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Month: December, 2016

Disco For Cynics

by Taxi

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2016 – and what a year – don’t know whether to laugh or cry – some good, a lot of bad for the world – and we’re still in the belly of the tailspin.

But so what?!  Sticks and stones!  Perceived as fucked up, the world was always forever thus.

Today is the last day of the year and tomorrow will be no different.  It’s a little vacuous therefore to blow whistles and bells at midnight.  For me at least.  Rationalist.  Big cynic here.  And I’m inviting cynics of all sizes to get away from the din in the den of fools and join me for a moment or two of sheer cynicism and beauty.

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He Came, He Saw, She Died

by Taxi


By now, we’ve all had time to digest Trump’s presidential victory and a chunk of its implications.  To those who are still surprised, nay devastated at the election’s outcome, I offer my sincerest commiserations and a bucket of ice poured over their heads to shock them back into reality.  For the winners, I offer my sincerest congratulation and a bucket of confetti and thorns rained over their heads to remind them that regardless of Trump’s victory, our nation is still teetering on the same gaping precipice and worse.  To the disgraced mainstream media, I offer them a bucket of feces in their faces – they honestly do not deserve better – I’m sure most of you here will agree.  And to the leaderships of both parties, to the nefarious, self-serving Zionist Washington Establishment itself, I offer them much raucous mockery and my woohoo happy dance.  It is truly a poetic justice that it took an upstart insider billionaire, who’s been buying and selling the very same Establishment politicians himself for some three decades, to sucker-punch the whole lot of them incompetents, traitors and foreign agents.  Nobody ‘important’ has been shielded from the Trumpian fist.  Not the dynastic Clintons.  And certainly not the bullshit Bushes.  Even the normally duck-and-dive Deep State is in a deep panic.  In fact, everywhere you look, instruments and beneficiaries of the current and corrupt Status Quo are quaking in their unmentionables at the imminent prospect of Trump receiving the diamond-and-platinum keys to the White House.  The very same archenemy of the Establishment’s cultish and lucrative Order has handily smashed them all and will now become their prestigious and all powerful master and Commander in Chief.  Thus begins their living political nightmare – thus begins their current decent into political madness and filth.

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