… And Goodbye To All That

by Taxi

I was halfway writing about how fury is now the opium of the masses, but then I changed my mind and discarded the piece because I felt that I’m just repeating what myself and others have been saying for a good six months – albeit, I may use more acrobatic prose than what the norm is in news media.   Fact is, I am not a journalist and I do not wish to be one or to write like one. This, my natural lack of interest in the practice of journalism is actually the topic and purpose behind this personal article.

When I started Plato’s, it was really for four reasons.  First, to be able to share through Plato’s daily Newsstand some selected articles of worth that would educate and further enlighten the reader.  Second, to allow commenters their freedom of expression when blogging, so long as they were not rude, crude or derailing.  Thirdly, to share with readers my insights and analysis of American Empire and its geopolitical shenanigans in the Middle East.  Fourthly, and dearest to my heart, is to give uber support to the liberation of our congress and of Palestine, whom as we all know are symbiotically connected by both being under the criminal occupation of the Zionist invaders.

Well, here we are now, about to mark the first anniversary of Plato’s in a couple of days and frankly, I’m over it.

I’m over it because I find that the evil of every single actor on the political stage bores me.  I’m bored senseless with the lot of them!  The universe they inhabit is so small, so vile and ever so predictable and I do not wish to further waste my time with the tedium of even having to think about any of them on a daily basis.  All that these agents of misery do is spend all day and all night lying, lying and lying some more – so enough already!!!

On the Palestine front, the PR wars are raging and Palestine has never had it so good with growing global support for their cause – at the expense and to the deserved detriment of the Apartheid state of Israel.  This growing trend indeed interests me greatly, and here I must loudly applaud BDS activists and supporters who have fought so hard against the juggernaut Zionist media and their filthy zillion dollars.  I applaud them for putting a giant hole in the Zionist dictatorship of the Palestine narrative.   But unfortunately, the facts on the ground in occupied Palestine are the reverse – what with Israel’s land theft and appropriation continuing unabated and at an aggressive pace.

Simply, we are gaining followers but loosing land.

This is why I personally do not believe that any kind of negotiation, be it for a One or a Two State Solution will ever materialize a Palestinian state.  On a weekly basis you will find a handful of respectable articles talking about the One or the Two State Solution – a steady and continuous re-evaluation of the so-called ‘solution’ from both sides of the conflict.  Yak yak yak yak yak!  Incessant motormouth yakking!  Never anything new from either side!  Same of the same of the same kindred clone.  What a waste of time and words and intellectual energy when clearly, unfortunately, no yakky negotiation will ever do and war will be the only decider of who eventually rules Historic Palestine.  And I speak of a regional war here between Israel and its Arab resistor neighbors, not just a war between Israel and wrist-bound Palestine.

Knowing what I know about Zionism’s plan and the MO of Zionist agents, there is no doubt in my mind that war will be the ultimate decider.  I have talked much about this for years now in commentary and in archival articles.  Of course, no one knows when this war will start but I predict the result of this war will be the expulsion of Zionism from the Levant.  This is what I think, pure and simple.  And this is why even articles about Palestine bore me to no end and I feel like I’m stuck in a time-warp of unrealistic repetitions when I do the admin work of copy-pasting a Palestine-Israel article and looking for an accompanying image to present to you at Plato’s.  What’s the point in sharing and reading about ‘negotiations’ when I know damn well that negotiations will not deliver.  I’m sick to death of reading about the so-called peace process: be it dead or alive.  I’m sickly-sicker to even see the word ‘Zionism’ on a daily basis!  Toxic exposure to brain cell and sinew, to say the least.

And I’m sick of seeing  the name ‘Donald’ and Hillary’ in the most cuckoo-lunatic election we’re ever had in my lifetime.  (In my mind, Ted Cruz has been disqualified for his god-complex and for his assaulting razor blade-in-your-ear nasal voice.  And Bernie has been disqualified for wasting time and energy and for deluding himself and others into thinking that a socialist message in our extremist-capitalist society would ever win a presidency).  As an expat observing from afar, I feel a dark and nauseating worry in the pit of my stomach when I see the unsavory sight of media hacks fellating their pet candidate or spitting filthy gobs at the opposition.  We’ve become a graceless nation of gangbangers.  In suits, in casuals or in bandanas, we are the gangbangers of the universe.  Our well-educated elite politicians now only communicate with fury and volume and with proverbial gun waving in the air.  I worry that (for various reasons) the masses are now in a state of mental civil war that can easily shapeshift into actual civil war, or violent mass civic unrest, at best.  When I see from afar the socio-political guts of our nation ripped open and absolutely everyone crying victim, I am truly appalled and left speechless at the dangerous divisions created by the malice of politicians and by the ignorance of the masses combined.  I worry and fret and despair from thousands of miles away to see the agony and disfigurement of what once was a relatively stable America.  And yes, I blame the disintegration of America’s (thin-threaded) cloth on Ziocons and their multitude of evil projects, both federally and globally.  But all the blaming will do naught.  And all the posting up of articles or writing election analysis for Plato’s will do no double-naught neither.  Yeah I’m so over the elections.  I think Donald will win – very troubling – and just as troubling is a (less) possible Clinton Win.  Either way, it is bad, bad and badder news coming.  Why sit through a long, bad movie when you also already know the ending?  No point at all.  None.

Even Empire articles bore me now.  I have meditated much and long and deep on the machinations and ambitions of our Empire in the Middle East; and I have endeavored to write and share, as clearly as possible, my conclusions with readers.  Months ago, I wrote a handful of geopolitical analysis articles on America, Israel, Syria and Saudi Arabia, as well as on other regional power players like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey and Russia.  At the time of publishing these geopolitical articles, the bulk and nuance of my insights were not even on the radars of professional media.  But my predictions by now are slowly unfolding and becoming mainstream – victory for the Syrian army and instability in the House of Saud, as topic examples, and not forgetting also my analysis article on how Russia’s arrival to the Levant clobbered the Greater Israel plan hard on the head.  Indeed, my article ‘Russia Destroys The Greater Israel Dream’, published back in October 2015 went viral and continues to get daily hits from around the globe.  In all humility, I state here that Plato’s may be a micro blog, but its original analysis articles are ahead of even the colossally paid media professionals.

BTW, Plato’s remains an underground hub because I’m too lazy and disinterested in doing site expansion and promotions and it’s only by the humble power of word-of-mouth that some 3500+ Plato subscribers have been garnered in the past four months (the time when I finally had a proper subscription plugin installed).  Let me here bow in earnest gratitude at all the good people from around the world who have taken the time to support the site through subscriptions and repeat visits.  It was a pleasure –  it was real serendipity  to connect to you all in the labyrinthine virtual world.  I consider (at least) most of you as friends and brothers and sisters in arms.  My sincere thanks again to you all and may goodness and universalism be your manna.

So, to get back to my “I’m Over It” ramble, all in all, and sadly, this will be the last post on Plato’s for some time to come – maybe even ever – I don’t know.  I mean I can see myself perhaps writing politics again if a seriously dramatic event takes place.  But for now, as news is so tediously predictable and repetitive, all I know is that I feel the need to do something else with my time and mental energy that’s completely outside of daily politics.  At the moment, doing absolutely nothing really appeals and the environment that I’ve labored to create for myself in the Levant supports this – my organic garden and the ongoing rehabilitation of my five rescued dogs is enough work for me for now.   Next month, I’m booked to visit London and LA for a few weeks – looking forward to that.  After much thinking, I have decided that I did not want to move back to an America under Clinton or under Trump.  I will stay in the Levant where I am for now because it is a small piece of zion-free paradise – and if I think a  regional war here is about to break out during a Clinton or a Trump presidency, then I will move myself to the safety of Cyprus, which is a short Mediterranean hop away.  For now, I wish to continue living as an expat – I’m enjoying being a stranger in a strange land and I’m finding the view home from here unencumbered and illuminating.

In the meantime, rather than completely shut down the site, I will leave open a post that I will call ‘Plato’s Infinite Scroll’, where readers can share links and thoughts with each other as we head towards the presidential elections and the great unknown.   Please be aware that you will have to moderate yourselves and each other – here I urge you to use the flagging function if trolls post up their vomit – flagging alerts me by email, otherwise I will not be visiting the site on a regular basis at all.  Please feel free to also use the contact page to send me private messages or questions etc.  Flagging and using the contact page are the quickest way to get my attention.  I especially recommend using the contact page if any of your comments go into automatic moderation – I’ll be able to rescue them from the ‘pending’ box once you’ve sent me notice.  Needless to say, I will check this thread here for comments in the next couple of days, in order to respond to any questions or suggestions or whatever else that readers may want to share.

“Goodbye To All That”, is a biographical book written by the late and great Robert Graves.  I use this expression here not in the emotive and bitter way that Mr. Graves used it, but rather, in a manner that one uses when drunk and disheveled and leaving a party in the wee hours of the morning.

So, goodbye to all that, dear friends and readers, and may the spirit of justice and resistance bite you in the calf for good luck.