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… And Goodbye To All That

April 8, 2016 7:41 pm
I am quite saddened by your decision i do however respect it. I would urge the insightful and brilliant commenters here to keep the flame lit - my hope is Taxi will be back.   You'll be missed

“Looks like I’m being attacked as being a Zionist” – Stephen Zunes/Facebook

October 1, 2015 7:19 pm
Informing ordinary, non-elite Americans about the immense power of right wing (or whatever wing) Jews and their demonstrated willingness to you use that power in ways that are detrimental to American interests is the sin that A.W. has committed. No bigger danger to Zionism and Jewish supremacy than an informed American populous If Americans knew what is really going on, Zionism will quickly become a dirty word - no anti semitism or exaggerations required. Just the pure unadulterated truth about the their activity. No one likes to be used and in such a way that it resembles the relationship between a pimp and a hooker.

MUST SEE VIDEO of West Bank protest goes viral – Ynetnews

August 29, 2015 4:20 pm
I am sick and tired of seeing these racist SOBs brutalizing defenseless civilians. BTW Taxi, the pic. on does show the kid's arm is in a cast and sling. We all remember what happened to these cowards when they found themselves in a close quarter combat with hizbullah - IMO, the most overrated army in the known universe. Impressive Palestinian women - lionesses. A rabid Hyena tried to take their cub. a bit out of topic but relevant nonetheless is Rep. Betty Mccollum's (of 4th congressional district Minnesota) letter to State Dep. urging review of military aid to Israel in light of their violation of (Leahy law) human rights violations regarding the Nakba remembrance day killings of two teenage Palestinians. I duckduckgo-ed the story yesterday to see who in the so-called MSM run the story and could only find the St. Paul pioneer press (her hometown paper). There were two others - MWeiss and although it looks like few more places picked up the story today including the Huffpost. She is something else that Betty isn't she? As they say, no one has ever lost an election for being too pro-Israel, strange really that she would stick her neck out like that to do the right thing. I am really impressed with her actions and will be donating to her re-election - She's got a pair the size of folks wagons. The day an American candidate for higher office runs on a platform of anti AIPAC/Zionism will surely signal the end of rightwing Jewish political power. We might see that day sooner than we think. GO Betty!
September 1, 2015 12:21 am
"AbuMalia, I’m assuming you’ve heard of Bilali Muhammad, the first muslim African-American scholar and slave:" Thank you Taxi for pulling my coat to this! I was not familiar with this amazing guy.
August 29, 2015 6:17 pm
correction to the above comment: make that Oh Lord of the Big Bang, I just read some of the comments on regarding the Mccollum letter and boy are they harsh and (some of them) over the top. sorry for the digression from the article here but just gotta say; if i were an American of Jewish stock, I would be concerned of the danger ahead. I would say the prevailing sentiment among Dick and Jane is not as accommodating to Zio shenanigans as it use to be. Some of the things that are routinely discussed online these days would've been unthinkable in, say, the late 90s or even a decade ago. It does't take much, perhaps a "black swan" type event perpetrated or blamed on Jews, a demagogic figure with a media platform to whip up the hoi polio into hate frenzy and you have Hutu on Tutsi all over again. But then again, hard to sympathize with people who support the cruel and inhumane actions of the "soldier" in the pic - the coward carries an ultra-modern assault rifle with multi-spectral optics but can't dominate a palestinian kid with one good arm. they picked the wrong people to conquer!
August 29, 2015 6:36 pm
"BTW, now is a good time to send her a reward for her Nabka and human rights stand….strike while the iron is hot sort of thing, it sticks it her fund raiser minds more when donations come in in relation to some controversy more so then during their regular fund raising periods." Good idea american, I might even split the donation into two - one under my wife's (who, btw, doesn't carry my overtly Islamic sounding last name I have asked her to keep her American surname, my kids don't either i found it to be a liability in contemporary America) name to double the message - same address tho. As a close friend of similar background once jokingly said, " being the black guy was bad enough, now we're muslims on top of that"

Cloak And Dagger Blog – Back From the Dead

August 24, 2015 12:37 am
Thanks C&D. Don't give them the satisfaction of shutting you down. Easy for me to say I know......but

What now, Einstein?

August 19, 2015 3:06 pm
I am not JVP insider and would never join such a group but I can see the need and the fierce urgency to marginalize them - this initiative has to be led front and center by prominent Palestinians in the US and supported by Palestinian orgs. They would have to be the ones that say, thanks but no thanks to JVP. When it comes to Palestine, let me say this without equivocation, zionist Jews (liberal or otherwise) are the problem and to look at them for a solution is a mistake. As for the enemy laughing at us (i presume the enemy here to be zionists), my dear Taxi, as far as Palestine is concerned, JVP is the enemy - more insidious than the right wing zios. In addition, it is my believe that AW is on to something - has hit a critical nerve hence all the brouhaha about her. She is attacking the soft underbelly of zionist power. Americans don't need to be persuaded they just need to be informed and this is her niche - you want to take your country back? Well, it is not the black guy who stole it, it is the zionists. I can't believe i am proposing this (as i abhor nationalism of all sorts) but those of us who are Americans (I am not) should wrap themselves in the flag for cover and attack the J-groups for anti-Americanism. The POTUS stated it would have been an "abrogation of his constitutional duties to defer to Israel" on the Iran deal - take a hint and charge. It truly is in American national interest to find a solution to the I/P issue and those who are preventing it are therefore hurting American interest. That they're doing it (not for greed which is a virtue in America) for a foreign country should be emphasized. Where does Ali Abunimah stand on this btw? I better go on over to EI!
August 19, 2015 6:04 pm
You are right Taxi, I am with American 200 on this. What I think would help is some kind of a "normal American" whisperer. Someone who is able to tap into to the jingoistic vein of Dick and Jane and appeal to their pride - you've been taken over, wake the fuck up! And, do it unapologetically. This is what AW is doing and why she must be silenced. Such a person would of course need to be able to weather the inevitable howls of antisemitism. I'd bet the farm there are countless WASPs and African Americans too in government, media, military and business who are aware of what had befallen their country and blue in the face with resentment. Think of all the FBI special agents who's investigations (into espionage and other illegalities) are squashed by political appointees or congress critters. I remember when Collin Powell derisively called them the "Jinsa crowd" - imagine how he feels about been used. I bet even those congress critters who were jumping up and down when Nutty was addressing them are, deep down, humiliated and resentful - they wouldn't be human if they weren't. I am no student of history (hell or of anything else for that matter being barely literate) but I have heard here and there that the Jewish tribe have been expelled from various nations over the centuries - I am starting to form my own conclusions about why that has happened based on current behavior. So yes, the road to a free Jerusalem runs thru (free) Washington to use one of their analogies.

Mondoweiss: Bird In A Cage

August 18, 2015 12:21 am
"But really, I don’t want Plato’s to be “like” MW. MW is too judocentric – I would like Plato’s to be global-centric." A big thank you from the this African.
August 15, 2015 7:08 pm
seanmcbride says "The endless hysterical wrangling about Israel is the biggest energy suck on the planet." How true - exactly my sentiment. I have always found the I/P issue to be one of the least complicated, black and white where who is wrong and who is right is as clear as a gamma ray burst. Sure, I, like most others at times enjoy watching unreconstructed zionists twist themselves into a moral pretzel but it quickly becomes tiresome and boring. I do appreciate nuance when it is required, however, this situation is clear cut - white people came to Palestine from far off lands and removed the indigenous folk by force of arms - what did i miss? As for the JVP, they're, just like all the other J-groups, primarily concerned with the preservation of Jewish privilege be it in the US or the Levant - AW's hardcore American firsterism is contrary to that core mission. The times have changed however (damn Al Gore for inventing the internet) and even tho they can stand posted at the gate the walls have been breached. Thank you Taxi and C&D for providing alternative platforms.

We’re Witnessing A Revolt Against The Ruling Class – Robert B. Reich/Newsweek

August 4, 2015 4:11 pm
I feel your despair C&D. When the left's saviour is an ardent zionist like Bernie, Americans and those who must endure their feckless military adventurism are fucked. Sure, he appears to be the only one willing to call out the oligarchy but the Zionist Power Configuration gets to keep their power perhaps, under him, even expand. The shit needs to hit the fucking fan…and now.

Cedars, Sewers… and Plato’s Guns

August 3, 2015 12:09 am
You've a way with words which is most satisfying....wanna say more but don't much like typing on phone.

ObamaDeal: US to Protect Iranian Nuke Sites from Israeli Attack – The Jewish Press

July 20, 2015 9:17 pm
"They’re just sore cuz their chosen asses aren’t so special in the eyes of the world no more." true that taxi. I always wanted to be alive when the realization dawns on them that they ain't shit! I just made 40 so if the aza wa jalla allows me 30 more summers i'm sure I'll be here for the whole collapse. I can't stomach watching/reading/listening to Zio-friendly outfits and i hope you're right that it is just dawning on them that they ain't shit - the resultant cognitive dissonance should keep armies of head shrinkers busy for generations. Ritzy you have stronger constitution than i do - i can barely handle NPR let alone reading the comment section of what Taxi accurately termed "the venomous pits" apologies to snakes of course. I think the AJ article (if i remember right) was talking about if they attempted to overfly iraqi airspace which was at the time controlled by the US armed forces to get to Iran Obama would then order them shot down. In any case, I never thought Israel would have the cajones to attack Iran without clear American green light and a iron clad promise for tactical, political, military and material support. I also believe what they'll eventually get is the s-400 system (as russian and china upgrade to the spanking new and deadlier s-500) as the s-300 is said to be out of production.

Pentagon chief Carter not offering new arms deal to Israel – Robert Burns/Miami Herald Miami Herald

July 19, 2015 3:24 pm
Whatever has the US done to Israel to "compensate" them for? Listening to NPR for few minutes the other day; one of their "reporters" was talking about the Iran deal. She says, despite the overwhelming international support as well as strong American (people) backing, the president faces a"stumbling block" due to PM Nuthinyahoo's objections - paraphrasing here. She does not explain how the PM of a pissant little country of no consequence is able to block the prerogatives of a sitting US president. The Americans i know are as interested in Israel and jews in general as they're interested in the folks of inner Mongolia - yet this little colonial enterprise demands so much attention and resources from the US. Mr. Dempsey shouldn't reassure them. He should put the fear of Jeezus into their little hardened hearts.