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A Review of the Reviewer of Max Blumenthal's Book

September 10, 2015 7:58 am
"GAWD… your best work seems to be being as bad as the JVP. Why don’t give Max’s some points for being in Gaza while shit rained from the Zionized skys." The point is Alison Weir does equally good work, if not better, and she's been tarred and feathered for no discernible reason by the JVP and/or Max, who are attempting to control the stage and the flow of information by banning all their members from working with Alison in any capacity, by trashing her work and attacking her publicly, by characterizing her as someone who "possibly might be construed by some people in a certain light as maybe being in a tiny way a little bit racist", and they refuse to engage with anyone about any of this in any meaningful way. Moreover, Alison is not the first person who's been subjected to this kind of treatment and she won't be the last unless something changes.
September 10, 2015 1:03 am
"The guy is trying to outdo his father’s political ranking. The dude is completely Oedipal." FFS, Taxi! By stating: "The dude is completely Oedipal", you're implying that Max wants to kill his father, because Max wants to (be the only one who gets to) fuck his mother, which I doubt was your intention.

Jewish Anti-Goyism and the Entrenched Divisions in the Palestine Movement

September 9, 2015 12:47 pm
At what point in the above video does Blumenthal "smear Weir as an “anti-Semite”", Sean? In contrast, here is Max Blumenthal on Gilad Atzmon (@around two minutes in): Which one's the “Goy”? Who is Blumenthal more anti, and if so, why?