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Netanyahu: Hitler Didn’t Want to Exterminate the Jews – Haaretz

October 21, 2015 5:06 pm
American says: "All but 250,000 of the 530,000 Jews in Germany left before the war—the ones that didn’t leave are the ones that Hitler started rounding up and putting in ghettos and then in camps. "Just shoot the idiots, they are stinking up the world with their lies and narcissism and violence." You've done this before and, again, I'm not going to condone your bullshit with my silence. I'm not a Jew but I know a fair few of them, either personally or professionally. Some I admire, some I love, all of them I respect. You are waaay out of line. Those are my friends you are talking about shooting. Most of us here detest Israeli apartheid, and GoI, and the violent i-Jews trying to destroy Palestine and Palestinians. We detest American Israel-firster politicians and American Zionist Jews giving GoI succor, support, and cold cash. Fair enough, there is plenty there to detest. Most of us are frustrated at the magnitude of the evil that GoI has come to symbolize and the lack of any perceivable way to end it. But I would be shocked if Taxi or any but the most rabid racists here would support your "Just shoot the idiots, they are stinking up the world with their lies and narcissism and violence." No, it's you and your racist, narcissistic friends who are stinking up the world. Your right to state an opinion notwithstanding, there is no place in a civilized discourse for that sort of bullshit. There are ultimate solutions to the Palestine problem, and more violence isn't one of them. Certainly, your proposal for genocide isn't.
October 21, 2015 4:36 pm
al-Husseini: “If you expel them, they’ll all come here.” Well, he sure got that right. Bibi gives no sources for his allegations about what Hitler wanted” or what al-Husseini said. I don’t know the details, but from what I’m reading today, Bibi did not just pick this allegation out of thin air, it’s been out there for a long time. Don’t know how anyone could know these things unless they were present during the meeting between Hitler and al-Husseini or unless one or other of them made a record of the conversation. But by 1941 there was certainly no love lost between the Arabs and Jews in Palestine, so the remark attributed to al-Husseini is not wildly crazy. Basically, Bibi sounds like Glenn Beck, taking an unsupported assertion that is not wholly unreasonable and presenting it as a false truth. Who could prove it’s a lie? But al-Husseini flying to Berlin in 1941 and meeting with Hitler is a recognized historic fact, and it supports a position I have previously stated here: the Palestinians were allies of the Nazis, which had huge negative consequences for Palestine after the war. I mean, I don’t think there’s any doubt that al-Husseini and Hitler were buddies. And I don’t think there’s any doubt that if Hitler had won, Palestine would have been purged of Jews. That point is important because it helps to explain why the UK and US lined up against the Palestinians and supported the Jews after WWII. What do you think, Truman was going to tell Hitler’s buddy: “Sure, we’ll help you throw out all the Jews. Anything else we can help you with?” Whatever other defects one may see in Bibi’s speech, at least his allegations are specific and for the most part susceptible to fact-checking. In some cases he uses the ploy of stating another person’s opinion as if it was a refutable fact, and then “refutes” the fact, but in many cases he throws out dates and events. Was there a massacre of Jews in Hebron in 1921? Have “thousands and thousands of rockets” been fired from Gaza into Israel since the Jews withdrew? Has Abbas/PA refused to recognize a Jewish state, or have they just refused recognition as a precondition for negotiations? Bibi pushes the point that he disagreed with Sharon in pulling out of Gaza. He says the i-Jews disinterred their graves and "gave" the “territory” to Abbas -- same old cannard about generous i-Jews giving the Palestinians land back to them, as if the i-Jews owned it in the first place. What Bibi neglects to point out is that this was all part of Sharon’s strategy to destroy Gaza – you get your own people out of harm’s way before you unleash Cast Lead, Pillar of Shit, and the slow strangulation of Gazans. When it's all clear, you move back in. And Bibi also neglected to tell the Zionist folks about the new GoI organ harvesting imitative announced last week whereby GoI now refuses to return the bodies of Palestinians who are killed by GoI forces and armed i-Jew vigilantes, or who die in GoI custody. In the past some bodies have been returned with organs removed and that has caused some difficulties with the international press and Alison Weir. Now the Palestinians’ bodies will simply disappear and even the “graves” will be kept secret. Keep your eye on the list of i-Jews waiting for organs. It’s going to shrink precipitously. Why isn’t anyone writing about this abhorrent, barbaric violation of international law???? Why is this new “policy” flying so far under the radar, even for the activist blogs???

Israel: In the death throes of a racist dream – Susan Abulhawa/Middle East Eye

October 17, 2015 11:29 pm
Please forgive the length. I just can't keep my little peckers off the keyboard. Thx, Sean
October 17, 2015 10:20 pm
This is an interesting article on a number of levels, but I find its hybrid style most fascinating. It seems that there are two stylistic approaches to articles about Palesrael. First is the objective, "just the facts, ma'am" style -- an approach that appeals to many of us who by nature try to analyze every problem rather than feel our way through it. Alison Weir's style is an example of pretty much straight forward "here's the facts." And it's very effective. The second style is subjective, emotional, and prosaic -- sometimes even fictional. This style appeals to many people, too; people who operate more on the basis of how they feel about the topic, people who value the artistry of the medium as much as they do the message itself. I'm not sure which style appeals to the largest crowd or elicits the strongest emotional response, but I think it's clear that the objective approach draws the most blog comments, which comments often include more facts, like Walid bringing us up to date on Sofer. I mean, there's not too many ways to comment on, say, a beautifully written fictional account about life in Palesrael other than to say it was well written. But even though the potential for comments may be limited, that doesn't mean the impact of a fictional or poetic piece is not as great as that of a factual article, and I'm thinking of Harriet Beecher Stowe, whom Lincoln referred to as "the little lady who started the Civil War." Good fiction and prose can be a powerful medium. But my point is that Susan Abulhawa has very adroitly combined both styles into an informative, factual piece that reads like prose. Taxi has that knack, too. They should package this skill in 1-litre spray bottles, and market them through Ebay, so we can all contribute to ending this mess. The eventual victory over Israeli apartheid, when it comes, will come in large part because there are people who are capable and motivated to write beautifully about this incredibly ugly cluster-fuck, if you'll forgive the term -- it's actually "poetry" to the ear of this old ex-Marine. I don't read much of the pro-Israel apartheid "literature" or the neocon "literature," but I cannot ever remember reading a single article from the dark side that could be considered to be beautifully written. For example, Pam Geller and Ayelet Shaked -- as beautiful as they may be physically, they are, apparently, not capable of expressing their disgusting positions in beautiful words or phrases. I find myself feeling sorry for them and their ilk. Even Bibi I sometimes pity for being such a hateful human, capable of visualizing only a mono-dimensional future in which Jews are the primary or sole beneficiaries of the fruits of mankind's progress. Chosen, IOW. Sometimes I wonder whether it's logically possible for evils like hatred, racism, and genocide to be expressed or advocated in a beautiful way or by people who are capable of beautiful expression. There are probably millions of people who view the bloody, racist passages of the Pentateuch and Hadith as being beautifully written -- passages that incite believers to kill non-believers and infidels, for instance. Eye of the beholder sort of beauty. The eye of those who justify and promote violence by virtue of their religion -- maybe such people can see beauty in violent writings. Maybe Quintin Tarantino can. Sounds like pathology to me. I just thank God I'm an atheist. Was Mein Kampf beautiful? In truth I don't know, couldn't finish it. Did George Wallace, or P.W. Botha, or Dick Cheney ever utter or publish a beautiful thought in their lives? How about Martin Luther King, Jr, or Nelson Mandela, or Gandhi. Have you ever read the poems of Ho Chi Minh? Why does history, in the long run, seem to come down so often on the side of those who can express their position with beautiful thoughts and phrases?

Russia welcomes Iran’s participation in ground operation in Syria – Pravda/Veterans Today

October 14, 2015 7:22 pm
"The Russian operations against the Islamic State raised the morale of the Syrian military and created conditions were created for offensive operations." Not at all what Obama wanted or intended . . . tsk, tsk, tsk. Over at LogoPhere we have put up a NEWS ALERT. Our anonymous source in the WH has recovered redacted film footage from Steve Kroft's interview with Obama, aired on "60 Minutes" Oct11. It leaves no doubts as to Obama's real intentions in arming ISIS via the "moderates."

Russia’s New Mega-Missile Stuns the Globe – David Axe/The Daily Beast

October 10, 2015 8:24 pm
This article really barely touches on how technologically significant this development is. Putin's got some people shitting their panties -- and I'm talkin' Merkel and her EU compatriots. All of a sudden the EU snobs are starting to love up to Putin. Last Aug there was some talk about these SSN-30A missiles being ready tor testing. I'll say. All of the articles now are emphasizing the range of these birds, but that's not the big deal. Every player in the game has missiles that will travel 2500 km. What makes these missiles invincible and terrifying is that 1) they avoid detection by flying 15-50 feet off the ground or sea surface, 2) they fly at over Mach 2, closer to Mach 3. I mean your funeral will be over before you hear them coming. 3) they can be launched from the Black Sea or Caspian Sea, or anywhere by submarine Oh, yeah, and 4) they are nuke capable. In 2007 there was a lot of buzz when IRI obtained the predecessor SSN-27 "Sunburner" anti-ship missiles from Russia. This was when Bush was building up the 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf and GoI was pissing all over IRI. Foxtrot Alpha has a vid of one of these missiles hitting a naval target -- a huge derelict vessel. The missile goes in at the bow and comes out the stern -- straight through the freaking ship. The US has no defense against a Mach 3 missile flying 5 feet over the sea surface. As huge as the USS Enterprise is, she would have been a sitting duck for such missiles. She left the Persian Gulf in Dec2007. Coincidence? Probably, but it sounds good. Notice how Bibi's bluster about attacking IRI any day died out after that. Putin's display on Thurs was not so much about distance as it was altitude and velocity. The west and GoI are on notice. Those mega-US aircraft carriers are soon to be extinct. GoI's airbases, too.

Manicured fingers throwing stones: Palestinian women join unrest – AFP

October 10, 2015 6:03 pm
That is a beautiful graphic. In the beginning of the AFP vid of the Beit El leg-shot yesterday, you can see a young woman in pink with a bright pink back-pack. She skips to the front of the crowd and unloads her rock with all of the force of a senile pigeon's sneeze -- the rock goes nowhere even vaguely near the soldiers. Then she skips toward the back of the crowd and does a little hop at the end like she just got off of a swing-set. The whole time she's holding a cell-phone to her ear. Hardly a latter day, blood-thirsty Golda Meir, but infinitely more beautiful than Meir and infinitely more on the right side of history. Even though the net effect of the young woman's errant rock on the final outcome of the Palestinian conflict is zero, the effect on her would have been huge, and positive. Those rocks are, after all, symbols, not weapons, that's the reason Netanyahu has ordered live-ammo shots on rock throwers. The kid in pink likely thought that the worse she was dealing with was a face full of tear gas or skunk water until the hand guns came out. Someday, God protect her, she will tell her granddaughters how she fought the Israelis . . . and won.

WATCH: Israeli undercover agents shoot unarmed youth at point blank range – +972 Magazine

October 8, 2015 1:11 pm
Calm down everybody. It's just the initial steps in another organ-harvesting operation. Some wealthy i-Jews will pay a lot of shekels for those kidneys and corneas. Wonder how much of the bounty the undercover agents will get. . . Wonder how much of the massive organ revenue Bibi got to declare open season on rock-throwers.

The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage Israeli/Mossad Links

October 6, 2015 12:25 am
Banned??? I missed that part. Who has banned this FOX report and when? And the reason I ask it is that I've seen this thing many times. I mean, it's still up on YT w/ over 200k views, so how banned could it be? What does it mean to be "banned" after the series was broadcast? I mean, it was only going to be broadcast once, or is FOX now doing summer reruns of the news? If you check out Wiki on these GoI companies, there is not a word about any allegations of wrong-doing, much less spying. So that proves it, right? Right? If Wiki say's they're OK, well . . . durn, that's good 'nuf for me.

Response to US Campaign’s accusations against If Americans Knew – Alison Weir

September 27, 2015 3:15 am
I admire this woman and I donate to IAK and encourage others to. I have never met Alison or heard her speak, but I look forward to the pleasure. And the reason I say it is that a question occurred to me while reading her epic, well-deserved rant, a question that has never occurred to me before: Is Weir a goy? If the answer is "yes," then there's an 800 lb. gorilla in the room that needs to be addressed. (I guess it would be a goy gorilla, but then, aren't they all?) If the answer is "no," then assuming Bennis and Ruebner are not goyim either, I think we goyim and our gorillas should just pull up a seat and let these non-goyim work this out among themselves. Alison Weir is more than capable of sorting these creeps out. (A non-goyim is not necessarily the same as an anti-goyim, a term Taxi raised in an earlier post. The terminology gets complicated, I know. Speaking of terminology did you notice how I avoided using "Jew" in this comment, thereby avoiding the allegation of ANTISEMITE!!! that comes every time you say anything about a Jew that is not complimentary? I'm catchin' on to their tricks, dude. It's just that I can never remember whether goy or goyim is the plural. BTW, if the definition of a semite is someone who calls other people ANTISEMITE!!!, then put me down as an antisemite.)
September 27, 2015 4:02 am
One further point before I have a bowl of hot porridge and toddle off to bed: Back in Aug. I raised the distinction between Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardi. I said: The problems in Palestine have almost been exclusively produced and perpetrated by Ashkenazi Jews — who, ever since the diaspora, have never been able to live side by side with Arabs, and never will. That’s why they ended up in E. Europe. It was the Ashkenazis who came pouring into Palestine in the 1930’s-40’s — from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, &etc., but mostly from Russia. A nasty group of Jews if ever there was one. For instance, Google the Yakov Yurovsky, Ukraine Holocaust, Kaganovitch, and Yagoda for examples of pre-Palestine Ashkenazi terrorism. In Alison's rant, she raises a similar point, but less directly. It's in relation to Professor Toaff's banned book on blood libel. Here's some excerpts of what she said he said: ~ ~ Of course I do not claim that Judaism condones murder. But within Ashkenazi Judaism there were extremist groups that could have committed such an act and justified it ~ ~ Although the use of blood is prohibited by Jewish law, Toaff says he found proof of rabbinic permission to use blood, even human blood. “The rabbis permitted it both because the blood was already dried,” and because in Ashkenazi communities it was an accepted custom that took on the force of law, Toaff said. ~ ~ Based on many sermons, I concluded that blood was used, especially by Ashkenazi Jews, and that there was a belief in the special curative powers of children’s blood. It turns out that among the remedies of Ashkenazi Jews were powders made of blood. ~ ~ I mean, we're talking about some nasty critters here, some of these Ashkenazis. It brings to mind their still contemporary practice of fellating infants during circumcision, and putting the infant at risk of contracting a fatal herpes infection -- the disgusting practice that goes by the euphemism of metzitzah b'peh. Not all Ashkenazi do these sorts of things, a point raised by Toaff in the historical context and a point that is true of metzitah b'peh today, but the idea that any fundamentalist group of people would institutionalize this sort of perverted behavior in the name of religion is deeply troubling. Now I'm gonna' have nightmares . . .

License to Kill – Luciana Bohne/CounterPunch

September 25, 2015 5:07 pm
Luciana Bohne: "Samantha Power’s teleprompters work her up in a lather, conveniently forgetting to tell her that the UN Charter is a treaty signed by the US in the name of the people of the United States and is, therefore, the law of the land, as per the US Constitution. Arbitrarily removing Russia from its veto rights in the Security Council violates the UN Charter and, thus, it’s unconstitutional." She then pursues this "unconstitutional" meme. This is one of the most insidiously inane assertions to ever appear in a public forum, both from a factual and legal POV. The Administration is not trying to arbitrarily remove Russia from its SC veto rights and if they were it would not be a US Constitutional issue. If Congress or West Virginia tried, maybe. Yeah, she's pushing all the right buttons alright. But who is this woman and what is her background in Constitutional law? She teaches film and literature, or something like that. I can find no indication of training or work experience in anything vaguely relevant to Constitutional law or UN protocol/procedures. I found an article of hers regarding how poorly prepared college kids are for being in college. The article was based on her own experience as a teacher and was well written and made a number of valuable observations. It provided an important POV from one who knows what she is talking about. Well done. Writing on Constitutional/international law, not so much. She should stick to film and literature, imo. Somebody update me if I've missed something about Lucianna Bohne's background. When I raised these issues with her via Em after reading this sorry piece in CounterPunch yesterday, she didn't have anything to add and didn't contest my points.

Why Does Everybody Sound So Anti-Semitic All of a Sudden? – J J Goldberg/

September 27, 2015 2:33 pm
Taxi: whether you doubt me or not – and whether you like me or not. As to that, let me just say it really doesn't make much difference to me whether you are a one-man-band or a whole organization, the blog is very well done, very informative, and I admire you for your efforts. I would likely admire you personally as well, if I knew who you are, assuming you are not NSA, CIA, or Eliot Higgins. When you started the blog, I expressed the opinion that anonymity was a good thing -- it's easier to be objective and open when your ego is out of the line of fire. I still think that and I don't mean to sound like I'm criticizing your anonymity choice. OTOH, anonymity does, and should, promote a healthy skepticism, which should not be offensive to you and is not meant to be by any means.
September 26, 2015 12:15 am
I struggled with that and finally gave up, chas. There must be an easy way to do it but I could never filter the spammers and trolls. Even with those annoying 7 + 6 = ?? sorts of gateways, the spammers crawled right through. And b/c the blog is not a full time profession for me as it must be with the folks at MW and taxi, I don't have enough hours in the day to moderate and respond. I would love to have a participatory blog but am lacking skills/time. Basically, I use it to keep track of my own evolution on various issues of interest to me -- mostly rabid cops, prosecutors, & judges; rabid zionists; and rabid politicians. Just really into rabies, I guess.
September 27, 2015 12:13 am
Taxi, let me tell you how impressed and incredulous I am at your operation. My "blog" is pitiful compared to this one. But I admit that b/c of the whole anonymity thing, I am still skeptical. And the reason I say it is that it is hard for me to conceive of one person organizing and running a blog of this quality and this massive amount of content. Example: as of Sep15th I counted over 130 articles for the month. That's approaching 10/day. That's 2 month's worth for me and about 3-4 days worth for MW. Then there is the cost. Someone must be paying your "IT guy" in the States to design the blog and put it up. The high quality graphics presumably have to be purchased. I don't know whether you purchase single-use licenses for the content or not. How do you get past the NYT paywall, etc. Overall it looks like more money and effort going into this blog than 1 person could possibly do. And that doesn't even include dozens of pieces you author yourself. I look at MW and all the folks they have working on that blog and I look at this one in which the output is easily 3x MW's and I have my doubts. Please consider this a back-door compliment, but I am wondering if "Taxi" isn't a whole bunch of well-funded, articulate, American Web monkeys surreptitiously operating out of a pizza shop in Brooklyn. It's a hypothesis. Then again, I don't believe Eliot Higgins is who he says he is, either. LOL.