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Welcome to the New Plato’s Everybody!

September 25, 2015 4:51 am
I'm in w/ Firefox -- no alert this time. iPad was not a problem at all even yesterday when FF was freaking out. Occasional open threads -- good idea. I've got a bad case of athlete's foot I'd like to talk to someone about. Sirisly, Moon of Alabama does occasional open threads with very good participation. Now I'm going to try the new error button and change "jock itch" to "athlete's foot."
September 24, 2015 3:26 pm
Firefox throws a security alert on this site - certificate is invalid/suspect.

Russia Raps at Fortress Israel's Wall

September 13, 2015 2:41 am
PissedOff: "Jews never pay for their ow stuff " . I guess you meant "their own stuff." . I hope that's your frustration with GoI talking and not a hatred of Jews in general, which is what it sounds like to me. . My Jewish friends have paid for everything they own, so far as I know, and they are very generous, and so I resent you referring to my friends in that way. . Taxi can run the blog as he/she sees fit, and he/she can encourage that sort of blatant antisemitism, but I'm not going to let that sort of shit get by without a comment.

Jewish Anti-Goyism and the Entrenched Divisions in the Palestine Movement

September 5, 2015 10:28 am
Poetry comes in all colors, even red. Don't have to rhyme.
September 4, 2015 8:32 pm
Taxi, I like the way you keep the zionist/racist epithet "goy" in play. "Anti-goyism" -- perfect. Good on ya'. Keep it in their face until people have to stop using that word and refer to the "g-word," which is right between the c-word and the n-word, alphabetically speaking. . BTW, did you ever notice that the acronym for Government of Israel is "GoI?" I use it all the time, for the same reason: to keep their own freaking racism in their face. . But when you ask “Rant”? Where exactly is this rant you refer to?", I gotta' figure you're just goofin' around with us, eh? Like if you don't call this post a "rant," then you should probably look up "rant" in your Funk and Wagnels to get an idea what the word means. Example: . Taxi: "Well step the fuck down off that mountain, Max Blumental! You are not Friedrich Nietzsche‘s Zarathustra. We are NOT interested in your self-appointed bullshit sanctimony. Go to fucking perfect hell, why don’t you?! Enough of your double-agenting and sabotage of the movement already! We do not need you, Palestine doesn’t need you – you are NOT the savior of Palestine or of the United States!! Fuck off already!" . If that's not a rant, then I ain't a goy.

What now, Einstein?

August 19, 2015 10:04 pm
Yeah, well I wouldn't wait up for Trump to cut ties with GoI if the universe goes all funny and he gets elected. . He's already made it clear how much he loves "the Jews" and how he can "do business" with Israel. Haven't heard him say yet whether he can do business with Palestine. We can only speculate as to whether Trump's doing business with "the Jews" includes the Israeli mafia. Watch how many shekels flows into his campaign kitty from, say, Nevada. . BTW, Trump's daughter, Ivanka, is a converted Orthodox Jew. She married into the billionaire Kushner brood. Her husband, Jared, owns the NY Observer. I have read comments of Donnie-boy extolling their orthodox life-style. Don't wait up.
August 20, 2015 12:03 am
In response to all of the invective directed against the Palestinians for not stepping up and fighting this fight themselves in America, there is one important rejoinder: they're Palestinians. Mostly that means they're Arabs. And mostly that means they're Muslims. In the eyes of the mass of Americans -- who are either stupidly Islamophobic or massively brain-did when it comes to I/P -- being Arab and Muslim is a non-starter. Remember: out of 350 million Americans, 349 million believe the WTC was brought down by 19 Muslim Arabs. That makes all Arab Muslims, including Palestinians, the enemy in Ma and Pa Kettle's eyes. I doubt whether a Palestinian will ever make much headway at the national level. If Ma and Pa don't want to see/hear them, NBC ain't gonna' be talkin' to them on Sunday morning. . I'm not saying American Palestinians don't have a role. They have two extremely important local roles. First -- and always foremost -- is as Americans educating their fellow Americans on the cluster-fuck we call Israeli apartheid. Kate over at MW keeps a running inventory of incidents of the on-going genocide in the West Bank and Gaza. This is a huge source of information of the type that must be passed on to Ma and Pa. They will get it when 18 month old babies are burned to death. Eventually, they will get it. . The second role American Palestinians have to play is as victims of all of the iJew violence against them from the Nakba to Protective Edge and whatever comes next. Word-of-mouth, letters to editors, blogs/blog comments -- there are enough Palestinian Americans to make a lot of noise. I'm talkin' individually. You don't need to belong to an organization to tell people what is happening to your relatives in Nablus. . Along this line, Alison, with her billboards and personal appearances, is doing more to reach grass-roots Americans than anyone else in this fight, except Pam Geller, who is using the same tactics with iJew funding. Send money to If Americans Knew if you want to have a physical, real-world impact that goes beyond sitting at your keyboard. . The only other worthwhile grass-roots strategy IMO is to go after the i-firster politicians at the voting booth. Know how your representative and senator votes on the GoI issues; know how many shekels they get; keep track of when they go to Israel and who pays. Spread this information around locally. Americans hate influence-peddling unless they are the ones doing the peddling or profiting from it. . The point here is important: the votes-for-shekels game has to be turned around. Americans have to understand that shekels are destroying America's political system. That Bibi-goes-to-Congress debacle was a first step in getting Americans to say "WTF is going on???" . Look behind Citizens United and you will find Jews -- and I'm not talkin' the ones on the USSCt bench. I'm talkin AIPAC and Israel. Americans have to be told who the i-firster politicians are before they can learn to loath them. "AIPAC" and "shekel" have to become dirty words in American politics. Use the word "shekel" -- in one word it sums up the whole problem. Eventually the politicians who suck AIPAC's ass and who take Bibi's shekels will wish they never had, and the new politicians who take their place never will. . Finally, a more insidious suggestion: play the sectarian Jew card. Follow me on this one. . The iJews have been masters of this game for the 50 years I've been watching the ME destroy itself. GoI has played the Sunnis against the Shia like a puppet-master jerking the strings of two dummies, and it has been hugely successful, not just in Palestine but all across the ME. But the iJews are susceptible to the same divisive tactics if you know the history. . The problems in Palestine have almost been exclusively produced and perpetrated by Ashkenazi Jews -- who, ever since the diaspora, have never been able to live side by side with Arabs, and never will. That's why they ended up in E. Europe. It was the Ashkenazis who came pouring into Palestine in the 1930's-40's -- from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, &etc., but mostly from Russia. A nasty group of Jews if ever there was one. For instance, Google the Yakov Yurovsky, Ukraine Holocaust, Kaganovitch, and Yagoda for examples of pre-Palestine Ashkenazi terrorism. . All of the Jewish terrorist groups in Palestine were Eastern European Ashkenazi -- Haganah, Stern Gang, Irgun, which was the predecessor of today's Likund Party. I have asked many people and no one has ever identified a single Sehpardi terrorist group. When Helen Thomas famously said "they should go back to wherever the hell they came from," she meant Russia. . The Sephardi/Mizrahim Jews, by contrast, are virtually defined by their thousands of years of living in productive and peaceful symbiotic relations with Arabs. Most famous of all was the Golden Era of Andalusia on the Iberian Pen. -- for hundreds of years Jews and Arabs together produced one of the most intellectually and culturally productive civilizations in the history of the entire species. This is the dream we should all have for Palestine, but it ain't gonna' happen with Ashkenazis like Bibi and the boys in control. . The political point is that this is a sectarian card that can, and should, be played in the same way the iJews play the Sunni and Shia against each other. Americans -- dim witted as most of them seem to be considering Trump's popularity -- need a bad guy. They need to see that within the larger world of Judaism, there is this gang of thugs -- the Ashkenazi -- who were responsible for 10 million dead Ukrainians under Stalin and then started destroying the Palestinians and their land in the 1930s. It is not about Jews, that would be antisemitic. It's about Ashkenazis, and that sounds vaguely evil, probably not by coincidence. . My message is that there is a lot to be done on the local level. If your Congressperson is an AIPAC ass-kisser do everything in your power to get rid of him/her. Quit worrying about the powerful i-firsters like Schumer and Menendez if they aren't your Congressmen. Go after your own -- after all, they all have just one vote. Do what you can to make AIPAC a dirty word in your district. Read up and spread the word on the nasty, bloody, violent history of the Ashkenazi, and the way the Sephardi/Mizrahim and Palestinians could probably work together to turn Palestine into an amazing place if they were given the chance. . Dream. Read. Then kick some ass locally.
August 21, 2015 5:31 pm
Taxi, here's Silverstein yesterday w/ a piece on Palestinian rapper Jowan Safadi pushing the Ashkenazi/Mizahim divide. . . To me, it is incredibly important that Americans realize that it was almost exclusively nasty Russian Jews who took over Palestine by terrorism and violence, and it is the descendants of those same nasty Russian Jews (i.e., Likund) who control the dialog in Israeli (and American) politics. And it is equally important to distinguish those Jews from the ones with Arab connections and/or roots. . The whole Fiddler on the Roof image that American goyim have of benign, dancing Russian Jews has got to be replaced with a more realistic and up to date image indicating how vile some of these people are -- like the image of IDF Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, a Russian Ashkenazi, viciously whacking a Danish reporter in the face with the butt of his rifle. . Explain to Americans that these are Russian Jews causing the problems, and Americans' ears will prick up. imo.
August 21, 2015 3:49 pm
Oh, now there is a brilliant, articulate rejoinder. Thanks for sharing your open-mindedness with us, Jay. Good to know that not every last person in America is a bigot. Are you from Oklahoma? Texas? The odds suggest probably not. You need to go to Tulsa, order a beer in a cowboy/biker bar and share your open-mindedness and affection for Muslim Arabs with the clientele. I'll wait outside with the getaway car running. . I was not commenting directly or indirectly on the "truth" about 9/11. I was clearly commenting on what most Americans believe and how that will limit the ability of Arabs to become leaders of anti-GoI movements in America. Americans believe that Muslim Arabs attacked America; consequently, you will not be seeing a Muslim Arab as a national political personality for many years. . Regardless of your own commendable open-mindness, you don't represent the majority of Americans, much less RedState Americans, who need to be enlightened as to Israeli apartheid in order for America to change direction. That is going to require political leadership; unfortunately, Palestinians and other Muslim Arabs in this country are not currently in a position to be effective leaders for the frightened, bigoted American mainstream. But at least we all are now fully apprised that Jay Knott is neither frightened nor bigoted, and I, for one, will be sleeping better knowing that. . How many years after Pearl Harbor was it before a Japanese American was elected to Congress or as a governor? I know people of my parent's generation who will still not by a Japanese car. My guess is that it will be another century before an American of Japanese decent has a chance of winning the WH. It will be 2 centuries before a Muslim American of Arab descent does. . It is sad but true that national hatred and xenophobia preclude huge numbers of Americans from ever becoming the sort of national political figures we need to shut down the GoI cluster fuck in Palestine. But that's democracy. And that was my point. Sorry you missed it.

American Empire versus Global Zionism

August 26, 2015 7:21 pm
Taxi: "Sectarian strife and sectarian wars within islam have been dormant for over a thousand years till zionists arrived and started prodding the Arab world’s old Achilles’ heal." . OK, so you ignore millions killed in sectarian Muslim violence from 632 to about 1000AD. Not sure why they don't count in your assessment, but let's look at the last 1000 yrs. Dormant? . 12th - 15th c. Cordoba. The violent, fundamentalist Almohads invaded the Iberian Pen. and butchered the more secular Muslims by the tens of thousands for 250 yrs. . 14th c. The Ottoman Claiphate was not formed by selling raffle tickets to an electoral college. It was established by blood-thirsty Turkish Muslims killing any Muslims that stood in the way. Murad I, for instance, sacked dozens of cities and killed tens of thousands of Muslims. Almost 100,000 died in the Battle of Kosovo, 1389. . 18th c. 18th c. the scourge of Whabbism, which is ISIS today, began. Killing thousands of Muslims, mostly Shia in the Arab Pen. and beyond. The Whabbi Ahmad Shah Abdali attacked India repeatedly, killing tens of thousands of Muslims there. 19th c. 1802 the Wahhabis/Saudis destroyed Karbala, Mecca and Medina, and they haven’t stopped waging bloody war on the Shia since. 1815 the Egyptian Ali Pasha working for the Ottomans wiped out the Ibn Saud clan and put thousands to the sword. This is not my idea of "dormant". It is really disingenuous to blame 1000 yrs of Muslim-on-Muslim butchery on zionists. That may be largely true since 1935 or so, but Jews had nothing to do with the sacking of Karbala, &etc. The Sunni and Shia are more than capable and willing to slit each other's throats w/out Bibi handing out the knives.
August 25, 2015 7:28 pm
Somebody's got something backwards here. . The Iran deal does not threaten GoI's "military hegemony" unless IRI reneges on it and secretly builds a nuke. . The Iran deal does not address one way or the other IRI's development or acquisition of conventional weapons. To the extent that IRI develops or acquires advanced cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, submarines, or other threats to GoI's military hegemony, that has nothing to do with the Iran deal. . On its face, the Iran deal prevents IRI from openly developing its own nukes while GoI is free to continue adding to its own nuke arsenal. GoI goes from 400 nukes to 600 while nobody else in the ME has any. How does that adversely affect GoI's military hegemony? . The only way GoI's military hegemony will suffer is if the USG and Germany quit contributing to it and if the world forces GoI to give up its nukes. Short of GoI starting a world war, that ain't gonna' happen in our lifetime. Not if ApePAC has anything to say about it. . Taxi: "All the chaos and turbulence in the Middle East right now is being wound down" . Uh, I don't think so. What news reports are you reading? Are you in Lebanon? Do you have an Internet cxn? What I read talks about daily escalating bloody conflict in hot-spots like Syria (from the Golan Heights to Latakia), Iraq, Yemen. Basically, anywhere there's a bunch of Shia, there's somebody getting their asses kicked. What you see as "winding down" I see as a fuse burning. One of us has to be wrong. . Even if GoI does self-destruct, the Shia and the Sunni will be going at each other for another 1400 years. The ME conflict winding down????
August 27, 2015 3:32 pm
Taxi: "All these conflicts you refer to were localized – not spread out across the whole region like we have today with ISIS – they were small isolated wars in a vast region." . The Ottoman Empire, localized. LOL. These mass-killings over the last 1400 years are all about Muslims trying to build/defend caliphates to control the Levant. The Ottomans were the most successful and the most bloody. That's not a coincidence. . What has "localized" got to do with it anyway? Even if such an apology or excuse for the Muslim-on-Muslim violence was accurate, which it isn't, it would be irrelevant. Pearl Harbor was a localized attack. . To allege that Muslim violence has been dormant for 1000 yrs is preposterous. To blame the resurgence on Jews or western influences is even more preposterous because it implies that Muslims are so stupid they can be duped into killing each other. . Whenever and wherever the Levant has been peaceful for the last 1000 yrs., it's only b/c the sectarian violence has been repressed by sectarian brutality. What the west has done that has been a disaster has been to remove from power dictator's whose brutality was necessary to keep the Shia and Sunnis from killing each other. Whichever sect was in power brutally repressed the other sect. Ottomans, Gadaffi, Sadaam, Assad. Tito did the same in Yugoslavia. . When the neocons have up-set that repression of one sect by the other -- the so-called "Arab spring" -- bloody sectarian violence has been the result. The Iraq War was an unmitigated disaster only b/c Cheney and Rumsfeld were too stupid to conceptualize how much the Sunni hate the Shia. . In the 12 c. the Muslim historian Taj al-Din Abu al-Shahrastani said: "Never was there an Islamic issue which brought about more bloodshed than the caliphate," clearly showing how the past is prelude to the present. . I stand on my initial statement that Muslims have been butchering each other for 1400 years. Nothing you have said comes close to refuting that position, IMO.