’t take Sean’s very good advice.  In the months since then I have watched PG go downhill until it got to the point that many posts did not get a single substantive comment, and I found that sad.  Obviously the blog that taxi promised at the beginning was not what he/she delivered.

    A more successful approach has been Bernhard’s Moon of Alabama, which covers much the same subject matter as PG and routinely generates threads of 100 and more comments. I would note the following differences in the two blogs, maybe they say something about the kind of blog that survives:

    1.  MoA does not violate people’s copyrights by cut/copy of content and graphics.  He uses external content to make most of his points and provides the links.  

    2.  MoA has a high threshold for negative comment but does not tolerate violent comments and hate-speech like that of American200.

    3.  Bernhard’s writing contains a lot of factual meat and informed opinion and is not put up merely to showcase his prosaic literary skills.

    4.  MoA does not operate anonymously.  I don’t know of a single successful opinion blog that does.  Anonymity is fine for commentors, but for the person who is writing the content it implies cowardice, or worse.

    5.  When Bernhard removes a comment, which seems to be rarely, he puts up a note to that effect w/ a short explanation.  

    An awful lot of good effort went into PG, but a year from now hardly anyone will even remember that it ever existed.  A blog that lasts only one year is virtually indistinguishable from one that never existed.  Perhaps the best part of it will be the lessons learned. 

    • Walid says:

      Denis, you are putting too much in your analysis. Taxi BTW is a she and the minimal comments she got was due to the super abundance of articles she posted. One article per week would have been enough for the intellectually lazy to get off their hands and post a comment. Too many articles is numbing. 

      MoA is a propagandist for the Syrian regime so there is nothing spectacular about it. The regime, according to MoA, has never been wrong and it will never be.

      Bintbiba, Barenboim turned out to be an a-hole for what he said about Palestinian kids. Saiid would have been very upset to hear his words. His wife did and was not at all happy about it.

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