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Empire of Gunpowder and Glass

It is abundantly clear by now that our Empire’s economy in the 21st century is utterly reliant on the sales ledgers of our Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and not on our scientific or technological innovations, as indeed was the case for several decades in the mid part of the 20th century.  This means that our economic stability is now dependent on a continuing necklace of wars, mostly manufactured by us and in collusion with our ex-colonialist allies in Europe, as well as our client-state list of theocratic dictators in the middle east, including Israel – actually, especially Israel.

How did we get to this stage where our bread and butter is literally now soaked with rivers of human blood shed overseas, instead of fortified with American pride and peaceful civic innovation?  Who or what is behind this meteoric rise of MIC in the past three decades?  The answer to this is not a mystery.  Even a scant review of who owns the gunpowder corporations and their supporting banks in the USA tells us that political Jews and Jewish bankers have, since Perestroika, taken over this national industry and redirected it from manufacturing weapons that kill communists, to manufacturing weapons that kill Israel’s enemies – and boy, does Israel have (and love) a long-long list of enemies!

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Plato’s Pow Wow

Plato’s Too is Changing Design/Theme

Greetings dear readers and friends.  You’ll all forgive the current technical intrusions on Plato’s website – this will only be for a few more days: my techie is working on installing a new theme at the moment.  The old streamlined, clean ‘look’ will remain the same (you know me and my hate of clutter and net-noise!).  I’ve had to change theme as the one that I was using got old and its designers stopped updating the plugins – this was causing much grief for the lone, non-techie administrator (me).

Considering the seismic events in Jerusalem of late, of course I will be writing something about it soon as the technical work on the site itself is completed.  Actually, I plan to write about the geopolitical overview in the region and this includes, of course, the new developments on the status of Jerusalem.

I’m not sure if the comment section to this article is yet functioning – but keep checking in for the comment box installation if you want to leave a comment – I’m expecting it to be fixed in the next 24 hours.

I trust everyone is well and enjoying their lives.  I certainly am!  Especially thrilled with Trump’s Jerusalem announcement.  I can’t tell you how happy I get when Israel makes a dumb move – and in this case, more than dumb… suicidal!  Yaaay!  What a godsend – what a golden opportunity!!!

Take care y’all – see you around in a few days.