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Taboos And Booze For The Masses

June 25, 2017 4:35 am
Why I wonder, did Putin close the archives relating to the Holohoax?      ( I think that was about five years ago.) Why is he so VERY friendly with Kissinger?     He seems to actually love Kissinger!      I have seen photographs of Putin looking like a little boy with Kissinger. I like Putin and I think he is cool and confident simply because he is truthful.     He does not have to bully anyone and he is unafraid. All the same, much as I like him and I AM always impressed by his manliness and confidence, I do not understand why he is so very kind to the Jews - and seems to actually like Netanyahoo.      That nitwit IS a bully and a fool, and way too powerful in the World at present - OUR World! Putin is always courteous, in control of himself,obviously a kind man - he is a Libran with all his planets in Libra in the first house!      Amazing!    He is a natural born diplomat.
June 19, 2017 10:25 am Yes!      And Here Wayne Madsen makes what is going on in the ME, all quite clear.     The most viciously cruel people in the ME apart from Israel, are also Jews.    The Saudi "royal" family are Jews and their Wahhabi cult, which is what the terrorists are, are not really Muslims, but are ruled by their own special form of Judaism.    It is much like the Turkish "leadership"  which is been Jewish with some Islamic ways or pretensions. ALL those monstrous and hideous and vile terrorists such as ISIS and Al Quaida and the rests are Wahhabi, and that is Jewish, not Muslim!      Osama was a Wahhabi. And it is Wahhabi brutes and savages who recruit and train Muslims from other countries, all over the World now, including China.    Saudi Arabia and "Israel" are ruling oru whole World through violence and fear.